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Alanah B  (09 December 2008)        10/10

hiya my name is alanah i came to live in greece in 2004

and my mother workd in the halfway house wen the owners tiya and fred were running the asaplish ment
if you have an email for them i would like to get in touch please
i have now returnd and wud like to get in touch with them
xx alanah xx 

Will S  (05 September 2007)        9/10

Just been refurbished and renamed. It is now the Hacienda. Stelios is the name of the new manager. He is a legend in Laganas and you can see why. Top music. Loads of cheap drinks. Chilled atmosphere. Great place to start the night. Spent many an evening chilling under the palm trees.


Mark S  (31 August 2003)         

hiya everyone at the halfway house i have not long come home. Craig if your still there and you read this, EMAIL ME!!!!!! hope everything is working out ok. speak to you soon!

Mrs M  (02 August 2001)         

We went to this place for lunch on several occasions and the food was yummy. We also used as the place to catch up on the news and our favourite tv programmes throughout the day. We found all the staff very friendly and enjoyed our lazy afternoons there.

Billy D  (12 July 2001)         

what a rip off how can a british bar be owned and run by germans and f!!! the age off them hes straight out off the u boats socks and flip flops not a good place

Paul G  (11 July 2001)         

Barman very rude and unfriendly. We went there once and never again.

Laurie S  (04 April 2001)         

This bar is great to start the night off. All the sport you thought you may miss while away is on here. Great beer and great staff (plus I will be working here this summer 2001) so get down there to start your party night right!!!! Laurie xxx

Emma P  (20 January 2001)         

Although not the most lively place in the resort we started ourr evening here with a couple of drinks. One of the barmen, if thats what you can call him was yummy and always had a smile to greet us.

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