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Rach B          9/10

Hiiiiii :)

Went to Zante last year at the start of Aug and stayed here and had an absolutely amazing time! Leo & Ryan defo made the holiday, hiiiii both of you if you ever read this :D!
Going back this year on the 8th Sept, cant wait :) staying here again and looking forward to seeing Leo again! Miss youuu :(
Anyone else going the same time? BBM me.. 237DFD40 :)

David H

Hey there 4 Royal Navy Lads going to Lagaanas 29 JUL -5 Aug.    Add me on face book David hendo Henderson ( pic of me drinking a jug of beer).  If your up for some top partying giz an addy if you think u can handel it LOL. 


Jay M

Me and 18 of the lads are coming from Warrington on the 12th August! Will we have a good time or is the place not up to all the hype?

Denise S

WinkI am sure you will be glad to know Olympic Holidays are going in the Bona Vista next season 2010 will be up on the website in the next week or so Embarrassed

Sarah B

Hi Amber,

These apartments r in a pretty good location just off the main strip at the top end. Just about a 5 min walk 2 the center of the strip & about 10 mins 2 the beach. Quiet enough 2 get some sleep at night but close enough 2 all the action.
R u staying here??  i'm disappointed i couldn't get into these apartments this yr.
Hope that helps u a little bit.

Amber S

Can any 1 tell me where these apartments are ? Thanks

Sarah B

u keep searching juls & let me know if u come up with anything. r u gonna be taking Dave this yr??? would be great if we r all there the same time this yr 2. xx

Juliet B

Hey Nicola
Was kinda hoping someone would be able to answer that question 4 me!!! Ive searched every holiday website, including Airtours which is at the bottom of the page, but its not there.

Bona Vista is literally THE only place to stay in Laganas and I'll b gutted if I cant go again sometime...

Let us all know if u do find it anywhere.........

Sarah B

Hey Nicola, i'm desperate 2 find out 2. will be very disapointed if i have 2 stay somewhere else. this is the place i've enjoyed staying at most in my many trips 2 laganas. will keep looking though!!

Sarah B          10/10

bona vista is the place 2 b!  just got back on 7th sep from an eventful 2 wks with the boyf.  wasn't 2 keen on spending a whole fortnite with just the 2 of us  but a big thank you 2 hayley 4 involving us with everything & everyone.  the place really wouldn't b the same without her, she's an absolute star! thanks 2 her i met lots of new friends. her beans on toast is a great hangover cure  after the way 2 many sambuca shots she hands out.  she's also very competitive so if anyone's up 4 a challenge then go 4 it, she's pretty good at most things except 4 lilo racing. challenge her, u will win!!

pandalise is great 2 even tho he is miserable sometimes. he's very funny  & doesn't care wot he says 2 anyone. but who can b offended by a 4ft midget?
the owners r very friendly even tho u won't get any english out of them.
rooms r cleaned everyday!
just 1 downside, the cockerel round the back is a right pain in the a**e  but towards the end of the fortnite u just get used 2 it!
     miss u loads haylz luv

Juliet B

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Well...wat can i say???? Another crazy fortnight has flown by at the Bona Vista!!! And it was a blast!!! Cant quite believe im already back home in the rain-its like i never been away!!!

Lunges, Lilo losers, Hungarian songs, Lady pile ups.........the list goes on!!!!!!
Haylz, yet again, was an absolute star-the place jus wouldnt be the same if she werent there!!! Met some amazing people and had lots of laughs!!!
Clare the rep is top class-tho be prepared for what happens when she eats a banana.........!!!!!!!!
Fingers crossed will be back next summer with my fella-the Bona Vista is definitely the only place i'll be taking him for his first visit 2 Zante!!!
Miss u all loads and thanks for yet another fab holiday-c u next year!!!
Juls x x x

Craig A          10/10

well i just spent the best week ever at the bona vista appartments and anyone who's going you will have a frigging blast,this place is awesome,but you gotta show miss h respect as she'll take good care of you while your there.we'll me and the fozster spent most nights splitting our sides laughing at hayley and the kosmar rep claire singing dodgy songs with their ooh so killa moves lol..,still cant get over how much i drank so a big thanx to hayley for that and sadly how fast the holiday ended..i'll defo be back next summer but this time i'll bring the missus instead of the best mate as cant have people thinking we are g*y again lol...


What can I say, been to Laganas numerous times and I can quite honestly say this is the best place I have ever stayed.

