Tassia Studios

Accommodation in Laganas

Marc M          4/10

well i like to just say i had an absolute superb time at ur studios was so much fun naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt....told to be queit all the time when we were 3 young lads totally unexceptable and was miles away frm clubs etc coodnt even have ppl bk 4 a drink apart from tht it was ok a meen ok

Danielle I

lynn and craig i think u have a bit of a cheek givin abuse to some1 who went on there holiday BOOKED by travel agents 18-30. So use UR  head and dont expect ppl to not have a good time on there hols. plus dont you think the guy jumping over the balcony putting off there light is a bit out of order. not his fckn place if u ask me. and tellin them they cant have more than 3 in a room is a bloody joke. Dont bother givin my neice anymore abuse its not any of ur business.

Emma A          6/10

easy pal our travel agent didnt tell us were it was she just told us it was 18s to 30s wich it wasint so a was a bit dissiponted but a did have fun and its got nothing to do way u pal so mind ur own business did u fancey him or something every 1 has there own opinion

Lynn and craig *          10/10

well emma  allan  since you have posted a comment how come you didnt read the previous comments made about how a nice family run place kostas run. If you wanted to party all night why on earth didnt you choose appartments such as bluebell which people who dont want to sleep use.   I think giving Tassia a measley 6 out of 10 is unfair since u rated them great for cleanliness etc, its your own silly fault for choosing them if you wanted to misbehave, i suggest in future use ur head and read postings about appartments before you book anywhere, then you will know what to expect and what to get away with.

Emma A          6/10

Hi not long got back well yesterday haha
Just want to say that i enjoyed my time in Zante, loved the drink and food at Tassia and place is very clean! and extremely safe
One thing though if you are there to be rowdy i wouldnt advise going there as there is rules and wont except noise or late night banter
I did get along with Kosta and his family were REALLY and i mean really friendly it was nice but being 20 and there with my mates i did expect to go a bit wild.

So i would reccommend  couples and families to definetly go there but us wild ones to stay more in the strip
 Thanks Kosta

Paul M          10/10

June 21 2009 Just returned from tassia  had a fantastic time, kostas and his family are brilliant. stayed an extra week it was that good. Dont go here if you want to go on the beer all night and them come back rowdy he wont put up with it but treat them with the respect they deserve and you will have a ball. food and drink excellent quality and value, for a change go to churchills bar, palataki restaurant or jimmys all within 5 minutes walk and top places. Best restaurant on the island, Spartakos on the harbour promenade in Zante town, Best Keftedes and superb fresh fish at night. See you soon Kostas

Joe G          10/10

Had a fantastic holiday at Tassia Studios in Laganas.

Kostas and the family are brilliant hosts and are great fun which always kept you in the holiday mode!!

Arrived back into Scotland on Thursday and already miss your Paradise (aka Parkhead) cocktails !!  

Jacz is still trying to find the way to Amirillo!!

Can't thank you enough Kostas for the Birthday Party, that was great and would never had got that anywhere else mate !!

Will see you and your family again in the future big chap, all the best!!

Joe and Jacqueline (J+J) Glasgow x x x

Barry S          10/10

This was our second year staying with Kostas and it was brilliant. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with a bit of added friendly fun then Tassia is the place to go. Kostas and his family make you feel very welcome and will do all they can to make your holiday enjoyable. Hopefully be back next year ( sorry Kostas!! ) Now listen Kostas see you in ten minutes!! Sue and Barry x

Sara H          10/10

me and my cousin stayed at tassia at the end of may and had a great time. kostas and his family are amazin! if u want a fun place to go with a great atmosphere then tassia studios is definatly the place.

keep it up kostas  
x x x x

Chris A          10/10

We booked through Thomas Cook and were a little apprehensive before arrival as the price was so reasonable but all doubts disappeared once we arrived. The apartments are of a very high standard for the price and Kostas is a fantastic host. There are rules in place with regard to noise and behaviour but they are for the benefit of the other guests and we enjoyed a very quiet and relaxing week in Tassia Studios.
The beach is about 2.5 KM or 45 minutes walk away and costs about 6 euro in a taxi but there's plenty of bars to stop in along the way for a cold beer.
The prices for food and drink in the Tassia Studios bar are very reasonable and of a very high standard but when you go out I recommend TMs Snack Bar on the way toward town and Baywatch Bar on the beach. Chevy's Diner is also good and if you fancy a nice meal out then give Sirocco a try.
All in all we will definitely go back to Tassia Studios and we always said we'd never go back to the same place twice.
Thanks for a fantastic week Kostas!

Hannah M          9/10

We stayed at Tassia for a week from the 2-10-08 to the 9-10-08, It was great the accomadation was very basic but always kept clean. Kosta well do i start couldnt have asked for anyone better he was very friendly and remembered everyone's names! He made the whole visit alot better he was just such a laugh to be around. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be near the night life but wants the peace as well, there was always a taxi there and very reliable! Will definetly be revisiting in the summer!

Hannah and Jenny

Pauline H          9/10


Myself and my husband Brian stayed at Tassia for 2 weeks, we left there on 04/09/08.  We really enjoyed it. Kostas and family are very friendly.  The accomodation was basic but clean.  I wouldn't recommend this for people who want to be neart the lively areas and also it was a bit of a trek to the beach.  Taxis were readily available and only 6 euro. Pauline & Brian

Sammi D          8/10

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Me (20) & my boyfriend John (24) stayed at Tassia Studios 17th-24th July 2008. We were abit worried about staying here after reading the reviews but soon realised it was a nice place to stay. Kostas is a nice, genuine guy who makes you feel welcome and even remembers your name!! He explains his rules and what he expects of you, as long as you stick to them you will be fine  He is very helpful and suggests places for you to visit and restaurants to eat in. He advised us to eat at "Paradise" which we did and the food was really good. Kostas even gave us free shots! John and him enjoyed chatting about football! The room was reasonable for the star rating. The maids were in every day but we our bed sheets and towels were onlychanged once throughout the week which was abit disappointing  It got quite noisey in the early hours of the morning when large groups came back from the clubs but i guess theres only so much Kostas can do. I would recommend the air-con because the rooms do get pretty hot (7 euros a day). The pool bar was nice and the food was lovely. Its abit of a trek to the beach especially in the heat we were in (44 degrees) but a taxi only costs 6 euros and you can get these called for you at reception. The nearest shop was only a 5 minute walk. All in all i would recommend this hotel but not if you wana be noisey and annoy people as Kostas does not stand for this. If you show him respect he will show you respect

