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Ami   (13 September 2010)        10/10



James C  (12 September 2010)        1/10

i wasn't looking forward to this after reading the reviews on the hotel from previous years. but i felt safe once i got there due to the reps, who i really got on with. they created a great atmosphere around the bar and poll and were verry friendly and helpfull. the hotel seemed ok all though i couldnt stand the people at the reception and securtiy guard who didnt wana smile at all. cleaners, who we tiped even though they werent allowed to recieve a tip, were rude. one knock and they are in your room not caring what situation you are in. you could be doing anything from sitting on the toilet with the door open to walking around naked.

as i said this hotel seemed all fine to me and the negative reviews from years befor didn't bother me. until the verry end. when checking out to get your deposite back the owner of the hotel would go and check your room to make sure it is all fine. she came down with a flithy towel that hadnt been in our room and told us we had to pay 20 euros for it (may have been 10 cant exactly remember). we argued and argued and still had to pay even though the woman at reception knew it was a set up. i could see it in her face. this had me fuming and is something you don't do to customers which is why it is getting a 1 from me. this also happened with a few others as well. 'ZANTE WAS A QUALITY HOLIDAY'

Natalie B  (10 June 2010)        10/10

Hey Hey Hey !!!

Going to Zante this year stayin in the Bluebell for 2wks in August cant Feckin wait!!!
Bring it on......

Stephanie S  (18 August 2009)        8/10

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hiyaaa everybody !!

i just came back on the 26th july n am telling you, it was the best holiday of my life. the was reading the reviews for the last few months 2 see what the bluebell apartments were like, most people said they had stuff stolen from their lockers at the reception and from the maids which got me quite worried. i went with ma best mate n we had no bother, the rooms were kept tidy and the staff at the reception were excellent!! twentys was absouloutly amazing, it is quite a rip off with the money but your more likely 2 have a fab holiday going with the reps, they were a good laugh!!
make sure you go 2 club rescue + the booze cruise, not wen ur hungover tho, cs i was sick like a dog from the night b4 going with the jailbreak........
defo going back next year, missing zante everyday !! i'de go back in a min
bring on the re union in november !

Shelley W  (22 July 2009)        8/10

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back to the Bluebell nextyear gonna go in July instead of June x but will still be the best reunion ever Hopefully go with some of the gang we met this yearHopefully my Fav barman @ the Bluebell will still be there lol x An amazing time had by all us mentalist's from Edinburgh.Definatly Rocked out with our C**** out in Zante got  did'nt sleep the whole time I was there too much fun x recoomend Zante to everyone unless you normally go on a sandals holiday xxx

Shelley W  (22 July 2009)        8/10

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Hi All,

Me and the girlies from Edinburgh went to Zante in June 14th-22nd and Pure Rocked Out in Laganas
stayed in the Bluebell and it was coolbasic but fine the maids are total cows tho we caught them trying to nick some of our stuff lucky they did'nt get a  get a safe at reception because one of us got 50 euro nicked on day one.Did'nt put us off tho we were there to party,the reps are a great laugh but the bar staff are betterhi Georgina and still luvin ya Mr Garside met loads of wicked people from all over especially ma wee Gavin &Stacey and the lads in the dados hotel especially you Sam x If your going for a holiday of madness then this is it!!!!Never went to bed for a week,going back next year if my liver can take it!!!If it's 5star you want it's not the Bluebell,but if you want great memories then you make your holiday your ownIf anyone know's the English guy's that stayed in the Dados especially Sammy boy tell him Ladybird Shell said Hiii.Still missing Zante like mad mostly Pink Panther's if you go you have to try it!!miss my cheertleader's Matt so started drinking them here not 5 euro tho lol x see you all next year for the Reunion xxxx

Gillian R  (24 June 2009)        9/10

Hey all,

We went to the bluebell for 2 weeks. There was 8 of us from dundee university - 6 scottish and 2 irish. We all had an amazing time and would all go back again. The reps were fab and done a great job. Staff were amazing. Although defo hide your money when mades are coming. They snoop a little. They were caught trying out a mates perfume and i reckon we had about 30 euros stolen between us but then they told us not to leave money lying out before hand so it was our own fault.

Pools small but good and the poolside bar is fab. Great location. 5 seconds from the beach. If you go the right way that is! and 10 mins to the strip. Defo a safer location than some of the other place. Would total recommend it to anyone.

