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Sharon C           

Just got back from a lovely holiday in zante, stayed in Procopis 1 and LOVED it!I was dreading staying there after reading the comments on this page, but the place was lovely. The rooms were basic, but that is to be expected in Greece. The poolside was very relaxing during the day. The bar stays open til 2am and the staff are very friendly. They provide a Greek night on a thursday, where anyone is welcome to get up and dance, even the owners children joined in. My only complaint about the place was its location, its about 45 mins from the main strip and beach, but taxis are cheap (5 or 6 euros)and are always available. So if anyone is planning on staying here, ignore the bad comments about the place. A holiday is what you make it.

Sara R           

Just thought I'd post the link to a picture of the Procopis in Laganas I found. Haven't actually stayed there yet so had a panic attack after reading these reviews. After a lengthy search and verging tears, I actually found that there doesn't seem to be anything on seeing the picture that I need to worry about - to my relief. Hope it helps... (copy and paste).

Lisa-marie M           

we had so many reservations about this place. first of all when my mate gave me the name of the apartments i automatically wanted to look them up and when i read all the comments below i thought this was going to be a holiday from hell!!!! not only that could i find a picture or anything ina brochure....could i heck. when we arrived we were happy to find that procopis 2 has been closed..for what reason i am not sure. because you arrive at about 10ish in the morning, that is when everyone leaving is turfed out of their rooms; so we had to wait till about 4 before we could get into our room. but,depends what kinda person you are. me and my mate just whipped the suitcases open, got into our bikinis and hit the poolside with a couple of beers!it is quite far out from everywhere, 3 km from the beach.took us about 45 minutes walk....during the day its a nice walk and great to catch the sun for that all over tan. taxi costs about 6 euros to the main strip,not bad if you can get others to share with ya. one thing i loved about this holiday is that because laganas isnt just on your doorstep, you find that you get to know the other guests really well. the guys sat behind us on the plane turned out to be next door to us int the apartments so straight away we bwecame a crowd. all that crap about staff being s**te is not true. the staff were great, and we even got right into a bit of greek dancing with the family one night and had a right laff.they just dont appreciate it when people start blarring their music out at 0530 in the morning. mind you neither did the other guests including myself and the culprit soon stopped after i had my say!!!! you know who you are!i can definately say that laganas was probably one of the best holidays i had wi my mates. i couldnt see myself going here wi my fella, but i suppose i looked at it from a different angle. loadsa great bars etc. and there are turtles and you do see um. saw loads on our boat trip. anyway rambling on.i thought the apartments were fine and the people and food was great too. anyone from the crowd wanna get intouch im on rock on!!!!!

Rick R           

I had to come on this site having looked at it before my visit to the Procopis. We arrived in total dread caused by the comments on this page. The only time we had any trouble was upon arrival, when we were made to wait maybe 3 hours for our room to be cleaned. After that we didn't have any problem with the place. The owners are relatively friendly, providing you don't swim in the pool after dark, naked or otherwise. Or chuck the non-swimming, frendly, English-speaking barman into the pool.

The food was spot-on; a good choice of salads, sandwiches, etc. The bar had a decent choice of drinks on sale and a clean toilet.

The rooms were pretty much standard from what i've seen in Greece before, though do beware any groups of three. Make sure you're one of the first two in the room or, like myself, you will find yoursef tossing & turning on a squeaky camp bed for the whole holiday. The maids are remeniscent of something out of prisoner cell block h aswell. Just smile when they grunt, that seems to work.

The pool was fine, if a bit strong on the chlorine. It was ,however, a decent sized pool.

The nightlife in laganas is excellent although its not really walkable from this place unless you're a fan of stupidity. Just ask at the bar though and they'll call you a taxi, which to be fair, don't take long to arrive.

Basically don't be put off too much by what the comments below tell you. Its the people that make the holiday, this place won't ruin it for you. I didn't hear anybody complain much when we were there so hopefully a few more will come on and end this myth that the Procopis is a hell. The place wasn't very quiet during the week of 4th July 2004 to the 11th but thats what made it all the more fun. Some excellent people and a remarkable holiday.

