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Andy W           

reminder 2 every 1 who is coming on the big amsterdam weekender on da 4th of november that if ya newcastle on da friday nite then were avin a big zante reunion / p**s up in newcastle and its also lydias bday aswell

we will be startin out at revoultion 4 9.00pm so get ya ass down then and get on it 4 a top nite and even more important top weekender!!
c u there
jabba, randy andy aka malaka, lydia, leah

Andy W           

important (very very)

its my birthday in just 4weeks!!!!!! so all the wicked guests we've had in the vossos this summer who are on the amsterdam wkender you better b joinin us in newcastle on the friday night its gona b wkd. to find out where we'll b drop us a email at:-
(the w**kers address technology eludes me he'll pass on da msg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
 if your unable to make dont worry we'll drink ur share at the bar!!! cheers to everyone wot helped zante 06 b such a great experience.
c u there lydia,jabba,andy and leah
 c u on the dancefloor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy R           

We had the time of our lives in Zante!!!! Anyone that was there between 17thAugust and 30thAugust just wondering if any of you are comin to Amsterdam!!! Not all of us hertfordshire girls are going but three of the best are! We booked today and defo think its gonna be worth it. Going up to Newcastle on the Friday if anyone wants to meet up for a night on the town in Newcastle. My email address is lolly125@hotmail.com get in touch.

love Amy xx

Ray M           

ha ha ha ha wats a fukin holiday a lads best time of me life
i mean the bars there r fukin boss and plus rescues and zeros r all fukin boomin
 a big shout 2 all the reps  jabba ( beach bar in birkenhead enuf sed)
    lydia  ( absaloute fukin leg end made my holiday wat it was love u 2 bit  mc mallacca (andy lad jaggermister on the mans balcony says it all about u ya rude boy)

love all you hartfordshire lasses 2  amy,kirsty,sam,jess,shona,jenna < (oli dont even no er name) love u 2 bits

and all u manc girlies hollie ,stef,leah,and th lil p***y cat doll lol love yas

and can we 4 get the scousers(wonna be  birkenheaders ) lol best nites of the hol wid u lads fukin boss  absouloutly fukin boss love every minute of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oli D           

Oi Oi  ! ! ! !
What a holiday couldnt of asked for anything better. If you are thinkin about booking to zante do it, im wantin to go back next year.
The apartments are great a bed, a shower, perfect! The pools great to recover from the night before, Its abit green but it tastes ok lol. I lost so much stuff in there word of advice if it sinks you will never see it again.
I met some great people the glywn bay city girls i think lol ( cocknys )   I love you girls Amy, Kirsty, Jess, Sam, Gemma, and Shamone lol. Hope we can stay in touch. Wont forget the mancs Hollie, Steph, Leah an Nicole. Great girls. An i cant forget the scouse lads LEG ENDS !! Shout to Steve aswell. 
The reps are the best Jabba, Lyidiot, Leah, an Andys ok. You must do the trips School discos quality. Cant wait to see everyone on the boat. Take care
Oh yeah forgot to say OH BIRKENHEAD IS WONDERFUL ! ! ! ! ! ! lol

Paul L           

Forgot to talk about the top clubs for ppl to go..

Three Words..... RESCUES, PLUS, ZERO'S.. absolutely quality places..
Paul x


what a two weeks, had an amazing time appartments have all you can ask for two beds, a fridge and a shower, yeh a shower lads! (ray, paul) your room f**kin stank!!!pissed lmfao only messing lads.

just wanna say hello to every one we met while we where there, espec jess, amy, kirsty, sam, jenna and shona - thanks for putting up with us for the 2 weeks! hope to hear from yous soon. big shout to all the scousers you lads can f**kin drink i was out the game on ur last night before we even hit the strip!!! an how can i forget the manc girls hollie and steph embarrassed hope i see you soon hun!
need to say how good escapades is and all the excursions are well worth the cash, the school disco is boss, and after the free bar on the comedy night i think i owe a few people appologies sorry!! laugh, all the reps are ace lydia what a star!!! will see you at your birthday party, thats a promise!!
hope everyone keeps in touch and this is my msn so no excusses trueblueefc@hotmail.com
dan x x x x

