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Harry C

7 Essex lads going Zante on the 31st of august for 2weeks! gonna be messy, looking for a good holiday!!!

Ria D

 3 Welsh Girls off to Zante 23rd September for a week!!!... Anyone out there the same time??  Let me know xxx

Pamela J

Going to Zante 6th September for a week, anyone who is going at same time feel free to add me

Zone E


Ian P

  elo grls n lads  wer 3 london lads heading to lagans on the 31st auguest for 2 weeks any1 whos gonna b there drop us a commet or add me on facebook! iv been befor n loved it zanta is qualty! wana try get loads of ppl on ere to our apartment for a starter party !

Jordan S

hello ladies and gents to be fair. Two london lads heading to laganas on 17 august 2010 . Whoever is gonna b there drop us a comment or add my facebook. My profile pic me in a suit.

David H          10/10

Hey there 4 Good looking Navy Lads going to Lagaanas 29 JUL -5 Aug.    Add me on face book David hendo Henderson ( pic of me drinking a jug of beer).  If your up for some top partying giz an addy.


Cheri F

5 Girlies going to Laganas on 5th to 13th of August 2010.

Add me on MSN if ur gonna be there at the same time :D!

Cannot wait!

Danny B

ive heard some decent things about this club as well were goin the 2nd july - 12th cant wait!!

Luke I

i booked a holiday for the 28th June -  12th July, ive read some pretty good reviews and heard some good things about Rescue, so i cant wait to go .

if anyone is going at the same time, chat to me :)

Dave P          10/10


Mick C

6 lads going to laganas stayin in the perkes hotel in 11 days woop  (6th august - 20th) giz an add if yah staying

Sarah M

went to zante for a week in week of my life...nightlifes unreal and rescue club makes it even better!!only gets going after half 12 so take ur time getting hammered before you go in!barmen are delishwanna go back so bad!


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just came back yesterday, was bloody mint out there, rescue was the best place to go even though 5euro a drink, i suggest going to wild coyote opposite doing a dentist chair there for 10euro it will get u w**kered b4 u hit rescue, the bouncers r bloody huuggee so would not start with them lol

Danny K

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Going for 2 weeks aug 6 til 14th cnt wait to get out there nd hav a hell of a laugh!! any1 out there same time give me an email

Chloe S


Hiyaa Guys!

We Booked R Hol To Laganas Last October! By The Swnd Of It Its Guna Be Acee!
Cant Wait!
Anyone Plannin On Bein Ther 3rd-17th August!??
Add Us
Cant Wait To Gett Messsssssyyyyy!
Love 3 Yorkshire Gals Chloe, Stacey and Jadee! xxx
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James C          10/10

this club made the hole trip 4 me amazing gr8 music lazers everything check out youtube c*min back nxt year cant wait

Aimee J          10/10

rescue was best club out there

there every night and NEVER got bored of it.
gream music and everyone dancing
loved being up in the cages haha.
expensive drink but it was worth it.
anyone in laganas around 16th of august 08 add me

Grace C          10/10

Cant beat rescue.

We have gone to zante for 2 years now and went to rescue EVERY night. music is deadly.
Outside bar is good for a few drinks at the start of the night and inside club for the whole night.
Miss you all already.
3 irish girls--- Clare , Grace and Catherine.

Beth W          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlargedefinately the best club ever i never wanted to leave :(:(! x x

Tom H          10/10

hey people i just got bak frm Zante on the 10th of august had the best time ever especially in rescue,just wonderin if any1 nos how 2 get a list of music they played in rescue???sum1 plz wb wiv an answer

Sarah D          9/10

Hey Guys

Just back from Zante on Friday 25th July. Went to Rescue on the first night and it was awesome! Really good music and the lazers were funky. Only downfall was that you could hardly move, one of my friends go punched in the face of some random bloke.
Loved the fact you could dance on the podeums and stuff too. Music was amazing and it didn't actually take that long to get a drink despite it being heaving.
You Wot???? lol
All in all a gr8 place to go if you love a bit of raving and shaking your booty.
Sarah xxx Smile
Only downfall is, that there is no major nights in Zante unlike Magaluf -  no foam or water parties.

