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Pete B          10/10

Just got back from Zante with 12 lads yesterday and stayed at the Marios which is a stones throw away. Gotta say we pretty much came here every night/day for pre drinks or if we came back early from a club and just to have a few more drinks or play pool, usually these guys shut around 5am i think. Made friends with the bar guy, very nice and friendly and would give us sometimes a free cocktail after a few balloons, which he gave us a good price too. For a bar just off the strip they play banging music ! a nice mix between everything. Got so happs when they played gangsters paradise and snoop, and obvs the house classics etc. Always had a great vibe and atmosphere even when there wasn't that many people. Never had a bad time here, pulled at this bar first night too ;) second night got utterly smashed here and went out to the clubs and came back here and he let us behind the bar to make our own cocktails and stuff ! During the day we would play pool and jam and watch sky sport and bring own drinks and food. They seemed alright with it as they never said anything or look annoyed by it. But double check with food as we were 12 regulars. Cant go wrong with 10 euros unlimited drinks ! Coming back to Zante end of August and will hit this place again loads, hope they remember me !

Kurt M

Hey,I'm looking to work in zante this summer, does any one have any tips on finding a job? ... or is it just a case of going there and looking around?

Any kind of help would be appreciated
Thanks :)

Emma H

hi so does vangelis still own the bar then and still up to his old tricks.i was the 1 who he coped off wi when i went every year iv not been for about 3 years now thought he mite have a few kids knocking about now lol x his bro was our good friend and we still look at the photos now r.i.p.petros and love ya loads

Leah H          10/10

Just went back to laganas after 3years!!! I swear the place hasnt changed a bit! Its crazy how people remember you after all that time! Stayed for a week and was propping up the bar every nite in 4 play! Was end of the season so all the staff had gone, helped out most nights behind the bar, Vangelis is an old friend!

The place is wicked even that late in the year,crazy! Its true what people say about a good place to start your nite, also a good nite to finish it! Specially when it includes sleeping with the barman in the back room!!!! Very fun indeed!!!!!
Sad about his brother aswell, he has a tattoo on his chest of him! Sweet but a little off putting when your getting down and dirty! lol!!!
Anyway, going back next year to work!!!! But gonna be a good girl!!!!
Ha ha ha!!!
See you guys out there 2010 baby!!!! oH yeah !!!!!

Sarah W          10/10

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4 play was the best!

Polis is hillarious!
Cant wait to work there next year!
Stay at Hotel Alexander, Get smashed with Anis the fab bar man & do some greek dancing with Anna the receptionist! Good times!
Miss them all loads
See you in May!

James G          10/10

just got back from laganas on 12th august and had an amazing time.

most nights before we hit the strip we did 4 or 5 smaller bars and 4play was always one of them.  how could we say no with the fittest PR girls in lagnas on the door.
we had a gr8 time in there weneva we went and the music was great. however the 6 shots of 75% shots killed me!
cheers 4 play

Watford boys

Anki H

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Anki H          10/10

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Anki H          10/10

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I banged Paulie!

I love Pall(Vangelis) and mike, beth,, lee and enögonbrynet Timmy babe
I had the best time at 4-play mostly standing behind the bar with Pall.


hi yeah had the best time ever yeah van and jimmy r all ok i love it out here its like home going back next year xx

Becky L          10/10

in lanagas i had the best time of my life i diden't want to come back home missing the 4play bar staff all great  mite be comeing down 4 my 18th bday hopeful i can get down with my mates

Becky L          10/10

hi i had a great time here the staff are great i was on hoilday down there from the 23th of sep till the 8th of oct it was a graet 2week i wanna come back


click to enlarge ive just put this pic on these guys are just the best van and jimmy and prtros.sadly petros died last year poor lad he was lovely used to look after us always i just love all 3 of them xx

Nicola V          10/10

OMG !! I went to lagana on the 9/9/07 till the 16/9/07...and it was the best week of my life!! it was that good 1 week wasnt long enougth and im going back next year for 2 weeks hopefully depending if i can get time off work ..fingers crossed!! x

Poli...is the sexiest barmen in lagana
sophie .... is the best she is a great lauff ..
lee and holly ...best pr's in lagana
bobby..is just pure jokes...
vinnie with the music and van constantly nicking my drink
just the best week of my life...thank you poli and bobby for opening the bar early love you all cant wait to see you all again soon xx

Daniel (jack) W          10/10

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Quality Bar, Great Music, stayed at Marios with balcony facing 4Play wasnt long before we were enticed in! Every night tryin to outdo each other with Shots of Rakia, EASY! Cheers to Leanne for sorting that out for us was quality sorry for nagging for free shots!! Will get photos on facebook for you at somepoint. If we can find your email Add.

Donna C          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge HELLO hope you all ok thank you for making our holiday great we spent most nights in the bar miss you all madly we so happy to see vangelis again rest of the staff were great too we got some great pics of you all good luck with the rest of the season and we hope to get bk next year have a few drinks for us ha ha take care from iain and donna here some pics for you


hey kim im heading out there in oct i will give my love to them all for ya.who is this mikey is he a pr out there i would love to go live out there we r out there every year its just awesome


Kim S

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Hey Emma, i was only out there for a week. I worked behind the bar for like 3 hours on my last day for a laugh. It was awesome. I dont remember Vans other brother, I only met Polis? This year was my first time to Zante, but i really want to go again, but I'm starting Uni in sept so dont think I'll be able to this year. Hopefully I'll be out there next summer for the season or something. Send my love to every one at 4play when you go out there. xxxx


hi kim how long did u go for was u helping out behind the bar is vans other brother jimmy still working the bar im heading out on 18th oct to see them all i love em they r just ace.have u been going to greece long or ure first time

Kim S          10/10

4play is awesome! fishbowl every night before making our way to Rumours. Missing Polis, Mikey and Van. Loved working behind the bar, making drinks, and getting hammered. If any one is going out there, check for my drinks pinned up behind the bar on the right! get a purple nurple, they are gooood! possibly going back out there in september, i miss it so much. xxx


hey sophie they will be advertising on here at end of season for all jobs available or on the lagana message board.are u single looking to work out there next year i would come wi u lol but i have a little boy would love to live out there mate u r lucky did u go wi a lot of u

Katy!           10/10

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elooo! katy n lolly ere! we luvd 4play! its the best bar in zante! propa miss it! miss mikey! es luvly! :d luv ya loads!!! katy n lolly! xxxxxx

Sophie B

hey emma im thinkin of goin back i got back the other day
stayed in alexander n went 2 4 play!
just tryin 2 look for a cheap deal n maybe a job for next year
let me know xx_8utterfly_xx@hotmail.co.uk


just booked for october im well excited i love greece its like home the lads in 4play r our family they just brill is spike a pr there we r staying in plaza 2 though this time for a change but alexander is top

Kirsty W          10/10

how random is this site lol jst got bored n typed it in2 google!!! went there 4 2 weeks n just got bk n stayed in da hotel opposite 4play....van, spike n da ovas r all well ite...gd wiv da old free drinks 2 !! i'd luv to go bk wiv a group of m8s...wat a phat holiday!!

lovin all da ppl tht go out there 2, easy 2 chat to n av a laugh wiv!!

also just gotta say tht bobby from relax is proper funny...wudnt b da same wivout his jks!!

defo recommend this place for all u party ppl x p.s sadie is a true lass...no better pr than her!!!

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