Hayley is an absolute star and really went out of her way to help the whole time we were over there.
Pand is funny, he was especially good at throwing water over you from any distance and telling my friend that her clothes looked like pyjamas (i am still laughing about that)!
Cried like a baby the day left, but be warned the mad scouser is back 14/09/08 for a week so start preparing yourselves now!!!
love and hugs
Alex and Jen

Juliet B

Hiya Sarah!!!

Im only a little bit mad!!! Like u say, u'll find out when we get there!!! Glad 2 know theres someone else goin at the same time as us!!! Was beginnin 2 think was jus gonna b me and my mate!!!! Lol!!!
Where will u b flyin from?? If its the 07.50 from Manchester then we'll c ya at the airport!!!
Well, c u in 10 weeks at the Bona Vista!!!!
Whoop Whoop!!!
Juls xxx

Jenni B          10/10

hiya hayley

    bet you loving the peace and quiet just wanted to thank you for a fab holiday and looking after us so well dunno what we wud of done without you.
    gunna try and get over agen at some point wen the season picks up and try not to get burnt this time.
 add me to your facebook cant find you and tell Mark to keep his chin up
love ya lots like vodka shots
  the girls xx

Wigan C          10/10

yoyoyoyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch out zante he we c*mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes its us wigan boys back on line 4 the zante c*mback like never b4!
were equiped n ready!! hi haley, hope ur set 4 summer 08?! bonavista is the numba 1 place 2b,u wana try it n experiance haleys "mad" cocktails u defo wont b walking down the famous lagana road!!thats 4 sure lol!
 its the best place 2 stay and 2 go and av a gud drink b2 u hit the zante nite life.its cheap,fun,and can b lllooouuudddd!,just wot u need b4 u go out.rescues is a must go,so is all of them realy! if u go cherry bay go after 3 or even 4 cos thats wen cherry bay gets live n kickin lol!
an after a drink up n a gud nite of lovin from a bird u pulled u must hav full english breaky,now get haley do u that,ther exellent! then spend yhe day in the gud size pool ther n get tipsy till ur ready 2 do it all again!!1 woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mel W

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Hey Hayley,

Well i have been home a month now and i am missing being out in Zante soooo much. The weather at home is minging raining most of the time which isn't great.
I am also missing your egg on toast and the toastie's hehe (and u of course)
Me and Nic have been to the travel agents to get a price on coming back next year but in July this time and maybe for two weeks i can't wait.
I guess your season is nearly over now.
Well i best be off.
Take Care

Juliet B

hiya haylz!!!!

yep. im afraid its true!!!! me and linz are heading back 2 cu all next summer!!!!  im really excited already!!!  but its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages off yet  11 months 2b exact!!! which is, like, a lifetime!!!  at least knowin im comin back will get me thru the cold dark winter months!!!
anyhoo im off now but keep in touch!!!
luv juls xxxx
ps: debs i hope ur luck has changed on the men front???!!!  cu next summer!!!!

Linzi B          10/10

Hey Hayleigh,

Am afraid you will have to put up wit me and Juls again as we have booked next year at Bona Vista . Cant wait to see you again, should be fun as ever, Amy coming too with some of her friends so should be quieter lol..
Anyways choi for now and hopefully see you next year lol, oh its so far away but i can cope lol as winter is comin and then it will be spring and then summer!!!!!!.
Take care and see you all soon.
Debz - Hope all ok on the men front lol any luck yet?

Linzi B          10/10

hey hayleigh!!!

god cant believe am waking up to the rain and going to work, whats all that about lol!!! am missing your smily face in the mornings, am betting your missing the goss from our nights out!!
hows the sparkly stuff i gave you? hope your wearing it as it looks nice on!! are you going to the festival? cant belive we missed cascada playing on the monday how cruel is that? still think of you when enrique is playing love that song and i love the songs the london lads played always think of bop bop bop when i hear that and the body poppin lol!!!
just like to thank you all at bona vista for making my stay lovely, funny and entertainin and thanks for all the shots, am not going to miss sambuka .say thanks to nikos and olga for me, mmmmmmmmmm that garlic paste she makes, and with that bread oh making me hungary thinking about it!!! the pool is amazing and so fresh (esp if you want a hang over cure). the apartments themsleves were immaculate with the cleaner in every day with fresh sheets and towels!!! great view from balcony both sides, just amazin all in all really.
anyways sad fact is that i am at work writing this while you are in bed and in the sunshine, and yes its raining all week in england, makes my tan great..
juls ..... no more crisps for you lol, when we go back your not eatin hayleigh out of cheetoes u will look like one lol!!! (they were nice though) i think we ate them out of crisps esp when drunk lol!!!
hayleigh... going to miss the quiet drink at nikos bar up the road that was the perfect end to our hols as well as during them!!! ta for the ride on your scooter loved it, promise not to be as stiff next time
anyways take care miss you loads
oh debz u got lucky yet?
lindsay x