Matt B          10/10

Rescue Night Club is unbelivable .... stayed at ''Alexander The Great'' Hotel for a week (17th July 08 - 24th July 08) and every single night we ended up in Rescue's at around 2AM.

The girls there are unbelivable ... the music is amazing and the atmosphere is a buzz!!!
I'ld say Rescue just slightly takes the lead ... but at a close 2nd place is Zero's; then Cocktails and Dreams !!!!
Overall - Rescues is the Club you wanna end up in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Definitely going back there Next Year; so tempted to book another week for August!!!!!
YOU WAT YOU WAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul S          10/10

The dogs danglies !!!

Joceline W

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Rescue is the BEST club on the island!

And they loved us that much we got rescue club tops

Pheobe T          10/10

absolutely the best club in laganas! my girl friends and i were in zante for a week straight after our A levels (20th -27th June 2008) and it wasnt long enough, so when we got home we booked another trip for the start of next month! can not wait to be back there!

Tommy B          10/10

rescue club is by far the best club in zante, effin gr8 atmosphere and the tunes were top dog. was in their every nite as no other club was as good as rescue.

would recommend this club to go in as you are guranteed a bloody excellent time.
only just got but missing it heaps already will def be back for zante 09!!!
tommy bx

Danielle G          10/10

us 4 girls from dublin only back frm zante that place was whopper and kickin every night well recommended  go it has everytin ye need !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be back in 2009 xxx

Andrew I          10/10

This place is well class and ended up there every night until 5 a.m with DJ Danni playin some wicked tunes.

Sandra B          10/10

We absolutely loved this place !!!! Best music and atmosphere in Laganas, well recommended.

Kay E

click to enlargeRescue Club was amazing!! Ended up here almost every night!!


Joanne M

went to the ratpack event night here on 15th august 2007 AND IT WAS MENTAL!!

def coming back in 08!!!

Danielle R          10/10

Spent most of our holiday last year  in here it is absolutley great miss everyone there didnt get to speak 2 many of u though as it was 2 packed! met terry and benny the glass collecter miss you all hope u all had a gud xmas and new year get in touch

Danielle and Kellie xx
wish we were there rite now!!!

Kayleigh S          10/10

Wot a f**in belta this club is!!!!! Well impressed when I found this place  Ended up in here every night! And every night was bouncin!!!!  Anyone who knows how to have a good time will love it in here so I suggest you get your drinking caps on and get down there to rock the show!!!

Mel P          10/10

okay being me i didnt realise that this was a club until 3 days make sure yu dont just go to the bar keep going and yull find the best club in zante.its even got an upstair outside balcony bar.played the best tunes ever,everyone ends up there so its packed out. drinks are over priced but your on holiday! try and stay away from macdonlads which is right near it,im sure i ended up with a bag of chips in my hands everynight hahaah

Ben W          10/10

yes yes!!! zante was f**kin brilliant loved it!!! i went out in july with all me m8s firt clubbing holiday n was messy!!! reccomended to anyone and goin bck next year :p:p!!! cant wait!! rescues is also  of the top clubs out there if not the best its lively in the place!!! lol

Jade E          10/10

OMG i just got back from laganas its the best place every i had the best time! rescue has to be one of my fav clubs the atmophia was soo brilliant , us four girls from surrey had the best time and met som amazing people! i recommend laganas and rescue deffiantly! people check it out its mindblowing!!!

Daniel (jack) W          10/10

Quality, 4 messy nights out of 7 spent here. Music awesome. Crowd Spot on. Unlucky to have missed radio 1 couple of weeks ago but then Dave Pearce played when we were there. Stroke of Luck, reach for the Laser Safe as Fu*k!

Connor M

on some nights it was a bit s**t, but when it wos good it was f**kin amazin!

