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Toby R

6 guys (will all be 18) heading down to Zante (plaza hotel) on July 9th 2012 for 10 days !! London boys, soo you know how we get down loool, never been before soo we are looking for a laugh and a good time. If anyone is heading down around the same time, got any advice, wanna meet up or anything get us on bb: 217A6D60 or Facebook: Leon Dean CAN'T WAIT !! :D :D :D x

Felicia A          10/10

We loved this club! Really good music, staff and a wonderful atmosphere! A place I certainly will visit again!
- But I wonder if anyone can name of the song that they throw up ice in the roof when it's playing, very grateful for answers! 

Clare R

Does anyone know the recipe for the cocktail called Bikini in Zeros nightclub?

Jasmine S          10/10

best barmen in Laganas! The club is great for music and atmosphere!!! MISS IT ALREADY!

Mr B          5/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge A favourite bar of ours over the years, but sadly for us, it's now very much geared towards young party people. The DJ only wants to play club music, which is a shame for us older people, who want to enjoy the entertaining bar staff, but are put off by the domineering music.

But George, Dennis and Raf are still the best bar staff in Laganas...

Clare W

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Natalie W          10/10

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we loved this club, best one there, miss it so much, wish we were back dancing on that bar....

great staff, good djs, hopefully we`ll be back

Beth B          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge best club on the strip,,,wish i was still there

Mr B          9/10

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Still the best bar in Laganas. A few bar staff changes from last year - no Raf, Azza or Matty this season, but the legend himself George is still there ( I'm sure he'll always be there...Zeros wouldn't be Zeros without him ! ) And a big hi to Takis the tillman !

Hope you have a busy season guys !

Rosie S          10/10


Lucy B          10/10

Now this is a seriously good club, great music, we spent most of every night in here

Sarah D          9/10

Hey All,

Went to Zante from 19th - 25th July with 6 of my friends. Us girls had a good time in Zante and found we went to almost all of the best places. I think 1week is enough as there isnt enough to do for 2weeks. Most of the pubs and clubs offer the same things such as drink promotions and music.
Went to Hedkandi night here and it was a really good night. Was really busy again and you always had people bumping into you. Hate the fact that people can still smoke in clubs on holiday, i nearly have my eye taken out about 100 times in one night.
The people in here are friendly and you get to dance on the bar as much as you like. Met lots of random people.
The club isnt too big and has an upstairs where it is much quieter if you hate the pushing from the main dance floor.  
loved the chants of you wot? haha! x

Paul S          10/10

Best club in lagana, spot on music.

Mr B          9/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge Just back from two weeks in Laganas, where we spent 14 nights in Zeros. For us, it's the best bar on the strip. The bar staff will entertain you with their juggling and fire-eating, and new for this year is 'Wally-ball' ( give it a go if you dare ! ).

The music can be quite loud, and more for the younger generation, but you can't beat the bar for a good 'craic'.
Say hello to George who will thrill you with his array of tricks.

Sandra B          9/10

Brill club always busy and excellent dance music

Manuel A          10/10

very nice club

Love Z          10/10


just wanted to say that matt is f**king brilliant. he's nice, a good barman and very easy on the eye too.
as it goes for george, is he still working there?

Anna W          10/10

Anna, Nathalie n' Ellen was here july 2006!!!

zero rocked and so did we!!! every night was spent on zeros and we just wanna thank the bartenders for giving us the best time (and the free drinks)
love u carter carl n' the rest of you !!!
see ya some day
love the swedish babes

Sarah M          10/10

 zeros is amazingg!!!!! this was my fav club to go in laganas had an amazing time here dancing on the bars :d bar men get bit cheeky with the stickers and ice tho!!

so badly wanted to go back was the best holiday ever! zante was such an brill island every1 sosohappy ther, and we hardly eva saw any fights!
zeros is def the place to go!!! however dont go until afta 12 half 12, empty b4 hand bt bar at front still good enuf :d

Paul C          10/10

Just got back from Zante last week, had the best time ever. In fact, we have just booked to go back again the end of August. It a must for all you party animals out there and Zeros is the place to go. The guys, music and atmosphere is the best, second to none in the whole of Laganas. George and Matt truely made my hols, they are great fun, and I nearly lost my missus to them, who found them both gorgeous. The juggling, cocktails and fireshows are brilliant. Can't wait to see all of you again in August, wishing my life away now.

Take care all of you and c u soon, many thanks from me and lots of love from the missus  
Really didn't want to comeclick to enlarge home.
click to enlarge

Cheryl N          10/10

Always ended the night in here.  top music n bar staff.  if your dancin on the bar tho, jus watch that u dont fall off ala natalie  a shudnt laff but it woz hilarious.  u gta learn Matts kung fu fighting dance tho, wel amuzin!! bring on zante 08


Mr B          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeOur favourite bar in Laganas. Great music, and great fun with the bar staff. They're all talented boys, particularly the bar wizard himself George ( Mr Zeros ! ) Bar tricks, juggling, fire-shows, and other games will keep you  entertained for hours. After midnight, the bar splits in two. Go through the back for some good dance music, or stay in the front bar for the sounds of yesteryear.

Sue R          9/10

Excellent bar - best one in Laganas. 

I enjoyed watching the bar men make all the cocktails, juggling with ice cubes and throwing bottles around.  Watching them set fire to the bar and and the fire show was excellent.
Only down fall is that it is more expensive for cocktails than most of the other bars, but still had a few good evenings there.
Excellent atmosphere with really good music.

Emma           2/10

went here once n didnt fink it was dat gd at al most over rated bar out there drinks were deer for a bar beta togo in the other bars drinks r cheaper

Aimi D

the fire show was amazin! beautiful(if not a litttle camp) bar men. loved dancing on the bar and takin over the place like we did all holiday! Big Gash, Blak eye, and the beautiful one!xxx

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