Odessey - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *  (24 August 2007)        10/10

brill food as usual, only downside was that the resturant had been taken over earlier this  season but goodnews is  menu is larger.   Still as clean and welcoming as ever.  i think like everyone discovered this little place a few years ago by accident  just positioned at the cross roads opposite  big boys  and la bella pizza.  the chicken a la creme is the best i have ever tasted and the  gouvetsi  is so tender, i cud eat there every night  of the year. find this gem and u wont b displeased

Michaels Place - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *  (24 August 2007)        10/10

only went here for sunday lunch, and i must admit coming from Yorkshire  was very unsure wat the yorkie puds wud be like, but  we was very impressed  homemade light and fluffy   the lamb tender proper mashed potatoes  no  instant stuff  3 choices of veg  gravy and  mint sauce 7 euros 50 each cant go wrong. Did have to wait a while  but with it all being homemade was well worth it, going back to zante next year and  prob will try some of the  greek dishes on offer.  Paul the  P.A.   very cheeky   but pleasant

Bonanza - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *          10/10

hi malcolm leo and family   got back safe  thanks for the best breakfasts in laganas as always.  the orange in the menu for breakfsts can b changed for pineapple or for apple juice which i found to b  perfect.  Always a nice homely atmosphere here,  and craig loves the best cuppa  on zante. 

Albatros Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *          10/10

went august 2007 on twentys holiday. Ok we wernt in our 20s  but try doubling that.   Rooms clean basic but spacious, u dont go to cook so the two rings stayed as they was.  great loacation bars clubs and eating places. the reps are out to con ya   the beach is brill but reps tell ya not to go saying  dirty etc just to get money out of u young uns. not all rooms have air con but ya can rent a fan which with the heat we had ya need. we was in room 7 the double bed in there god u only had to move ur arm and sounded like u was having an orgy. lots of road noise at night but if ya cant keep up with the crowd dont bother going. we didnt get back to bed till 5 am oursleves so give u young uns a run for ya money any day. chubby burgers do a wicked bacon butty. but avoid the resturant albatros ur 10 per cent discount stinks,  they try adding stuff to ur bill to compensate  they picked on the wrong person with me. eat at the odessey across road  much better service and food and cheaper. 50 euros deposit was required per person which we got back no problem also the safe deposit boxes  are  reasonable.   on the whole  great location great time great holiday  enjoy folks

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Lynn and craig *          10/10

 FANTASTIC  just heard that the new airport is now fully functional, now for even the outbound departures, its about time. I just hope that there are seats to sit on, unlike the old airport where you had to sit on the floor!  and that is no exageration. But i do bet the food is as rubbish as ever  if you buy it from the airport, so unless peeps  report on the food   i would take your own food and drink to the airport,  as  the sandwiches dont seem to be buttered and all you get is a choice of  ham and cheese  with a bit of tomato on them  on a very dry  bread roll. btw  the restrictions in the uk  regarding  fluids does not seem to apply to zante  as  last year we managed to take in our own cans of pop  with no worries  we are returning to zante  mid june  so will let you know on the airport further  then.


toilets in the arrival  lounges  are lovely and clean toilet seats plenty of toilet roll. check in still slightly slow compared to other airports but much better than previously.  the cafe does not have any prices on items  so b prepared to re mortgage ur home at the  till.  small tub of pringles  a fruitshoot and  a bottle of water  nearly 8 euros.   plenty of seating everywhere.

Water Village - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Lynn and craig *          10/10

went a  couple of years ago to the water park  even then it was  great value for money, but intend on going this june  when we go back over.  the water parkis about 10 mins drive from tsilivi  if that  and is quite large in standards to some  we have been to.  you can make a full day of it cos theres a snack bar there with prices no dearer  than here in england   or if you only want to spend a few hours  go after 2pm and you get a reduction in the enterance fees.  theres plenty of changing rooms and lockers for hire and the park it self is very clean.  if you have small children  it  would probably be worth getting a taxi to the waterpark  as  the  coach trips usually go round every little village picking peeps up so could take  quite a long time  which you dont want in the heat.  remember to  take plenty of fluids with you  or buy them there  as  it is quite a sheltered spot  and the heat  does tend to  get to you.   hope this helps 

