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Pete W          10/10

chevys has a page on facebook, just type in chevys laganas and it will come up.

Fo F          10/10

how do we find amelia and bluebell on facebook i wanted to see the pictures, cos we went there about month ago. LOVVEEEDDD IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maureen M

Hi.  My son, Matthew McCoy aged 19, is working at Chevys Bar - as far as I know.  He hasn't been in touch for weeks, he does not answer his mobile, I can't find a number for Chevy's so am resorting to this.  If anyone knows Matt, would they tell him to contact me so I can kill him?

Peter W          10/10

hi bluebell, pav,and the workers,

had a great time[once again],thanks for the chilli vodka's,and the sprouts.the people on the plane that night were not to happy about them through.

Mr B          5/10

This used to be one of our favourite bars in Laganas, but seems a bit run down this year, as does the resort itself actually.

Cocktails last year were awesome, but the ones we had this year were more like milkshakes !
Nice Mars Bar shots though...and they were free !

Peter W          10/10

hi bluebell, missed chevys and laganas this year,but will be over in may.

have a great winter

Beth W          8/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge2 hottest PRs :p x

Paul S          9/10

Great place for food and cheap drinks, started here every night,

Stef P

Hi Bluebell and everyone at Chevy's!

Well its been 3 years since I came to Zakynthos for a holiday and now its time, I got 2 weeks from this sunday, and no doubt Bluebell will remember me Jack Daniels all the time as shots! lol
See You Soon!

Mr B          8/10

click to enlargeGreat bar. Great food. Great cocktails. Great prices ( two cocktails for 5 euros ! ) Try the Smarties or Mars shots !!!

Sandra B

Best cocktails and good food, we were in here every day and night

Sarah M          10/10

Loved Chevys!!! Those cocktails are the best, got drunk every night in there try the after eights!!!
Rob & Jen are the best workers out there!!!
Miss ya

Tara K

Deadly for the FishBowls,two for thirty yoyos and they get ya twisted!!

Andrea F          10/10

Best bar for cheapest cocktails, only 5 euro's for 2 Cocktails , thats only about £3.50 for 2 Cocktails!  Also Chevys give away free vodka jelly shots, what more can you ask for eh?!  Great little bar, American Diner theme, really cool and good staff.  Good to start off here and then work down the strip to the bigger clubs.  Denise and Andrea From Bham, we have been out here many times, June 05 , came back July 06, came back July 07 and still coming back Sept 07 to come!!  To sum it up, we love it!!  From the Brummie Birds x x x

Steven J          10/10

hello george only 2 weeks to go now cant  wait to get over looking forward to seeing u were staying at pallas hotel so not far from u hope ur ok c u soon bring it on

Mr B          7/10

Nice relaxing bar to start your evening. Good food at a reasonable price. Cheap cocktails ( 2 for 5 euros ) Some are stronger than others. Recommend the 'After Eight'. Cheap internet access, and friendly staff.


cheap nnice

Sara C

Hey everyone

Cant believe its that time again and im staying in Scotland

Hope you all have a great summer and chevys is extremely busy all season

Hopefully me and vic will pop over sometime in the summer prob later on in the season because like paul said if we come over early we wont go home!!

Sara xx

Rebecca B          10/10

click to enlarge

heya blue! heres the photo you wanted! some of the staff from 06! sorry a lot of you arent on there guys it was on one of my shifts and you little sods werent all there! =)

hopefully i'll be back still waiting on kitten news! =) i'll be keeping you updated!
chat soon!
bex x

Sofia L          10/10

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Hello guys! Sof (wonderwoman) and George (superman) here. We are in freezing Sweden, toooo cold. -10 now and we dying.

Cant wait to the summer to the sun and get some tan. Miss u all and hope to see u soon! Paris hope u still drinking and doing crazı stuff.
Take care see u and paulito i hope u get HULK number2....
CHEVYS is the nr 1.

Roxy M          10/10

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heeeeey ... jus wanted tae say chevy's wiz a ryt laugh .. we wur der evry nyt gettin our cocktails n shots... quality bar ... get there now ppl... c awl yooz guyz fae der in july... coz were c*min bk  yassss hehe... x oh n ders a few picz... 1 of george n tha galz... joel n tha galz ... n me givin tha place a wee clean lol

Adam G          10/10

Hey people,

Its adam&adam. Just want to say Chevys is the best thing since sliced bread!!Its the bees knees. We will def be back in 07!!! Until then I will leave you with this :-
I said OHHH!!!!
NO!......Its BURN!!!!


Hello to the cheveys crew!! Hope everyone is ok!! Miss everyone!! Not too long to go until zante 2007, bring it on!!! Im 99% sure i will be there again beginning of may, hope everyone will be back!! Stay in touch!

Love you all
Love eve x x x x x

Sara A           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Sorry was meant 2 add these pics 2 comment below :) x

Sara A           

Go there just to check out Joel! :P x

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