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Sam Mcowan          10/10

Hey everyone! Two blondies coming out on the 9th of June for two weeks! SO EXCITED! See you out there :)

Han W

Hello everyone! Me and 2 other girls booked this hotel today with Thomas cook! After hearing mixed reviews on the owner we were wondering if they took your passport at the start of your holiday as a bribe for paying the money if anythings messed up? If you have any suggestions of where and what we should do can you email me! We'd really appreciate it July and August 2014!!!!!!!!!!

Tanny heney H

Me and my friend are coming out to laganas on the 6th June and wondered where's god to go... Add us on Facebook if ya want :) Tanny Heney :)

Liam W          10/10

HI all,

All my mates are going and i am planning on going last mintute ... literally 3 days after this post ... does anyone know what its like going from one hotel into another... e.g i am plannin on staying in the "ANGELA APARTMENTS" and my mates are in the "FANSTASY" they are both Club 18-30 and i was wondering if theres much problem going and to each others hotels ....

Josh R

Hi! Am josh me n my mate going to Angela apartment on the 9th June first time!! Add me on facebook!! Or ask for my number!! See yous all there :) Gonna be good!!

Cider R

off to zante in june on the 2nd for 2 weeks, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing 2k11.. can't wait for this experience, going to be one to remember, if your going at the same time please add me as i want to make this holiday the best, add me and we'll rock this place together! shannon widdall. add me on facebook please, or ask for my number.. LOL

Laura G

The angela apartments are RIGHT on the strip, you literally step out the hotel and you're there.  it's about a 30 second walk to get to all the big bars like heros etc.

Tony was a legend, you do need to sneak alcohol into your room but it's no big deal just whack it in your bag.  I'm going back to Zante and i would defo stay in these apartments again, too good!

Laura W

im looking at booking a holiday to zante in september, and i am wondering if the angela apartments is near everything? can someone give me advice lol as i have never been to zante before and not sure what to expect. i have been told the fantasy apartments are good, but its 18-30??

Daniel C          10/10

Literally just got back from Zante yesterday and first of all i have to say that it is an amazing place to go clubbing/drinking its just non stop action and loads of girls everywhere! The Angela is very basic, clean and couldn't be closer to the action. Shotgun Tony is such a legend and so is Dennis (His Son)He had a real laugh with us and aslong as you stay in his good books and don't **** about he will look after you. Only negatives i have about this place is you have to turn ur music down after 9pm and if you want a night of passion (trust me you will) its 30 of ur hard earned euro to take someone back to the hotel. You arent allowed to bring ur booze into the hotel BUT use your brain and hide it well and ur fine. Miss this place already will 100% be going back to Laganas asap maybe not to this hotel tho if you want a really nice hotel thats not bang in the middle of all the action try the bitzaro palace in Kalamaki, its amazing and only 8 euros to get a cab to the strip. MISS YOU TONY AND UR MOUSTACHE!!!!

Gemma W          10/10

I went to Angela Studios, August last year and LOVED it! Would DEFO go back :)

Tony is lovely, obviously he's going to set rules, it is his buisness the hotel (his pride and joy) and he never set rules then the hotel would be disgusting!! The thing about no food or drink in your room is not true, you can't have alcohol in your rooom, but u just sneak it in a bag or rap a bottle of vodka in your towel. Think he just doesn't want riots in his hotel, and things getting broken etc! If Mario still works there (the night guard) Tell him Gemma says Hiyaa :D! He is lovely!!
Best place to go to start off your night is Pink Panthers straigh across from the hotel, It was 12Euros for a 2 hour free bar! And Karoke its amazing so much fun!! And Cherry bay is ace, right down the bottom of the strip like on the beach! Dancing on the speed boat and then chilling on a sun lounger at 6 in the morning is the life!
You will have a BLAST and don't worry about Tony he is nice, just be nice to him and don't be shy haha!!

Steph M

Alreeet (:

Going to Zante and staying at the Angela in July for a week, thought i'd check out some reviews and 2bh i'm slightly worried about this Tony guy aha! : ...and i've read that you cannot take food or drink into the hotel unless it's bought from his snack bar? Rubbish! Please tell me this isn't true D:
If anyone has been recently or whatnot please don't hesitate to put my mind at rest!
Ooh, and whats your favourite bar/nightclub if you've hit Laganas before?
Chat soon. x

Terri O          10/10

Was there at the same time as Mari and Lee, totaly agree. Never met anyone as temperamental as Tony, but he's funny with it. Would go back for definate.

