Tassia Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Mel P          8/10

im 18 and went with five of my friends in the summer 07 and had a wicked time.my only tip is have respect for kostas treat him like you would your parents at home. found him really helpful,when you get on the good side of him,he is really nice,one of my friends fell ill so he gave us free air con for one night saving us 7 euros,free shots.you can also have a really good convo with him find out about the greek ways.he works hard to keep his hotel the way he wants it and no he doesnt sleep and yes if you cause trouble he will kick you out for the night but what do you expect.not far from the main strip...had many hilarious walks home while the sun came up. basically i loved it there!!!

Flanagans - (Bars in Laganas)

Mel P  (September 30, 2007)        10/10

this place is the place to be!! starts the night off!!! met so many people in here so many laughs!! and i love the people that work here!!!! yull also find that its the cheapest place on the island. and the fact that they turn the music off everytime the police drives past adds to the experience and do agree that my holiday wouldnt have been the same without it

Rescue Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Mel P          10/10

okay being me i didnt realise that this was a club until 3 days in.so make sure yu dont just go to the bar keep going and yull find the best club in zante.its even got an upstair outside balcony bar.played the best tunes ever,everyone ends up there so its packed out. drinks are over priced but your on holiday! try and stay away from macdonlads which is right near it,im sure i ended up with a bag of chips in my hands everynight hahaah