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Vivian Hotel
(Accommodation in Laganas)
 Jim a A
5 sunderland lads heading back out to zante 1st September. Anyone fancy a few drinks,easily arranged
1 post by Jim a A ip - GB
9/10 Bizzle Birrell
Hitting zante with 5 of the best people wooo can't wait roll on September 7th-14th
1 post by Bizzle Birrell ip - GB
 Emily B
the em n em r hittin up zante 28th sept- 5th nov anyone else goin then?
1 post by Emily B ip - GB
 Cathy E
Woop Woop off here with my two besties on 6th july to 13th july, add my facebook if you're going then too!! x :D
1 post by Cathy E ip - GB
 Cathy E
Going to Zante with my 2 besties 6th july to 13th july !!! facebook me if u are too!! cathy ellerbeck xxx
1 post by Cathy E ip - GB
Can U Help?Pam S
Does anyone know who (which company/web site) to book this hotel with please?  
1 post by Pam S ip - GB
 Rach A
4 girls staying in the vivian, 8th September :D
1 post by Rach A ip - GB
 Sadie B
@sadiee_jones  @katie_tomo
1 post by Sadie B ip -
 Tyler cronan n Lauren swift
click to enlarge

<---- this will b you boys in my pussay ;);)

watch out the sexy chicas are about coming for you mid july ;) xxxx
im wet thinking about it wooo
1 post by Tyler cronan n Lauren swift ip - GB
10/10 Romeo Johnson
Just booked Zante from 30 may- 5 June can't wait !!! 7 welsh lads going to get wrecked and party hard , Any hot girls staying at that vivian during those dates ?? X
1 post by Romeo Johnson ip - GB
 Steph W
Well zante here we come in september for 2 weeks cant wait going to party hard as its my birthday getting smashed and taking loads of pictures. who is in zante on the 15th september for 2 weeks give us a message thank you :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
1 post by Steph W ip - GB
 Rachel C

Getting excited for a party week for two 22nd august!

Two blondes ready to take on Zante
1 post by Rachel C ip - GB
 Guido P
MMA lads out August 22nd gonan show you how to party in style
1 post by Guido P ip - GB
 Helz W
5 welsh girls staying at vivian hotel june 9th for a week WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!!!!!!! ZANTE2013!! Bring it on
1 post by Helz W ip - GB
 Evie Griffiths

 oioi fellas

ya im one of dem southampton chicas comin on 15th buzzin to crack on you mr josh downs
1 post by Evie Griffiths ip - GB
 Josh Downs

me and seven lads from sunderland hitting zante from the 15th of july to the 25th, 10 nights of madness! @joshmickdowns follow me on twitter if your there the same time! Can not wait to hit zante c'mon 2013

1 post by Josh Downs ip - GB
 Mia H
yes clo m8 15th - 22nd july 2013 bang bang bare southampton gallys coming to laganas and staying at vivian jus on here to check up ma victims to be ye unless im already taken by one of the prs and barmen cuz man they always want me cuz im damn sexy so come at me boys xx p.s add me up on facebook boys mia house , remember my name you'll be screaming it in zante pmsl xxx
1 post by Mia H ip - GB
 Chloe B
6 girls from Southampton ganna be partying it up for a week in 15th July for a week!! 2013 wassup!
1 post by Chloe B ip - GB
 Kyle D
4 rugby lads jetting to zante on 30th august can't wait to et f**ked up!!! it's the f**king catalina wine mixer
1 post by Kyle D ip - GB
 Mr F

10 chaps from brighton c*min out next month, goin 2 ave it large. fat birds, skinny birds, white or black dnt care  just luv da p***y. off to zante bring your vodka bring your charlie. all bless see you hunniz next month

1 post by Mr F ip - GB
 Jay M
Anyone at the vivian in september
1 post by Jay M ip - GB
 Poo B

zante whhhhatttt are youuuuuu sayyyyin'.. f**k da hotels wid dutty sheets and towels, we gun make dis the holiday of a lyftiiiime, oh & boi wanting da rumpy pumpy, we going in july hunnay so we won't be seeing you, unless we stay out dere,,,,,,, you'll be lucky, us 6 girls from da 1 & oooonly brist0l.

i'm reeming myself up right dis mom3nt, fake tan 4 zante & all prepared wid my eyelashes & da glue obvs -.- :p  .......
dis is the face > < dat will be our faces every morn1111ng of zante, all tanned up & glammmed up to the maxxx b4by giiiirlssss 2k12, hitting zante dot
looking for hot bois, rugby, football, any boys who love balls.
love u hunnys, see u in laganas!!!!!
1 post by Poo B ip - --
 Jacob B

mee and 8 of my rugby lads are out there 23rd of august..... gunna smash it up... if any fine ladies are out thr round tht time let mee noo mybe weee can sort abit of rumpi pumpi out  

1 post by Jacob B ip - GB
 Krazy M
SUP GUIS!! Cnt wait 4 de best week eva wit ma krewwwww!!! OOOH OOOH ZANTE KREW. Gonna get a special vajazzle 4 dis week so ull all no who i am boiiiiz LUV YA
1 post by Krazy M ip - GB
 Lee O

four of us will be out there end of july, never been before


View 4 posts by Lee O ip - GB
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