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Charlie Cooper          10/10

Babis was a superb manager .made u feel welcome everytime u went into his bar made our holiday keep it up babis .from charlie & june from scotland

William A          10/10

just back again from zante . nice to see so much  wonder faces again. babis treated us with  the kindest  greeting u can have. excellant music, excellant service and a few good laughs. cant wait until i see  him again .

Janis..brian D          10/10

hi babis can't wait come back booked 6th sept on count down already x

Jill A          10/10


hi babis its jill and rob coming back 9 th june this year hope u still there grt bar babis great c u soon

Kathy M          10/10

 hi babis. its been a year since rob and me were there with kirsty. told my muslim pal casim to look you up but he said he refuses to grope your dads bum for me. jd and coke please. kathy and rob bognor regis

Lauren D          10/10

hey babis, hope all is well!! see you in all in may!!! people this bar is great u have to pay a visit if u go 2 zante!! c use all soon love ur fellow worker of 2010 lauren xxxsmile

Julie & Dave          10/10

Hi Babbi & staff, Great bar, cheap drinks, lots of sport on many TVs. Good atmosphere, friendly staff, see you all in June.

Dave S          9/10

Just got back two weeks ago, went to Summertime more or less every night, great service, cheap, friendly staff and alot of sport on many tv's.

Give it a try you wont be disapointed

Donna & Jim           

been to the summertime previously and always had a good time, but this year one visit was enough. the ba**ervice was very polite and friendly. but where we sat it stunk! like cat pee or something and watching two dogs rubbing their a**e on the floor aint my idea of entertainment!! the place seemed a bit run down, it was miserable with everyone just staring at a telly or the dogs!! it was a shadow of its former self! 

Nicola D           

Good bar, reasonable priced drinks, good service.

Plenty of football to keep the other half happy while I could down plenty of yummy cocktails...or fishbowls!
 Food also brill, good value for money, best burgers in Laganas!

Billy M           

Summertime Bar is probably one of the best sport bars in Laganas. It has three screens and the bar staff was excentlent, especially the two young waitresses.

Wendy K           

The Summertime Bar is great!!!! Good music, relaxed and cosy atmosphere, all sorts of people, very friendly staff, great cocktails (especially The Strawberry Dream and The Pina Colada !!!)
I wish we had a bar like that in our hometown!!! One thing is for sure: We are going back to Zante again next year...just to relax on the beach and go to the Summertime Bar every night....
Where the livin'is easy !!! Oh...I forgot something: the prices in the Summertime Bar are really low !!! And if you like can watch it there!!! And if it's raining and you can't go to the can always go to the Summertime Bar to watch a movie !!!

David B           

hi, everyone in zante, or ppl thinking ov going to summertime. its the best place to start a good drinking session, and a fish bowl is a must, the girlz are fantastic and hopefully we will be back to see them all. keep up the good work. love dave xx

Angela M           

We visited here 10 year ago and the place is still as friendly and cheap as it was then. Always busy when there was football on.

Lee T           

The Summertime Bar was brilliant. It was the friendliest place going and provided a welcome break from all the other bars which were pretty much the same (bit like groundhog day when Timberlake the trousersnake came over the speakers every 5 minutes. A big hello and thanks to Lorna and for putting up with me and my mate gibbering.
Thanks you for your concern (abuse)and just to let you know that my bust finger is now well on the road to recovery after that unfotunate incident with a bouncer and stripper. Keep singing the Britney.

Caroline L           

hey sarah its caroline here you proberbly dont remember me but i used to drink in you bar very regular and me and my boyfriend gave you our fan and our friends gave you theirs as well and paul my fella had the broken hand which made his rist limp and look g*y well thats all for now i will comment soon stay lucky and brown

caroline lewis

Chris H           

A truly great bar!! The music was good, the drinks were great
and the waitresses were fantastic!! (especially lorna!) An ideal
place to kick back and relax in.



this is a very good bar!! nice people work there!! cocktails were very nice!! people go there

Chris C           

great little chillout bar, the girls are lovely and very efficient, good prices too, and well worth a visit!

Sarah M           

hears a shout out to my much loved malibu drinking gayboys, you were the best!!! hope all is well in buuuurming-ham!!! wishing you all well and i hope your dog and cat were in perfect states when you got home not missing you toooo much. i miss given you the abuse hunnies. send me an email if you get bored and need abusing cheers to the cheeky c*mbrian geezers lovely photo!!!! jammy gits is that your phone number in my phone!!!! glad you all had fun hope to hear from you soon love moi xxx

Tony E           


We were of course NOT GAY!!!!

Tony & Matt

Tony E           

A big hello to Sarah, Anna and Lorna!!!

This is the 'Gayboys' (the name so affectionately given to us by Sarah!!) - wish we were both back in your bar watching Sky and being insulted by none other than Sarah of course!

Hope you're all well.

Tony & Matt

Jamie M           

hey everyone there, the c*mbrian lads really enjoyed ur bar. thanx for our fish bowls, they were sweet. hope all the bar staff are keeping well. especially sarah, ur a really nice lass. get in touch, jamie x

Iain W           

Lots of thanks to Norma (Lorna) and the rest of the staff from Iain and Dave who drank plenty of cocktails and enjoyed them all. We hope to see you all again soon !!!!!!


The best in Laganas,real friendly staff,a good night out,we've been going to Laganas for 3 years and spend most of our time at night in the summertime bar. A big special hello to Steve, Nikki, Babis,sissy, Chris, Adey (if ur still there)and where has Sam gone?? She was Nikki's partner in 2001,she weren't there last year. See you all in August, missin u all.xx

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