Sammi & John - Northamptonshire

Josh C          10/10

just got back from zante after 2 immense weeks at tassia studios. 12 of us went all 18 years old and we were slightly apprehensive before after reading some of the reviews, but as it turned out it was perfect for us. kostas is a legend and a great guy, he gave us so much free stuff its untrue. his quizzes are also great, keep winning those like we did and you will get loads more free alchohol. i also managed to win 30 euros on the bingo which was pretty handy! kostas sets you straight from the off, he tells you what he expects and if you treat him with respect he will do the same for you. if you want to go to zante, be wild in the town but be staying away from all the yobs then this is definately the perfect place for you. kostas deals with any yobbos accordingly and he takes great pleasure in evicting them if they are idiots. there were many nights when we would roll back to tassia after 5am but aslong as you're not acting in a stupid, rowdy, yobby manner then kostas is fine. the rest of the family are pleasant too, although "grandpa kostas" did call me a "saucy b*****d" when he saw me flirting with one of the girls- hopefully he meant it in good humour!!
a taxi is 6 euros from tassia to laganas so between 4 people it was only 1.50 which is naff all.
loads of decent bars, kostas also recommended the akropolis restaurant to us, which i would also highly recommend- the restaurants on the strip we found were pretty crappy.
i would also recommend the party at sabotage. 35 euros for a 3 hour free bar and crazy party games. really was awesome so try not to get sucked into any overpriced rep offers.
thanks kostas and family for a great 2 weeks and hopefully the signed towel we gave you will take centre stage on your ceiling of fame!!

love josh, bryony, chris, bedford, matthew, laura, amber, tom, rob, tomb, james and stefan


Gemma T          10/10

Just got back from a week stay at Tassias and i'm really wishing i had booked two!! I went with one other friend and we had such a great time, didn't want to come home! The apartments are comfy and clean, and the pool is lovely too. There is always a sunbed for you, no matter what time of day you come down! Its in a perfect location, away from the main strip so you can relax during the day and its quiet when sleeping at night, but only a taxi ride/half hour walk away from the centre if you want to go out! Kostas and his family really make your holiday special  From the moment you arrive Kostas really goes out of his way to make you feel welcome, and he made me laugh so much with all his stories  Missing him already! Also, the Greek night is a must!! If you're a big group of lads or girls, looking to bring people back after nights out and make loads of noise late at night etc. then this definitely isn't the place for you, go to a hotel on the main strip! Anyone else, i couldn't recommend it enough...i never usually go the same place twice, but i'm already looking into booking again for next Summer!!!

Gemma (and Dani) - Nottingham xxxx

Hannah W          10/10

I have just got back from stayin two weeks in Tassia Studios, it was AMAZING!! Kostas is the best guy in the whole world, he is a legend! Me and my partner really respected him so he respected us back. I cant thank him enough for such a great holiday.  I cried when we had to leave today  but i was happy when Kostas waved us Bye when we left on the coach. I did get a little poorly when I was on holiday  however Kostas gave me advice on what to do which made me feel so much better.  The entertainment provided on an evening was excellent, we had a variety of quizes, bingo, barbeques. It was so FUN!!!  I will definatly return next year with my partne!  

10 out of 10 all together any day!!

Sue S          10/10

Just got home after 2 weeks staying at Tassia with Kosta and can say it was one of the best holidays we have had. The accomodation was very clean as was the pool. Kosta and his family all work very hard and are very helpful to make sure you have a brill holiday. You feel very safe staying there as Kosta misses nothing and must have eyes in the back of this head. He has a great sense of humour and must have a good memory as he remebers everyones name ( HI I'M BARRY SCOTT!). Its a long walk to the main strip but worth it for the peace and quiet you get at Tassia. Hopefully go back some day

Hayley B          10/10

Hi Costa
The Tassia apartments are lovely we went a few years ago,we  also went back to see kosta a Grandfather in September 2007. Im hoping to get back their around October or sometime next year. We made the silly mistake of going to the Alexandra on the main strip and they were terrible. Compared to the tassia apartments they were a right dive. They were noisy, me and my husband didnt sleep for 2 weeks. At least at Kosta keeps them to a nice standard. It was funny we walked up to see him and even after all these years he still remembered me and my husband. He offered us a drink as it was really warm for nothing, and asked if we needed a taxi to get back as we had walked all the way up road. He and is family are lovely and we had a lovely peaceful time there. At least we slept. I also suggest as well if young people go to laganas that they stop in a lively hotel somewhere close to the main strip were they can cause trouble. The apartments were as nice in September as they were a few years ago, and if you wake up people when they have paid good money for there holidays you deserve to sleep in bloody feild. Kostsa,s great!

Mel P          8/10

im 18 and went with five of my friends in the summer 07 and had a wicked time.my only tip is have respect for kostas treat him like you would your parents at home. found him really helpful,when you get on the good side of him,he is really nice,one of my friends fell ill so he gave us free air con for one night saving us 7 euros,free shots.you can also have a really good convo with him find out about the greek ways.he works hard to keep his hotel the way he wants it and no he doesnt sleep and yes if you cause trouble he will kick you out for the night but what do you expect.not far from the main strip...had many hilarious walks home while the sun came up. basically i loved it there!!!

