Cocktails and Dreams

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Steven Murphy          10/10

Always stumbled from plus club to cocktail dreams every night, 2 euro cocktails and 50 ccent shots, destroyed that place, easy to pull in there aswell must been in the place 1  minute and just went home with a bird, loads of cracking birds in there. Place does be jammers. Hate walking down the stairs after it closes as im pretty much crawling out of the place because drinks so cheap, great place. The Dubs will be back.

Sasha J          8/10

Does anybody know the name of the bartenders? especially the bearded one who was working on the left front side of the bar. plzz:D

Ailish T          10/10

Unreal johnnnnnnnnnnnn

Amanda C          1/10

Nice tunes, but my boyfriend just had his wallet lifted from his back pocket (buttoned up) - beware!!!

Claire W          10/10

Love love love cocktails & dreams! Always have a fab night and the staff are lovely! been back to laganas three times and every time we always end up spending our nights in there!! Will def be back again  xxx

Dawn T          10/10


i love this club the most best club in zante but also i like kalamaki and la bamba  but this is the best i would go there again and again and again when you got there go there you will have a fantastic time people are really nice and the music is really excellent because you have old and new music apsalutly fantastic bravo
love dawny

James C          10/10

gr8 atmosphere gd to go to be4 rescue

Aimee J

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great club

all ages in there
music was all bit old but remixed good
got a bit annoyed as everyone was forigin in there
dancing on the bars all nigth and so many free drinks from it

Tina T          10/10

cocktails and dreams was fantastic!!!! im 34 years old n i thoroughly enjoyed myself there, a bit of old stuff n new stuff. something 4 every 1.... brilliant, the best club on the island!!! rest of the clubs played same music, nothing original. recommend this club 2 all ages!!!! get ya self down there, it dont open till 11 oclock at night, but well worth the wait!!!!! 10 outta 10...


to max vollenweider...

    the song is NA NA HEY HEY KISS HIM GOODBYE by STEAM.....#1 in 1969.
    disco remake by Gary De Carlo (stage name...Garrett Scott)
    cover by Bananarama....1983
    cover by The Nylons...1987
   hope this helps....yeeee haaa!!! 

Mike S          10/10

Aww! It was the best club!!! We spent there every night! Probably it was the best days in my life! I really love it! But I have couple of questions Is anyone know name of DJ? I suppose that his name is "Blood One" but I'm not sure, 'cause i cant find anything about him.. And was it eurotrance? or hands up? or what?

Madi B

hello honey.. the song is Gala- Freed from desire

Enjoy!! xx

Sarah W          10/10

loved this place, read bout it ldz before we went out and it was amazing the music is brill. its a must to go to!!!!!!!!


Sarah V          10/10

This place is so good! Went there every night when we were in the mood for a crazy bit of dancing!

Sarah D          3/10

Went into Cocktails and Dreams and walked straight back out again. The floor was sticky and everytime you took a step you had to rip your foot from the floor before you got anywhere. Also who wants to listen to Oasis Wonderwall on holiday??? No1.

Wouldn't recommend this bar.

Ross P          10/10

What a holiday

Went from July 13th to 20th 2008, and I miss it so much!!!!
Miss Cherry Bay and all the rubbish but classic music and pooring onto the beech when it closes!
Also miss the drunken singing and the "you wot you wot" chants....
If anyone was there at the same time, add me on msn!

Zoe I          10/10

Got back last week. We went to cocktails and dreams every night before heading off to a club!!

Good music and drinks (try a flaming ferrari- 3 flaming shots drank through a straw!!)
I really want to know the playlist of the cd too
So far i can remember:
watch out
mr brightside
what we gonna do
wearing my rolex
the way i are
eye of the tiger
pretty green eyes
don't stop me now

Jorgen T          10/10

wub zante!! <3

 First G-spot for drinks, then cocktails & dreams n then ocean club.!! great staff @ all of them!
Can anyone e-mail me the playlist from Cocktails and dreams? Have to knw the name of a certain song!
mail adress: 

Austrian G

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We had a great time in Cocktails and Dreams! Fun Fun Fun !!! Nice staff

We are looking for the playlist from the "Cocktails and Dreams" CD
or a list with some songs they played every night
For example: Don't stop me now, jackson five, set me free, ....
Please send me the most popular songs - thank you

Daniel M

Zante was great....We always went to Cocktails and Dreams...The best music, best place, best drinks, best people....I want to have the CD from Cocktails and Dreams..Could someone send me the playlist from the CD...I am searching a song...

Jess N          10/10

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Just Got Back From Laganas, Zante.  Was Awesome, Cocktails & Dreams Was Always The Place We Went To Get Our Night Started After GSPOT.  6 Of Us girls!  Alwaaays Up On The Table At The Back...We Bought The Cocktails & Dreams CD!! Miss It Aready!

Sandra B          10/10

The music in here was the best of our holidays well recommended !!!!!

Lydia B          10/10

Love this place!!....Had a fab time in here! Great music, briliant lighting! and friendly hardworking staff   Lookin forward to comin back in a few weeks! Thanks for a wkd time!...

Lydia x
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Dan K          9/10

AKA: Cocktails and ladyboys. This is the best club there. Bit pricey but the music was great. Only downside was that they played about 30 seconds of a song before moving on to the next one.

Kay E

Zante is absolutely AMAZING!!

The main strip is wicked and Cocktails and Dreams was definately our most fav club!! Great Music, Cheap Drink, Fit Lads!!
Loved it!!!

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