Yakinthos Hotel

Accommodation in Laganas

Lynn and craig *          10/10

Fantastic place to stay, the family that own the apartments are always smiling and are so great at helping you with anything you may need including special diets, the BBQ night on a tuesday is a must with it only being 10 euros for a great meal and fishbowls included. rooms cleaned everyday. if you stay in a 2 bedroom apartment you  also get a  bath and an oven. lovely large pool area always very clean. the pool bar serving lovely food  witha full english with  toast  juice tea or coffee and  2 eggs beans sausage bacon mushrooms for a modest 4 euros. you get a mixed age range of people staying here, but it is quite a way from the main strip so you dont get bothered with noise, there is a taxi rank next door, with the set  rate of anywhere in laganas for 6 euros or there is a bustop either side of the road outside the supermarket next door  for  1.60 euros per person. there is also a  hire shop opposite with cars mopeds and quads for hire. one tip is if your on the main strip always haggle with the PRS for  deals on meals and drinks. will deffo go back to these apartments when we next go to zante.

Hayley P

I arrived back yesterday from the Yakinthos Hotel it is a really nice place to stay and the staff are so friendly. I recommend the greek bbq night they have its fantastic.

Ellis M          10/10

WOOP WOOP lads frm lesta av jst booked in at Yakinthos Apartments 5th June-12th  

Louise J          10/10

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I have stayed in lagana three times, twice with koula and peter and loved it! the only reason we did not stay with then this year is because they were fully booked! this year we were at the spyros apartments down the road and they were a real dive! Just to let any one know that misses Alex the greatest barman in the world, he has his own bar now down at the Canadian hotel, to get to it just take the main road to the beach and turn left at the ionian corner, follow the road down until you reach a bar called 4play and turn right then walk to the end and turn left at tweeties and after a couple of restaurants you will find the gorgeous Alex! its well worth the walk!

Daren W          10/10

i was the rep last summer here and the accomadation is the best standard ive seen in greece for apartments and ive been a rep for 8 years, as people said in previous posts, if your older and want peace and quiet dont go there between june and september!!!!! as for that alex lee, the reps were crap!!! i remember that little muppet, i told him to go the police if he wants something done about it!! wot did he expect me to do, also , dont cause trouble and maybe you wont get your head kicked in by an old time man.. some people make me laugh.

In all a greeat hotel , dont be put off going there!!!!

Paula K

click to enlarge had a great time got back on 7th of oct found the rooms lovelysmile and all the family that run it great  and not to forget alex the best barman ever ,maids came in and cleaned had no probs with leaving stuff about it was fine cleaners didnt touch a thing .short taxi into town but only 6 euro would def go back such a friendly place love to u all love paula,stace,sophie,aj xxxx cry sad to go xxxxx

Ste M          10/10

Stayed here on the 23rd to the 30th sept 07  had a good time  had no problems what so ever Koula and Peter are nice people and as for Alex you will have too see for yourself. would stay here again, met some good people too who im still in touch with now.

Katrina L          10/10

Well we just got back on Monday morning from a great week in Zante at the Yakinthos apt's and i did not hear anything about the comments below and to tell you the truth i thought the exact opposite!!
The apartments were clean, spacious and some of the best apartments weve stayed at in Greece! There was no mention of anything been stolen and the staff were lovely especially Khula and her daughters and Alex the barman was fab, he just feeds you shots and can be a bit cheeky with the girls! I would certainly stay here again and would recommend it to anyone x
     Alex  Tick,Jem,me,Laura,Ants and Cruxy
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Larry D          1/10

Well what can I say had a top holiday in Zante. Great weather, great people, good food, cheap drink, quad bike for 2 weeks explored most of the islands remote palm lined beaches, cloud forests, olive groves and quirky hill towns.

What a shame the apartments were such a dive!

Watch the maids, an entire row of apartments were robbed including the safety deposit boxes and the rooms relocked afterwards. Doesn't help Coolio leaves the reception open all day with all the keys on show hanging off the wall with room numbers attached 

The place should be called Coolio - Gangsta's paradise. Its as crooked as they come. When questioned Coolio's great english suddenly wasn't the best LOL she said she was concerned and it was the first time this has happened, read previous reviews here and its a regular occurance. Don't bring anything valuable here, phones, cameras, jewelry etc it will go missing after the maid service.

The two maids don't speak one word of english.

The drains stunk in the bathroom, there were flies all over the room and I don't think it has ever been properly cleaned. The table on the wall is just comedy put a tissue on it and it falls completely off the wall including the raw-plug ripping out!! The mirror in the bathroom is like a set of scales put something on it and it tilts wildly to one side.

