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Getting to Kalamaki:

Kalamaki is the closest resort to the Airport. It's literally just 5 minutes away and if you are staying at the Golden Sun Hotel, the Louros Beach Hotel or the Macedonia Hotel you'll get very accustomed to seeing, and hearing, landing planes flying past at close range. Taxi drivers love this route because they can make a drop-off and be back at the Airport 10 minutes later to pick up more customers. Most tour operators seem to be including free coach transfers in their package holidays these days, but it's often a frustrating experience when you arrive at the Airport hot and tired only to be sat on a coach for an hour waiting for other passengers. A lot of people do take a taxi to avoid this and the taxi fare is only 13 euros which isn't bad. If you're on a very tight budget the best option is to talk to your fellow passengers and see if they are willing to share a taxi. There is no public transport from the Airport so taxi sharing is the cheapest and quickest option.

Private Taxi Transfer from the Airport to Kalamaki

Distance: 2.8 km   Duration 4 min
Transport MethodTaxi Fare for 4 Passengers
OFFICIAL TAXI (from taxi rank outside airport)13.00 euros
WELCOMEPICKUPS (Standard Taxi)15.00 euros
SHUTTLEDIRECT (Standard Taxi)16.64 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (Standard Taxi)
15 euros extra charge for 2 drop offs in same resort
17.57 euros
15 euros extra charge for 2 drop offs in same resort
20.08 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (Standard Taxi)21.00 euros
HOPPA (Standard Taxi)28.76 euros
TRAVEL REPUBLIC (Standard Taxi)30.00 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (Standard Taxi)30.18 euros
HOPPA (Wheelchair Adapted)39.65 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (Mercedes Benz Taxi)48.00 euros

Shared Shuttle Bus Transfer from the Airport to Kalamaki

Distance: 2.8 km   Duration 40 min
Transport AgentPrice for 4 Passengers
HOPPA37.80 euros
TRAVEL REPUBLIC (Standard Taxi)45.00 euros

Private Mini Bus / Private Coach Transfer from the Airport to Kalamaki

Distance: 2.8 km   Duration 25 min
Transport MethodPrice
ZANTETAXI4U (8 Seater)50.00 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (8 Seater)52.72 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (8 Seater)52.43 euros
HOPPA (Premium 12 Seater)59.14 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (12 Seater)60.00 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (Premium 8 Seater)60.25 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (16 Seater)70.00 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (16 Seater)89.86 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (22 Seater)90.30 euros
HOPPA (16 Seater)98.60 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (49 Seater)120.50 euros

KTEL Bus from the Airport to Kalamaki via Zante Town

Transport MethodPrice
KTEL BUS1.80 euros

Kalamaki Summary:

Kalamaki has changed quite a bit over the years and the resort is now spread out over a fairly large area. Fortunately most of the development has been concentrated on the main Kalamaki to Laganas road leaving the beach area and back roads relatively undisturbed. The original character of the resort is still there. The bars, restaurants and people who first made it popular are still here. It's the closest resort to the airport and although there are no night flights, several planes land just after 6.00 AM. Only the western part of the resort is affected and otherwise the resort is fairly quiet and relaxing. It's a good location on the island, close to Laganas, Zante Town and Argassi.

Kalamaki Aerial 360 Video

Reasons to Visit:

• Great Beach - Safe for kids

• Good selection of bars & restaurants

• Undeveloped Beach

• Good for couples and families

• Laganas only a short taxi ride away

Reasons to Stay Away:

• Not the quiet little resort it once was

• No watersports except turtle spotting

• Aircraft noise affects the western side of the resort

Beaches near Kalamaki:

A small family friendly place with a sandy beach and shallow water also offering boat trips to Marathonisi Island and the Keri Caves
Argassi Beach  (138 Comments)
Argassi BeachOften criticised, mainly because in many places there is no beach! At least the water is shallow with a sandy bottom making it good for bathing.
Kalamaki Beach  (209 Comments)
Kalamaki BeachProbably the best place to actually see a turtle. Just wade about in the shallow water and if they are about you will soon spot one.
Laganas Beach  (162 Comments)
Laganas BeachIt's as busy as you'd expect from a Club 18-30 resort, but keep walking and you'll find a long stretch of beach where development has been prevented by the Marine Park.
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Popular Hotels:

Dennys Inn Hotel  (627 Comments)
Dennys Inn HotelWarm Zakynthian hospitality will touch you immediately upon arriving at Denny's Inn, and although it is an ideal place for recreation, you will never feel bored there!
Costas Hotel  (315 Comments)
Amaryllis Hotel  (298 Comments)
Amaryllis Hotel
Cavo Doro Hotel  (281 Comments)
Cavo Doro HotelCouples and families will find a comfortable base with twin rooms, as well as studio and one bedroom apartments that are both welcoming and modern, and onsite facilities that include a swimming pool, snack bar, and fun games in high season
Daisy Apartments  (253 Comments)
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Kalamaki Taxis

Kalamaki Taxis

Kalamaki Buses

Kalamaki Buses

Kalamaki Video Tour

Previous Videos:


Starting near to Villa Nostos then heading east towards the Crystal Beach Hotel and along the Kalamaki old road turning left at the roundabout, heading west towards Laganas along the main strip past the Vanessa hotel, Athina Apartments and Eurohire car rental turning left towards the Kalamaki Beach hotel and ending with a nice view of the beach.


Starting from the new Caretta Island Hotel heading east past Zepos taverna along the Kalamaki old road and turning left at the new roundabout. Then heading west towards Laganas along the main strip past Sophia's hotel and the Cronulla hotel eventually turning left past the Macedonia hotel and ending at the Kalamaki Beach Taverna.


The tour starts from on the main road close to the airport runway heading East towards the crossroads at Drunk Corner, going past the Zakynthos information Centre on the right, continuing all the way along the main strip turning right at the junction with the Kalamaki Old Road towards the Klelia hotel. Turning around at the Crystal Beach Hotel the tour takes the reverse route then turns left towards the Marelen Hotel before ending at the Kalamaki Beach Taverna

Kalamaki Early Evening Tour 2016

The tour starts from the Kalamaki Beach Taverna & heads back past the Golden Sun Hotel turning right before the main road & past the Caretta Star (formerly Pelouzo) Hotel then left towards Eurohire car rental then turning right onto the main road. The tour continues all the way along the main strip turning right at the new roundabout past the Meandros Hotel & onto the Crystal Beach Hotel ending with a view over the beach.

Kalamaki 1st Week of May 2015

It's the first week of May and there are very few tourists about. The tour starts from the Kalamaki Beach Hotel & heads back past the Louros Beach Hotel towards the main Kalamaki to Laganas road. Turning right towards Kalamaki centre, then a little detour through the Caretta Beach Hotel exiting onto the Airport road. Back to the main road turning left at Buon Amici then all the way to the newly constructed roundabout turning right onto Kalamaki Old road past the Cavo Doro Hotel then a quick look at the deserted Crystal Beach & ending at the newly built Carreta Island Hotel next to Stani restaurant.