Mari W          10/10

I Loved Staying at the Angela...Tony was AMAZING and so funny. Dont understand why reviews were so bad as i thought everything was great...would recommend. Georgia, Dennis, and the rep Stacy were all Wicked.

Thank you Angela Studios...will be visiting again!
Lee and Mari (Cardiff)

Lynn N          10/10

Been home from Zante for around 3 wks now and missin everythin about it even shotgun toni from angela! anyone goin there anytime soon dont worry bout tony he is a big softy really, gave me and ma mates free drink all the time and loved his 'scottish babes' ha! anna is awesome too

miss it sooooo much......

Emma P          8/10

Just got back from Angela Studios yesterday. had an amazing time - dont know what all the bad reviews are about people were great, lovely girl called Anna who works at the pool bar. Tony is nice too - not as horrible as people make out! its in the best location ever - right on the strip. would defo go back again.
loved it

Louise B

going to zante on sunday ( 16th aug) staying in angelas studious! dreading it, hope tony is not that bad! coz im loud as fuk and luv making a mess.. he can do one, ill make a mess if i like lol!! thts wot the cleaners are paid for!!  im sure i will let u all know wen im back .... peace out hommies, looooopy in scotland ( edinburgh )

Zante 2          10/10

the hotel was in fantastic location tony was sound as f**k n so is mario n dennis is cool went for a week the hotel rooms dont get cleaned much n youre not aloud to take alcohol in the room or hotel if you bought it from somewhere else. if u gonna stay anywhere stay at besiaks or tzante or fantasy, the hotel was awesome tho 10/10 for night life meals are good too club reps are fantastic. love zante will go back again 4 sure u cnt beat 18/30's....i love zante,zante loves me lets come back with an std lol thats 18/30 chant brill

Dean O

Look, Shotgun Tony doesn't fear us, we are sure he is a top old bloke!

So roll on the 20th when me and Big C from just outside Glasgow come to rock things :P


Johnny C          8/10

got back from the angela few nights ago and i must admit the reports are much exaggereted. my party had 5 guys in it and it wasnt that bad. if your a group of girls its easier.

shotgun tony isnt that bad at all - we got charged 15 euro for messing up some towels with neon face paint but what can you do.   he looks like your typical greek old guy who wears the same clothes each day (richest man on island??)

been on a lot of 18 30s and this one was the best.

the apartment is fairly basic but you CAN bring drink up to your room just be smart about it. first day we brought 12 cans of beer up and also a bottle of vodka (which we transfered into a plastic bottle) we drank it all the first nite and didnt even want to bring booze back to the room again until middle of the week.

you can smoke on the balcony I think, the pool is alright... about 2.5 euros a drink!

GEMMA if you want a pic of tony or more info email me at

or anyone else who stayed there during 16th july - 23rd get in touch!!

Gemma W

i go to angela studios on the 9th august!

really looking forward to going to zante  but s**tting myself about going ot angela's! is it really as bad as everyone makes out it is?
someone has to get a picture of tony!  i'm dying to see what he looks like haha! i'm just going with my other mate kayleigh and where from scotland too so hopefully he likes scottish people haha!
the things that's pissing me off is the no alcohol in your room and the smoking ban !! wtf you go on holiday to be able to enjoy yourself!
if anybody can make me feel better about this place please do it haha!!

Nina S          7/10

just got back from angela studios on the 6th july (yesterday)..

we are two scottish girls who are up for a laugh and were dreading coming to this hotel.. but the reviews are a bit exaggarated.. yes tony is a greedy b*****d and trys to charge you for s**t.
trick is to be nice, your nice and he likes you. we didnt have any probelms with him up until the last day when next door leeds boys made a mess of our balcony and he was trying to charge us for it!
there is a lovely guy called mario who sits up all night as his job. he absolutely hates tony but just does what he is told, but an absolute sweetie!! nicest apartments i had been in, compared to my pals apartment who lived in savvas!! (savvas = s**thole!!)
you don't get a shower curtain in any apartment!! apprently for that its a "vip" thing in greece! but you learn to cope with it!! and as for taking people back.......... everywhere makes you pay. its pretty much the same as everywhere else.
altho didnt like the whole "no alcohol in your room" rule as its supposed to be an 18-30s hotel!! butt.. nobody ever was there to question you, and we were never stopped with it.. soooo its not as bad as some have made out!! defos didnt spoil our holiday..
laaaaved it !!  xxxx