To add insult to injury there are at least 2 price lists in the apartment for breakages more money in Coolio's pocket.

Air con is 7 euros a day and safety deposit box is 25 euros for 2 weeks (not that its very safe!)

The appartments really have a lot of things going on behind the scenes and ripping off the punters is top of the agenda!

It didn't ruin my holiday and I had a spot on time on a paradise island, but i wouldn't reccomend ANYONE to this hellhole known as Yakinthos

Ps. big up to the manc lads you know who this is

Verity K          7/10

Hey all got bk from these apartments a few days agao and had a gr8 time!!

The apartments are very clean but thats because the maids will enter at any point and start cleaning!!
would say DONT book any day trips as you are probably getting ripped off!!!
Alex and Evi  are "QUALITY!!" free shots from alex and gurly chats with Evi r the best!!
We found the main strip a lil quiet but thats probably due to it being the end of season!!
Would also say if you are "older" dont go here and complain about the noise plz!!, you came to a clubbing resort!!!
Most importantly met sum gr8 people while we were there!!
Staines lads well funny!!! at sum gr8 times even though u went ome early!!!
Andy, Lewis (thanks for the drinks!! ) and 2pac!!! they taught me all i no about the north!! and they were "QUALITY" lads!!! although chubby burgers left in appartment is nt good!!!! They also spent most of their time "on the ward!!"
did u leave a t shirt??? hope u keepin up the "gd Lord"
overll woz a gd holl!!

Andy E          8/10

Just got back from apartments about an hour ago and back in sunny Manchester. Had a great two week holiday at Yakinthos with noproblems other than the fact wegot charged 20 euros for a setof towels and bed sheet we apparantly lost but cant rememeber doing so.

Other than that we had a great time, 3 of us boys went and met some great people. The staff are generally very friendly accept the maids who barge into your rom in the morning to tidy up, which is awful when your hung over !!!
The strip was lively during the first week and quiet during the second as it is starting to go out of season now. I bet if you go at peak times its booming though! Alex is a good laugh and gives you as many free shots as you can drink. All in all a quality holiday and would definately go back!.
Hello to my boys Ryan, Dave and Kieron, all top geezers who we met the first night and got hammered with every night until they went! How are the tattoos boys?! To Jason and Nicole, the nicest couple you will ever meet, Jason, top lad mate! To the posh birds from Hereford and the flusey girls Bridy and Nat from sunny Bournemouth! You all made our holiday qaulity!
To George, the 'security' man. Someone has a picture of him below with a massive beard and red cap which he gaveto kieron. 'You my friend'!!!

Stace D          7/10

I stayed at these apartments back in May! Had no trouble with the staff or food what so ever. Everyone got along & we had a wkd night at the hotel's barbeque night wiv Alex teaching evry1 to greek dance!! Have to say Alex is one of the many best barmen in Laganas!!

Sak F          6/10

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To be honest, those girls as mentioned below were screaming and causing a show late at night most nights, and if theyd been on holiday to europe before, theyd realise that security is not like in Britain. The hotel had strict policies about bringing people home with you on a night, and this girl insisted that a guy come in....therefore they had it coming to them and at least it shut them up for a night.

The atmosphere changed in the 2 weeks we were there, as 20yr olds we felt we were the oldest in the first wk surrounded by 17yr olds, but in the second wk, along with aforementioned girls, there were quite a few more families and couples. Although Id never bring my family here, it is far enough out of town to avoid the bingedrinking scenery of laganas main strip.
3 out of 4 of us were horrendously ill however, but apparently quite a few of the reps and other hotel guests had 'the bug'...i ended up on antibiotics and losing half a stone! Not as many ppl seemed to catch it in the 2nd wk as in the 1st.
Olympic reps are fine, as incapable as any other to be quite honest. Dont book excursions with them, we went into town and booked them ourselves at about a third the price. Daren however is very friendly and wants to keep the atmosphere amicable...when you deliberatly or drunkenly flout the hotel rules, you get whats coming.
Personally wouldn't go back, think the resort in general is a bit of a dive, everywhere stank of sewage...its not as good as other clubbing resorts such as Ayia Napa, Malia, Kos or Kavos, but apart from the sickness the actual appartments were quite decent. And no offence, but what does a Greek cleaner need an English mobile phone for girls, use your heads and let her take off your dirty bed sheets!!!

