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Faye B

By far the best club in Zante!!!!!!

Will miss ending our night in style at Waikiki's!!!
From the Essex girls!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua Q          10/10

worked in waikiki this year it was a massive experience and such a ball loved my bosses and loved the bar staff and the security team i worked with, tez remember me im in the picture with ya want your email bruv so we can link up.

Tes W

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yea waikiki bar was big gig up security and the management made the lads feel nice

Laura L          10/10

I was here in June 07! has to be the best place i went to, they sold CDs in there of there DJ mixes. does anyone know where i can buy this from? i wish i had bought it while i was out there - gutted!!

swansea girls on tour!

Efi B          10/10

yasou fili mous.hows it going ?efi here finaly caught up with modern tech.just leaving a little note to see who is going back this season.this will be my 10th and final season andwont be going till june.any of the old school going back to work or having a holiday get intouch so we can meet up while ur out there.CHRISTO U C***T get in touch.look forward to seeing everyone soon.BIG KISS efi x x x     yasou theo hope u had a good winter and are prepared for yet another season.see u soon and give my love to panos and family.efi.bakat@yahoo.co.uk

Willy B

Waikiki's was the best place out there!!! we spent almost every night in this place!!

Harriet S           

hey booked a holiday 4 zante nxt year in july can any1 tel me where al da hot guys r plzzzzzzzzz and da best drinks cheers coz a heard waikiki is da place 2 b.smile

harriet xx

Lucy B           

All i can say is the DJ deserves a medal cos he was playin some absolutely quality tunes!!!ur a ledge mate, will def be returnin next yr,dont change ur c.d's pleeeeeease hehe!great bar, Luv Juicy Luce xXx

Cat X           

Waikiki is ace! here's to the PR and Pot boy Sept 2006 - FIT is not the word!!!! Smoking


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hiya !!!! loved it in waikiki, they played mint music .had sum laughs in there haha!!! wish i was back :( mel loved 1 of th pr's outside of there i think thts th only reason sh wanted 2 go there lol. went there on were 1st nite and this lad wanted 2 lick this drink off me tummy a was mortal n went ahead wiv it then dun th same 2 him ha!

Katie R           

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Waikiki was the best club in laganas....especially if u went there about half 2...friday and saturday definitely the best nites!!Loved the music...thanks to the DJ...and the free shots he gave!!!cant wait to go bac next year!!


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Gem W           

Brilliant Bar!!

Loved it!!

DJ Truluv is the best - played fabulous tunes EVERY night!

this place is great too if you want to get away from the bar crawls and 15 yr old girls drinking too many cocktails!!



Hey Nish ! Yes thats us! My friend was a little moody that night. Btw your friend took a very sneaky picture of my boob with my camera that night. Hope you had a good holiday, we loved it. We may be going back in September for a week but it's 50/50.

Take Care xx


Waikiki's is the best! de music is de best ta dance 2 n as the fittest dancers ;)... plus de men on de door r propper sweet! spesh our lil dude wit the coolest head! if ya go to zante ya gotta get ya ass into waikiki's n bad boys!


bar men are awesome  john boy quality , lotion quality makes killer cocktails, charlie you probally pissed cause lotion turned u down or smashed you and ditched u, dont hate the player hate the game

Rose D           

Bar staff in Waikiki are legends ESPECIALLY lotion, Jon and Andrew (Conehead). 

You mustve rubbed someone up the wrong way sweetheart, if you the bar staff in here are knobs! Couldnt be further off the mark!
Waikiki was one of the busiest places this year, so if you fancy a good drink, good music, NICE BAR STAFF and a good time, head down there and you wont go far wrong.
Hope you guys are enjoying the season, take care, Im coming back soon! Yay!
Rose xxxx

Samantha H           

i agree with charlie. way too over rated.  Dont get me wrong the music was good but i didn't like the dj or the type of people that were in this bar, dont recommend it. better off going somewhere else


Daniella Raffa!

From your pic, I remember you lot!
That picture was when it was the girl in the middle's 21st birthday... the girl on the right, in the black dress was in a right mood all night!
She had a right face on her...I remember going up to her to ask if she was alright, and she was like no!...Stayed away from her after getting the death stares!


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WAIKIKI was wicked!

Best in R&B on the island...what I liked was it wasnt all the mainstream....the DJ was pulling out the old skool tracks...Juicy by Biggie Smalls...
Everynight, we would end up in Waikiki, probably cos its conveniently situated on the end of the strip!
Did anyone notice the DJs poor choice of words every night..."masturbation is your playstation"...werent to keen on him as he was a big United fan and he was sticking up for Chritano Ronaldo after what he did to England....
Apart from that, recommend this bar to everyone and anyone!

Daniella R           

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Just got back from Zante on Thursday, we were there for two weeks. I miss it already! If you like R&B this is definitly the place to go! We did try others bars but this is where we always came back too!

Sabina A           

I HEAR YOU CHANTELLE ! This has got to be the best place on the strip!!! Me and 6 of my girls were staying at the Olympia from the 22nd-30th June. At first it was really not what we expected but then we found our own little 'hot spots' and Waikiki was well and truly one of them!  We'd always attempt to try something different each night but always end up there! The music was good although they did play the same sets throughout the WHOLE WEEK! lol but I think the vibe kinda made up for it ;)





Hey all you guys at waikiki me and natalie jus got cack and we're missing this place.  The music was soooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jonny and Paul and the rest of the barmen we miss you loads and loads and loads!!!!!!!!!!!!! x x x x x x


Waikiki was Wicked. Not that big but big enough. The music they played was great, all Rnb and hip hop, a bit of bashment. I didnt go anywhere else after i went to this club, by far the best for that sort of music. The price of drinks was ok, more expensive then other places, but you get bigger measures. I wished it stayed open later then 4am. Overall excellant club. The Best on thewhole strip!


This place was savage especially the bar man paul. Hot hot hot.... sorry i missed your last night working. waikiki just wasn't the same without ya..

good luck
The irish gals..

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