Sean C           

Prokopis has improved a little judging by last years comments but a few things haven't.....On arriving at the studios at about 10 am we had to wait for our rooms to be emptied then cleaned, if you're lucky you won't have to wait long but we were sat by the pool with our cases till 1.30pm.
The rooms are very basic with the 1 and half ring hob being the only way to cook anything(not much point in trying to cook much more than a fry-up) and a small fridge for your beers. The shower toilet and sink are in one room with no shower curtain or shower holder. The water is on and off and hot only after 9 am. Although the bathroom gets wet it soon drys in the summer heat. Our room was clean enough apart from about 30 squashed mosquitoes dotted around the walls. No air con but we had a cheap late deal hol and we didn't expect much. Prokopis is situated at the top end of the laganas strip away from the noise of the clubs but its quite a trek down to the beach (about 3 k).
Our first day was spent by the pool which had a bit too much chlorine but the younger bar-man was pleasant enough and spoke quite good english, the older guy didn't speak much english but wasn't rude.As with all greeks smiling and keeping up pleasantries goes a long way and we were treated well in return.
Rent a car if you can as it made our holiday for us, Zante has a lot more to offer than just clubs and getting pissed, it is a beautiful island with contrasts of high cliffs and nice beaches and you need your own transport in order to enjoy it to its full. Describing prokopis as self catering is bending the truth a little tbh but no-one was rude to us and apart from basic living conditions our stay was pleasent.

Eve T

The comments that I have read really do seem bad, this kind of information does not really paint a brilliant picture of where I am going on holiday! Please tell me it isn't all that bad?

Amanda H           

wot a load of s**t this holiday was i went on the 17/7/03 an i stayed in procopis 2 well u could say we stayed on the bombed out farm yard the owner was a t**t charged u all he would for wot he could the food was mingin the pool was like a duck pond only the prave would atempt there was noe night entertainment so u was forced to get a taxi in to town zante itself was amazin we went to the zeros bar every night which was great we loved it im goin next year but not to procopis never again so just take my advise dont even drive past the place byeeeeeeee

Rita S           

Truly a deplorable place. The people were really rude.

Dr C           

all i can say is the bloke below must have very low standards generally (probably lives 'oop north' somewhere), because procopis was a s**thole, no doubt at all.

if you are reading this before going then for your own sake... please dont. this filth, grubby place is total bobbins.

libra (the tour operators) should be very ashamed.

Sean L           

hmmmm, well all depends how much you want to pay for your holiday, if you like me wanted a last min deal and pay 170 to 200 for 2 weeks then don't expect the ritz. there is 2 procopis apartments. if your travel agent says i have booked you in procopis 1 studios then i would probably start crying. it's across the road from 2 and it's shabby as hell. procopis 2 is ok, it's not flash it has a pool and there is a bar run by two characters that can only be described as interesting and some times rude greeks. the food at this place is pathetic and is poor, however there are plenty of eating places, in fact loads, and the food is very good in most. as for the apartments, well i stayed with 2 other peeps so had a bigger apartment so i can not judge the apartments for 2 but it was basic, bed, draws and cupboards. in the kitchen, a fridge and a pathetic 2 ring portable stove, but it does the job. as for the bathroom, this is what i could not get my head around, they have a shower in the same room as the loo and sink,
nothing strange there i suppose but they have not shower curtains and the shower head has to be held as there are no fixings on the wall (standard for greek bathrooms)so when one has had a shower the next walks in the a soaking wet bathroom, not nice if you wanna use the lavy !! :o) lagana (not sure if that is spelt right) itself is ace, many many bars and clubs. i think we where out most nights.the only problem with these apartments is they are a fair distance from lagana main strip, about 45 min walk. you can flag down taxi's they are driving up and down all day, it costs 5 euros to get from apartment to beach, even if you have walked halfway down the strip and then get a cab, still 5 euros. not bad i suppose, but at the end of the hols we had spent equiv 280 on cabs......damn.....
anyway all in all good hols and loved the place, not going to b***h about the apartments like the rest of these peeps cause when i read their comments i was not looking forward to going, but when i got there it was not actually that bad.

Ant M           

this was without doubt the worst place i have ever stayed in my life. where to start?

me and 2 mates stayed in procopis 2 (looks like it was half built and never finished).

the rooms smelt of rotting animal carcass.

the bathroom was a mockery - the shower cable was broken and i cut my leg on the sharp metal, the bin for used toilet paper was full when we got there and none of the lights worked so we had to shower in the dark before going out at night.

the kitchen - what kitchen? the cupboards smelt of something very very wrong, the fridge smelt, and the cooking rings were best to be left well alone.

the bedrooms- dirty sheets, only 1 light working in each instead of 3, and what appeard to be dried blood stains on the floor.

the view- a bloody chicken farm which woke us up every morning, some rubble, an old wheel barrow, weeds and gravel. nd to look at the place from outside you could swear you were in a war torn country.