Debra R          10/10

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We stayed 2nd-17th Sept. This was our 2nd visit to the Tassia. We had an absolutely fab time. Kosta and his family are really friendly and are always making sure you are ok. The apartments are really clean. Tuesday nights are barbeque night the food is great and Demitri's (Kosta dad) wine is absolutely lethal. We meet some really lovely people who we hope we will see again next time we go. We will definately be going back.Smile

The apartments are about 5 minutes from the airport and about 20 mins from the main strip, so its nice and peaceful. We highly recommend these apartments if you want a quiet and relaxing holiday and don't want to be to close to the main strip which can be noisy.Smile

   Deb and Anth RichardsonSmile

Stephanie D          10/10

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Me and my friend Vicky have just got back from a brilliant holiday at Tassia Studios.
Kostas and his family were very welcoming and friendly, knowing each guest on a first name basis.
The location was great for us (aged 20 and 21) in a quieter area but with in close reach of the town and shops. The hotel was clean with a great pool and bar area.
The regular tuesday greek night was well worth the money, good food and even better entertainment thanks to Kostas himself.
We had a fantastic holiday and are looking forward to going back next year!
Stephanie and Vicky

Vicky W          10/10

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Just got back from Zante and had a brilliant time!! Kostas and his family were fantastic and we want to go back next year! Its in a great location as its fairly quiet but only a 20 minute walk away from town! The apartments are clean and all have a balcony which is great for sitting outside and having a drink in the evenings.  All in all it was a fantastic holiday and I can't wait tilll next year!!!



Kirsten M          9/10

My partner and I (Ages 19 and 20) are just back from Zante and stayed at the Tassia appartments.... It was fab!  And Kostas and his family are lovely and always willing to help  The rooms are nice and are cleaned just about every day.

It's not an 18-30 hotel so if you're looking for somewhere that you're allowed to run about screaming at night waking others up then dont stay here  We had some girls from Liverpool one morning at about 6am screaming at each other, knocking on our door and stuff   It was dealt with very well by Kostas  
Its well situated as its quiet enough but you can get to the lively bit easily  The clubs and pubs are really good too  We had a great time, met some lovely people and would defo return, dont listen to the bad comments, if you have respect for Kostas and his family then you'll be treated with respect too 

Ashleigh G          4/10

The actual  rooms at Tassia are lovely, really well kept and clean, and Kostas himself is an absolute legend. However, his family (murderer, old man and rude nephew etc  ) are completely mental. They threatened to lock my friend out one night because she kept her high heels on ! One day we desperately needed to use the phone to call the police, and the guy behind the bar refused to let us- told us it wasn't his problem and that we have to go down to the police station- so unhelpful and rude. They also told us one night to sleep on the field, and that they were going to chuck us out, and as suspicious as all these threats make us seem, we actually weren't doing anything wrong, everyone at the place said they never heard us. They're control freaks and it's like being in a prison once you're back- they follow you round the building until you're inside your room for godsake ! This is a lovely place for families and couples, but younguns who want to have fun, I would stay away; although it was hilarious winding them up on the last night, I have to admit ! 

Jayne           10/10

dont kno why it says at the bottom im from germany cos im not, im a lovely liverpool lass

Jayne           10/10

Ignore the rubbish comments, tassia is a lovely apart and kostas makes you welcome. im 21 myself and love allll the clubs in zante and its nice that tassia is away from it all so u have a bit of peace at least, its in the brochure as a normal holiday not 18-30 so best to think about what brochure u look in nx time

'excellent'  kostas haha

Fay S          10/10

 me and my friend went to tassia in may it was fab, were both 18 so all the comments are rubbish, its really good, kostas is really nice he had us all playing pool games and every thing, we met loads of nice people there, yer he does stay up all night (dont know how he does it) but he is looking after the rest of the visitors, and his rep, so but i deffo rate goin to tassia is quiest through day and 5 euro to get any where down the strip from there so deffo go you will love it !!!!!! thanks kostas fay n alix xxx btw we dident want to leave the island or tassia

Jenny L          10/10

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Just back from staying at the Tassia Studios and we had a fab time. Kosta and his family were soooooo friendly and helpful and always there if you needed anything!!! The greek bbq had to be one of the highlights of our holiday where we had a nice meal and then some of Kostas home made wine which was LETHAL    it made the greek dancing and karaoke much funnier!!!

All in all had a really good holiday the studios are a 2min taxi ride away from the main strip or a 15-20 min walk so if you wana go out its easy to get to and if you wana just go for a couple then chill out your not completely next to the noise!
Thanks Kosta for a great holiday, Andy and Jen xxx

Gabo M          1/10

do not go 2 tassia if u want to hav a ravin time! its true that kosta does not sleep, he needs some sexytime n more chill time. kosta have a pn mate!!!!!!!!!!!!! laganas is awsome tho go resues club n stay nearer the action!! safe x

Gabo M          1/10

kosta is agiii he made us sleep outside till 5 in the morning because we were wet.gab.
laganus was hype tho xxx

Matt N          10/10

Hi Kostas, 

Thanks for looking after us and making us feel welcome whilst on holiday.

Kostas makes all  guests feel welcome and even remembers all guests names.  He and his family run the Tassia Studios.  The studios are immaculate as is the pool area and bar.  Entertainment is put on in the evening and the bar is open till 12.  If you want to sample the nightlife then Laganas strip is only mins away in a taxi.  Excellent food is available all day and night from the pool bar.  If you are looking for an 18-30 holiday this is not the place to stay, but if you want a relaxing holiday where you will be looked after then this is the place for you.

Thanks again Kostas, all the best Matt and Michelle.   EXCELLENT!!  

Danny D

kostas thankyou very much for a great holiday 6 lads myself sonny akhtar john gavin and craig would like to say thanks - the tassia is fantastic have respect for kostas and your sorted  will be back

Hayley B          10/10

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Hi Costa and all

Had a great holiday, will be back again next year.
Costa and his family always made you feel welcome. Shame about the weather though for the week we stayed May 19th -26th 2007  but it was still great escape.
This is our 3rd time to the island and will continue in the future.
Our accomodaton was clean and tidy all the time.
Picture shows a view from our balcony. Very peaceful and quiet area. About 35 mins walk to beach.
If your looking for mainstream night life then pick a place in town but if you want peace and quiet when you sleep then here is the place to stay.
Many thanks again
Love Hayley & Des

Joanne G          10/10

This was our 2nd trip to the Tassia Sudios and it was as fantatstic as the first. Kosta and his family went to the ends of the earth, again, to look after us and our 4 month old son.

