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Perkes Hotel
(Accommodation in Laganas)
10/10 Ellie E
Me and 17 other girls are coming next year, 14-24th!!!! BEYOND EXCITED!!!! BRING ON ZANTE 14
1 post by Ellie E ip - GB
 Jodie Rees wells
Me and my Sister are coming here 5th Aug... Cant Wait!! Hope its good :)
1 post by Jodie Rees wells ip - GB
10/10 Chris Clark
Heading here 15th August 2013 with 8 mates! buzzing!!
1 post by Chris Clark ip - GB
 Colin C
Coming here Sept 10th - 17th (2012). Anyone else here at this time?
View 26 posts by Colin C ip - GB
10/10 Dominic W
click to enlarge

perkes is a lovely place the food is nice the pool is nice and the people are nice  your room is cleaned every morning and the its very hot  and i would go back any day

theres a lovely pic of the dog thanks best hoilday of my life
1 post by Dominic W ip - --
 Paul C
Off here on August 8th for two weeks with 4 or 5 mates, add me on facebook if you are too.
1 post by Paul C ip - GB
9/10 Katie G

ive just got back from zante stayed at the perks it was wkd dont listen to any bad comments its a really nice hotel its clean the pools great and the owners are really nice nick he is soo funny then theres scott he is lovely gives ya free shots is your really nice and he looks after u then theres cassie shes really nice aswell you have got to go to cocktails and dreams and rescue to of the best clubs the perks is on the strip but the other end it dont take long to walk down tho the food is also gr8 and at a good price if you want a nice cocktail that isnt watered down go to the bowling place on the strip the owner is really nice and the cocktail is strong. I want to go back next year and stay at the perks had a great tym

1 post by Katie G ip - GB
8/10 Joanne M

Just bk from zante on monday, wish i was back seriously it was actually amazing :) the hotel is really basic, but the only time we used it was when we were sleeping or getting ready to go out. Wee mags is a beauty, shes so lovely but dont get on the wrong side of her haha!The only bad thing i have to say about this hotel is the smell and noise of the dogs, as they are right outside the back but other than that its a really good hotel!

Enjoy it , will be back next year deffozzzz.
Zeros and cherry bay best clubs there, make sure you go!
1 post by Joanne M ip - GB
 Luke K

heard hotel is great.not staying there but my mate is the thomas cook rep there this year and is enjoying it.will be there 19th june for the week!

1 post by Luke K ip - GB
10/10 Craig T

I've been to Laganas 3 times with my partner & stayed at the Perkes each time. If you stay there you will have a great time. The rooms are a bit basic but if all you need the room for is to sleep off the effects of the night before then you'll be fine. Nick (the owner) is a great bloke & very friendly as is his wife (who's name escapes me) & his mum Margaret. The hotel is about 10-15 walk from the main strip so I would advise getting taxi's home at the end of the night. The advantage of it being away from the nightlife is that it's quiet. Unfortunately there are no watersports (jet skis etc) due to the turtles that inhabit the sea & a nearby island.

View 2 posts by Craig T ip - GB
10/10 Nicole T

heeeeeeeeeey =)!!!

went to perkes last year for 2 weeks with 6 of my gorgeous girls was amazing loved it so much me and abi booked again for this year haha our excuse is a "quiet holiday" LOL yeah right!!!!
going next thursday the 11th cant wait - from edinburgh =D!!!!!!
anyone that hasnt been will love it all i will say is if i were you i would make sure you stick together at night and make sure you get a taxi back form clubs at night dont walk home alone...
rescue is def one of the best places i would say and also defo do the BOOZE CRUISE we done it through our rep and it was amazing well worth the money..
anyway have a nice time might see people there hopefully.. xxx
View 2 posts by Nicole T ip - GB
 Mick C
click to enlarge6 lads going to zante (perkes hotel), anybody going between 6th August - 20th August, add me or ;)
View 3 posts by Mick C ip - GB
 Mick C
6 lads in zante staying in the Perkes hotel from 6th august 09 - 20th.  Add or ;)  x
View 3 posts by Mick C ip - GB
 Wigan L
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

<< a few of us a few years back sorry thats the most recent photo of some of us together

Any1 goin in sept ?...our mates r in rugby season so cant go any earlier  we've never bin zante so let us know wot laganas is like...swnds mint ! obviously heard about rescue club which sounds quality but just wondering if theres anywhere else we shoud be heading to ?

What's peoples general opinion on the hotel?, most reviews on here seem to be mint !!!





1 post by Wigan L ip - GB
10/10 Sade T

ive been to Zante 4 yrs in arow now with the girls and evry yr i hav the time of my life. it is the place to go. wild night life no matter wot time of summer you go and its boiling. Must dos: merduca club, cherry bay, cocktails of dreams, g- spot and go and c smuggles cove. remember sleep is 4 losers. sleep when u get home. ZANTE IS THE PLACE TO GO AND SEE. were going again 2nd wk in july and cant wait. x

1 post by Sade T ip - GB
10/10 Danielle P
click to enlarge

seriously though.. how amazing is zante?!

perkes hotel is really good too.. we had an amazing time there!! we were all well worried cause of the reviews being so bad but it totally wasn't what we expected and was sooo much better!!! Wish we were going back next year!!!!
lots of tidaaay love... hahaha!
p.s nice pic lee.. our names across your body suits you!!
1 post by Danielle P ip - GB
 Lee T

It Dosen't really matter wat month you go really...