ZANTE 2009 best 2 weeeks of my life ever
Just miss it now. Defo wana go back!


Callum W  (18 June 2009)        1/10

The Bluebell staff cant be trusted me and my mate had almost 600 euros stolen last week from our room as the in room safe broken and we were not told could hire one in reception for 15 euros!!!!!!Mind you the staff are probably in on it as totally ignored us when we tried to sort it! We will never stay there again and are making an official complaint-for what its worth to the travel agent.Not only did our money get nicked but maids useless and only made our beds once in a week .Mind you safer bto ban the maids from your rooms .Would be great if someone could set a trap for the thieving bas---ds!!!

Daryl J  (17 June 2009)        7/10

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hey all me and my 3 girly friends are jus bk 4m zante

zante was amazin nyt life is fantastic especially the white party, aussie bar, rescue, chevvys and must bar say hi 2 jack n max!!!!!
bluebell appartments is a great location as its jus 5 min walk 4m the main strip n 2 min walk 4m beach
the reception staff are great n the reps r amazin :)
It takes time 2 get used 2 the rooms as they r a bit basic especially the shower which looked like a basin
While stayin at bluebell we had 530 euros stolen from our room, our room doors were always locked and no sign of break in, the cctv cameras were checked n it was only ourselves and the maids who were in the room but nothing was done about it as there was no evidence!!!!!  We made a police report but still nothing was done, although the reps especially russell was amazin in sorting things out.  However we did have 2 leave early :(
In that 1 week there were several incidents of thigs such as makeup, jewlerry and money going missing so if u r staying at bluebell get a safe at reception!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and never trust the maids in your room!!!!!!!
also be carefull wen using the towels as the maids try n charge you 8 euros if u get a tiny bit of makup on them and ull need 2 buy ur own toilet roll as only changed once a week!!!!!

Matt B (09 February 2009)

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My friends and I are going to Bluebell on the 24th of May! Woooo Bring it on!!

Laura-jane J (14 March 2008)

i stayed at the Bluebell last year and the most amazing part of my holiday was the 2wentys crew and my rep!! When i stayed at the Bluebell with 10 of my mates lads and girls Mouth who was our rep was the highlight of our holiday!! Because of Mouth and the rest of the 2wentys crew like Mouth, Filth and Lego we had the most amzing time ever!!

The Bluebell we thought was a great hotel but in the first 2 days of staying there we had money and i pods and digital cameras stolen from one of our rooms. I would say make sure you get a safe but seeing as our stuff was tolen from our safe that wouldn't help! If anyone else reading this site has had somethin stolen from a safe while stayin at the hotel please speak now or forever hold your peace because i know i am not the only one!
Anyway, if you stay here and it is still 2wentys make sure you do booze cruise bar crawl and the party nite! They are the best trips ever!!! We done them all and they were great as we were there for 2 weeks but we are goin back this year and only going for a week and that is plenty for us!
Before anyone asks NO we are not staying at the Bluebell again! Like i said i had an amazing 2wentys holiday and that was down to our legend rep Mouth!! (Filth we love you too) And the quality 2wentys crew!
We are stayin in another 2wentys hotel, just because this time we dont fancy having our stuff nicked again! When we were on holiday a big group of lads from Liverpool had stuff stolen too, so we know we weren't the only ones thats why we are stayin elsewhere now!
Mouth Filth Lego, Reunion was amazing!!! Can someone tell me how to get the DVD? Cant beleive you are not in Zante this year but Laganas stirp the mad essex lot are back so beware! anyone there in May? We will be stayin in Laganas if you need guidance on where is hot and where is soooo not!!!
Love Jonesey

Amy R  (30 January 2008)        7/10

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Me and my mates stayed in bluebells last year! august 1st for 2 weeks! was a wikid holiday and i would reccomend it the hotel is right near every thing and rite near the beach! u can cut thru the beach on the walk home to avoid PRs.altho my mate did get her drink spiked in the second week which kinds ruined things! and taxi driveres refused to take us to the hopital incase she was sik! altho we got there in the end! The Reception people were very helpful.
weather was amazing sooo hot! Theres lots of nice resturant along the seafront. and 1 just down a bit from bluebells!
1 thing i would say is we paid 180 euros wen we got there for all the excursions with 2wentys which were a good larf but i wud say jus pay seperate and only go on skool disco and popcorn party they were good! and booze cruise was quite good but had to go at 10 in the mornin n they make u av a shot of after shock straight away ...not a good idea that early after a rough nite!and they ssay u get free bar but its only selected drinks!
i would say def go to cocktails and dreams and Rescue clubs they were good. also must bar and plus bar! Smile 
Enjoy ur holidays!