Amy R           

Shout out to Jess, kirsty, Sam, Shona and Jenna, just bak from Zante. Massive thanx to Lydia and Jabba who are the coolest reps on the island and make your holiday what it is Cant wait for Amsterdam!!!  The bar crawls were quality exspecially school disco. Met loads of wicked people all the scouser boys on the first week Phil is a legend!!! and Dan Oli Paul and Ray you kept us entertained even when you were knocking on our rooms at 5 in the morning.oh and danny boy we have your CD but as you have my sun glasses its a fair trade.

Would definatly go again!!!!
love Amy xx


Just got back from the best holiday EVER in laganas! The apartments are soooo basic so dont do expecting luxury, coz there not! but thats alright coz you will harly be in them!

The bar crawls and back 2 skool night are THE BEST nights!! Sooo much fun!! Rescues, Plus club, Ghetto club and sabatage were the places to go when i was there!!
A shout out to all the Essex dudes and lasses and the scousers and geordies which really made our holiday even better than it could have been!! Your all ace and we miss you all!
Holiday blues  i really wanna go back now!!

Stacey R           

click to enlarge

I dont think we're going 2 Amsterdam :( no money! but we all gota get a Scottish reunion sometime soon! Gemma - i dont think i got ur number, but my email addy is stacerz555@hotmail.com (that goes for anyone else i met too!) drop me a wee line :)

luv n stuff,
Stacey xxx
P.s - the photo is of the 70 Euro Fishbowl! Here we go Vossos, here we go - ho ho!!

Gemma M           

Also a special mention to the best reps on the island, Lydia (or Lyda according to the geordies) and Jabba! The holiday wouldnt have been what it was if it wasnt for you guys! Cant wait to see you both in Amsterdam! Until then ..... Vossos!!! xxx gem

Gemma M           

Me and Arran have been home nearly two weeks, missing Vossos and everyone we met so much!Can't wait to see everyone again, you better all be going to Amsterdam!!Not sure if the cruise ship will provide 70 euro fishbowls tho ha ha!Last few nights of the hol were amazing,the vossos crew all out together, the pictures are brilliant!Keep in touch everyone!Hi to all the edinburgh girls,nicole,stacey and linsey,the bristol lads, gary and eddie, vicki and james, bruno and daniele, the geordies and anyone else i missed! gemma xxx

Kimberley B           

Had the best 2 weeks ever in Zante! Amazing holiday! Met so many class people here at these apartments - Stacey i think has mentioned them all!! Every1 just gets on so well! The apartments are pretty basic but ur hardly ever in them!! I miss Zante =(! lol x


Natalie S           

Stacey we love you see you in december and you better be coming to amsterdam!!!!!!!!1

Stacey R           

Hello there! We've been home from Zante 5 days now and suffering some serious post-holiday blues. Vossos was definatly the best (altho basic) appartments we've stayed in!

I was there with my 2 mates lynsay and nicole - but met about a million people by the pool during the day who u end up going out with at night too. you end up getting like one big happy family  (aww, how soppy!) Shout outs to the other 7 Scottish girls from Edinburgh (see you guys at natalies!), Johnny (Rep) and Liam (x), adam/luke/matt/jo, jack/ollie, gemma/arron, Rick/Arron and john (the most accident prone person ive ever met!) Gary/eddie, lynsay/laura, all the Bristol Lads ("Far to drunk to swim!") The guys with the dodgy shirts and everyone else we met!!
The appartments are really basic - but to be fair - you'll never be in them! the shower isnt attached to the wall - and theres the real threat of ants - but thats totally eclipsed by the riot you end up having!! Totally reccomend Vossos anyways - fantastic place 4 a good laff 
Love Stacey (Glasgow)
 Pink Panthers for a 70euro fishbowl,
letting the security guard Jimmy/Jamie chase u around "Shhhhh!! Problemo, Problemo!!!" lol,
Jumping in the pool at 10am (when u get home from the dancing)
having convos over the balconys!
having a laugh round the pool and catching up on gossip
lydia and jabba
and of course........