Amy R          10/10

hay hayley it amz, missing u loads cnt belive am bk in england it chucking it down 2day, ad like to se a big fanxs 2 every1 who works in the aparmnebts you where all graet, it a same we dunt go bk down to the beach as the day we sis wa gr8 .am still in touch wi gary who wa in room 12 we ment to b meeting up sum time, am def c*ming bk nxt yr am guna bring my friend kirsty to cya she gr8 av told er all bout you, n that u med mi hol, i also miss 'the b***h' av already got  mi m8s playing it lol plz tel pandalise i said buy i totaly 4 got to se it i felt awful,oh n enrique came on in the pub lst nite n it reminded mi ov u straight away i ad a gud sing lol

ny how cya nxt summer hopefully missing u all bop bop bop lol miss that sayin 2

Juliet B          10/10

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hey haylz!!!! cant believe im back home already-missin u all loads!!!  wanna b out there now playin "the b***h!!!" hilarious after a few mingin shots!!!!  every time i hear enrique im gonna think of u!!! (tap tap!!!)

lets get the borin bit outta the way first!!!! the apartments are lovely, clean and pretty big!!! the pool is fantastic, a little cold but it dont bother u after a while!!! the toasties are outta this world-i had at least 1 a day!!! oh and hayley, i hope the crisp man turns up soon 2 replace the cheetohs-im havin withdrawal symptoms!!!! lol!!!  oh and i havent 4gotten ur food parcel!!!!
thanks 4 a  wicked holiday haylz-u made it so much fun!!!! cant wait 2 come back and c u all again next summer!!! (wonder if the "footballer" will b there.....wink wink!!!)  big thanks to nikos and olga and 2 pandelise 4 the ride back on his scooter!!!! i wasnt scared-honest!!!! hes a good driver!!!!
as u can c micky, ur comments havent affected hayley-she was pretty upset at first but shes back and better than ever wit a smile on her face!!!! she definitely dont put out on the first nite or any nite!!!!  our hayley is a legend!!!!!
bona vista rules!!!! bop bop bop!!!!!!
ps:big hello 2 debz the rep-hope u get a guy b4 the end of the season!!!!!
 c u next year!!!!!!!!! xxx

Mel W

Me & 2 of my m8s are off to these apartments in Sept if anyone has any pics i would be grateful, also if anyone going there around the 16 Sept let me know. Cheers

Micky B          10/10

Alreeet!!! Bona Vista is mint only place I  would ever go to if I go back to Zante. Everything you hear about Hayley is correct!! (including her putting out on the first night lol). Rooms are clean and the cleaner is in every day to tidy ya mess. She got sick of us and just pushed it all to the side lol. dont blame her like. Mustafa gets jel if ya talk to his lass like. Untill ya get to know him then hes all good. We got lots of death threats. Pretty Boy and Mammys boy still wake up screaming. But all in all a mint hotel to stay at. We also made Hayles wall of fame, OH YEAH!!

Loads of  love Micky and the rest of the geordie lads xx

Laura S          10/10

The bona vista is brilliant, went from the 24th june til 8th july with 3 of my friends and hada fab time.  hayley is a legend as r her cocktails she kept us entertained, definitely reccommend th long island ice tea with apple juice instead of lemon juice mmm gr8 idea hayley lol! u gota hav shot of sambuca for breakfast aswel u dnt have a choice. the bona vista BBQ nite is really fun  nite good games to play specially the coin up the bum 1 haha!!!  u also have to try the toasties they are delicious helped cure many a hangover.

the rooms were nice and clean, the showers are a bit tricky tho. the pool is lovely plenty of sunloungers and plenty of lilos in the pool (well most of the time!!!!)   the strip is 5mins frm the appartments and u have 2 visit G spot its the best bar on the strip! cocktails and dreams is good too. 
we all definitely want to come bak to Bona Vista next yr .
laura, emma, carolyn and natalie
p.s ALREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET HAYLEY!! tell nikos i was askin after him and of course tell him sagga pow!!! ha ha!!!!

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