Day trip to Kefalonia - (Zante Excursions)

Lynn and craig *          1/10

 we have been to zante several times  when one year we thought we would  go on the trip to kefalonia  may i add never again.  we went in early oct  so the heat  would not be as bad but what a mistake. yes some of the places they take you are lovely like the caves and the lake  but the so called  wine tasiting in the monastry  only good enough  to go to the loo.  the coach was supposed to be air conditioned   yes it was  by the  drivers window  with no  proper air conditioning  opperating at all.  you were herded like cattle  from one place to another.the  little  place they take you for your lunch  is pathetic   very expensive service slow and the food appaling. no wonder the driver took his own sandwhiches and stayed on the coach.    the last oort of call  i foget  the name of the town  was where you  could taste ice creams   yes  very expensive  even dearer than carte d'ore.   the  view of  the beach  from where captain correli manderin was fimed  is at the top of the cliffs and you  see it  for 5 mins at most.   if we ever went back to kefalonia  from zante (which i doubt as the locals  seem to be pig ignorant)  we would hire a car and go on the ferry ourselves as the  ferry crossing is only about  an hour and 15 mins. and the ferry is quite comfortable.  that way  we minght see  how the  real kefalonia  is   and not feeling like  cattle

May - (Best Time to Visit)

Lynn and craig *          10/10

 may is a lovely time to go to zante.  the weather early may is  a bit erratic  but the  futher into may you go  the  warmer it gets  roughly  25-27 in the day time  alot warmer than that  if  u hit one of the many heat waves that hit greece.   may finds  zante greener than usual  and theres lots to do like turtle spotting on one of the many trips. to the jeep safaris  of course the bars  opening  all the time  during the month of may. if you like  a good laugh  try out the pink panther bar  which  does karaoke   with jessie and bones (always good for a  real laugh with the entertainment also   the relax bar   with  bobby  who  does everything  from drag acts  and karaoke  both these bars  are at the  upper end of the  main strip and drinks in both places alot  cheaper than those in  the  bars and clubs closer to the beach.  if you fancy a tattoo  avoid the  tattoo shop next door to the  pink anther  but   go to the one  further  down   which is very close to big boys. i can recommend there  as me my hubby and  our daughter have al had tattoos from there  at  various imes  and have never needed  any  madical assistance  or recolouring.  

Two Brothers Studios - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Lynn and craig *

we have been to kalamaki a few times in the evening to eat out and have  a drink b4 returning to laganas  for the   main drinking session lol.    food is roughly same price as laganas  main courses  ranging from about 4.50 euros to  11  for steak    but   on the  road that leads down from the main road to the beach  theres a lovely little greek resturant  that does  kleftico flambe style   thats roast lamb and potatoes in a  a tin foil dish   and the owner  brings them to ur table  and  to melt the cheese he   sprinkles a little alcohol over the tin foil and lights it b4  undoing the tin foil.  the effect  to the dish is amazing  theres always a  huge demand for this resturant  so get there early.  a little  bit further u  theres a nice place that cooks  english food if that what u prefer  but   if u  want english food  u usaually pay  dearer for it. so try greek cuisine  its lovely.   beer is  roughly  2 euros a  pint of mythos  there own beer   if u like carling  u will like mythos.  cocktails vary from place to place  from happy hours  2 euros   to  some rip of places about 6 euros a glass.   if you can  and you like  cocktails  grab a fishbowl  especially if theres a  couple of you   works out a lot cheaper.   btw   coke etc is   the same price as   beer in bars.  but  from shops  a  1 and  half litre  costs  roughly  1 euro   thats   80p  compared to  ours in england 

