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Dawn S

Was closed while we were in argassi so cant rate it but was disappointed we didnt get to try it.  ( we were there btwn 13 may and 27 may so am not sure if its opening at all this season)

Samantha D           

This has got to be the bset place in Argassi for a slap up meal in lovely surroundings. We loved it here, if you like pork then please try Justins Special it's soooooooo mouth watering, just a pity i couldn't eat it all, you get loads on your plate. We have been to Argassi twice now and stay at the Dora Studios (which is the best accommodation in Argassi) and we were like the tourist information on the complex  and i advised everyone to go to Ilision, who all came back and said how nice it was, so next year i think i'll be asking for a free meal since i sent people round to fill up there till  

M D           

We ate here 4 nights (out of a 2 week holiday), but wished we had more nights to go. EXCELLENT. Nice setting and the smell of jasmine is very nice. Very good white wine for 3 eur /ltr. Very big menu. The food was the best we had. The greek plate was the best - Huge and very tasty. Kleftiko cooked the traditional way in foil. We have booked to go to Argassi next year in June and hope this restaurant is still open.

Abby B           

Sorry i didnt edit the options at the bottom of the page!!!!

Abby B           

I loved the food at this resturant,the ingredients were fresh,the red wine beautiful,the best meal during my two week stay!!
The salad was one of the best ive ever tasted and my main meal a mexican style dish was excellent,not only is the food good the prices are reasonable as well and the portions are large-throughly recomended!!

Sue L           

The Ilision is an absolute must for anyone visiting the Island everything about it is exceptional, the food is simply to die for and the service is wonderful especially as it is one guy running around a very busy restuarant we will definatley be going back next year.

Joan &           

After reading the comments below we visited Ilision several times and it was exactly as described.  Good, well presented food in a lovely setting.  And slightly lower in price than many other restaurants. We recommend it highly.

Carol P           

Sorry I can't seem to add the photos to the post I wrote earlier. Shame cos they're mouth watering!!!

Carol P           

Regrettably we only discovered Ilision on day 11 of our 14 day holiday. This is a superb restaurant of high quality with well presented food, served by a really lovely guy who sweats buckets running the floor show! Dennis ( who incidentally referred to himself as Dennis the Menace! ) is a really sweet bloke. He takes the orders, serves the food, clears the tables, brings the drinks, obliges to take photos of your family and is friendly too! This place is tucked away really but that was part of the appeal for us. The quiet, relaxed atmosphere is a perfect setting to sit and eat excellent quality food. We paid 44 euros for our first visit which we couldn't believe as we had paid 58 euros the previous night at Poisiden Restaurant and it was absolutely crap, plus that was only for 2 courses not 3 as the first visit at Ilision was!!! I have posted photos of four of the main meals we had at Ilision so you can see how amazing Ilision really is!!! You must go and give it a try, you won't be sorry, I can promise you!!!!!! One picture is chicken Hawaiian, which is a chicken fillet in a delicious sauce topped with pineapple, served with a crunchy side salad, savoury flavoured rice and chips. The other pictures were of chicken Bombay - chicken fillet in a mild curry sauce served with the same as the above. Then, feta chicken, a chicken fillet wrapped in bacon with layered sliced potatoes with mushrooms and a feta cheese and mushroom sauce, served with the same as the above. Finally, the tortilla stack....a Mexican pile of tortillas with cheese, chillies, nachos etc arranged in a fabulous and mouth-watering fashion. Hope this posting persuades many of you to pay Dennis a visit. He knew me and my family as 'The Family'!!!!! 


Paul K           

We ate here on our first night by pure chance and needless to say we returned a further 4 times during out 2 weeks.

Excellent food and service, very reasonalbly priced. and we got a few freebies along the way.
The location is a about 5 min walk from resort centre on the 'back road' from the church to the Krinas Hotel this made it very pleasent.
The waiter was also very friendly and even offered us a drink in Magic Mushrooms after his shift.
I'd recomend the baked feta and beef stifado
Will def be here again.

