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Debs50 W

My son visited the first stop bar every night of his stay in laganas until the fifth night, where the owner was very happy to serve unlimited amounts of alcohol to young people. On the night of 13th august 2013 my son was pushed accidentally by another person in the first stop bar and he fell into the tv which caused damage to the tv. Instead of trying to run away (which I wish he had done) he tried to explain to the owner (who had previously befriended him on all his previous visits to the bar) about it being an accident but the 'nice' owner suddenly turned nasty and demanded 500 euros from my son. Of course he wasn't carrying this amount of cash so the owner immediately called the police who handcuffed him like a criminal and took him to the police station and put him in a cell. I got a call from then saying he owes 500 euros and if he didn't pay it he would be sent to prison and face court i the morning and the only way they would set him free that night was if I paid the money on my credit card. So I was blackmailed into paying 500 euros so my son could be allowed to go back to the hotel. The tv that was damaged wouldn't have cost this amount as it was old and only 20 inch screen so I have definately been scammed and blackmailed. These bars are happy to pour endless amounts of alcohol down the necks of young people and therefore should be responsible for any incidents that occur due to their irresponsibility. The owner even said it was an accident but he wanted his money

Sarah M          10/10

LOVED IT favorite bar to start off in, and the best cocktails in zante! 10 euros for an hours free bar makes sure you're downing the fish bowls! also make sure you get your laughing gas here, it's so good, spin around as well whilst doing it then lie on the floor. If i went back to zante i would definitely go back here every night before going to the clubs! The staff are so nice as well, maria behind the bar is lovely! so were the PR boys on the door xx

Stav           10/10

On my first night in Laganas I popped in at 1st Stop originally for a quick drink before heading off to meet up with some other people I had met earlier in the day. I stayed longer than I expected as the people working there were great company: a laugh, you even had people dancing on the bar and on the tables. You can probably guess I were back every night after that, of which yes I were.

 When going back to Laganas I'll deffinately pop in for another drink or couple :). Thanks Maria
Anyone reading this and going to Zante, Langanas should also start thier night out at this bar. its about 2/3 minutes walk from the petrol station on the main strip

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