Natalie S           

god where to start on this one!!

me and six other scottish girls were there from 20th july for two weeks. joined by 7 luton lads for our first week.
first of all the hotel was wicked, no lies when people say yannis never sleeps, the rooms are basic but you get a kettle and a hob which are wicked for super noodles, didnt really eat much of the bar food though it wasnt that good spent most of our days eating in toad in the hole just up the road....they serve proper english food and their sunday roast is the dogs!
the farm really freaked me out when i looked out my window onhe morning and there were ostriches running about, the dogs makle a hell of alot of noise and you will get woken up by the rooster....guaranteed!
the reps are absolutely brilliant, we all loved lydia and she was our rep last year...loved jabba just as much the guy is a ledge that pair made our holiday! we signed up for all the trips *amsterdam deposit was included* and they were well worth the money we paid!
clubbing is wicked but if you have any sense do not go down the beach at night, there are cars that drive along the beack and if you are walking along the littkle greek kids steal your bags and throw them in the passing cars, one of my girls got chased along there by greeks so if your going to be silly enough be very careful down there.
the pool atmosphere was unbeleiveable will never forget the geordie nutters *aaron, john and rick* the leeds guys roll on johnnys birthday in leeds* the london lads who came with us they made the first week* the bristol boys who were a bit g*y but nice enough* aaron and gemma from scotland brilliant pair that two* and last but definately not least stacey, lindsay and nicole amazing girls who we left at edinburgh!  cant wait to see everyone again!
will never ever forget
~beef curtains ~ here we go vossos here we go ho ho ~ that were ace that were ~ who's that guy ~ paddlebrush ~ what you wearing tonight ~ are you getting drunk ~ yogi bear tune ~ johnny the rep ~ and many more that should not be mentioned on the internet.
anyone going out from now have a wicked time...any one who knows us give us a shout!!


Aw, Thank you for your your useful tips! I shall try and remember them whilst im out there! I hope i have as much fun as you all did and i hope i meet some wikid people too

Louise G           

me and emma have just had a discussion & realised we left some bits out that you should know. dont listen to emmas rant of the wet floor in the skool disco it was a one off & it was emma that fell but it made our night it was hillarious!!!!!!!!

leah proper looked after us. another rep we failed 2 mention was randy andy!!!!! e wasnt our rep but e was mint. e loved our sophie 2 bits i hope e reads this & lets us no wen the weddin is haha. also i hope e hasnt told ne people about our drinkin game (that we stole off the southeners haha)
dnt think i can drink another cocktail in my life or look at another bowl the same way without it remindin me of them bloody fish bowls (a fat frog in must sports bar was the best!!!)
oh yeh please dnt b put off by this but please watch the children on the street, oliver twists in the makin!! they are soooo scary especially wen they creep up behind u in rumours tap on ur shoulder and scream down ur ear like a monkey, we all remember that dont we girls (steph u s**t it haha)
i fink thats about all but if ive forgot anything else im sure the other girls will fill u all in (literally eh emma, wink wink) x x x x x

Steph B           

this was certainly a holiday to remember! we met some amazin people in these apartments! although we did have an ostrich farm right next to our bathroom window, we fed them through our window! they were very quiet not! we also had muels, geese and an annoying dog! we met the leeds lads who made our stay very welcome! thanks crabby, mr l gill, jonny bravo and jonny rotton! we will never forget you! we had our hands full with the geordie lads who never slept! we fed the ants that stayed with us for the week! the time we spent in zante was ace and it was the best holiday yet!