If you want 18-30's then this isn't the place for you, its a nice quiet hotel with daytime and evening entertainment but still conveniently located if you want the bars and restaurants in town.
If you want a peaceful holiday where you can enjoy the greek way of life then this is for you.Smile

John G          9/10

Went to Zante early May and stayed at Tassia

Costa is a diamond, he and his lovely family  just cant do enough for you.
This isn't the place for groups of young lads but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy yourself, far from it. All he asks is you are quiet and respectful when you role in from the boozer late at night, which is fair enough.
It's a lovely friendly studio with a community atmosphere and everybody loves Costa.
He even gave us free champagne when we all watched our beloved Bristol City win promotion on the last day of the season, He also took us to his parents farm and showed us around one afternoon.
All in all, Loved Zante, loved Lagana, loved Tassia and most of all loved  Costa.
See you again ONE DAY
John, Lisa, Dave and Wayne from Bristol
P.S Weather was fantastic and the earthquake in the middle of the night was an experience we'll never forget

Stephen D          10/10

(stayed 18-5-07  to  24-5-07)
Well what can i say me(46yo) and wife(52yo) spent a great week with kosta and his family.
Food was great,atmosphere in the bar at night welcoming do try his greerk night !:D
he and his family work very hard too make your stay pleasent and yes he does make sure you are allowed too sleep without people disturbing  you club 18-30 this ain,t.
very good family holiday base. Lagana town 20 mins walk or bus (1.20 euro each) Taxi (6euro)
Do also look into legends on the main  street and say hi too Billy or get down to the Fishery on the beach and see Gayle and George try one of the giant yorkshire puds with steak n gravy excellant  and watch the world go by on the balcony
any questions mail me i,ll tyr to help

Ingrid M          10/10

Not long being back now but already want to go again, I had a fantastic time and the appartment was excellent. Fair enough it was a bit out of the way but taxi's are on hand.  Kostas and his family were superb hosts, they really made me and my friends feel welcome (also the free shot of cranberry vodka went down well).  .  Food in the tassia could not be faulted with a wide range of choice and cooked fresh also good value for money I must have put on about half a stone cos it was so nice.  Laganas itself was also good - your typical holiday resort lots of pubs, clubs and tacky shops. I recommend Boozers night club!!!!

Well worth a look and I wold definately go again.

Leanne D          10/10

I have just got back from Tassia and theres nothing bad at all about staying here so ignore all the bad comments that you have read. No Kostas doesn't like noise in the early hours of the morning but to be fair if your in bed who does?? Being quiet is just being respectfull! I'm only young aswel as all the other people that have put bad comments on about staying here. Me and my friend was out in the town every night partying for 2 weeks and didn't have any problems.  This hotel is very clean and a friendly place to be in at any time of the day. The food is excellent (really cheap and very tasty)!! There is enough going on in the hotel bar and pool for you not to have to go out into town everyday or night.

Uncle F          10/10

The Tassia Apartments.....

We got an alocated on arrival deal a few years ago in 2001 and to be honest it was soo cheap we wondered what type of tent they'd give us and where we'd pitch it on the beach it was that cheap.

Got on the coach just outside ZTH arrivals and the coach made about 3 turns and we'd arrived at our apartments the Tassia. So no tent on the beach but what was this place going to be like..

We were met by Costas and straight away you get an assured feeling of a good holiday is definately what you are going to get. Myself and my girlfriend were both then 24 and hardened clubbers and love nightlife but, we also have a greater respect for freedom and choice and respect for others so we kept our noise and fun in town and respected what Costas had asked of us with not making too much noise when we came back from the strip at night.

Laganas is a bustling neon lit resort at night, noisy and very busy and the Tassia is such a relaxed chillout place to stay we had the best of both worlds. Everyone was so friendly and one couple with a hire jeep often took us into town in the evening for the nightlife and we joined several couples for meals out and boat trips around the island.

We tried a few other destinations around Greece in 2002 and 2003 and in 2004 we came back to the Tassia and Costas greeted us like old friends. We didn't think he'd remember us but, after a second or two he gave me a firm handshake and even remembered our names.

Well were back again this year but this time we have our little daughter and hoping that nothing has changed at the Tassia..

See you soon Costas and we're out on your name day celebration  and this year your going in the pool.. !!

Jayne           10/10

missing tassia so much. might be able to come out this year. im and air hostess now so might be able to pop around and see kostas, cant wait

Sandra K           

Tassia Studio's is a great place to stay! If you are a party animal - u 18 year old's, then this isn't the place for you. This is a nice place to stay if you want to go for R&R, and it's a family run place which is great and makes you feel safe. There is no noise after 2pm, which is good, because after a long day I like to relax and have some quiet time.

If you want to continue on partying, and want the noise, then the main town of Lagana is only a 5 min cab ride. This by far would have to be the most relaxed, friendly place to stay that we have experienced in our travels.
We highly recommend and guarantee you will enjoy your stay at Tassia Studios, as we have.AAAA+ + + + + +

Dmitra S           

hello pretty boy kostas this is a late entry due to just sobering up from our visit in october with our family as usual we had a brill time with you and your family this is the place to go to in zante kostas and family really make you feel at home respect his home and he will show you respect property spotless clean towels and bed linen changed regularly (donít believe previous comments)ideal for couples & families all you boys must try wackabout pub kostas took me there for a night out just keep your a**e to the wall? we are back in may for 2 wks this is our 6th time in 3 yrs been all over the world the wife & me this is our fave holiday spot 10 things 2 do in your lifetime 1 of them is 2 visit tassia studios cant wait to see my greek family again

all the best dmitri & maria


Stayed at the Tassia during the last week of the season.  Kostas and his family were friendly, genuine and happy to help with anything to make your stay more enjoyable.  The apartments were basic but clean and it was very peaceful.  It is about 20-30 minutes walk to the beach end of the resort but at this time of year not much is open and it looks very dirty now that the british yobs have left.  We can recommend a lovely taverna called Paradise which is about 10 minutes walk from the Tassia - you must try it.  The only downside to the Tassia was the pool - it was freezing even though the weather was in the mid 20s. Great place - we loved it. 


