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Cooperative5           9/10

I am 65 years old and visited Zante for the first time in early June 2011. I made the travel arrangements through the excellent Broadway Travel and chose the Oscar Hotel from a selection using Trip Advisor reviews. I was not disappointed.


My holiday requirements are very simple: a comfortable bed; access to good food and a hire car for exploration.


The Oscar Hotel is an oasis of relative calm outside bustling Laganas. Not knowing what to expect I e-mailed for a quiet one-bedroom apartment and this was provided. The hotel attracts a generally young crowd but they were well behaved! Rooms were clean and well-furnished and more than adequate for my needs. The staff was friendly and attentive and nothing seemed too much of a problem from giving advice to problem solving. The minor niggle of no sink plugs on arrival was quickly rectified. If the first to rise you may have to run the hot tap for 10 minutes but hot water does come!


The kitchenette was sufficient for making of hot drinks, snacks and sandwiches and the fridge kept food and drink cold for journeys out. The hotel runs a very good poolside snack bar/restaurant which I used occasionally and particularly for breakfasts. There is a well-stocked supermarket 5 minute's walk away and a very much cheaper Lidl five minute's drive away. A real find was the Manteio Taverna immediately across from the hotel. This family run restaurant produces excellent Greek food and became my regular evening eating place.


Two words of warning: insects are everywhere and they bite. Room sprays are available from supermarkets but pharmacies are very expensive so take a good supply of creams, personal sprays and anti-histamine tablets. Laganas and its beaches are not the best of the island. There seems to be a frequent and extensive bus service but for me car-hire is always a must; however petrol is now near UK prices!


In the Oscar Hotel, Manteio Taverna and Lidl supermarket I have found a winning combination which I will use on my next visit to Zante.

Zoe           1/10

Been going to lagana for the past 12 year ,it used to be so beautifull but now its awfull its full of english drunks - the 18 to 30 s have arrived and spoiled it .The locals hate it and want it back to the way it used to be .We stayed at the oscar last june and were in the center of an 18 to 30 s crowd of lets say about 100 people aged 17 to 20 year olds ,now this is  accomodation that is advertised as a family place but i guess travel agents do all they can to make money and sell holidays to anyone and tell them anything. I will continue going to lagana because the yobs at some point will get bored and move on to another island ,we ve made greek friends here and as an island its beautifull so im not letting them spoil it for me .

Stephen K          7/10

 what as happened to the oscar?? i have lots of happy memories from there...stayed 3 times there with my daughters the last time being 2008......this was the year the 18-30's took over, guess this was it's downfall?? i here new staff are there now, wont be the same place, sad!!  

Midge E          1/10

 We have just returned from the worst holiday we have ever had! We went on 18-06-09 for a 2 week break and were horrified to find it's more like a 18-30's than a family hotel. We had a fantastic holiday here 3 yrs ago but are so dissapointed in what we had to put up with for 2 weeks this time. We have 2 girls who are 8 and 10 and they have witnessed young men nude by the pool, fowl language, have been frightned in the pool by rough play ect. On our 1st day there our youngest daughter was frightned in the shallow end of the pool by drunken behavour which involved a male picking up a female and throwing her on top of my child! The pool bar music is to load and goes on till 2am. The noise from the 18-30's goes on all night so we never got much sleep. It's a shame Arnie and Dimitri are no longer there either to keep everone entertained. Though Arnie only works down the road @ the Palataki restaurant which is a lovely place to eat your always welcome and the food is great. I feel very sad the Oscar Hotel has changed and due to this holiday we would never ever return!

Angela C          1/10

 Stayed in Oscar in Sept 2008 and it was wonderful. Went back on 25 June 2009 and the place is now 18-30. Spent the whole week watching and listening to huge groups of people getting drunk, taking drugs in front of children and other horrendous stuff - all watched over by the boss... What a shame, this hotel had a fab reputation which is now rubbish. On a positive note - the Palataki restaurant is fabulous...

Don't go there if you are a family, the noise is unbearable and so are the people.


such a shame another nice family place has been taken over yet again by large groups of youg ones . laganas is ruined turning into blackpool !

