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Beware of the ATMs

Ever wondered why there are so many ATMs in Greece these days? It's because the banks have discovered a trick of processing transactions in pounds instead of euros allowing them to use their own exchange rate. The table below shows the comparative cost of obtaining €100 from the most common ATMs you'll find in Greece. The National Bank of Greece was the only ATM that didn't use the trick and not surprisingly gave the best ATM rate.
 Cost of €100Rate per £
Tesco UK Online Rate£75.58€1.3231
National Bank of Greece£76.65€1.3046
Cash exchange in resort£78.13€1.2800
Piraeus Bank£79.99€1.2502
All the rates were checked within an hour on the same Sunday afternoon in October 2015 using a Nationwide debit card which charged a £2.47 foreign transaction fee for the National Bank of Greece withdrawl (included in the cost above). Transactions processed in pounds will not usually incur a UK charge unless you use a credit card. On Zante you will find National Bank of Greece ATMs at the Express supermarkets in Tsilivi and Laganas as well as in Zante Town.

Gigapixel Panoramic of the view of Zante Town from Bochali

The highest resolution picture ever taken of Zante Town. Use full screen and zoom right in to get the full effect. Checkout the rooftop pool on the Strada Marina Hotel or marvel at the complexity of the back roads in town. No wonder everybody gets lost when they venture in there. Look harder and you can even see the Kalamaki Water Park in the distance.

Driving Routes from Zante Airport to All Resorts

Save time and money on airport transfers by picking up your hire car at the airport. The videos show the easiest route from the airport to your resort. Use the direct Vimeo link on the bottom right for more options including downloading the video to play on your smartphone or tablet on arrival.

Navigate Zante using Google Maps and GPS without an Internet Connection

This will work on iPhone, iPad & Android mobile devices running an up-to-date version of Google maps. To make a map available for offline viewing just search for your desired location and get it up on your screen so that it only shows the area you want to save & put 'ok maps' into the search box.

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Link to Zante map:

beat the queues! our representative will be waiting for you at zante airport to arrange your ongoing journey. -

Gone but not Forgotten
We've resurrected some of the more popular bars and restaurants that have disappeared over the years so you can revive memories of your old holidays on Zante.
Visit the Review Archive

Zante Walkabout 2012
Several new routes have be added giving coverage of all the resorts & over 200 km of roads connecting them together.

Quick view of the new routes:

Jet2 from Manchester & Leeds
Jet2 will be flying to Zante from Manchester and Leeds Bradford airports in 2013. Prices currently look to be about the same as Thomas Cook & Thomsons, but increased competition may lead to reduced prices as it has done at Gatwick. Jet2 also offer better luggage allowances as standard.

Pound hits a 4 year high
The pound is now back to its pre credit crunch value against the euro & analysts believe the trend will continue as the European Central bank comes under pressure to reduce its interest rates to US/UK levels. Good news for tourism so long as it doesn't become an excuse for price hikes.

Greek Election Eases Fears
The new Greek government should bring stability for a few months at least, so now is as good a time as any to visit. There have been numerous reports of tour operators 'slashing prices' but from what we've heard it's more a case of 'slashing flights' keeping prices high. Booking direct is probably the best way to get a bargain holiday if you can find a cheap flight.
Zante Weather Forecast

Flights to Zante
We've compiled a timetable of every flight from the UK to Zante in 2014. If you're looking for a flight that this will point you in the right direction and also let you know when to stop looking! It includes all the flights from the following airports:
Birmingham(BHX) Bristol(BRS) Cardiff(CWL) East Midlands(EMA) Glasgow(GLA) Leeds Bradford(LBA) Gatwick(LGW) Luton(LTN) Manchester(MAN) Stanstead(STN) Newcastle(NCL) All Flights to Zante

Updated Zante WalkAbout
Zante WalkAbout puts street view style tours into most of the resort maps. All you have to do is drag & drop the little blue man on to the line indicating the availability of the WalkAbout imagery.
Zante WalkAbout allows you to explore your chosen resort in a way which has not been possible before & is available for the following resorts: Aghios Sostis Alykes Alykanas Argassi Kalamaki Keri Laganas Tsilivi Vassilikos

Shipwreck Viewing Platform
Take a virtual tour of the slightly scary shipwreck viewing platform. Nobody is too sure who built it or if it's totally safe, but you do get a good view! The best time to visit is either before 11am or later in the afternoon so you avoid the crowds on the coach trips. You wouldn't want to be on that platform at the same time as a dozen other people would you?
360° Pictures
Agalas Art Gallery
Olive Press Museum
Gloria Maris Hotel
Dafne Beach
Laganas Beach Nov
St Nikolaos Church
Solomos Square
Levante Speedboat
St Dionysios Church
Cameo Island
Kamara Beach Hotel
Porto Zoro Vassilikos
Shipwreck Platform
Jungle Bar Argassi
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