Pri K (10 September 2007)

Hey guys.. not seen you about.. did you come to the monrepo....

Jerome C (21 August 2007)

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Hey Pri, you still in Laganas?

We were at the bluebell for a week last year, 16 of us from hertfordshire - bright red tour tops!! pretty much in every photo you took on bar crawl and fancy dress night!!! Have a look at your handy work. lol
Anyways me and two others are coming back with my brother on on the 29th, staying at the Mon Repos , think it may be heatwave but we fancy joining up with the twenties stuff, gonna pop by the bluebell to see if mouth and cookie remember us - Cant wait, if its half as wicked as last year we're in for the time of lifes!!!!!  
Jazzy Fizzle x

Luke D  (15 June 2007)        10/10

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danvers here,

hey boys and girls from bluebell, got back last night (05/06/07) mising you lot already and you know who you are - mezza, michael, sean, adam, fred, charlotte, katie, ian, kay, vince, lisa, lindsay, donna, nat, hannah and last but not least the essex boys.(you are all legends) had a blast carnt wait till reunion, big it up for the best reps on the island cookie, mouth and dino see you all in november i love you to bits ........................... fred, 4-1 mate


where my dawgs at......................


oh and how could i forget the best bar staff in zante emma, kate and my main man mr sam buca (look out for him at sizzle - legend)



get back to me on    



oh and btw anyone thinking about going to laganas but unsure about it, all i can say is it was a f**king amazing holiday thanks to all the legends i met while i was there and i would recomend to anyone, the trips that the reps offer you might not seem your thing but the three best options are, booze cruse, sex in the city and school disco night, they were so good i acctually dont remember getting back to the hotel, lots to drink, games to play and fun to have. just remember two words......down it!!


some of the best bars and clubs on the strip are- plus, g-spot, medusa, zeros, rescue, boozers, cherry bay, sizzle and sabotage.


sorry to put a down'er on the holiday but beware of the gypsey's on the night out they will do anything to get your money, they sell glow sticks, hats and flowers and will try to get you to feel sorry for them but ignore it all or you will lose your wallet. they will pick pocket at any chance they get .



Lisa W  (14 June 2007)        10/10

hey girleys and boys,

i just like to say what a wicked time i had staying at the bluebells, i wish i was still there. i met some very speacial people out there ma gals form croydon ( which im seeing this friday we going to a foam party) also sam, pottsy an danvers i loves these guys they really made me laugh, my neighbours bare, dan,dan, sean stuart im sori if i met u an ant put ur name on i was prob to f**ked to remenber them. biggin it up to the maryland massive lol cookie, strawberry and smokey. my reps cookie, mouth an deano. an how can i for get sambuca ( sam) lol if you ever come across sam dont be standing near a pool cause you will come home with bruises lol my knee still hurts.
when your out there da best trips are the booze cruise (wkd), sexy in the city (cum on gals) an skol disco, beware of bree she will record you doing things you wont want to remenber. best bars/clubs plus, medusa,zero,rescue an cherry bay you must check them out.
oh an any of you who remenbers strawberry shes bin a pissed da last week.
i had such a wkd time me and strawberry are going back in april for the summer cnt wait.
anyways guys hopefully i will see you lot at reunion
any guys an gals form ma hols check me
love ya lisa aka

Sam C  (13 June 2007)        10/10

alright boys and girls from bluebell 07. just got bak and i would just like to say what a f**king awesome time i had and all the amazing people i met while i was out there such as - lisa, lindsay, mezza, michael, seany mc, adam, fred, ian, kay and vinny mac and the essex boys.

the best places to get absolutely smashed r zeros, rescue, medusa, g-spot, boozers, cherry bay, sizzle and plus. also the best trips 2 go on r booze cruise, sex in the city and school disco(if u make it through the 2 hour free bar) also big shout 2 the 2wentys reps like mouth, cookie and dino all of them legends. laganas is the place 2 go 4 a quality holiday.
p.s pottsy it a shame u couldnt bring a stray dog bak n danvers no more being sick on random meatheads on coaches!!!!
love the legends!
hope to see you all at the reunion and maybe relive some awesome experiences.

