Dora Studios - (Accommodation in Argassi)

Samantha D           

This is our seond year running at Dora's and we love it still. At this rate i'll never get to see another part of the world as i keep getting drawn back to Zante Argasi and of course there's only one place to stay and thats "Dora's Studio and Apartments".  The Apartments are clean, the pool is clean, the complex surroundings are clean, what more do us brits want? Apart from good food, hot sun and plenty of fluids and let me tell you, there's plenty of that too. All staff are very friendly and helpful. A big Geia sas to my friend Dora, Pannos and to Dimitri and Jo (love you hunny's) and to little Katrina. Also a big hello to the fantastic people i met, Big hi to Claire, Richard, Gemma, Helen, Tony, Joy and Bri and the rest, you know who you all are. Thanks to Magic Martin who nearly made me wet myself one night, forget the magic just do comedy haha, only joking.

If you are considering to come here then stop considering and just go, you'll love it, just read the feed back.
Please go to Ilision the restaurant, leave Dora's through the gate next to the pool bar, turn right, carry on down the road for 2 mins and it's the second restaurant on the right, you'll love it, try Hawaiian Pork (Justin Special) very lush and the Hawaiian wraps yum yum. Love you Dora, Pannos, Dimitri and Jo "EFCHARISTO AND ANTIO

Argassi Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Samantha D           

I love Argassi, but if your wanting a beach holiday then Argassi is not the beach for you. However, if you don't mind travelling a short time there are a couple of lovely beaches, one being the banana beach and St Nicholas. Argassi beach is really good for water sports and the guys that do the sports are really friendly and lovely people. The beach is not tidal, and had to giggle when someone put on the notice that the tide was always in, it's not the tide, it just shows how narrow the beach is  I wouldn't pay the fee of having a sun bed, they should really be free but i suppose it's all about making money.

Ilision - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Samantha D           

This has got to be the bset place in Argassi for a slap up meal in lovely surroundings. We loved it here, if you like pork then please try Justins Special it's soooooooo mouth watering, just a pity i couldn't eat it all, you get loads on your plate. We have been to Argassi twice now and stay at the Dora Studios (which is the best accommodation in Argassi) and we were like the tourist information on the complex  and i advised everyone to go to Ilision, who all came back and said how nice it was, so next year i think i'll be asking for a free meal since i sent people round to fill up there till