the pool- only for the brave. a dark murky colour. we didnt bother with it.

the staff- now this was the worst bit.

the maids were just rude and to be honest didnt really even do anything except give us dirty looks and shout at us.

stelios- i dunno where to start on this poor excuse for a human being (u know the one i mean, speaks no english (weird that considering hes running a hotel), looks like he hasnt had a wash in a month and just shouts random words at you. hes a joke. insisted on the day of our departure that we had broken the lights that didnt work in our bathroom and bedrooms, then demanded that we paid 25 euros for them to be replaced. we obviously wernt happy with this and told him and the other scumbag who can speak english that they were in fact broke as f**k when we got there. when we refused to pay the 25 euros the mood became very intimidating and they said that they would phone the police. when faced with this proposition we were left with no choice but to pay because the way we saw it the greek police were much more likely to believe stelios and his c**t of a mate than they were 3 20 year old lads from england in greece for a week long p**s up.

we phoned a number we found on the board but the woman said that we should have coplained on the first day and that we should pay it because 25 euros between us wasnt very much. but im sorry thats not the point. we didnt break the bloody lights! they were broken when we got there! and the a**ehole had the nrve to charge us 4 euro for the use of the phone! in he end we paid the 25 euros because the prospect ofdealing with the grrek police on our last day wasnt one we relished.

someone else who posted on here said he tried to charge them 50 euros for a stuck door so i think he must try it on with everyone. if i had known this at the time there is no way i would have paid out of principle because the man is no more than a theif!

its just a shame i didnt read this page before i went.

avoid this place like the plague!

and another thing we got kicked out at 9 oclcock on the sunday morning even though our flight wasnt till 7 oclock monday morning. rediculous.

the place is a discrace and id love to meet that stelios (dunno his real name but u know the scumbag i mean) again cos id be left with no choice but to punch the robbing b*****ds face in.

im going to write to libra until something is done about that place and i urge anyone else who has had the missfortune of staying in the s**thole to do the same to prevent other people suffering the same misery that we went through.

Martin C           

procopis should be named crockos**t

Dr C           

ok, basically im still a bit groggy from the fact that zante island has given me some form of malaria or the rabies or something. first thing... the walk from the studios is a good hour, not 40 mins as quoted regularly. me and my big german friend are both sodding lazy, but we didnt dawdly when it came to walking, and a round trip is definately two hours!! (use a taxi - and pay no more than 5euros epr one way trip)
ok, the studios themselves. the cleaners are the rudest most persistent sods ever... but one way to beat them is to drunkenly jam the key in the door and ignore their hollers and cries of annoyance when the come round to clean in the morning. the satisfaction of listening to their garbled greco whinging was most amusing. when we did allow them in one morning, they didnt really do much anyway... and the room stank of dead people and mothballs. save for a fridge and a silly bloody hob thing you get barely anything of practical use.
the pool was actually quite nice i thought, though i can garuntee that it is used a urinal... not by me, but by assosciates of mine. you are not allowed to consume food/drink bought from outside, so purchasing donkey meat cheeseburgers and cheapo crisps from the poolside bar is the only option (unless you choose to walk 10 yards with your outside-purchased items and stuff them down your throats just outside the studio gates!!).
the owner/studio manager is a complete tosser who will try to fleece you out of money. he insisted that my mate pay up 50euros to fix a door which had jammed shut... even though it was his sodding doors which were at fault. he left this demand til our last full night (which f**ked things up for my little group - though i still got w**kered) and he threatened to call the cops - which is a not inconsiderable threat given how s**t/corrupt the greek authorities are!
everyone who travelled with us was made to spend the actual last night outside our rooms (as they were already booked for the next lot of unfortunate visitors)... so this meant an uncomfortable few hours lying on sunbeds at night (the only thing keeping me going was the thought of returning to a country where you can drink the tap water, toilets that allow toilet paper to be flushed down them and the toilets have locks). the tosspot owner (who it should not be forgotten, charges rip off prices for snacks and water) actually made everyone pay 3euros on this last day/night for a shower!!!! given that we are booted oot of our room a night early he has the stinking audacity to do that!!??!! ps. the showers ahve no light bulbs so get in there before sunset) pps. oh, and no locks either.

as you can probably sense, my opinion of the resort is not particualrly high. the island itself couldnt be more boring. too many bloody white trash cockneys and scousers for a start, nothing to do except look at one piece of scrubland, then anohter... then another... and another etc etc. food's not the best, drinks are the same price as at home (though ciggies are cheap), the bars are ok... but essentially everything on the island is half finished and trashy. oh yes, greeks have no concept of what qualifies for a suitable toilet/toilet lock. to be honest my only good memories are the little troll thingy person who was a kind of handyman person at the studios (he was quite pleasant compared to sancho the owner) and getting on the plane to come home.
never again.
ps. ransack your mates room on several consecutive occassions if you want an amusing way of passing time in this s**thole.

