Rescue Club

Bars in Laganas

Hayley F

me and 9 other girls went to this club everynight, best club there! paint parties were amazing! big shout out to poppy who works there!

Kieran G          10/10

5 Lads, just finished uni, heading to zante 27th may - 3rd June. Anyone going similar time add me on bb 271F1C68 x

Sam H

me and my friend abbie (both 19) heading to zante 2nd july anyone here get in touch! BBM pin: 2810533

Rhi B

Hey Emma, me and my mate Louise are gunna be over from the 8th May to the 15th :) if u fancy a drinking session? You can find me on Facebook :)

Emma G

11th May 2012 is Cheeky party time for a couple of Kent peeps!! Anyone up for a drinkathon? Em

Matt S

3 liverpool lads off to Zante 21st june anyone goin same dates? we all got bbm - get addin :) 274C998C, 2296713B, 281DD17E    MATTY ROY & DANNY! CYA THERE

Tom H

6 Lads from Manchester going to Zante on the 1'st july-12th july!!!

Going at the same time?! PIN ME; 229379DF ;)

Sarah P          10/10

hey guys, me and 3 other sexy ladies going zante on the 25th of june 2012 till 2nd july.. lets go mental b***hes!!! :p woooohhhhoooooo.. anybody going at same time add mine and my mates bbm's tar .... mine (sarah) 289dd7af    lauren's 22bfb747    much loveeee :) see you out their!!! x

Meleri J

Heyyy. 3 Welsh girls off 2 Zante 6th of september. Lookin 4 some club 2 have a good night. Add me on bbm if ur goin Zante same date. 27BFF15A :p

Toby R

6 guys (will all be 18) heading down to Zante (plaza hotel) on July 9th 2012 for 10 days !! London boys, soo you know how we get down loool, never been before soo we are looking for a laugh and a good time. If anyone is heading down around the same time, got any advice, wanna meet up or anything get us on bb: 217A6D60 or Facebook: Leon Dean CAN'T WAIT !! :D :D :D x

Stephen M

yes yes all 2 guys from nottingham going 9th - 19th july,  get at us if your around that time

Peter D

Mixed group out from 9 Sept to 16. Anyone else out that time, let me know - especially girl groups, we've got three single lads! /rte/wink.gif

Chloe W

Does anyone know what music is mainly played in in the bars on the strip?? Is there much r&b / drum & bass?? Please say yes!! 12 Leeds girls 17 June :)))) x

Isla R          10/10

Two gorgeous looking girls going to Zante in the start of September. See you there! x

Emma M          10/10

6 girls going 12th July 2012 to Laganas right by the strip add us on msn if you're going same time or Facebookk me :D

Kieran I

10 lads from the south coast going summer 2012, facebook kieran ion if going same time :D

Tom W          10/10

14 Welsh lads off to Zante july 19th 2012.. facebook me if same timeee!!

Rhys B

Is flying out to the mighty laganas on the 9th with the boys!! add my bbpin if ur there ate the same time!! :D 25F2D51B

Ben F

Hayley, four kent lads out there from the 8th, you got facebook?

Hayley S          10/10

4 York girls in Laganas on 5th September for a week staying in Kostas aparments, anyone there at same time? LETS GO FKIN MENTAL!!  

Gary R          10/10

Just got back from Laganas on Monday. Was absolutley brilliant!!!! very very messy and were booking again for this August....can't wait to get back.

Booze cruise again...Party all the way....AGAIN!!

Tori W

click to enlarge6 girls to Laganas on 25th August.. anyone else there then ?

Amie P          10/10

click to enlargeZANTEEE TIMEE !! JUNEEE ADD ME : 26E66902 :)

Cherise B

4 girl’s up for a laugh ready 2 party in zante august 25th 2011 for a week /rte/wink.gif

Shaunie-lee F

2 welsh girls going too Zante in August! Ready too party hard and down for loads of fun!! 
Lets hopee Zante 2011 is a good one!!! <3

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