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Pauline A          6/10

we have stayed in zante doro studios for must be 7 years.we always stayed at jimmys but that got a bit we whent to doro studios because it was near to everything we wanted in our have pete's lovely shop on the corner.the beach on the end of the street.we have got to know every one in the area.our children have grown up there.we feel safe,and the local people look out for you once they get to know you. The maid came in every day,our beds were changed every-day,our bins were changed every-day.the only-thing that stopped us going there was they were letting group's of boys and young men rent the rooms and they were nothing but trouble.we brought our teenage son and nephew's with us one year,they came in drunk most night's,or early morning. but they never botherd any-body.made no noise.we were waking up with boys on our balconey.jumping of,smashing furniture, around.discusting going on's.we are with it parents and enjoy youngsters around us but not like that.if they were to keep it a family place,we would still be going.we still go to zante,but have found somewhere else to go.but we used to love zante-doro,the delpini hotel,the australia,jimmys were all great places in that little street.then you had pete's shop.and yannis,little cafe,bar and we would sit out side untill all hour's of the morning.letting all the drink crazy kids in that area has brought the area down.nothing against them but put them in an area were they can make as much noise,and crap,they want to.and not upset the was such a lovely place lagana's it's the own fault of the hotel owners for letting the riff-raff in.bring back the old zante we love it.

Clare W          9/10

Please don't be put off this place because of what people have said.  I am not sure what was going on last year but things have changed and you will have a great holiday.  Rooms are fine and well worth the money.  I don't think you can book anything cheaper.  Manager is fine if you are nice to her and treat the place well, if you mess about and treat the place bad she will have a go as would I if my hotel was treated how I saw it being treated by groups of young lads.  if you stayed at a hotel in the UK and did what we saw people doing you would get the same reaction.  The cleaner is cool and does not come in the rooms early most days it was about 11am which I think is ok.  Also maybe give her a small tip she does work very hard in the heat and she was very happy when we gave her just 5 Euro.  Also if you stay try closing the doors not slamming them shut this can get very annoying and they close just as well just pulling them 2.  Do not put paper down the loo this is the same in every greek resourt.  The cleaner did the bins every day but take nappy sacks so the room does not get smelly.  Just have fun and be respectful if your coming in late as not only young people stay at this place.  We were in after the youngsters most nights.  like I said have fun and treat the place with respect and all will be well.

Clare W          9/10

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Clare W          9/10

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Clare W          9/10

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Clare W          9/10

I am finding it very hard to believe that people are having such a bad time at the Zante Díoro.  Are you sure itís the same place people.  I must say our room was cleaned everyday except one and sheets changed at least 3 times in 2 weeks.  The cleaner is so sweet.  We even asked the manager how comes she comes every day as this is unusual and she said she canít really afford to do it but she likes the place clean and if she did not come every day then the rooms would be a mess as people do not take care.  We had a nice 2 weeks and saw no problems except those caused by people staying and breaking things.  We only saw the manager 3 times in the whole stay even when the noise was so bad she still did not come up she told us she had been told not to say anything to people.  I had a nice stay and I will be going back.

Peter K          9/10

Rosanna Phillips are you sure you got the right place? These are apartments and very good ones at that. Me & my wife stayed in an absolute hole in Kos and Zante D'Oro is 10 times better than that was. If you have high expectations then you should pay more for your holiday. These apartments were clean and well kept by the cleaner and was only spoilt by the @#seholes of boys & girls who have no respect of anything or anyone. I can only assume you were disrespectful and got the treatment you deserve. Be constructive about your comments and not put a place down purely coz you got treated badly

Rosanna P

I have just got back from staying in hotel zante doro for ten nights and i have to say its the worst hotel ive eva stayed in my life, the rooms wernt cleaned reguarly, the bins wernt emptied, the sheets wernt changed.