Tim S           

Arrived at what seemed a nice lookig procopis 1 but was told my g/f and I were inthe one over the road Procopis 2.. Dive is an understatement, but as I said to my other half, we were only sleeping in there and that was it..

Pool was cloudy looking but swimable. The pool closes at 7pm when buckets of what I can only assume is Clorine are added. The bar there serves snacks until the pool closes and then there is no hot food or drinks.

the staff there can be either friendly or very rude. My feelings were of the latter.

Our Rep Claire P was the best ever... Buy here a drink if you go out there and stay as she deserves it..

Also, if you depart Gatwick on a Sunday Night and have a Monday morning depart from Zakinthos take a jumper..

The procopis kicks you out of your room on Sunday morning at 9am.. You then leave your luggage there and return later.. The bar there closes at 1/2AM and you dont get collected until 3:30am. So if like us it turned a little chilly, you are out inthe cold fo th best part of 2/3 hours, and then again when you get tothe airport.

The flight out onMonday morning was 7:30am and by the time we got back to Gatwick the word Knac**** springs tomind.

One last thing, your about 3K away fromthe beach!!! You are at the end of the main strip.. To walk takes a good 45 mins and at 9am its around 21+ so by the time you get down there your shattered. The only way to do the trip is by taxi and at 5 euro's a pop it can work out and added cost on the holiday... 5 to the beach, 5 back, 5 out for evening dinner, 5 back.. thats 20 euro a day, for 6 days, 120 euros!!!

I must say thoug, the island is fantastic and we will be going back but definatley not at the procopis for sure!

Chris W           

If ever you go to Laganas stay away from this hotel!!!
We just got back from Zante on the 20th July and the first 2 days were ones to be forgotten. Upon arriving we were made to wait 2 hours in the boiling hot sun before checking in due to our room not being ready(we weren't the only ones either). When we finally got into our room we were greeted by blood on the sheets of one bed, come stains on the other and dirt on the final bed(nice eh?). After inspecting the room more we found that the shower didn't work, 1 light worked in the whole studio and it was just filthy!
We complained to our rep (Claire, who was brill) about these things and she in turn complained to the owners. This got them pissed and made them come to our room to try to intimidate us, big mistake as 2 of us are coppers!! However, we did feel uncomfortable in the hotel and after 2 days we left the hotel. We found a lovely little appartment block charging only 30 euros a day for a 3 bed studio called Metsovo Apts. and it was only 50 metres from the beach. If you want a good holiday, stay away from Procopis 1+2!!!!

Jimmy K           

We (4 lads) got back from Procopis 1 on Sunday & we had a wicked holiday in Laganas, however this was no thanks to the staff of Procopis who seemed to be trying their hardest to make sure that everyone had a miserable time. The place is mostly 18-30 crowd, but they hate anyone who is in any way set out to have a lively holiday. No matter how quiet we were at night we were guarenteed to have complaints from the staff in the morning (or even be slapped about by one of the bar staff like another guest while we were there!), and most mornings we were woken early by a cleaner standing at the end of the bed shouting "Get Out!!" - relaxing heh?! Needless to say we didnt spend any time at the hotel during the day after the first day - we couldnt put up with the evils from the barstaff! These people want your money (& will rip you off as much as poss) but once theyve got it they couldnt care less. This is not just my opinion but the general concensus of everyone who I met there. Dont let this put you off tho, because Laganas itself is wicked and the beach is the best I have seen (the sea is amazing), just stay away from Procopis!

John O           

This was our first trip to Zakynthos, we booked it last minute off Ceefax so frankly we weren't too bothered what we found.
We stayed on the ground floor of Procopis 1 and they are bog standard, self catering is stretching it a bit far, you get a fridge and a 2-ring heater effort that sits on top of your sink,ours looked pretty unsavoury so it spent the duration thrown in a (smelly) cupboard,it's a fair walk into Laganas itself so we used taxis all the time at 5 euros a go, there's no air con so we also rented a fan for 17 euros for the week.Fill the fridge with water and booze but don't expect to consume it by the pool , it has a kiddy's section but the apartments themselve aren't really suitable for families,more for teenagers or couples, report any damage you find to your rooms on arrival or like the 2 lads we spoke to you'll be made pay for it when you leave , we went end of June 2003 and it was hitting the 40's, Holidaywise, i've had worse and payed a lot more for it.

