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Zante Town Summary:

'Zante town is a beautiful place to visit, the locals are very friendly and the two main squares are a fantastic place to spend an evening. I think many people forget it is the island's main town and not there to cater for tourists. Visiting Zakynthos town will give you a taste of real Greece.'

Bochali and Zante Town Aerial 360 Video

Popular Bars in Zante Town:

Barrage Club  (11 Comments)
Base - Zante-Town  (8 Comments)
Jazz Cafe -   (4 Comments)
Cafe 4 U -   (4 Comments)
Cosi Coffee Bar -   (3 Comments)
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Popular Restaurants in Zante Town:

Village Inn -   (19 Comments)
Aresti -   (8 Comments)
Spartakos -   (3 Comments)
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Beaches near Zante Town:

Argassi Beach  (138 Comments)
Argassi BeachOften criticised, mainly because in many places there is no beach! At least the water is shallow with a sandy bottom making it good for bathing.
Bouka Beach - Tsilivi  (7 Comments)
Bouka BeachRight next door to Tsilivi, Bouka beach is usually quieter and more laid-back than its big brother.
Kryoneri Beach - Zante  (2 Comments)
Tsilivi Beach  (231 Comments)
Tsilivi BeachA big sandy beach able to accommodate everyone from the neighbouring resort and more. Lots of tourist facilities on hand.
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Zante Tourist Map

Zante Tourist Map