i would srtongly reccomend no one stays there as it the worse place ever to stay

Clare W          9/10

I have just come back from 2 weeks in Zante staying at the Zante D'oro studios.  Let me state that I was worried about going after reading comments made last year.  I stayed in these apartments a few years ago and had a nice holiday.  When we arrived on the 2 July we were the only couple to get off the coach so I thought "oh no this does not look good"  we were taken to first floor as they do not have a reception.  We were greeted by a very friendly woman called Irene who took us to our room we hired the safety deposit box and fan for the 2 weeks and she told us if we needed anything she lived under the building in an apartment.  We found the room small but clean with plenty of wardrobe space.  The toilet was small but when you shower they give you a mat to stand on after as the floor does get wet.  I found the bathroom ok for the 2 weeks.  The cleaner was so nice she came everyday except for one when they had a big change over and she was working all day as the boys had left the place like a pig hole.  Our beds were changed at least 3 times in the 2 weeks and beds made everyday.  The cleaner is very good and we found that she did not come till after 11 most mornings giving us plenty of time to wake up.  She even washed up our plates.  Toilet roll is given when you arrive after you use this then it's up to you to get more.  Bath and hand towels are provided.  The fridge is large and has a freezer section good for making ice for drinks.  You get a kettle and a small 2 rings cooking thing.  The apartments are a 1 minute walk to the beach and a nice 5 minute stroll to the strip far enough away not to hear the music.  Now for the bad.  We arrived on the Thursday and for a few days all was calm, but on the change over on Sunday a group of young boys about 10 arrived.  The first night they started to what sounded like playing football in the corridor at about 5am.  We did not say anything as we thought first night is bound to be mad.  They did calm down after this.  One afternoon we were having a afternoon lay down when a young boy can in through the balcony.  I was very embarrassed as was he.  These boys were great compared to the next lot who came the following Sunday.  18 of them our room was in the middle of the apartments and the 2 rooms either side had boys in them.  They all gathered on the balconies next to ours so when I went out to spray mosquito spray I was met by about 10 boys talking over our balcony which I found quiet intimidation.  But the seemed nice enough.  That night it sounded like a party was going on with girls and boys screaming and things being thrown doors being banged every minute.  Once again we thought first night give them a chance.  They did calm down I must say.  On our last day we had to be out of our room by 12.  I went to collect something off the balcony and was met by the cleaner in the next room saying that we had broken a chair.  I explained to Irene and her that the boys must have swapped a chair as we did not do this.  She was angry but kept very calm.  She explained how Olympic only send them big groups of boys who wreck the apartments and she has been told that she is not to say anything to them.  I think this is totally out of order this is her business if it was me and my rooms were being trashed week in week out I would not be happy.  If you are staying at these apartments do not worry they are nice and we had a fab time just a shame about the young British boys who do not care if they talk loud outside your room at stupid o'clock.  If you treat Irene with respect she is a nice woman maybe a little frustrated

Peter K          9/10

We last stayed here in 2005 along with my wife and mother-in-law and nothing has changed except the manager.

The manager is now a person called Irene who is greek, speaks very good English and is very nice, pleasant & polite. Alot of people have complained about her but having spoken to her it's because people or groups have been inconsiderate to others & the only way to make them listen is to threaten them. At the end of the day it is her business she is looking after and she doesn't need yobs destroying it. We had no problems with her and found her very welcoming.

The rooms are very clean and have everything that you need for self catering including a kettle which is unusual for the Greeks. Our room was cleaned every day except one where the cleaner (she was very good) had to prepare at least 10 other rooms for new arrivals. New sheets almost every other day, if not she at least made the bed. The bathroom is a decent size and has a shower tray with a curtain. You must remember not to flush toilet paper down the toilet and do not expect to get toilet paper when you run out. It is self catering & not a hotel so go get some from the shop 30 seconds away at a cost of less than 30p for 2 decent toilet rolls

The location is ideal for those that like to sit on the beach as it is not even a minute walk to get there. Most days we get beds & umbrella for Ä5 but places like Cubaneros where they play music throughout the day, the beds are free provided you purchase food & drink from them.

The location is also far enough from the main night life not to be able to hear it. Takes about 5 minutes to walk to get to the main strip. There is a restaurant right on the corner of where the apartments are but we found this to be the most expensive restaurant in the resort! You have a wide selection to choose from on the top part of the main strip and along the Kalamaki road off the Laganas Road. For breakfast we recommend Must bar which is 2 minute walk away on the way to the main strip

The only problem we have about the Zante DOro is the holiday company Olympic. We have had not very pleasant dealings with Olympic before and they are not a very good company and by the sounds of it nothing has changed with the way they are treating this manager.

