Safari Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Kevin S  (August 21, 2006)         

Hi Pat and the gang.

We thoroughly enjoyed our most recent trip to Zante, and we're even considering moving out there.
The bar was great and those who run it are very friendly indeed. Thanks also to Pat (when she had her 'Merlis car rental' hat on), for her advice on places to visit when hiring one of her cars. We discovered a part of the island that we'd never seen before. Hopefully we'll see you again next year.
All the best,
Rose & Kevin.

Merlis Car Hire - (Car Rental in Zante)

Kevin S           

We hired a car from Merlis for 4 days out of our recent 1 week break in Zante.

Pat was absolutely brilliant and extremely helpful. The car was quite new, clean and perfect for our needs. I was also impressed by the lack of red tape that is normally involved when hiring a car abroad. We will definitely use Merlis again when we next visit Zante.

Tassia Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Kevin S           

I stayed at the Tassia Studios 4 years ago, so I can only comment on what it was like then.

To be fair, firstly, I'd say that the hotel is ideal for young families and couples, and NOT large groups of singles. For said large groups I would advise that you stay more in the centre of Laganas, at hotels with fellow guests of a similar age group where your needs are more readily catered for.
I would agree that Kostas is quite strict, however, he needs to be in a lot of respects as there was quite a bit of rowdiness in the early hours during my stay (it's not fair on older people or children to be kept awake by drunks, of any age, during the night, of which there were quite a few.) I would imagine if there were too many complaints then his hotel could come under review by the tour companies. Kostas is an extremely hard worker, as are the various members of his family, and I was very impressed by this.
The hotel is a 30 minute walk from Laganas town centre and the beach, so please bear this in mind. The food was home cooked, nice but simple. Entertainment was typically Greek, with theme nights, otherwise it was a bar, cafeteria and big screen TV/films every evening.
One last thing, to get into Kostas' good books, tell him you have been a life-long Olympiakos fan (that should do the trick!) The reason why I haven't been back since then is that I now tend to go to the larger hotels in the Greek islands that do all-inclusive or half board.
I wish Kostas and his family well.

Bitzaro Palace Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Kevin S           

My other half and I stayed at the hotel during the first week in August this year.

The place was nice, the food was good and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The planes flying overhead were quite loud at times, but this was quite infrequent and only on certain days, it seemed. 
The only downside was the air-conditioning in the room. Some nights were very hot outside but the A/C  wasn't very good, consisting of a vent/fan that circulated warm air around the room. However, I would definitely recommend the hotel. 

Kalamaki Beach - (Beaches in Zante)


We went to Kalamaki Beach during the first week in August, 2006. It stretches for miles but we mainly visited the area between Crystal Hotel and the lane that leads down to the Bitzaro Palace and Grand Hotels. The beach was very nice and sandy, sea was warm, clear and blue, thoroughly enjoyed it.

In answer to a previous question on this page, I heard from an English lady, now resident in Zante, that there is in fact a nudist beach just past the Crystal Hotel, heading east.