Craig H  (09 June 2007)        10/10

hello my fellow p**s heads!!!!!

been thinking for at least 30 seconds now and my head hurt coz i am trying to write something different but i cant, zante was the f***ing t*ts!!!!  the reps were awesome!! hotel was good but the thing that made my holiday was the nutters that i was lucky to share it with danvers sam pottsy adam charllote katie fred sean mezza micheal.... can remember any more names if i missed you out and you reading this sorry!!!
craig a.k.a bear

Charlotte P  (04 June 2007)        10/10

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Hey people its adam (Gilly) and charlotte here just got back from Zante and had a blast! Everynight was mint woteva we got up to! and the reps made it twice as good Cookie and Mouth being the best reps ive ever met (even tho they stole my phone charger!)

Was absoloutly mint would reccomend to anyone missin it alredi only been home 1 day especially all the legends we met on the hol danvers, essex boys......
We will see every one at the reunion in november cant wait!
Love charlotte and Adam

Sean M  (04 June 2007)        10/10

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just got back from zante and the bluebell!!
best holiday /piss up ever!!
already missin ppl like..the legends that are.. the essexboys..boro boys(michael n mezza)...vince ian kay n danvers(legend) potts n sam(we r nottingham:p) n hw can i 4get the reps/./ legends especially cookie dino mouth !! also the bar workers...the best being sam-buca, go and see him down @ sizzle!
the other quality bars on the strip include, rescue, zero, plus, sabotage, coyote wild etc...and also if u like a late drink and a good time..cherry bay is the place to be between 4-8am!
they reps made this holiday worthwhile n the best excursions are -  sex in the city, boooze cruise n school disco. if u wanna have good time...the reps offer u a quality deal...n by the time u leave they will be not only be your memorable reps but also your friends too!
2 words - down it:p!!
i wanna c*m back out in sept(y)!!
bring on the reunion in skeg november!!
shall see u all there- cannot wait!!
add me if u wereon the hol
may27th - june 3rd
love u all
x x x x

Danny C  (12 March 2007)        10/10

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hello pri meant to put 1st week in june not may sorry! yer we thort the holiday an bluebell was class!june is busy ay it:? there is onlty 3 goin bak this year me an the lad who cut his chin an was sik on dvd! an another lad who didnt come last year! ANY GIRLS GOIN ON OUR WEEk? from bout 3rd of june? heres the pic of us two pri so ya no which two we are

Danny C  (05 March 2007)        10/10

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hello 3 lads goin back to zante first week in may! 17 of us from wolverhampton went there last year in september was class! mouth loved us! we were the lads on dvd bein sik haha anyone goin our time? c ya soon mouth
danny collins

Lucie C (02 March 2007)

click to enlargeAlright, Im flying out from gatwick on the 31st July With 8 girls !!, Never been zante heard its meant 2 be good tho, Ne1 else flying from gatwick on the same day ? Lucie x

Pri K (13 February 2007)

As for the trips guys.... I can honestly say I have been done every trip for 2 seasons ans still not fed up. You get to know everybody and make some great friends. If you only do a couple you don't really get as much out of it. My fav day is the Cruise to St Nics, great funny day, swimming off the boat, belly flop comps, water sports, and lots more. Defo worth doing. People who say that don't want their holiday ruled by the trips it really does not take up all your time it is just a way to have a great time with other people who are there to do the same. See you there... Pri (20's photographer) 

Pri K (13 February 2007)

Hey everybody Pri here... can't wait to get back to Zante and laganas, mising it loads. Laura reunion looked awesome. In canada at the mo having a good time. Getting back on the 23rd April need to speak to new 20's and first choice bosses.. AHHH!!. Do you have Toms email address I have been trying to get a hold of him. Anybody who is questioning the Blue Bell I have worked with 20's and the Blue Bell for 2 years, number 3 this year and I LOVE IT. Great atmosphere, great people... See you all soon.... BRING ON THE summer..... xxx

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