Stuart D           

Just got back from Laganas a week ago with my partner Ange and we ended up at the Tassia Stuidos due to allocated on arrive terms as we only booked 3 weeks before we departed. I personally think the hotel was great and we couldn't have felt more welcome considering the hotel doesn't really cater for our age group (Those who like to party at night and have a little livilness during the day), but of course it has it plus and minus sides like any hotel aboard and at home for that fact. It's clean, warm, welcoming, small and very well run. If you need ANYTHING at all you have to do is ask Kostas and he will be more than happy to help you. The pool area is a great place for catching the rays and you hardly have to move to get to a table for some grub. The grub is very basic but netherless very nice indeed!! It is a very quiet hotel so if any lively parties are thinking off spending time at the Tassia, then don't!!! Kostas is VERY strict on noise of a nightime only due to respect of the other guests that have paid good hard earned money to get plenty of R&R, but you must also understand that people come back to this hotel every year because of these reasons. If they wanted to be woken up all hours of the morning then they would stop the mile and a half down the road in the center of Laganas!!All i can say is if you want no hassle and frills during the day and undisturbed peaceful sleep at night then this is the place for you. Either way you will be madeVERY welcome..just please respect Kostas' wishes.

P.S. Kostas doesnt follow you around in the night in the bushes nor does he enter your room...he KNOCKS, he only follows you if your making noise to make sure you get to your room safe and with as less bother as possible.

I'd like to take this chance to thank Kostas and his family on on behalf of myself and Ange for making our first ever 7 days on Zante an enjoyable week and we are considering coming back to see you next year!! I mean what else do you need its lovely and peaceful during the day and night..plus your only a 5 minute taxi ride (6 Euros) away from the action.

And with regards to the bed linen not being changed everyday, you dont get that anywhere only if your lucky enough to stay 5* that is, but at least its folded up and makes ya room look tidy, but if you DO need them changing...just ask for christs sake !!!!  Stuart Davies

Tracy B           

Tassia was great, five of us went and had a fab week. Costas couldn`t do enough for us and Moira was great and gave us all the local info.

Don`t be put off by the negative comments, I think basically the kids who want to go out and stay up all night are better off nearer the strip. Costas usually keeps the bar open till 2am and then likes peace and quiet. You can get a taxi down to the beach or to the bars if you don`t want the walk and there are a couple of restaurants a couple of hundred yards down the road.
We had a laugh and are all gonna book again  for next year.

Jacqueline F           

me and my husband just got back from greece. that was sound but tassia the tossia costa apartments was s..t. he was one control freek sick of him waiting up when you had been out shshshsh; was all you got from him be quite who can be quite when they are pissed.

i asked for clean towles of the maid next thing costas dad the cockney women all banging at the door asking what the prob with towles i said no probs just wanted clean ones as had them for 4days
never got them till 6 day. the blankets they give you stunk.
nearly pushed him in pool we had rented our room extra day but still got kicked out midnight.
we had to wait from thurs-fri 7am we took pillows and blankets to lay on me and costa fighting over them
no no no you cant have them i give u a blanket ! he did give us all blankets but they stunk then the next thing everyone was itching.
hated it but the rest of our hols was fab would never go back to the tassia
been to greece 4times now love it the best place to stay is plaza2 with george he is a star 

Grant S           

This is a great place to go and chill itís more a family and couples place not ideal for groups of young people as you will have read on the previous posts.

Kostas and his family were great to my family from the first time I arrived until we went away this was my first time there as my father recommended it to us since he has been there 5 times.

If you want peace and quite during the day and night this is the place to go you can still get all the nightlife down the road at laganas loads of great pups and clubs. Tassia studios are up the road from it all only a 5 min taxi ride.

Good food, good room service you definitely have to go to the Greek night.

Will definitely be back soon.

All the best Kostas and family from Grant, Doreen, Lara and Jack


Kelly J           

  God if you do more than breathe in this place Kostas will kick you out!! What can i say that man needs to get layed!! I would not recommend these apartments to anyone apart from middle age couples and families-if you not one of them then Kostas wont even give you a chance, he'll have it in for you from the moment you arrive. As soon as me and my mate got there he started laying into us about mess and noise n we'd just that minuet got there just cos i had a stereo in my hand. On our second night he kicked me and my friend out for the whole night just cos i asked why he was following us, we were coming in from a night out n once we were outside the hotel he started following us in bushes thinking we hadnt seen what a nut job. And he just unlocks the door and comes into your room when he feels like it, he came into ours at stupid times like 5am, how rude is that we could have been naked or anything he doesnt even knock. And he always gets complaints from the maids about the slightest bit of mess like the ash tray being knocked over............there maids there meant to clean up-sept they dont they just fold your sheet up n put it at the end of your bed even if its dirty. We got clean towels n bed sheets once in a whole week! This hotel is also like 4 mile away from town! I do not recommend this hotel to anyone, dont go there, brought us nothing but greif. However i recommed Laganas the nightlife is wonderful, if you want a good clubbing holiday then Laganas is for you!!

Jamie N           

Me and my mate Sammy stayed at tassia from 14th september till 21st and i must say u couldnt do very much. But to give them there credit they did have good food and they olso helped me in at nights when i was very drunk and put me to bed. if u want a 18-30 style hol then i woudnt recomend tassia, but if your family material then i woudnt give it a big thumbs up.