Although we may not be going on holiday for awhile but we will definately be coming back to Zante and stay here again provided they are not with Olympic

Louisa H          1/10

Im really sorry but everything written below is true - sheets were changed once during the 2 weeks and then the silly c0w changed them the day before we were due to leave! If you break anything you get charged a fortune - 1000 euros if you break the door! 400 for the bed! the cr@p in the room wanst even worth a tenth of what they were trying to charge!! me any my partner were shocked. The door frame was broken, one of the beds was broken, our stool was broken and the towel rail was hanging off. Further to this we had £70 worth of stuff stolen - earrings, makeup, plasters, and my partners shirt and hooded jacket - both brand new. Complained to the manager and she didnt give a to$$ - it was obviously the cleaner stealing these things! Tried complaining to Olympic but they werent interested (rep resigned) so we didnt even get chance to make a complaint. When I checked out there wasnt even anyone on reception so I left the room open with the keys in the door! I would seriously reconsider as this place is a dive! Weve made a complaint to Olympic since we got back as it ruined our holiday - they wouldnt even move us to another hotel unless we paid for it! Normally I would say you get what you pay for but in this case its a total rip off and Olympic are the worst tour operator ever 

Clare W          9/10

I have just booked to stay here July next year.  I stayed here 3 years ago and thought it was a great place, close to the beach and the clubs.  I have just read all the messages and am very worried.  Can anyone let me know if they had a good experience?  I have Greek family so know they can be a bit in your face.  I do remember that loo roll was in sort supply when we went so nothing new.  I stayed in Dados just around the corner and must say that Zante Doro always seemed quiet.  

The last time I went on holiday with Olympic to Kos I must say it was the worst holiday ever.  The room they put us in was a broom cupboard and the manager was very rude.  We go moved after 1 day.  My brother passed away while on holiday and the Olympic rep was more concerned about her day off that trying to get us a flight home.  We did send a letter to Olympic but did not even get a sorry.  I remember watching a program called trust me I'm a holiday rep celebs worked with Olympic reps.  The resort manager made it look like they were efficient and always on call, but my experience was very different.  The rep did not want me to use her phone to call the hospital when my mum called but I had no credit on my phone.  We sat around for hours waiting for the reps to get money back from excursions that we booked but no coach came to pick us up.  I sat and watched 2 football matches waiting for the rep only to walk into town and see her sitting in a restaurant with her feet up smoking.  Only reason we are going with Olympic is because we have just got our first house and every other hotel was coming out over £1000 for 2 weeks we got this holiday for under £800.


I am very worried about the comments I have read so if anyone can set my mind at ease I would feel much better.  I am worried about the cleaner taking stuff has anyone else had this problem?  It's a long time till July to feel worried.  


Jackie S

Have also just returned from staying here for two weeks and at best - I would say that animals live in cleaner and more comfortable conditions - no disrespect to our animals.

In two weeks we had 2 linen and towel changes, floor mopped once and bins emptied probably around 3 times - I even had to empty out the bin in the loo on two occassions. Also was pleasantly surprised at the new rules for 2008 - Provide your own loo roll. Now this has never happened in the ten yrs I have been coming to Laganas - I know what "Self Catering" means but we do not eat loo roll!!
The apartments were filthy, there was no rep around for the majority of the time and the light fingered staff did not help either!!No hot water or even a plug for the sink - what were the new management thinking - perhaps a lessson in how to manage holiday apartments may have been a good idea - I know these are supposed to be 2 star but c'mon!!
Its a shame as we stayed here 2 yrs ago and when Peter used lived on site standards were completely different - perhaps the so called manageress should have spent less time swanning of to Athens and going through our belonging and used her time getting the placed cleaned up!!
I would not recommend this to anyone so beware for 2009 its in with both Olympic and Thmoas Cook!!
This place is not even worth a rating!!!!