Steve G          8/10

 just back from oscar, been three times before with family and its great, was great this time but unfortunately it was 90%  filled by 18-30 gangs.there was no trouble and any excessive noise was dealt with,but ufortunately for regulars  to the oscar demitri the bar man had no choice but to leave after 9 years there.This was due to the lack of hours due to the young heading down to the strip at night so there  were no customers in the hotel at night and arnie the entertainer was working his notice as we left.

Belle           10/10

stayed here last year and going back in june with family , excellent place to stay away from the mad night life ,great for  the kids, owners are  friendly as long as you dont  upset them , they dont seem to like groups of young people because its more of  a family appartment , as long as you keep the noise down there ok .

Lisa W

hi we stayed here last year and but in a stuidio so i cant comment on the apartments .studios had plenty of room and were very nice.the owners dont like noise on a night cos its a place more for familys and the oscar goes quiet after 2 o clock , but they  quite a walk from clubs and bars .

Micha           10/10

yeah i agree  stayed here before and it is more of a family place but it does say that in the brochure ,not really for groups of lads and lasses probley too far out  from the bars and clubs ,also the owners dont seem to like alot of noise at night .

Blah B          10/10

Yeah i agree with below, ive been there before and its mostly a family accomodation, nothing really there for young ones, unless your going to keep kids happy aswel. Id say dont make alot of noise if you come back from the clubs etc, as you will get it trouble from the owner and the rest.

Sarah J

from what i ve read they are more  for families and are quite a walk to the center were all the bars and clubs are hope this helps

Stevie G          4/10

went to the oscar in sept last year and although the complex was nice enough i`d never go back. it`s far to far from the main strip and the owners know it so they charge what they like as they know a lot of people would rather stay than venture down to the strip. it only costs 6 euros for a taxi though and if you have a drink or 12 and decide to walk back then be prepared as it`s a long haul.didn`t find laganas to clean and the bars and resteraunts annoyed me with their constant nagging for you to go in (even although i`d said no ten minutes previous ) make sure you check all your appliances when you go as they`ll charge you for missing equipment when you leave. the entertainment was terrible, arnie (who i`m sure is g*y ) hasn`t got a clue as to keeping people entertained and it`s the same old routine week after week the only people we really got on with were dimitri and the cleaner who was in cleaning our room everyday. she was then told off because she would strike up a conversation with us. the walls are paper thin and caused us many sleepless nights. on one side we had a group of guys in there mid twenties who would stagger in at 4 5 sometimes even 6 in the morning and bang at the door until someone let them into their room then on the other side we had a late fifties couple who would go out for a drink and something to eat then come back and let everyone else in the complex hear them havins sex. both were very vocal and i had to end up buying ear plugs lol. also watch out if you get a taxi and they want to pick up locals as well. tell them no as they charged us for the taxi and the locals walked away without having to pay a euro. so much more i could say but my fingers are getting sore typing so i`m signing off

Netty M

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hello to all its been soooo long and i miss u sooooo much demitris i see your still the best barman on the island mwah .one day i will get over to see u all dad still lives in zante.....i have a beautifull little girl libby who is 2 still think about my amazing time living with u all especially nicos and demitris in our appartment u were like brothers miss u all love u all wishing u all life times of happiness and success all my love netty xxxxxxx

Colin & Vicki          10/10

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 Hi issy we have been going to oscar for the last 4 years and thoroughly enjoy it. I dont know how big the studios are as we have only had the 1 & 2 bedroomed apartments when we stayed and they were perfect. The staff have always been very friendly and helpful with us our son & teenage daughter. Bread and milk  are slightly cheaper and eating out is still cheaper than at home.(Try the paradise taverna) Entertainment at night involves all age groups and ARNIE the entertainer tries to get everybody to join in and DIMITRI will take care of your drinks at the bar(try his baby guinness cocktail). The oscar is about 1 mile from Laganas strip where all pubs and clubs are, there are many to choose from. The Oscar is quiet at 2am.

Hope this helps and enjoy your holiday
Colin & Vicki


Basically, this hotel is shocking, incredibly basic for the price you pay. However, if the staff had been in any way friendly/glad to have paying customers there, im sure the holiday could have been enjoyed by all. I was there with a group of boys and the strip was amazing for nightlife and probably the only saving grace for the holiday. Also, when you arrive, make sure you find out what exact day you are been kciked out of ure apartment as we were kicked out a day early even though we had payed for the day, and were made to wait around reception for 18 hours until our coach arrived to take us to the airport. Would return to zante but never to the oscar, we were made to feel totally unwelcome even though we put plenty of money behind there bar and snack area. Regards, Tom x

Mona B

Hi Stevie

From the Hotel to the main strip is about 15 min walk its not too far we done it many times with th kids to the main shops in 40 degrees! the hotel runs a free bus to the beach at certain times through out the day and back to the hotel, cant help you with the fishing question havent got a clue sorry!

