Eurocambio - (Banks in Zante)

Peter K           

I am going to Zante in July of this year 2004 and wanted know where the best places were to change up money and what times they are open. I am staying in Laganas.

Zeros - (Bars in Laganas)

Peter K           

So we know that Raphael is going back to work at Zeroes. Do we have any idea who else is returning? Love to see Chambers & Jimmy back. Would like to toast one year of myself and my fiances engagement with the boys.

Had a really good holiday last year which was made even better by all the staff of Zeros. Hope to see all in July 05

Zante Doro Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Peter K           

The front part of te Zante Doro Studios all have air conditioning at a cost of 10 a day. No ceiling fan but you can hire a fan at I think 10 per week.

Each room has a fridge but no kettle. Not on any Greek island will you find a kettle in the rooms so your either have to boil the water in a saucepan or take a travel kettle. 
The showers are always hot no matter what time of day it is. It takes a bit of fiddling with the taps to get the temperature just right
The bins are emptied every day but you will have to buy toilet paper as they are not too forthcoming with giving them away. There is shop on the corner about 30seconds away.
Peter the owner & his family are quite friendly & helpful. They have a room as an office on site but they do not live there.
Various age groups stay at the complex. as it is next door to a Twentys complex it can at times a bit noisy about 4am or 6am depending on whether it is a weekday or a weekend from them coming back from the bars & clubs. The main noise that can get really irritating is the mopeds & quad bikes that go up & down the streets but you would get that anywhere on the island
Hope that helps

Zante Doro Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Peter K          9/10

We last stayed here in 2005 along with my wife and mother-in-law and nothing has changed except the manager.

The manager is now a person called Irene who is greek, speaks very good English and is very nice, pleasant & polite. Alot of people have complained about her but having spoken to her it's because people or groups have been inconsiderate to others & the only way to make them listen is to threaten them. At the end of the day it is her business she is looking after and she doesn't need yobs destroying it. We had no problems with her and found her very welcoming.

The rooms are very clean and have everything that you need for self catering including a kettle which is unusual for the Greeks. Our room was cleaned every day except one where the cleaner (she was very good) had to prepare at least 10 other rooms for new arrivals. New sheets almost every other day, if not she at least made the bed. The bathroom is a decent size and has a shower tray with a curtain. You must remember not to flush toilet paper down the toilet and do not expect to get toilet paper when you run out. It is self catering & not a hotel so go get some from the shop 30 seconds away at a cost of less than 30p for 2 decent toilet rolls

The location is ideal for those that like to sit on the beach as it is not even a minute walk to get there. Most days we get beds & umbrella for 5 but places like Cubaneros where they play music throughout the day, the beds are free provided you purchase food & drink from them.

The location is also far enough from the main night life not to be able to hear it. Takes about 5 minutes to walk to get to the main strip. There is a restaurant right on the corner of where the apartments are but we found this to be the most expensive restaurant in the resort! You have a wide selection to choose from on the top part of the main strip and along the Kalamaki road off the Laganas Road. For breakfast we recommend Must bar which is 2 minute walk away on the way to the main strip

The only problem we have about the Zante DOro is the holiday company Olympic. We have had not very pleasant dealings with Olympic before and they are not a very good company and by the sounds of it nothing has changed with the way they are treating this manager.

Although we may not be going on holiday for awhile but we will definately be coming back to Zante and stay here again provided they are not with Olympic

Zante Doro Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Peter K          9/10

Rosanna Phillips are you sure you got the right place? These are apartments and very good ones at that. Me & my wife stayed in an absolute hole in Kos and Zante D'Oro is 10 times better than that was. If you have high expectations then you should pay more for your holiday. These apartments were clean and well kept by the cleaner and was only spoilt by the @#seholes of boys & girls who have no respect of anything or anyone. I can only assume you were disrespectful and got the treatment you deserve. Be constructive about your comments and not put a place down purely coz you got treated badly

Bar Code - (Bars in Laganas)

Peter K          10/10

Best bar to start the night off in. Make the best tasting & coldest cocktails and before midnight you get 2 for 5 which is a good price considering the high quality of them. Fotis the owner was brilliant. Gave us some of the nicest slush puppy shots. If you go anyway in Laganas you have to go here

Bocca BBQ - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Peter K          3/10

Very nice looking restaurant but the service was very slow and it was expensive. If you want pasta or pizza go next door to Spaghettomania where it is cheaper and it comes from the same kitchen as both places are owned by same people

Ionian Sea - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Peter K          1/10

This place has gone downhill in the 4 years that we have been going to Laganas. We always start our first day of our holiday here but in future we won't be. I think it has been taken over by someone else and now means that the food isn't great & nor is the service. Its a shame really

Fanari - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Peter K  (14 August 2009)        1/10

This place is a disgrace as it looks after the wrong sort of customer. The service is rubbish & the prices were extortionate! Paid 14 just for a Heineken and a large coke! As a couple after buying 2 steak meals were only offered a free coffee at the end of it. However if you were a group of girls or boys having just a 5 pizza or spaghetti bolognese you would get well looked after as they will give you a free bottle of sambucca, free bottle of schnapps and a free fish bowl cocktail. I guarantee that a group of 10 girls bill did not cost more than our 2 steaks & overpriced drinks yet they got the free alcohol stated above!

In conclusion if you are a couple avoid this place and all restaurants with Steakhouse in title as you will get stung and probably pay the most you ever will for a meal here. If you are a big group of youngsters willing to pay only 5 each for their meal then sting this place for all it is worth by getting as much free alcholol at the end when you pay as you will have a nice full drinks cabinet by the end of the holiday.
We were so annoyed at what happened we paid the bill & left no tip what so ever in protest and we don't like to do this and normally tip quite generously