Alex L

 Hi just got back from these appartments DO NOT GO THERE!!!! the management attacked my friend (who is a girl), stole our electric key card from our room as we were at the bar! They then tried to charge us 30 euros, however, luckily we spoke to a group of guys who told us they had the same thing happen but managed to catch them out and got their key back. The management then couldn't deny they'd taken it so gave us our key back!!! The managers also began with quite good english, but, as it suited them more their english worsened. They changed our towels and sheets only twice a week. Everyone at our hotel sufferred with sickness and diohreah the only good thing was the bar man Alex! Also If your rep is with olympic holidays they are crap we reported the attack on our friend they just filed a complaint and done nothing we had to stay there all week! They also told us that with the key it was our word against the management, luckily we got it back! Just be aware when staying here! Don't separate the electric card from your key as they will take it when u leave your room! Also they charged us for air con twice as we had one unit in the living room and one in the bedroom others said they refused to and got away with it! Lock up all belongings as the cleaners tried to steal another girls phone and used the excuse that it was caught in the sheets.
Would never go back, however this is mainly due to the management and the sickness.

Sarah S


The Yakinthos is not suitable for families especially in peak season due to the location being in laganas which is a 18 - 30 resort, if you are still wantning to go, you should go out of peak season.

Kelly M

  Hi there,

I am reading a lot of mixed reviews for this hotel. I want to give it the benefit of the doubt, but can anyone tell me if it would be ok to take my 10year old there and indeed any families that have been, please let me know what it was like.Thank you

Zoe A           

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yakinthos apartments laganas zante 2006


my boyfriend kieron and i have just come back from 2 weeks in the sun staying in the yakinthos apartments.


the apartments themselves are absolutely lovely about 20 little apartments on the total resort. with 2 main suites above the reception area.

we had a open plan apartment that slept aprox 3 people very basic but has all ur appliances – kettle, fridge, little cooker ect plus a small bathroom with shower.

all very clean.

one thing though we had room no. 18 and our table fell off the wall but we fixed it again not because of shabby maintenance but purely because the walls r crap!

the swimming pool is lovely always warm and the pool bar is very busy both day and night. koula and peter the owners are both fab but with very little english

they do not like you bringing your own food or drink around the pool area though!!

in the evenings there is entertainment put on such as karaoke, quiz night, o and the greek bbq {10e} each food included and not forgetting the late night bar man alex hes fab great english right little charma! so watch out ladies. also does fire blowing and greek dancing ouppa ouppa!!

theres 2 supermarkets either side of the hotel the smaller one is cheaper! and a taxi rank and bus stop at the larger one. but the location on the apartments are great with no noise from music, traffic or people! oh apart from the dog!! but that soon stops!

the strip itself is about 20 minutes walk from the apartments on quite a busy road!!

in the evenings the walk from the strip and yakinthos is pitch black with nothing but empty units on the road side. so i beg anyone going out there to get a taxi as one night on our way home my boyfriend and i where nearly attacked buy a few locals in a car and we had to run to the nearest hotel. but with the number of ****s out there you can never be sure so please get a taxi don't walk bk on your own!

there are a few great places to eat such as dallas cheap and absolutely lush, paradise is amazing to and the people are lovely!

an average strip with lots of bars best ones are towards the beach bad boys, cocktails and dreams, zeros and sizzle ect.

the beach is nice always busy the water is lovely! but walk over to the island in the sea fabulous honest has the greenest clearest water and most secluded beach with bar g8!


we had a fab holiday great weather and met some great people "tom and adie" and "george and kay"

crysad to be home but….cry

have a fab time im sure you will



K X           

fantastic place fantastic people!!! 

Leandar W           

We have just booked to go here in September. We are a bit worried as we have an 18 month old ie distance from the beach and also people in their 20's ie distance from all the bars / restaurants. Anybody got any comments on distances?

Jon D           

Hi Alex still works there, he is cool.  hotel was great really enjoyed it, part From Koula aka boner she charged me n my mate for everything n i mean everything, we wer ripped off.  i recomend d fish bowls

Jenna E           

Ok hotel but staff are rude and its a good walk from the resort. nice pool though. just watch your table doesnt fall off the wall like ours did and watck out for random light bulbs shattering on the floor!! Lagana is a wicked place tho!

Louise M           

hell peeps. went here at the end of 04 nd that is them jst makin a space for comments. hopefully use would have all met alex he is the coolest guy ever love him 2 bits. i will post a pic of him another time if anyone ever goes tell him louise said hi nd he better give me a phone thats if he is still there bubi nd enjoy ur holiday!!

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