Stevie G

hi folks,

i`m off to these apts on the 25th sept and up to now it`s not looking to promising with some of the reviews i`ve read. are they really as bad as people are making out? how close are all the amenities? does anyone know if the boats would take me out fishing? been to alykanas but it`s my first time to laganas so any info at all would be greatly appreciated.

Ash B          1/10

to mona boylan,

i was in the group of "lads," and i can assure you, that we didn't "hassle" yourm children, infact, i don't even remember talking to one of them. i wouldn't hassle your daughter with a 10 foot barge pole. i do however seem to remember, that on the last night, it was infact your daughter who was causing arguments, and cursing at the top of her voice, about how she was going to rip another girls head off, and that she was a b***h. so maybe before you start to criticise us, who caused no harm to anybody, kept ourselves to ourselves, and enjoyed a good holiday, look a little closer to home.
where you say "do not bring kids here", i do agree, don't take kids to zante, as you may find yourselves in apartments in laganas, that are inhabited by loudmouth youths, rather than us, who went there to have a good time and cause no trouble. zante has a reputation, although i didn't really see anything that bad on the strip, i'm sure it does happen.
the oscar hotel - the staff are shockingly rude, as i was in a group of lads, i felt as though i was constantly discriminated against, for no good reason. i jumped in the pool, like everyone else staying at the hotel, and i got pushed around and shouted at by the "boss," whilst i was getting shouted at and threatened to be kicked out of the apartments, 5 or 6 other people were jumping in, i pointed that out to the "boss" he shook his head, didnt care. do not go here if you are young, as you will not be treated equally. the staff were talking down to us the whole time, making out it was our fault when they would bring out the food that we did not order. they charged us 50 euros, for a chair that was already broken, and 2 towels that simply needed to be washed. when we arrived, we did not think it necessary to do an inventory check, though when we left, we had to buy glasses, forks, and knives from the local shop, knowing full well that if we did not, the charge would be astronomical.
all in all, i enjoyed my holiday to zante, but i do not think i would go there again. if i did, i certainly would not be staying at the oscar apartments.

Chloe R

Hello Im Chloe

And Iwould Like To Learn About This Hotel More
well i havent really been yet
iam going on the 17/08/08 so i am bery exsited
i must be the most exsited to go out of our family!
love a very exsited school girl!

Joanne B          10/10

 Hi we have just come back from Oscar this was our second year. Just to let everyone know that there is  a kids club run by a very nice young lady called Tilly.
We went May 22nd for two weeks and once again had a fab holiday for those of you who have been before most of the usual staff are still there.
To all of you lucky people who still have your holiday to look forward to ENJOY!
And thanks to everyone who joined in and made it a fun time for all whilst we were there.

Mona B          10/10

Hi Derek Imrie

Thank you for comment about the kids club, shame it will not be on this year direct holidays who we booked with, is still advertising the hotel has having a kids club...thats naughty!! im sure kids will have loads of fun but they do like the kids clubs!
Have you been to the Oscar?after reading all the GOOD comments cant wait to go July!
Mona x 

Mona B          10/10

Hi liane 

Thanks for your comments, will get the entertainer to sing american pie...sounds brill!! were all looking forward to going now, shame your not going back this year maybe next yr??!
This website is good as well sooo much good advice and comments from people (like yourself) who have been there and give there honest opinion!!
Thank you x

Liane H

hey mona

i am absolutely planning to go back to hotel oscar but maybe not get there this year . my parents, sister and neice will be there at the end of june though (sooo jelous , lol) . i know arnie (the entertainer) is back again this year and he has games on most days for the kids (of all sizes lol) like water volleyball,  football, killer pool, table tennis etc... get him to sing american pie on karaoke night, hillarious !!
hope you have a fabby time on you holidays  
liane xx

Derek I          8/10

Hi Just a wee note to say there is no Kids club this year/dont know why! It is our second time to the oscar Hotel and can only give it a thumps up on last years TRIP


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