Gavin M           

right then.  how can you start with the tassia apartments.  apart from bein in the summer big brother with costas and his family breathin down your neck every waking minute, zante was awesome.  awesome nightlife but one piece of advise, don't go here.  he follows you everywhere you go, you can't have more than 2 people in your apartment even if there stayin there!! we got told to not play our own music round the pool and don't even try and have some of your clothes on the floor in your apartment!!  the cleaner comes in, shouts at you in greek then f**ks off and by the time you come back you've got the same sheets just made on your bed again.  and we had an odd number party there.  the 3rd bloke had to sleep on a camp bed style bed for 2 weeks!  cheers again costas!!  basically, if like a good time, or just enjoy havin a good laugh with the people you meet on holiday, never think about going here!!!  if its nazi run holidays you enjoy then this is definately your place.  otherwise, look again and get somewhere else.  and the rep for this place (lee) is s**te as well so he can't sort your issues out either.  but, zante nightlife is awesome and would recommend it to anyone!!

Melandkel V           

We stayed at Tassia Studios 13/9/06 - 20/9/06 and hated it.  Laganas was brill. plenty of nightlife, we had a real good time.  But everything said about Kostas is true......  he does not sleep.  The other thing is he keeps coming into your room at all times.  We were in bed at 5 am talking very quietly and he burst in bawling and shouting for us to be quiet.  He must have been listening outside the room.  On the final night I was speaking to somebody outside at 4am and he came and told me to leave his hotel.  He did eventually let me back in.  Very Very strange man.  NEVER EVER go to Tassia studios unless you are married with children - or over 50!!!!!!!

Claire S           

what u've heard about kostas is true! he never sleeps!! he's there when u get up in the morning and there when ur fallin in to the hotel at nite.

We also requested rooms near each other...which we didn't get, we also paid for a 3 bedroom... which we didnt get
its 2 miles up the laganas road, bit of a treck- especially in heels!
he took an instant dislike to our group (of 7 aged 18-20)
we were constantly getting into trouble for silly things such as dirty sheets (if the maid claened them it would help)
If ur out for a laugh, group of friends etc i wud suggest other hotels such as olympia where they had 24 hr bars :P
For couples this location is probably ideal.. can easily jump a taxi to night life but deadly silence at hotel.
there is no entertainment at nite... although kostas in tights n a skirt will give u a giggle.
there is no eating/drinking by the pool, must wash ur feet before u go into the pool and go to sleep- and not get any sand in the drains.
ur not allowed any friends in your room
Zante 06 was a great holiday, but im sure i would have enjoyed it more at another hotel.

Jeni D           

We have just arived back last week form Laganas, it was Amazing!  We Stayed at Tassia and thought it was well looked after and in a good location.

we would agree that it was a little unusual at times but Kostas is a good sport, he played Scottish music for us on the Greek night so we could show off our dancing skills, yeah less said the better!
the only thing that we didnt really get was that when we went out to the strip, trailing in at ridiculous hours of the morning, Kostas was up waiting!?
but he was considerate and helpful, at one point all our money disappeared from our account because of the flamin' cash point, and he was fab about it!
it was great fun though and i would recommend it, mainly to families and couples more though, as we young scots lassies were more up for the late nights and partying than Kostas would have liked!
ps. Kostas NEVER sleeps!

Stephanie H           

click to enlargeA kid??? He's 18 n i swear a wanted 2 knock him out. All he ever says is WHY?? WEE IDIOT AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH The place is just weird!!! NEVER go. Go up the road a bit :D

Kayleigh P           

Me im 20 and my boyfriend is 24 have just came back from zante. We had a really good time but costas was a little bit strict but only because he had to be other wise people probably would take the piss. It was a very nice stay but a few things did bug us like we wasnt alowed to take food or drink down by the pool unless we brought it there. And one night my boyfriend was ill and was sick on the sheets Costas tried telling us we had to pay for the sheet or clean it our selfs, so we cleaned it our selfs got the stain out took it back to them and they said where is the sheet with the stain on it this is not the sheets we gave you we are going to search your room bloody cheek of it. But apart from that it was nice the rooms was nice but every time you had a shower the whole room got flooded ha ha . At night time it was a bit boring for us but we found a bar just up the road what was quite livey. But it was only 6 euros for a cab in to the main strip. And one more thing Dimetri / mystero was so god damb iritating at times my god and so bloody rude my boyfriend wanted to chin him at times anoying little git but he is only a kid i spose.

From Kayleigh and Dean (London)

Stephanie H           

We wer allocation on arrival so its not like we chose a wee quiet hotel or anything so dont go blaming us and as 4 keepin ppl up. I paid my money the same as the old ppl and kids. I paid my money it was as much my holiday as it was theres. And we wer not rowdy at all. But he moaned if we even spoke or if our high heels wer too loud wen walkin 2 our rooms. It was a JOKE!!!!

Kevin S           

I stayed at the Tassia Studios 4 years ago, so I can only comment on what it was like then.

To be fair, firstly, I'd say that the hotel is ideal for young families and couples, and NOT large groups of singles. For said large groups I would advise that you stay more in the centre of Laganas, at hotels with fellow guests of a similar age group where your needs are more readily catered for.
I would agree that Kostas is quite strict, however, he needs to be in a lot of respects as there was quite a bit of rowdiness in the early hours during my stay (it's not fair on older people or children to be kept awake by drunks, of any age, during the night, of which there were quite a few.) I would imagine if there were too many complaints then his hotel could come under review by the tour companies. Kostas is an extremely hard worker, as are the various members of his family, and I was very impressed by this.
The hotel is a 30 minute walk from Laganas town centre and the beach, so please bear this in mind. The food was home cooked, nice but simple. Entertainment was typically Greek, with theme nights, otherwise it was a bar, cafeteria and big screen TV/films every evening.
One last thing, to get into Kostas' good books, tell him you have been a life-long Olympiakos fan (that should do the trick!) The reason why I haven't been back since then is that I now tend to go to the larger hotels in the Greek islands that do all-inclusive or half board.
I wish Kostas and his family well.

