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Getting to Argassi:

Argassi was the first location on Zante to be developed as a holiday resort, mainly because it's close to the Airport and Zante Town. It also had decent road access at a time when places like Kalamaki had virtually no road network. Argassi is only 6 km and 10 minutes away from the Airport and the taxi fare is 16 euros. Until recently Argassi was experiencing a sharp decline in visitors from the UK which badly affected local businesses, but now the situation is improving particularly with the building of the new Jet2 Semes Hotel, so if you are thinking about sharing a taxi you're sure to find quite a few people on your flight heading in the same direction.

Private Taxi Transfer from the Airport to Argassi

Distance: 6.2 km   Duration 10 min
Transport MethodTaxi Fare for 4 Passengers
OFFICIAL TAXI (from taxi rank outside airport)16.00 euros
WELCOMEPICKUPS (Standard Taxi)20.00 euros
SHUTTLEDIRECT (Standard Taxi)21.39 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (Standard Taxi)
15 euros extra charge for 2 drop offs in same resort
22.59 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (Standard Taxi)24.00 euros
15 euros extra charge for 2 drop offs in same resort
25.10 euros
HOPPA (Standard Taxi)31.84 euros
TRAVEL REPUBLIC (Standard Taxi)35.00 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (Standard Taxi)36.70 euros
HOPPA (Wheelchair Adapted)47.59 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (Mercedes Benz Taxi)54.00 euros

Shared Shuttle Bus Transfer from the Airport to Argassi

Distance: 6.2 km   Duration 45 min
Transport AgentPrice for 4 Passengers
HOPPA37.80 euros

Private Mini Bus / Private Coach Transfer from the Airport to Argassi

Distance: 6.2 km   Duration 25 min
Transport MethodPrice
SUNTRANSFERS (8 Seater)52.73 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (8 Seater)60.00 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (Premium 8 Seater)60.25 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (12 Seater)70.00 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (8 Seater)74.60 euros
HOPPA (16 Seater)79.77 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (16 Seater)80.00 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (22 Seater)90.30 euros
HOPPA (Premium 12 Seater)98.60 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (16 Seater)107.50 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (49 Seater)120.50 euros

KTEL Bus from the Airport to Argassi via Zante Town

Transport MethodPrice
KTEL BUS1.80 euros

New things in Argassi for 2018:

The new for 2018 Jet2 Semes Hotel is the main new thing in Argassi this year.

Semes hotel front entrance

Not much effort put into making the main entrance attractive but it is on the busy Vassilikos main road opposite the Silk Oil petrol station so not much of a view either.

Semes hotel rear entrance

It's not much better looking round the back either. The car park is still 'under construction' even though the hotel is open for business. That's Timotheos Studios on the right and Athina Studios on the left.

Semes hotel rear view

Some rooms have a bit of a view but the sea is in the opposite direction.

Argassi Summary:

Argassi combines some of the best features of the other resorts. It has a good variety of bars, restaurants and shops, making it appealing to people of all ages. It's a good choice for parents with teenage kids. The main centre of town is compact giving it a lively atmosphere. Outside the town centre it's much quieter. Nightlife falls somewhere in between Laganas and the other resorts, with enough going on to keep most people happy. It's within walking distance of Zante Town if you fancy a change of scene. Travel in the opposite direction and you will find the best beaches on the island like Bannana, Gerakas and Dafni.

Argassi Aerial 360 Video

Reasons to Visit:

• Good nightlife

• Good selection of bars & restaurants

• Closest resort to the best beaches on Zakynthos

• Good watersports - Paragliding & Jetskis

• Only a couple of miles from Zante Town

Reasons to Stay Away:

• Beach not great

• Watch out for accommodation located up steep hills

Beaches near Argassi:

Argassi Beach  (138 Comments)
Argassi BeachOften criticised, mainly because in many places there is no beach! At least the water is shallow with a sandy bottom making it good for bathing.
Kalamaki Beach  (209 Comments)
Kalamaki BeachProbably the best place to actually see a turtle. Just wade about in the shallow water and if they are about you will soon spot one.
Kaminia BeachA beautiful location and not over commercialised. It's a perfect stop-off place and within walking distance of Argassi if you're feeling fit!
Kryoneri Beach - Zante  (2 Comments)
Porto Zoro BeachExotic looking beach with fine sand and good facilities. There are plenty of small fish to see if you go snorkelling at the rocky end of the beach.
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Popular Hotels:

Admiral Hotel  (471 Comments)
Admiral HotelThe Admiral Hotel is set in a pretty location with lawns for sunbathing and pathways through the gardens to the pool area and apartments. Guests may also use the wider facilities of the Captains/Commodore/Admiral Complex if they wish. A great choice for a
Commodore Hotel  (152 Comments)
Commodore HotelThe Commodore Complex offers stylishly renovated apartments that can accommodate up to 4 guests. There is a lively bar-lounge area and the daytime and evening activities are numerous.
Dora Studios  (150 Comments)
Situated in Argassi, Doras Zante Studios & Apartments are 50 yards from the centre and 100 yards from the beach. A pool with a shallow section for children and sun-lounger terrace are featured.
Katerina Palace Hotel  (147 Comments)
Katerina Palace Hotel is located amidst a well-tended garden in Argassi Town, Zakynthos. It offers air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant and free Wi-Fi in public areas. The beach is 200 yards away.
Windmill Hotel  (139 Comments)
Windmill HotelDionisios and Jenny Kladis wish you a warm welcome to theWindmill Hotel. Located 10 minutes walk from the Argassi centre, in a beautifully unspoilt area surrounded by olive trees, with the hills behind. Argassi beach is only 150 metres away.
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Popular Bars:

Magic Mushroom  (416 Comments)
Avalon  (252 Comments)
Kiss Bar  (232 Comments)
Beer Academy  (205 Comments)
Artemis  (175 Comments)
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Popular Restaurants:

Green Frog  (282 Comments)
Double  (233 Comments)
24-7  (147 Comments)
Stars Restaurant  (115 Comments)
Papillon  (113 Comments)
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