Nick Y          8/10

Rescue is the place 2 go in zante! when we wer out there radio1 were broadcasting from there, and Ratpack performed aswell. If u love ravin its all about this place. And the barmaids are off the chain aswell! x

Scott F          10/10

This is the best club around!! well worth going to got much fun and booty shaking out of this pllace!! haha who ever is going to zante in the near future i recomend this as a good RAVE 

Kim R           

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Hiya Bec, hope you're well baby! Missin Zante loads and only been home 4 days! Like I wrote in your book - we're some of the old skool workers out there now - 3 years has gone by so fast!!! Love you loads baby - dunno if I'll be down for Roadhouse but goin to Skeggy hopefully!

Take care sweetie - Kimbo xXx You've got my number keep in touch!
Always Rescue (or Cherry)... Always Becci's Bar... Always Mashed in Laganas 2004/05/06

Becci R           



Becky D           

Might be completely wrong about this one... if this was the one with 2 cages up on the wall, we had a great night dancing till dawn... and yes did get up in the cage with JoJo.

Vikki W           

  Got back on Friday 29 September.  Spent the whole week visiting Rescue and talking to Ollie, Leftie, Demitri, Tyson, (although I'm sure that Tyson was intimidated by us!!) Dan and Jamie (PR).  It is a fantastic place and no matter how often you see the fire breathing act it is still amazing.  Drinks are slightly more expensive than other bars but they are sure to give free shots to regulars and if you are lucky and hit the place at the end of the season a free t-shirt too!  Cheers everyone for making us so welcome, you never know, we might even bump into you again somewhere (although for everyone's reference, Bexley is nowhere near Rotherhithe!!)

Vicky R           

  Loved Rescue, music was top and especially loving Ratpack who are amazing. Hate beingback in England its well Depressing

Natalie M           

We loved Rescue it was mint, as the Nottingham guys would say.  We went there most nights and danced on the stage and had a wkd time, we met loads of nice guys in there , I dont know how though we were dancing about like idiots most of the time ha


rescue is THE best bar in zante!!

went in july and was in there everynite, the staff were nice and friendly, and easy on the eye  haha!!
and yes stacey i do think ollie looks like frank lampard.

Sophie W           

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Hiya every1 jus wanted 2 say we had a brilliant tym not so much in the club but in rescue bar!! missin zante soo much n reli wna go bak i gota pic of me n d girlies so if ne1 remembers c'in us out der den let me no cos we lost track of how many wicked ppl we met lotsa love sophie n d girls xx (Good Girls Go 2 Heaven, Bad Girls Go Zante!)

Jennifer F           

Hiya everyone, My mate Helen from Liverpool & me from North Wales stay apartment in Laganas just 1 week, we both are deaf. I liked this place, always going to the Rescue club every night coz its the best- vibration of music, can feel it!! The barmen are friendly. But some not good looking men, dancing are good.

S S           

Just back - again :   Didnt go clubbing in rescue but loved to sit outside overlooking the strip and watch all the sights go by! best entertainment ever. Jay the new PR is a dirty dog but nice with it   
Hope your still enjoying it!


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me an migel

Danny K           

Rescue was good the whole place was good but not great. didnt matter tho as we had a crazy mad time and loved every minute of the holiday. made friends with some great people over there and really enjoyed going out with the reps. ne one goin to the reunion message me at

Emily R           

click to enlargeclick to enlargegot some more piccies Emily x x 

Emily R           

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helloo!! got my pictures back from here, it was a bad but brilliant nite in here!! got shot with bb guns n slaped n it was horrible!!! such a good laugh though!!!!

ne ways heres some pictures
Emily x x


click to enlarge

here is a pic of ollie, does anyone else think he looks like frank lampard!

Sam B           


hi bobby n kim its danny n sam here not sure if u can remember us cos we were in zante from july 16th til 30th. Dannys the 'hey good looking 1' and i'm his girlfriend who puked in the loo oops sorry about that. we were there the same time as Norway couple we had a brill time on hols especially in relax where we always started our nights out. wish we were there now cos its pissing it down here. hope 2 c u both agian sometime. Anyways how's you both doing?
p.s sorry email is late only just set up an email address.
take care
Sam n Dannyclick to enlargeclick to enlarge


we were in lagana in august for 2 weeks, we went to rescues every nite. it was absoloutely amazing!!!  we loved the place. altho the greeks were a bit slimy. like pulling out condoms and thrustin them in our faces. they were a bit of a pest. other than that this place is def a place to go. if this club was in shields it would be the most amazin place to club!

