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Vivian Hotel
(Accommodation in Laganas)
 Ryan Stinky pete d
Im going nowhere with my life because I stink of pure fish breath, bye
1 post by Ryan Stinky pete d ip -
 Ryan Donnelan

i absolutely hum of b.o i look like a rat and cant rap for s**te also im a scruff :)

1 post by Ryan Donnelan ip -
 Jack Wilson
a wish a never had a fat head and walk like av s**t meself
View 2 posts by Jack Wilson ip -
 Jack Wilson
am a f**kin freak me
View 2 posts by Jack Wilson ip -
 Joshua Stokoe
Deep kip
View 2 posts by Joshua Stokoe ip -
 Joshua Stokoe
im a skinny t**t ab challenge
View 2 posts by Joshua Stokoe ip -
 Joshua Stokoe
im a skinny t**t who works in lidl :)
1 post by Joshua Stokoe ip -
 Lynn B
sam bell less your f**king language u little s**t!
1 post by Lynn B ip -
 Chillem F
ccccccomin back at you
1 post by Chillem F ip -
 Ryan D
im a rat with s**t craic
1 post by Ryan D ip -
 Ashley Dom
First time over Zante anyone know if there's any dildo shops near the strip
1 post by Ashley Dom ip -
 Paul B
pass me the cathedral chedda
1 post by Paul B ip -
 Big paul Lil jon
BIG gravy paul and LITTLE jonny f
1 post by Big paul Lil jon ip -
 Sam Lardarse
I look like a fking pigeon! ffs!
1 post by Sam Lardarse ip -
 Leon Halliman
Reet lads, an coming now !!! Oioi where's the lasses???
1 post by Leon Halliman ip -
 Chillem Fairweather

Yessiii pass iz the mic , roll on tight , stiggy bad boy ganna feel alright

1 post by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Chillem Fairweather
ccccomin at you!
View 2 posts by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Charlton Fairwehta
back to back an im 1 on 1
View 2 posts by Charlton Fairwehta ip -
 Chillem Fairweather
I cannit believe stew blew is out im fking sick, pass me another cider and black!
View 2 posts by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Kippa lip pete Pout
A cannot believe the lads reckon me dads got a pout 24/7 i
1 post by Kippa lip pete Pout ip -
 Chillem Fairweather
maximize an im on a mission
View 2 posts by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Raza (2pac) malt Mal
Oioi boys and girls me names Raza am a rappa come round the pool when am there al rap to use for 20 euros a time
1 post by Raza (2pac) malt Mal ip -
 Charlton F
reet lads anar av spelt me name wrong but its not much of a chainge for me to spell sumthing wrong. a cant wait to get to zante and find a new lass to chase all owa cause a think me looks ran out with stew a hate her like shes crusht me dreems
View 2 posts by Charlton F ip -
 Haz lvs geo Nails
a love ego with all me heart but it looks like she's been poking her self up the a**e her nails are f**ked up like
1 post by Haz lvs geo Nails ip -
 Josh Stokoe
My lasses gash fking stinks
1 post by Josh Stokoe ip -
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