Some people think that june is too early and august is too late... but thats rubbish...
We went 1st week of july last year and it was rammed, and is constantly full from june through to august.. so dont be picky...
Im heading down the travel agents soon to book for last week of june or 1st week of july and i cant wait...
Best holiday ever last year, going to be a step up this year
Lee Thomas (ME) Will be there  x x x
View 3 posts by Lee T ip - GB
 Kirsty C
click to enlarge

Well After All These Comment Dont No Which 1 To Go By Lol!

Im Going On June 25Th.
Oh Lee Thomass Are You Going To Be There:P
1 post by Kirsty C ip - GB
 Nicci S

hey every1,

Me and the girls are planning to go on holiday around june-july time, we are not sure what dates to go, when do you think is the best time.
Ive no idea where to stay, how much to bring, etc. Ive read most comments on this site (i have alot of free time lol :p) .. so any recommendations?
Luv ya x
1 post by Nicci S ip - GB
10/10 Lee T
click to enlarge excuse the image, i just thought i'd giv a brief insight of the nightlife in zante..
<<<<<<<<< the gaffer is heading his troops out to zante once again...
booking for the 1st week of july, best time to slap on the oil and top up your tan lol...
i'm pretty sure the owners are gonna welcome us with open arms after our performance at the hotel last year...
dont listen to any of the bulls**t people put in their comments. its greece, you get wat you pay for wherever you stay, and trust me, its not that bad a hotel, infact, its rather good compared to the others i got to view during my visit lol. its not a long walk at all, after a few drinkys in the hotel room or bar, you dont care how far you walk, just spice it up and pub crawl your way in...
reccommend a chinese in "steves" 9 euros all you ca eat, but if blag him a little, hes a lovely guy and he'll knock it down
all in all you'll love zante and the perkes is definately the place to be in zante...
sooo guess we'll see you all there, indeedy  x
View 3 posts by Lee T ip - GB
 Chloe T
click to enlarge

Heyy everybody!!

Myself and 4 girlies are flying out to the perkes hotel on the 28th of june 2009.... is anyone planning ahead that early haha!? anyone goingg?    Its going to be amazinggg!!
1 post by Chloe T ip - --
10/10 Carol M

Hullo guys,

we were in Perkes last week in May, first week in June - it was about or 7th time at Perkes - Nik and Rachel and the kids, Robert, Carol, Margaret and Tassi, and of course Scot and Vikki, great buddies, made us feel at home and part of the family yet again.
For those of you reading mixed reviews, the pool is great and clean - although people will insist on slapping on the oil then going for a dip - Scotty works hard to keep it clean for you, so think on. There's chlorine in the pool same as here - it kills the germs, so the fewer dirty things we do in the pool, the less is needed. There's a shower at th eside of the pool, but people won't use it before getting in.
The maids are all very polite and helpful, but they won't be able to change your beds/towels/clean your room if you're lying alseep in there all day.
It's a continental breakfast you get as part of the deal - it's in the brochure, and if you don't get to see the brochure your travel agent should tell you this. Notwithstanding this, they have a great breakfast menu, prices starting about 3 euro, from 10am onwards. They do a full menu from 10 til 10, the food is great, and reasonable priced. The Perkes platter for two will stuff you in no time, and everything is always cooked to order from fresh. If there's something in particular you fancy, its worth asking - they try to be as accommodating as possible.
The family stay on the premises, so don't take the rip please, and remember to keep volume down when you bounce home in the wee small hours. Families do stay here for their holidays as well you know- you dont like doors slamming during the day when you're catching up sleep from being out the night before, so think about the kids when you get in in the middle of the night. If you want a club 18-30 hotel, as for that when you book.
The rooms are basic but clean and comfortable - you can pay extra for a telly, and a fridge, and aircon. If you can't get the aircon cold, ask for help - it does work if you press the correct buttons.
During the winter all rooms are repainted, and everything refreshed for the next season - if someone splats a mosquito in May it's there for the rest of the year, so don't do it - Hotels cannot go round repainting rooms when people check out, they'd have the painters in every day, and people would complain about the smell. If you get mossies, get a mossie plug it'll cost you about 5 euros for the plug and tablets, and if you do sit on the balcony with the french doors open all evening before you go out, they will fly in.
Breakages will be paid for, so don't think about trashing the room for a laugh - things have to be fixed, and tradesmen need to be paid, and it won't be appreciated if you smash the toilet like one fella did when we were there.
It's not the closest hotel to the main action or the beach, but it makes up for it by being on the well lit main road, and away from the hustle and bustle of the day time on the strip (when you catch up on your sleep). It's 4 euros down to the strip in a taxi, about a 15 minute walk to the start of the action, but there's loads of great restaurants and bars on the way down - Butterfly indian/chinese is good - do the buffet, family Taverna and Paradise Taverna ain't too bad either.
With regards the "Australian guy" - that's Nik - it's his family's hotel, and he can more than cope with smart a***s - he's seen it all before, and believe me, you will not get one up on him. He is not an idiot. Remember - when you check in he takes your passport.
If you do intend staying here next year be respectful of their hotel and thoughtful of others and you'll have a great time.
View 2 posts by Carol M ip - GB
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