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Liz G  (31 May 2013)        10/10

so i just found some photos way at the back of the old bedroom cupboard when i just went to my mums. the pictures are from 2003 hahaha and one is of a guy who worked there from manchester and some of his willy (well it is rather a big willy) lol hahahahahaha also we took our video camera, and filmed everyone in the club lol have not a clue where the video has gone! (video = old times ) well (no i remember the guy locking me in the f**king toilet with him wtf)  so i searched zante and found this hahaha same old same old, the girls all say the little jokes they made with the barmen (and coming to work in zante next season) hahahah time changes but people don't really! well why not you only live once so i remembered an ausie guy real tall the second time really nice! i wish i was young and on holiday again, no iphone, no facebook just a f**king good time!

2003 wtf x

Lynette C (06 March 2012)

Heyaaah, 3 girls heading to Zanteeee :) 2nd September 2012... Bring it on :D Xx Fancy dress, skimpy bikinis, gorgeous tans... bonus :D woop woop x

Toby R (16 February 2012)

6 guys (will all be 18) heading down to Zante (plaza hotel) on July 9th 2012 for 10 days !! London boys, soo you know how we get down loool, never been before soo we are looking for a laugh and a good time. If anyone is heading down around the same time, got any advice, wanna meet up or anything get us on bb: 217A6D60 or Facebook: Leon Dean CAN'T WAIT !! :D :D :D x

Wendy A  (16 October 2009)        10/10

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Had the best time at Bad Boys summer 2008...every night of the holiday!!!....Definately the place to be when visiting zante!!!....miss it so much!!!.....and Duncan if your still there!!!lol...WILL BE BACK!!!:*)xx

Luciano H (20 April 2009)

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Jade T (29 January 2009)

click to enlarge hey my name is jade trembath and i went to zante last year on the 26th july, we went to bad boys every night it was the best bar/club in zante loved it!!! im moving to zante this year as it now my home!! and i really would love to have a job in bad boys!!!! xxx

Tam C (04 January 2009)

hi i am looking for DJ MO who worked as a DJ at bad boyz in Laganas in May 2007.

does any one know where he is or what he is up 2
if any1 does please email me on
btw BAD BOYZ rocked our world.

Sarah L (09 December 2008)

hiya, me n the girls are coming out to Zante 5th July 2009. its our first girls holiday n coz of the gd comments we will deffo be visiting the BAD BOYS CLUB!!!!

Any1 else gonna b in Zante 5th july 09 - 11th july 09 ??
c u there xx Sarah xx

Jo B  (19 September 2008)        10/10

 big hi to every1 at badboys we'll be coming back august 09 we cant wait to see you all had so much fun last time we were there .georgia i still have the straw flowers we made at the bar see you all soooon x

Amber S  (15 September 2008)        5/10

 Heyy, Me and my mates went in bad boys on our 2nd night in zante, it was a good atmosphere but we didnt stay in there long, i spilt two drinks as i was bolloxed; and the men kept coming round and cleanin up our mess, we left in the end and moved on. The music isnt the best but its okay for a place to start your night. =D

Kim C  (24 August 2008)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeHiya!!!!! I love 'Bad Boys' me n my girls were in there every night!!

We went to Zante on the 28th July 08 and it was IMMENSE!!!
Loved every minute of it...
Although me & Jade r comin over 4 a while to have a change!! so get ready bad boys we wil be back!!!
Lvya!!!! Kim  
On The Pic - Kim & Jade!!!! In Bad Boys!!
On the pic - Bad Boys Bar Staff.... Nath & Tony!

L&m   (12 August 2008)        10/10

Drinks are normally about the same price as the UK, although most bars do have a happy hour (2 for 1) at some point, usually early in the evening. 

Tammy B  (23 July 2008)        10/10

just been to zante july 08. it was so fun i tell you wish iwas still there. bad boys was so fun.

love it.tammy.xx

Rab M (04 June 2008)

awrite bad boys ave never been 2 ya club but am headed out there on the 8th of june with 10 other boys n your club sounds good 2 me plus the fact i am thee bad boy of the bunch with the tattoo 2 prove it      aha  we are lookin for a gd time a laff n females ofcourse the holidays planned for ma 23rd birthday so a hope you got a gd night in store for us take my mind off the fact when a get home al be heading back out to the oil rigs  so p.a.r.t.y  see you in a couple of wks

The P  (21 September 2007)        10/10

there's 2 people you need to meet on the island.... the detonater and the punisher  the detonater can be found in here..  punisher in la bamba...  big shout out to dj mo, best dj on teh island, throw em under the bus...   u need to watch dennis flaring aswell, 1 of the best xx

Adele B  (06 September 2007)        10/10

Hello Boys!!

Hope you are all good and not missing me too much! Carly is keeping me posted and letting me know if any of you she gets in touch a lot!
I will be back next year and now that mummy is better i hope to last the whole season!!
Saki me Tam and carly will see you in Roadhouse and will be cheering you on - never seen anyone chuck bottles like you do.
take care and keep in touch, i still have the same number.
Laters dudes.
Adele xx (Pink Panther)
PS George, my nipple is just so cool.... and a constant reminder of you! xx

Rosie S  (03 September 2007)        10/10

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Great people. We will miss you all. You made our holiday very special. See you all next year.And dont move anywhere else Luciano!!. Our click to enlargeemail

Kirsten B  (23 August 2007)        10/10

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Zante August "07"

Heidi an Natz..x Bad Boys was tha best club! Dennis Pablo Dunc George an Luciano are awesum guys!.. The shots are real no orange juice! Miss them to bits but goin back anyway! 10 out of 10 wayyy!.. x x x x x x

Tes W  (09 August 2007)        8/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeyo me and the birmingham lads came out there the week starting the 19thjuly best ttime ever big up security to 

Roy B (28 July 2007)

free banana liquer shots all round

backroom of doom

Clare S (23 July 2007)

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hi all came to bad boys in 24 june. bad boys is soooooo fricken great!!!! its untrue........ amretto sourz get on them! the music is great bar !!! the bar staff are amazing!! the p.r guy outside ooooo he is nice let me tell ya  haha can stay in bad boys allll night!!! thanks for a great holiday!!! x

Sam B  (18 July 2007)        1/10

good work saki a.k.a dennis. looks like your keepin it real for me bruv.

it'll never be the same without the real badboys. christo you c*** and shauny boy. retired.
im still there in spirit boys.
free drinks in wakiki, ask for lotion.

Salina C  (20 June 2007)        10/10

wazzzzzzzzuuuppppppppp evry1. wnt to zante beginin of may dis year n all i gots 2 say is dat gorgeous dj mo is so freakin hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n all d bar staff includin d boss rock! dennis is jus so cute n all d adas jus got d fittest bods eva! yum, yum is all i can say. ne1 goin to zante needs to check out bad boys its d best club der. xxxxx

Kate S (19 June 2007)

went to zante at the beginning of june! bad boys is wicked!!!! d, george, and dennis are all top!! thanks for teaching me to make cocktails dennis, u rock!!! we will definitly be back next year!!

love kate, lianne n jess xx

Suzie J (19 June 2007)

bad boys is amazin went to zante in june 2007 and going back on the 25th june to live for the summer cant w8. dennis ure gr8. george u the best ever love yas mwah xxxx

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