Zante Doro Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *          5/10

NEVER AGAIN   stayed here from 12th-26th june 08  rooms  yes  very basic  but no  different to any other budget accomodation in that respect.  2 mins from beach   BUT 30 secs  from the neighbouring bluebell hotel  full of  twentys.   Got no problem with  young peeps  even after staying in an 18-30s last year  but  they do take the biscuit.   back  to zante d'oro  kettles in rooms and shower curtains, having found ants  first day the cleaner soon sorted those out, i susspect they had ventured in from outside after the earthquake the previous sunday.  irene herself  was  ok with us being a middle aged married couple who had visited zante many times.BUT  if you were a group of singles of either sex no matter of what age you could expect to be awaken by irene or her hubby  searching for other peeps staying in your rooms  early in the morning. a group of lads was staying there the same time as us and the problems they had  included the above early morning visits and death threats  which i wudnt have believed except they had it on  video by irene and her hubby. 

as irene and her hubby were scamming peeps into paying for damages and loss of items of the hotel to which none had been done. example   if you had a mosquito bite and u had blood on the sheets they were wanting 10 euros for a  new sheet or towel.  one of the lads appartments had  what irenes hubby calledaa broken chair  which only had a small crack on it done previously as dirt was engroved into it.  irene and hubby charged them 28 euros for it.  The rep being present to this  the boys asked for the chair since being made to pay for it the chair was theres.  No way thought irenes hubby and broke the chair and threw it over the balcony.  The first olympic rep resigned from the job due to this hotel/appartments being on her route. so the 2nd rep was very alarmed by what she saw. on eight visits to zante i had never experienced such behaviour from any hotel owner or managent before, and i was extremley dissapointed.
by the way  the safe deposit boxes are 30 euros for 2 weeks stay which is the going rate  BUT the  air conditioning was  60 euros a week  which is very expensive compared to all other hotels in the area.  Hope this report doesnt put you off going to zante  but  if you can avoid the  d'oro  appartments like the plague.

Relax Bar - (Bars in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *          7/10

Deffo no bobby this year , instead u have got slim boy fat, also known as ian.   a great guy who caters for family and the young and just about everybody.  great voice  on him  he sings meatloaf a treat.  dont know if it was me  but something was lacking in the relax bar this year  and it wasnt the lack of bobby.  something  just didnt click.   still a nice place to be and  spiros and the gang make the  bar run smoothly.  hopefully next year   the place witll b buzzing as usual.

Pink Panther - (Bars in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *  (01 July 2008)        10/10

 as usual the best karaoke bar on the whole of zante. jessie  the host  is a fab showman and  got his  thongs off by a few peeps while we was there.well wat else is a girl to do when he strips down to his thong.   jessie was well embaressed.  bones the  man behind the music  still as sour faced as ever   but thats bones for ya.  plenty of  laughs to be had and still the  best fishbowls on the island. the small one  costing  15 euros   but did see some  groups go for the  largest ones, which took a  while to finish as well the  groups  being  a  bit drunk.   i  admit  i flashed me boobs off one evening after being on tequilla sunrises  the whole night,  dont miss out on visiting this bar   i bet once tried you go back for more.   so  big hi  to jessie and jackie   was raining  and  14 degrees when we got home  not like the 38  there in zante. and  hi  to jimmy the owner  and denis and the  rest of the bar staff,  as well as  tracey the  best barmiad  in laganas  xxxxx

Parrots Bar - (Bars in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *  (01 July 2008)        7/10

such a pity this bar is positioned where it is.(Odirectly across the road from  cactus aprtments)  not saying cactus is bad  but the road is  just a thorugh fare for all the  twentys etc heading onto the main strip hardly  anyone  going in to the bar, even tho  the  prs  do a great job.  the cocktails  are really strong  and  two for 4 euros during happy hours,  karaoke  is available  and we did a few songs  much to the delight of some young uns  who were plastered one evening.  a very clean bar friendly and have a free pool table.  hope the season improves for you guys 

Contessa - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *  (01 July 2008)        10/10

ate here a couple of times this year  due to the  oddessey closing down     Frankie the chef  wat a  chef he was   chicken cordon bleu as big as the plate had me hubby asking me to help him eat it  as it was that big. i had chicken ala creme   beautiful food.   the pr guy has gone  and is now done  by 2  girls both of which are lovely.   the  food was  presented fantastically,  which the added touches made  it all the more  tasteful.  2nd time we ate  hubby had  steak and onions   lovely and tender  with  all the usual  trimmings and i had  the  kleftico  which was  fambayed  to my liking   great food  great service  great night   thank you 