Stephanie H           

Zante is AMAZING!!!!! wana go back right now luved all the bars and all the ppl. BUT Tassia is like the real life Big brother experience. me and my 3 friends went on the 31st July - 14th August and we met loads of ppl at the hotel but OMG we cudnt do anything. We wer on watch 24/7, couldnt talk over a whisper, i got in2 trouble EVERY day it was like boot camp. i was just waiting 4 eviction night!! Costas knows EVERYTHING and sees EVERYTHING. ! guy we met got chucked out for nothing. and another group of guys nearly got chucked out for jumpin in the pool BEFORE it was closed. Castas NEVER sleeps, If he wasnt waiting at the gate for u rolling in from the dancing at 8 in the mornin then hed b running down the path as soon as he heard a taxi then he wud walk u 2 ur room and tell u 2 get 2 bed. WHAT A FREAK. If we came back with the guys we met in our hotel he made sure we all went 2 our seperate rooms. When really thats all we cared about anyway, was gettin 2 bed 2 sleep!!! He was always tellin us 2 b quiet wen all we wer doin was walkin 2 our rooms in silence anyway!!! If Dimitri asked me "WHY" 1 more time i was gona knock him out!!!! you honestly wud not believe the things costas gives u in2 trouble 4. hes a control FREAK!!!! we stayed in room 9A and sum guys we met stayed in 6A and 1 of them kicked the post on the balcony n broke it n only got charged 15 EURO n then guy up the stair that we met played his music and got chucked out, wer is the sense in that :S anyway moving on from pedro lol, nice name guys!!!! the shower!!!!! i mean wot was that meant 2 b, lets all wash our hair and flood the hotel!!! Hotel was well crap ad never go back altho i wil defo b bak in laganas an hours walk away from tassia! what a joke!!! probs go perkes 18-30 nxt time or sumit like that!!!! i dont know but id defo not go 2 tassia with its neighbourly sheep and rooster. And y the feck duz every1 toot ther horn we they pass there, its a pain wen ur tryin 2 relax n sunbathe. haha im gona stop moanin now. ill mibi post another comment wen i remember sum more rediculous stuff about tassia. Just dont let it put u off laganas coz it was my best holiday EVER!!!!!


I went here last september it was awesome i want to go again very soon so it would be great if anyone could help me by sending me the email address for tassia studios to my email asap my email is scrappydoo6@hotmail.com b4 sendin the email pls make suere the subject says email for tassia pls. thanx a lot.


hiya, just thought i would post something because i wanted to just laugh at everyones comments that they have left about kostas.  Me and my boyfriend have been to zante twice but coundnt come out this year because of a few problems.  Tassia is in a sunset brochure which basically a family touroperator.  so everyone who is moanin at kostas should of went wit 18-30 or whatever.  when i stayed we actually had penioners next door to us and we had our small cd player on playing music at 6.00pm and he came knocking on our door saying he wants us to keep the noise down and whatever because the other people next door where o.a.p.s  He is a moaner and i he even fell out wit me because i was bein a bit load one night by the bar gettin ready to go into laganas.  anyway if you get on the right side of him he is very funny and he then tends to keep in touch wit u when u go hom.  His nephew dimitri, (doritos) is a little cutey.  I advise not to win him at pool because he gets a tad bit upset.anyway vicky turnbull get back in touch u havent spoken to me since i sent ya email.  I wanna know all your goss when you went back.seeya all soon love jayne x p.s. scouserrrrrrssssssss 'EXCELLENT'

Andy G           

what can you say about the tassia? location was, to be generous i'd use the word w**k. costas is a massive control freak, but i think the rule is you give him respect and he'll give it you back. fair do's he doesn't want his hotel wrecking by big groups but when your only allowed 2 or 3 in a room it is taking the absolute piss! only one of lads got evicted, that was 4 24 hours but if you were booking a group i'd stay well away from costas and dimitri. moira is great but seriously group bookings stay away from sargeant costa and the tassia studios!


Rebecca A           

i,am a travel agent.went to the tassia end of june 2006.went with my boyfriend we had a fab time!! i did notice kostas was a bit strict with the groups that went there!!! defo a place to stay with your other half not in groups. would go back to lagana as the night life was ace!!!! the tassia was a gud place to stay but abit too far out of the centre for that kind of holiday!!! met sum kool people!! bars and clubs were ace too especially chevvys english breakfast!!!mmmmmmm!! x


Just got back from our 2 week stay at Tassia was one of the worst places I have stayed abroad. We were in a group of 19 and as soon as we rolled up Costas (PEDRO) didnt even greet us properly just rambled on and said that it was very quiet and said the legendary phrase of 'MAXIMUM NOISE...ZERO!' He didnt let more than 2 in each room so when we wanted 2 chill on the balconly we just couldnt. The cleaner had no respect at all coming in all the time when you tried to sleep which wasnt on, you couldnt have a laugh round the pool and in general in was a bad place to stay although Laganas is class, we didnt let the hotel put a downer on our holiday. Another thing is Costas stays awake till you come in! This is deffo not the place to stay if theres a group of you, however it may be seen different if you were a family abroad. Also a big hello to everyone who was there from the 17th of July to the 31st!


vicky turnbull - were you one of the scottish group we met in the poolbar who kept thrashing everyone in the quiz?

tassia studios was a wkd place too stay - the only downside to it was being woken up by the cleaner who wouldnt go away until you answered the door! but i suppose you get that everywhere!
kosta was brilliant, kept giving us free food and bingo tickets haha. (well that was demitrius hoping if we won we would give him half - nice try! ;-)
deffo going back next year, going for two weeks next time! missing it loads already and cant wait to get back!
see you soon kosta!
lucy and paul x

Vic L           

o ye pps: ne1 from when 2nd-14th july who we met there add me viclewis@hotmail.com xx