Peter G          1/10

angela studios

the famous tony never sleeps and is out for your money!! he waits up all nite waiting for you coming back...just to see how he can make money off you!! the guy spoiled all the guys holiday, he charges you for everythin, 30 euros to bring ppl bak, 15 euros for bein sick, 20 euros cos his s**tty toilet broke, 10 euros for the fridge handle, 15 euros cos a girl got a bit of makeup on her sheets....and more!!
you book a self catering appartment yet you cant sit on ur balcony with a beer?? u cant buy a bottle of water from the super market and sit by the pool?? u gotta giv all your money to tony, or else he dont like you!!
dont book there honestly or change it asap!!!!

Kylie G          8/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge 
best holiday ever 2 scottish girls 1 week in september nighlife was amazing meet some brilliant ppl 
hated the showers u had 2 hold them in ur hand 2 wash urself!!!!!!!!!
ohh and watch oot 4 toni dont actually think he ever sleeps he sits outside all nite watching u coming back we nearly got chucked out our first nite coz we tryed 2 bring ppl bk!!!! u have 2 do the 18-30 trips wer a good laugh we paid 160 euros 4 the week and it was mostly free bars neyon rave night luved it and the popcorn party first on the bar ha ha reps wer amazing aswell, watch oot 4 the gypsy kids they try 2 steal ur money!!!!!!!!!!! u have 2 go 2 rescues and cocktails and dreams tht was my fav going back next year in july 4 2 weeks think we might go 2 a different holtel where they arent as strict lil tip bring ur own drink in ur suitcase or if u buy any hide it in ur bag tony doesnt like u taking drink in even thou its club 18-30 just dont p**s him off in ull be fine
ohh nearly forgot u have 2 get a tattie had 1 like every night
ohhh miss it sooo muchxxxxx

Danielle M          2/10

click to enlarge

Hey I have just got back from the Angela Studios on Friday had  a great holiday but hotel was awful totally put every1 off  Zante.  We got told to be quiet n go 2 bed at 11.00pm!!! this  is meant 2 be an 18-30s hotel felt like we were in prison, far too many rules to cope with when your on holiday.  You wernt allowed alcohol in your room.  I actually got my bag searched by tony when I went the shop.  Theres a big sign on the steps sayin no alcohol allowed in the hotel which blew down n give me the biggest bruize ever on my leg!!!  Alls Tony said is go n get a free cocktail haha.

The lock on our friends door was broken when we got there and Tony charged them 250 euros!!  Suncream stains on the sheets cost 15 euros each etc list is endless u only have 2 breathe n u get charged 4 anythin ha it was ridiculous.  U had 2 get out he pool at 6 even tho the suns still blazin at 9!
U wernt allowed any1 in ur room becoz Tony will get charged by the tax man ha.  On our last day our flight wernt till 6.30am, r coach picked us up 1t 3am n we got through out our room at 12 midday so we had all day with no access 2 a room, it was 50euro if u wanted 2 keep a room n that was only til 9pm n u were only allowed 2 in a room.  we got a shower in r m8s room n Tony proper shouted at us!
Dont do any of the trips with ur reps there bad rip offs.  Defo go to the white party it is amazing!!!
The hotel was a joke!!!!!!!!  Apart from that had  a great holiday n met some fab people who were stayin in touch with x

Debbie C          8/10

me and my boyfriend stayed at this hotel last september..we had the holiday of a life time:) tony wasnt as bad as people say! id say the son was more creepy than him!! must say, never tried a baked patato or pizza from the wee bit at the front.....didnt look too good to me!!never had a bad meal...there were lots of nice places to eat..macdonald s was good but they do try and rip you off!watch out for that at mac d s........would go back to that hotel tommorrow,the maids were ok but a bit sweaty and smelly....but kool!  loved staying in angela    D&R   

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