Georgie C           

Was such a nice place. Definately the best food we had the whole two weeks. Was nice and quiet and really good value. We got the best free fruit salad ever. veeeeery much appreciated. five stars. xxx

Old M           

Wonderful lamb kleftiko!  Slightly strange place as we were the only ones there and it was a bit like eating in the middle of nowhere, but the food was well worth the trip down the back road.

Peter &           

 The BEST restaurant in Argassi in our opinion.

Excellent food, service, atmosphere and price. A lovely, peaceful and relaxing place to dine.We have been to Argassi for the past 4 years and have tried many restaurants in that time, but no-one has ever beaten Ilision. It certainly lives up to its name (Ilision was the place where the gods went for relaxation and pleasure)  The restaurant is not in the main streets, Follow the side road by the Palmyra Hotel round, go past the grill house, past Edem and you're there, in the countryside. Or follow the road opposite the church until you reach it. Either way - well worth a short walk.
Try any meal, you can't go wrong, but the Greek specialities are 'fouvarou' (it'll be spelt wrong, but means excellent/delicious but with passion.) Don't miss the Kleftiko, Zakynthian Lamb, Stuffed Tomatoes, Chicken Ilision - actually, just don't miss it !!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to everyone there for treating us like family. Thanks to Dennis for the Greek lessons and to Dennis (on the till) for the 'lotto'
They even took us back to the hotel one night when it rained. No strings attached, no hidden agenda, just really nice, friendly, genuine people.
See you all again next year.

Steve M           

A very nice clean resturant, prices good,service good, pleasent atmosphere, good menu.  very enjoyable meals well cooked and presented.

Dave W           

Excellent meal go there every year.. certainly worth the walk =)

Roy D           

must have caught these guys on a bad night.not one to hurry back to.average all round for us i'm afraid.

Mike F           

We ate here on one of our last nights and regretted that we hadn't tried this restaurant earlier. The waiter was excellent, the food was absolutely have to try the Kleftiko it is heavenly and for the presentation alone it is worth ordering this meal

Michelle B           

Ate here several times throughout our stay , and we loved it everytime, lovely and quite, nice relaxing atmoshphere, really friendly generous staff, its nice to be off the beaten track , well worth the walk to find it. (Approx 5 mins walk from both main roads).


Ate at this restaurant several nights, and each meal was great. The prices were excellent and the quality of food was fantastic. We were given half a litre of wine free, which really reduced the cost of the meal!
Would return here again, because the menu had some many different dishes to try.

Paul S           

what a fantastic taverna excellent food excellent prices and the service 2nd to none well worth a visit


We also went on Greek night. The entertainment was good as was the food. We had a power cut when we were there and the staff upgraded the children's desert to icecream. We had to wait a bit longer for our dinner because of this, but it could of happened anywhere. Well worth a visit on Greek night

James M           

Went there on their Greek night and had wonderful time. The food was good and there was plenty of it and had a great time smashing plates and joing in with the Dancing.

Leanne F           

We loved this place, the food, the staff, the atmosphere, the parrot.
The waitress was wonderful and she couldn't believe that my daughters were my daughters she made such a fuss. OOh also she is married to the chef so say something nice about your food :)

Russ F           

We visited this taverna numerous times in our two week stay and never had a bad meal. We also liked it because it is away from the hustle and bustle of the main street. Try also the taverna Edem just across the road.

Robert B           

the food was really good, the actual service good, the prices were very good. they offer as near to authentic greek cuisine as you will get in argassi. the down side on the night we ate there was the total lack of atmosphere!!i know the town was very quiet, and it must be very boring when you have set your stall out and you only have a handful of diners that evening, but that means perhaps you have more time to chat to your customers! try it, you never know..however, the food was good, even though we crept away, leaving the bill and payment on the table, just in case we disturbed someone....

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