Ambelos - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *  (01 July 2008)        10/10

ate here a couple of times  nice  food  cheap  in  fact the cheapest meal  we had in 14 days   and  was  well worth it  chicken a la king was out of this world  while hubby had  stamnas  again lovely   on a seperate occasion had   kleftico and  beef zante  again lovely.   a big thank you for  the  pitcher of  strawberry dakeri  that was  on the house  on a very hot day was lovely and   quenching  wud deffo eat here again on our next visit to the island

Olympic Flame - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *          10/10

ate here a few times over the  2 weeks  we was on holiday.lovely food lovely people lovely atmosphere, prices same as everywhere else, spotlessley clean if u was too hot  then a fan could b  put next to you to help you cool down.  the lamb zante was to die for   lovely in texture and flavour will deffo eat here again

Sirocco - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *          8/10

 ok theres two siroccos   one on the beach and one on the strip.   the one on the beach used to be owned by the one on the strip  but is now owned by albanians  went there for a full english, not good at all.  service slow  meal   i suppose reasonable  but to have chips appear on ur plate for a  breakfast   no thank you.  did tell them u have hash browns  so they went away  and fried some  grated potato  still not the same  hash brown   but tasted it  so not to dissapoint.   but  didnt go back for  another helping.

Sirocco on the strip   great food   had a sunday dinner there as well as  greek food  both nicely done  prices  average  and the service was good, would go back and hada  choice of  after  dinner drink on the house  ranging from ouzo   to wine.

Michaels Place - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *  (01 July 2008)        3/10

what a difference a year makes.  the  sunday dinner have deffo gone down hill  service was well slow and  not to the usual standards of what they do.   whilst there waiting a  pizza express fella  came in gave them a price list  and after  someone on the next table  ordered a pizza the same fella came back after about 15 mins  took a pizza round the back  then  after a couple of mins  the  said pizza was  served to the neighbouring table.  not good etiquette at all.   makes me wonder  if  they wwent to yorkshire for the  yorkie puds lol   no seriously   give it a miss this year  and  hopefully they will  realise where they have gone wrong

Laganas - (Exchange Rates in Zante)

Lynn and craig *

a bit late for this person but  we weent in june 08 and exchange rate was varied between 1.21 and 1.23 which is still better than in the uk   BUT  if you frequent the pink panther karaoke bar  the karaoke host jessie  gives a better rate of exchange  which was 1.25  when we was there

Tassia Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *          10/10

well emma  allan  since you have posted a comment how come you didnt read the previous comments made about how a nice family run place kostas run. If you wanted to party all night why on earth didnt you choose appartments such as bluebell which people who dont want to sleep use.   I think giving Tassia a measley 6 out of 10 is unfair since u rated them great for cleanliness etc, its your own silly fault for choosing them if you wanted to misbehave, i suggest in future use ur head and read postings about appartments before you book anywhere, then you will know what to expect and what to get away with.

Yakinthos Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Lynn and craig *          10/10

Fantastic place to stay, the family that own the apartments are always smiling and are so great at helping you with anything you may need including special diets, the BBQ night on a tuesday is a must with it only being 10 euros for a great meal and fishbowls included. rooms cleaned everyday. if you stay in a 2 bedroom apartment you  also get a  bath and an oven. lovely large pool area always very clean. the pool bar serving lovely food  witha full english with  toast  juice tea or coffee and  2 eggs beans sausage bacon mushrooms for a modest 4 euros. you get a mixed age range of people staying here, but it is quite a way from the main strip so you dont get bothered with noise, there is a taxi rank next door, with the set  rate of anywhere in laganas for 6 euros or there is a bustop either side of the road outside the supermarket next door  for  1.60 euros per person. there is also a  hire shop opposite with cars mopeds and quads for hire. one tip is if your on the main strip always haggle with the PRS for  deals on meals and drinks. will deffo go back to these apartments when we next go to zante.