Kerry G          1/10

Me and my boyfriend have just returned from Zante Doro Studios very disappointed!! 25th September - 3rd October 2008.  

The studio wasnt clean and the maid only came into clean the room once! Only mopping the floor and changing the bed linen - which was still dirty and had cigarette burns in it - she also left our belcony doors unlocked.
As you cannot flush the toilet paper down the toilet, the maid didnt empty the bins for at least 3 days running - So we had to empty them ourselves! Also i had a pink top go missing which happened on the day our studio was 'cleaned'.  A few others who were staying in the Zante Doro Studios at the same time as us also had a few things stolen including shoes, makeup and money.
On the last day we were made to pay 40 euros to keep the room on, otherwise our cases would have been left in an open room all day long. Also there wasnt any hot water throughout the day, so we had to have cold showers.
The bathroom was dirty and the showermat was also mouldy! - We also had to buy toilet paper as there wasnt any provided. Also the towels were only changed once.  
The Rep wasnt any help - as she was never around and just posted much needed info under our studio door. We only saw her on our first day, when we had to meet her for our welcome meeting and then the next time we saw her was a week later being picked up by the coach to go back to the airport.
I wouldnt reccomend Zante Doro Studios! But I would reccomend going to the resort as the rest of our holiday was great! So stay in another Hotel!!

Helen B          1/10

Have just returned from a stay at the Zante D'oro apartments. We spent two weeks September 14th- 28th and would never return. We encountered the following problems;

N.B: none of these have been resolved by a rep due to her resignation half way through the holiday and Irene was rarely available in her reception.
1. Ants
2. Insufficient cutlery/crockery/towels.
3. Broken/cracked door
4. Noise from the BlueBell.
5. Thefts from the apartment (timings indicate the cleaner). (inc chocolate and tiffany necklace- some snooping involved to get it)
6. Dirty showermat (black mould).
7. Maid woke us up to 'clean' and change the bedding.
8. Stained bedsheets/towels.
9. No hot water (they have a boiler- they just need to switch it on).
I would not recommend this place to anyone hoping for a night/morning of sleep- this is possible the worst hotel I have encountered in a 'youth resort'.
I should add, upon our leaving the Zante D'oro (we were moved to the Spyros) we encountered Irene, who was available for the first time during our stay. She stated she hadn't responded to our complaints to the rep as she 'wasn't planning on charging' - however, 3 people can't eat from one bowl- even if we arent charged for the missing two! ...
She could not explain the thefts, even though we only left the room for the 10 minutes the cleaner was in  and on return things were missing.... time will tell on that one.
Overall, I would never stay at this filthy, poorly run and sadly badly located hotel. I would not recommend it to any age group, as clearly it does not satisfy the demands of any market- unless of course they clean up their act.

Lynn and craig *          5/10

NEVER AGAIN   stayed here from 12th-26th june 08  rooms  yes  very basic  but no  different to any other budget accomodation in that respect.  2 mins from beach   BUT 30 secs  from the neighbouring bluebell hotel  full of  twentys.   Got no problem with  young peeps  even after staying in an 18-30s last year  but  they do take the biscuit.   back  to zante d'oro  kettles in rooms and shower curtains, having found ants  first day the cleaner soon sorted those out, i susspect they had ventured in from outside after the earthquake the previous sunday.  irene herself  was  ok with us being a middle aged married couple who had visited zante many times.BUT  if you were a group of singles of either sex no matter of what age you could expect to be awaken by irene or her hubby  searching for other peeps staying in your rooms  early in the morning. a group of lads was staying there the same time as us and the problems they had  included the above early morning visits and death threats  which i wudnt have believed except they had it on  video by irene and her hubby. 

as irene and her hubby were scamming peeps into paying for damages and loss of items of the hotel to which none had been done. example   if you had a mosquito bite and u had blood on the sheets they were wanting 10 euros for a  new sheet or towel.  one of the lads appartments had  what irenes hubby calledaa broken chair  which only had a small crack on it done previously as dirt was engroved into it.  irene and hubby charged them 28 euros for it.  The rep being present to this  the boys asked for the chair since being made to pay for it the chair was theres.  No way thought irenes hubby and broke the chair and threw it over the balcony.  The first olympic rep resigned from the job due to this hotel/appartments being on her route. so the 2nd rep was very alarmed by what she saw. on eight visits to zante i had never experienced such behaviour from any hotel owner or managent before, and i was extremley dissapointed.
by the way  the safe deposit boxes are 30 euros for 2 weeks stay which is the going rate  BUT the  air conditioning was  60 euros a week  which is very expensive compared to all other hotels in the area.  Hope this report doesnt put you off going to zante  but  if you can avoid the  d'oro  appartments like the plague.

