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Vivian Hotel
(Accommodation in Laganas)
 Lynn B
sam bell less your f**king language u little s**t!
View all comments by Lynn B ip -
 Chillem F
ccccccomin back at you
View all comments by Chillem F ip -
 Ryan D
im a rat with s**t craic
View all comments by Ryan D ip -
 Ashley Dom
First time over Zante anyone know if there's any dildo shops near the strip
1 post by Ashley Dom ip -
 Paul B
pass me the cathedral chedda
1 post by Paul B ip -
 Big paul Lil jon
BIG gravy paul and LITTLE jonny f
1 post by Big paul Lil jon ip -
 Sam Lardarse
I look like a fking pigeon! ffs!
1 post by Sam Lardarse ip -
 Leon Halliman
Reet lads, an coming now !!! Oioi where's the lasses???
1 post by Leon Halliman ip -
 Chillem Fairweather

Yessiii pass iz the mic , roll on tight , stiggy bad boy ganna feel alright

1 post by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Chillem Fairweather
ccccomin at you!
View 2 posts by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Charlton Fairwehta
back to back an im 1 on 1
View 2 posts by Charlton Fairwehta ip -
 Chillem Fairweather
I cannit believe stew blew is out im fking sick, pass me another cider and black!
View 2 posts by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Kippa lip pete Pout
A cannot believe the lads reckon me dads got a pout 24/7 i
1 post by Kippa lip pete Pout ip -
 Chillem Fairweather
maximize an im on a mission
View 2 posts by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Raza (2pac) malt Mal
Oioi boys and girls me names Raza am a rappa come round the pool when am there al rap to use for 20 euros a time
1 post by Raza (2pac) malt Mal ip -
 Charlton F
reet lads anar av spelt me name wrong but its not much of a chainge for me to spell sumthing wrong. a cant wait to get to zante and find a new lass to chase all owa cause a think me looks ran out with stew a hate her like shes crusht me dreems
View 2 posts by Charlton F ip -
 Haz lvs geo Nails
a love ego with all me heart but it looks like she's been poking her self up the a**e her nails are f**ked up like
1 post by Haz lvs geo Nails ip -
 Josh Stokoe
My lasses gash fking stinks
1 post by Josh Stokoe ip -
 Vicki haley Toes
Cannot wait for Zante but a feel crap because of me black toes a think av got trench foot
1 post by Vicki haley Toes ip -
 Joshy S
cant wait for this trip like 2K15. just glad rowley and hagga are coming along cause i wouldnt fancy leaving them 2 with owa lass. anar what shes like when im away for a couple of days!
1 post by Joshy S ip -
 Aidzy Boy

funniest thing av ever seen , me and stew on the bikes and a seen yuley out of nee where come flying owa the jump straight through the doors of the hills , rlly funny like such a kwl day wiv all the ppl i luv chillem cant jump for s**te like

1 post by Aidzy Boy ip -
 Chillem Fairweather

legalize it!

View 2 posts by Chillem Fairweather ip -
 Samantha Bellend
I cant wait to go to zante with me boyo charlie who looks like gary of geordie shore! I look like ive been run over 6 times and dragged through 3 bushes but its areet. I feel on top of the world after a few scorpions but the only thing that everyone hates is me breath. I admit it does stink on weekends but on weekdays its areet, i think? see yas there signing out the bo.
1 post by Samantha Bellend ip -
 Georgia Bae

Harry don't go...

1 post by Georgia Bae ip -
 Chillem Fairweather

If George wets himself one more time he's getting crammed in an empty scorpion barrel and towed from the rear of me dars 16 seat passion wagon. Its dropping to bits but I love how the blue paint shines in the summer sun. 

View 2 posts by Chillem Fairweather ip -
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