Shauna M           

Just back from Laganas, total quality holiday!! Anyone got any pics of the hot bartenders in Rescue Club...mmmm yum yum yum :-)))

Megan K           

OMG this place was the best club ive eva been to!me and my best mate mel loved it everynight we went in n i think we would go back to laganas just for rescues!

best music!n we loved it dancing in the cages on the walls just looking down n seeing everone loving it!best feeling eva!Cant wait to go back!

Vasou Z           

emma at october its not croweded,laganas seems so peaceful and most of the club are closed.Although,the big ones,are open until the season ends,rescue and zeros is for sure open.

as far as concerned the weather,its an autumn weather,you ll probably have to wear longsleeve blouses and not summer shoes .


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Hello ollie (frank), migel & tony,
its the liverpool girls stacey, rachel & lyndsay. loved the rescue bar. we were there every night!

Peter T           

hey jemma turner, me and my mate are goin fom 29th august for week so will be there when ur there. been last few years so cant wait to get back again, if u wanna get in touch or find out any info email me if ya like pete

Sarah M           


Daz Tony and Ollie......
Hope the back is better Daz you are all great guys.....
Rescue is FAB I went to Lagana 3 years ago and went then and the eye candy is getting better and better
Sarah and Chell Barnsley girls.............

Ricky A           

Thought rescuses wasnt that great to be honest all the same bars/cubs played the same crappy commercialised dance music, to have dave peace playing there tells it all, he actually cnceled the friday i was out there, thnk god as my friends wanted to go and see him! Theres only 3 places to go, potters bar, for a nice chilled out drink, mad murphys for a dance and some 'sharking' on the sexy irish chicks, one girl behind the bar caught my eye aswell, the only english girl working there, who i had a private dance with when the bar was empty and the other bar, was cherrys bar, for cheesy music at the end of the night!

Emma A           

Rescue bar is the best! Especially lefty- the bruises don't only get left on your bum!! x

James C           

Anova quality place. The firebreathing, well worth going if just for that, wud b better if it were birds but they play some banging track like operation blade or firestarter and blow fire to the beat its amazing ull have to see it to understand!

Kate W           

omg! one of the greatest bars/clubs of all time! i will never forget rescue.. especially for the hot barmen and defo that double screamin orgasm i got on the bar for my birthday lmao! cheers everyone.. hope to see y'all next year..

love kate from durham!! xx


hi emma lagana closes down at the end of october so its not as busy as july and august and the weather as cooled down alot too.we go every year in september and its just nice not too rowdy and not quiet.but if u love lagana like we do u will love it whatever time u go.hoped this helped love Emma

Corset C           

The best two weeks of our life! The atmosphere, the music and the men....oh my god!!!!!
If your entertaining the idea of going to Laganas, JUST DO IT! You wont regret it for a second but you may have some trouble recalling it afterwards!!!!!!!
And check out Ollie, behind the bar.........mmmmm.
lol Corset Carly n Sister Sarah.  x

Janine L           

We were in Laganas in July for 2 weeks an we absolutely loved it, Rescue club is the place to be, an little Tyrone behind the bar is absolutley gorgeous!!

Emma M           

me and my mate are going out to zante in october and are just wanting to know what the nightlife is like at this time of year. is it still lively? if anyone knows would they please let me know. thankyou

 emma xxxx

Jemma T           

hey hey ppl me an me best mate are going over there on 1st september 2006 cnt w8 anyone else goin over dere da tym!!!

Mark F           

Was there from 10th-24th July Had an absolutely wicked time every time we went in rescue, definately the best club in the resort and by far the best night of the holiday was the dave pearce night that was awesome. Loved it

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