Mr B          7/10

Stayed at Zante D'Oro the first two weeks in June. Apartments are clean and tidy, and well maintained by Irene and her husband. Linen changed three times over the two weeks. Accommodation is basic, but this is normal for Greek apartments. New this year are electric kettles in the rooms ! 100 metres to beach, and a 5 minute stroll to resort centre. You may encounter late night /early morning noise from the 'young and lively' at neighbouring Twenty's Hotel, and Dados Hotelclick to enlarge, but this didn't really bother us that much. You get used to it after the first couple of nights, but I don't think it would suit older couples or families.

Sarah S

the note from they guys below just proves what a bunch of idiots they are!

In all of greece you can not puf toilet paper down the loo!
And iv stayed here a couple of times and peter is one of the most genuine friendy people you could ever meet!
you obviously had no respect for him and hope you hurt you hand smashing your room up! maybe next time you should take your mummy away with you to help you behave!

Caren W          8/10

Stayed here 7th June for 2 weeks. Appartments clean. Problem with pushchair as there are no ground level rooms. Ten steps up to first floor so had to carry pushchair. Maid Service excellent other than no toilet roll for whole of 2 weeks. Had to buy our own in supermarket. Room got a bit cramped with pushchair and travel cot. Loads of noise 1st night but owner sleeps on site so able to sort it out. Not too bad after that. Hotel next door is 18-30's and twenties so a lot of street noise around 1am when they all go out and about 6am when they come back in. Very near the beach and only a short walk to the main strip. Would stay here again.

Wendy H          7/10

Stayed at the studios the last week in may 07.Just what you would expect for the ratings,clean a friendly owner, beds were a bit hard though.Some medium noise but at this time of year not too bad.Excellent location 200M to beach and a short walk to all bars shops and restaurants.Would highly recommend Blue Sea restaurant at the bottom of main street 3rd to the right.

Susan J

Hi Charlotte,
Yep they do supply towels and bedding! Only 2 hobs for cooking, and invest in a travel kettle as they are quicker than boiling water in a saucepan!!
Your nationwide flex card will work out there and there are quite a few cash machines in on the strip and Kalamaki Road.
Hope this helps, Enjoy your hols!

Susan J          8/10

Hi, We have just come back from a week where we stayed at Zante Doro studios, The rooms were very clean and Pete the owner was always on hand if you needed anything! Its only 2 mins from the beach and a 5 min walk to the main strip, Its a bit noisy at night as there are a lot of 18-30s hotels near by but in general the place is in a really good location!
This would suit anyone who likes their night life down to the ground!!
Take a travel kettle though!!!

Charlotte M

hiya people,

going to Zante end of june first holiday on my own lol could someone please answa a few quick questions bout zante d'oro studios for me???
do they provide you with bed linen and towels?? ( i sound like a mum i no !!!!!)
wats included with the kitchenette is it just 2 hobs and a fridge??
do the nationwide flex account cards work out there?? 
would really appreciate any replies,
thanks in advance,

Sophie S           

Just arrived back after 2 fantastic weeks, apartments were great. Rooms were basic but clean. Fridge was great size, enough room to fit all our alcohol in. Peter the owner was great, he has his own room so any problems and hes always on hand.

Made great friends with Jenna and Kirsty two Olympic Reps who also live their.
Beach in a 2minute walk away and bars and clubs 5minutes. The Local shop is next door but one so nice and close, not to far to carry your water and alcohol.
Going back again in October to meet up with all the friends we made out their.
Would well recommed Laganas to any one wanting a Wild holiday away.

Clare W           



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