the apartments were very basic, having a shower was such a struggle for louise! but we managed to survive a week! make sure you put the key in the back of the door as the security guard lets any tom d**k and harry in (or in our case aaron, ric and john)! overall this holiday was great and we loved every minute of it x

Louise G           

hey. weve just got bk & ad an absolutly brill week wish we would have gone 4 2!! we met some wicked people especially emma & sophie!! all the lads we met were "ace" you know who you are if your readin this ;) just a bit of warnin to ne1 stayin in the westside of vossoss (we called it the ghetto) wen you get there you'll know what i mean be warned bout animal farm at the bk espeacially the ostrichs (i am not lyin!! theres 4 of the buggers) they make the funkyiest noise ever!!! the beach is great too we were there everyday (head to blue wave 4 brekkie there soooo lovely there) x x x x x

Emma B           

Louise Green? I think I remember you! lol

If ya going with escapades it's a pretty decent place to stay (better than the elinis), Lydia and Jabba the Reps are awesome. At your welcome meeting book the block package they offer you, it's well worth the 177 euros that you pay as we met loads of people while out on bar crawls.

If you decided to go to the school disco be careful the club they take you to has tiled floors (in a night club)  after the 2hr free bar it turns into an ice rink and a few people hit the floor when i was there.

When you get there the'll probably tell ya to go Right, left, right, left and then u'll be on Lagana strip ignore them!!! the easiest way is go down to the beach and take a right follow it along and you can't miss the strip, it takes bout 10-15mins, which is better than the 45mins going their way.


Hello all,

Me n my mate are heading out to Zante for one week on the 17th August this year (only a few weeks away, yay)! Anyone else heading out there at this time!? I hope so


Anyone reading this who went on the 22nd June - 6th July, me n my mate r looking for the WELSHIES who we met out there n really wana get in contact with... can anyone help??!

Kev H           

these apartments are perfect for anyone between the ages of 18-30. any older and its probably not the scene for you. we tagged along with escapades who i think are responsible for this hotel. great laff, pool amazing and met some great people in this hotel. be sure to try a fresh c**k with ice, its the last one on the bar menu, not bad for 2euros 50. word of warning about staying here, dont if u have a girlfriend or boyfriend, theres no chance of being faithful! also watch out for the old lady offering dog meat to guests. the security guard is abit annoying too after dark but he can be easily abused. his favourite action is a finger over his mouth saying shhhhh! just do it back to him, its enough to cause a stir!!

the food at the hotel bar is nice, although the pizza made with ketchup base isnt great. the single beds are more than spacious enough to sleep 2 people so if u wanna save money,book 3 or 4 of u in a room! air conditioning is a must. without it, it will be like sleeping in a tortue chambre or the hole out of prison break! there are ample blankets in the cupboard so u can sleep random guests on ur floor!
bottles of mythos are a must to drink at the hotel bar, there cheap and its a really nice beer. dont go to the strip until atleast 11 because its just not busy, although if ur on a sesh with loads of ya, then i suppose its worth it! drinks are expensive in the town, usually 5euros for whatever. thats all really, enjoy urself and stay safe!

Rich T           

we've just returned from zante, must say it was the best week of our lives. met so many nice people out there, the lifestyle is amazing, chilling by vossos pool with a few cheeky mythos in the day and on the hard stuff at night. perfect location for the beach, not 2 far from the strip. were even thinking of going back in august for another week, could quite easily of stayed there. make sure you abuse the hotel security guard whenever u stumble home steaming, he is an a**e. 22nd june-30th june '06, amazing! reps are brilliant, hels and lydia, and the quiet bloke. yanas, the owner, cant really miss him, he has a glass eye, although he is also a legend! make sure u all hit sizzle, bad boys, rescue, zero g spoy and plus club! 

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