Vic L           

zante was ace, kostas was not! we had our room inspected near enough everyday for the number of clothes on the floor! now come on 3 girls and 3 suitcases full of clothes with 1 wardrobe is never a good idea!! plus getting shouted at for having a laugh generally takes the p**s also. the location, what can i say you just had to laugh it was that much of a hike to the strip! we where right at the end a good 45 minute walk, never good when ya kegged and knackered!

ps: hi rach nat and craeg!! xx

Vicki T           

I cannot believe the recent reviews that have been placed! my boyfriend and I were on holiday at the tassia from 22nd june for two weeks. this was the second time we have stayed in laganas and came back to the tassia again because it was fantastic! i had to post something because the feedback has been totally unrepresentative of the the apartments.  we had a fantastic time and kostas is a brilliant host, the appartments and the holidaymakers are the most important thing to him and this is the reason why he tries to be fair to everyone and calm down us drunken tourists! believe me, we have seen both good and bad moods of Kostas and he has been fair in both situations.  Go to Tassia, its amazing!!!! hi to everyone me n dave met, CROSSHATCH!!!!!! Vicki xx

Emma M           

Stayed at the tassia studios for two weeks from the 7-21st july and just got back yesterday. loved the holiday it was amazin and down at the strip was great but hated the tassia, as soon as we got there kostsas was alredy kickin off about the noise and even came into our room and started movin and tidyin things. the lady who works in the day 'MOYRA' ?? shes really nice and will help you as much as she can so if u need help as her if you can!! but when Kostas threatens you with eviction listen to him cos he evicted my mate for two days for makin too much noise. hes always on watch n catches you out all the time so dont thnik you can get nething past that man. met loadsa ppl from wigan, st helens, ashton n widnes,  was shocked at how many people came from near me. ne1 goin to stay at the tassia watch out for kostas hes a complete rule freek!


hey 2 every1 from tassia... hada awesome holiday.. its wat u make of it really.. the tasia is a bit of a trek not ur usual studios or apartment.. its family run.. no reception.. it did the job lyk.. abit out of the way and kostas was trying 2 scare us with eviction night.. but that novelty seemed 2 wear off in week 2.. overall we all had an amazing time from sthelens.. made mates with the boys from leicester lads ( football buddys there) we was unlucky lads..haha anyways any1 there add me specially the footy lads.. greghale_69@msn.com.. all in all great holiday.. would i go back.. well icve been ther 3times so not in the near future... id also suggest that if ur going 4 night life.. closer 2 the centre is an idea.. as the 6euro taxi fare gets annoying expecially when no1 has change..haha.. i also recommend hotel perkes.. next to naughty girls... great cocktails 4 3euros!! awesome.. peace out Greg

Nat .           

well what can i say, zante, laganas itself was great, apart from the bundles of rubbish which stunk in the early hours but expected. tassia.. would of been better without kostas. he is a w**ker, we got told tidy our rooms of clothes, we was not allowed chuck clothes on the floor in a self catering apartment..? the location of tassia is very bad, even though taxis are 6 euros to anywhere on the strip of laganas. tassia is at the very very end of the strip, walking takes over an hour, and when you're drunk it seems much longer. demitris is a funny kid along with muyra.. kostas is just a complete bore, no noise allowed at 7pm? who sleeps at 7pm. he also ended up putting fences around the grass so no one was allowed stand on the grass, when it was already dead because he'd flooded it with the hosepipe. overall it was a good holiday and i would return to zante again. my last few days were also wrecked by a few welsh c**ts who seem to like to bet too much. :)

nat x

Alex B           

Just got back on Friday from Laganas... The holiday is pretty much what you make it.  When me and the lads arrived (Leicester Lads) we were dissapointed with the hotel and the position of it... The 1st words of Kostas was "NO NOISE" and that's really all he said... he also doesn't go to bed! We took a walk down to the beach and back... taking a good 2 hours there and back... what a shocking start!  Anyway didn't do much on the 1st day due to being so tired! But finally going out at night... our views of the place changed... the night life is BRILLIANT!
In the end we made friends with some people from St Helens or Wigan or somewhere like that?!?! Anyway there was alt of them!!!! And also 2 lads from Cov... (John Terry?)  Overall.... ended up to be a good holiday.... Food is also BRILLIANT!

Creag W           

just gt back from zante, laganas, and it was brilliant, but the one thing that disapointed me was the place we was staying at!! tassia studios is a long, and i mean proper long walk during the day, especially at nite from the main strip. if u cant be asked to walk its 6 euros a time, and i knw that dosent sound much, but if you think about it, 6 euros there in the day for the beach, then back, then out for the nite, then finally back again. that adds up to 24 euros a day, times that by 1 or 2 weeks and uve spent alot already. next thing, if u are a bunch of young people like me and my m8s are, dnt go here, coz the manager ( kostas ) ( we pissed him off by calling him pedro ) dosent have a sense of humor, there is no noise, fun with him being there!! u cant av much fun without him being on your case. so i would suggest another place, i will be returing to zante to work, but will never stay there again!!! i love u pedro lol


Got back from the Tassia on Friday Morning, it was brilliant, Kosta really cant do enough for you. Anyone going in the near future - i would deffinately recommend hiring a quad! it cost us 20 Euros a day and we went everywhere on it! got to see a lot more than most! Deffinately going back next year. Gutted to be back home. Thanks for all the free stuff Kosta! see you next year and Paul will let you know about that job soon ;-)

Paul H           

Hey! Got back on the 26th  June, had stayed for 2 weeks and have to say that it was the best 2 weeks ever! there was a group of 8 of us and Kostas couldn't do enough for us. even got a cake made and gave us two bottles of champagne cos we had 3 birthdays while we were there . Everyone there seemed nice and were up for a laugh. Would definatly recommend it to anyone, even the long walk to the beach doesnt seem that far after doing it a few times.

Mick D           

off back to tassia on the 14/15 of september cant wait costas is such a nice guy and the apartments are spotless off on my own though so if anyone is going same week drop me a line on mickeboy@btinternet.com see you there


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