Laura C           

Well we called the blokes that ran the place the mafia! They wernt very polite or helpful! We stayed in apartment 2! (The Cockerals woke you most mornings!) Twas very basic but a holiday is what you make it and we certainly enjoyed ourselves! At the end of the day you only sleep there! The pool was nice which was good as it was 30 - 40d!! Had a fab time! But wouldnt stay in the same apartments again - although would certainly consider going to Zante again - met some great people at the apartments everyone was really friendly - Except the Mafia!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Vera M           

Our stay at the Procopis1,was something else!The first thing you have to learn is to speak Greek.It is no good trying to speak any other language, because they do not want to know.In fact,a smile wouldn't have gone a miss from the staff, even a courteous hello?The view from the balcony of room 17,was the sight of an villa, crying out for a lick of paint, a load of junk piled up in the corner, and old carpets and various items of washing slung over the balcony.The cleaners enter the room without knocking,they don't know how to clean properly,the bed linen and towels were dirty,the bar was very expensive,the tiles were slippery around the pool,there were electric wires exposed in the garden wall,the electric sockets were uncovered in the apartments and positioned very low down(not very child friendly).The apartments are so far away from town, you really need a car to see the beautiful island.We found that Dennis Car Hire(the nearest one to there)the cheapest and most helpful.Nicole could speak English,as well!We found the supermarket DIR on the road to Laganas the cheapest, and I would bring as much food as you can,because we found that that food and drink over there is expensive.

Lisa M           

It was last August I was in Zante, and I have just bought a computer so I thought I'd put my bit in now!

I'm really quite amazed actually, Shona (entry 25 August 2002) was there at the same time as myself, and my boyfriend Paul. I remember those apartments getting broken into. I'd love to hear from you if you read this!

Onto more important matters. I agree with everything Shona said. Procopis 2 was situated right out of the way, no security, poor lighting and was surrounded by overgrown weeds and gravel.

In addition to this, our apartment was a shambles! When we arrived our bathroom light did not work, and the bin in the bathroom for toilet paper had not been cleaned out from the previous people. There was a horrible smell from the cupboards, and although there were two cooking rings, one was too small for anything to be done with it! And lastly, we did not have a washing line. (though everyone else did).

At night time cars would drive right by the side of the apartments (though there is no road there!)

Definitely would not recommend this for a holiday!

Shona N           

I've just returned from a holiday from hell. Three rooms (including the two my party occupied) in the Procopis II apartments were broken into, ransacked and had valuables taken from them (thankfully we had our passports and travellers cheques in the safes at the pool bar). Please be aware that this apartment (Procopis II) sits on the opposite side of the road from the Procopis I apartments where the pool and pool bar are situated. There is no security at Procopis II and very poor lighting - an isolated and vulnerable site, I would suggest. I would hate any one else to go through what I've just experienced.

Chris G           

The apartments where 40 minutes walk to the beach or 25 - 30 minutes to a good selection of restaurants. The nearest supermarket was only 5 minutes walk away. If you can't be bothered walking a taxi costs 5-6 euro (3.50-4.00)to the beach. The pool was very clean although a bit on the cold side and the food at the bar was Ok for light snacks. The apartments where clean but basic, take your own towels as you will need theirs to put on the bathroom floor (gets a bit wet when showering). The week we stayed it was mainly full of couples so it was nice and quiet.

Chris B           

We liked the location of these apartments as we weren't on top of the noise of Lagana, but you are still close enough to walk or get a cab which usually will cost you about 1,500 (£3) They are quite clean and the pool is too.

Garry R           

The apartments are about 40 minutes walk into the main strip of Laganas. The owner has worked on them over the winter period and has made them look very nice for people to stay in.It is worth hiring a car, not only because of the distance but to see the rest of the island, its beutiful. Your rep will give you details on car hire with Budget car hire, but you can get cheaper in resort but your not covered as well with the insurance and the cars are older and more likely to break down. Get it through your rep as youve got them to back you up if something goes wrong.

Chris B

Can anyone give me some advice on how far these apartments are from the beach, is it worth hiring a car?


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