Bars in Laganas

Martha W  (26 July 2011)        10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeAussie bar - Best way to end any night. Make sure you get down here, you will not regret it!

Joceline W (21 July 2008)

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Poles enough said!

John S  (01 March 2008)        10/10

hi all  summer is here once again so it is time to party hard and also work a bit lol

anyone looking 4 a job just stroll in to zante there are plenty of jobs about will be open late april so come look me up if you want to prty hard in one of the best bars in lagana looking foward to seeing you all

Amanda S (02 January 2008)

click to enlarge  Happy New Year!! to all the staff at both Wackabout and Sabotage,

Hope you all had a great New Year.
We are putting in a request for when we are back in July  fruity flavoured Sambuca jelly shots, they are really nice.
   See you later
    Kelly and Mandy

John S (25 October 2007)

a big shout to all my staff hope you are all well and taken it easy waiting 4 all you back 4 the summer of 2008 it will be crazy and any one else that wants a job just come look me up should be open on the 25 of aprill looking foeward to seeing you all

Laura P  (24 October 2007)        10/10

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hi to george and john its gareths wife her hope u had good season we will be back june 08 to see u all xxx

Amanda S  (23 September 2007)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge hiya!

 I thought I'd send a couple of pics of us one from June this year and one from September 2005, we've not changed, much!. "As they say the older you get, the worse you get."
See you next year!
Mandy and Kelly

Roy B (31 August 2007)

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yeah i hear he's pretty nice

Sarah-jane P (29 August 2007)

I loved Wackabout! i want to work there! Loved the barmaids and of course the lovely roy! hehe xxx

Amanda S (24 June 2007)

A big Hi! to all the staff in Wackabout and Sabotage,
 We had a lot of laughs in both bars this year and missing you all, already.
We are really sorry that we didn't get to say goodbye to everyone on our last night ( Wednesday) we were too busy talking as usual.  George you still owe us a tshirt.
See you soon.
Mandy and Kelly 

Sam T  (19 June 2007)        10/10

Hey hey hey Wackabout,

Hope your missin ur sexy pole dancers. We're missin u lots!!!!!
Maybe see you next season George to get us girlies some jobs! Get rid of them dirty gals from behind the bar!
Mwah...lotsa love the Brummie Girls!! xxxx

Aimi D (02 June 2007)

thanks to paul(irish paul as workers called him) for makin our holiday the best iv had! thanx 4 makin big gash cocktails, thanx 4 servin wen it got busy at mamis, thax 4 rescuin lizzy wen she fell and gashed her face from ridin a push bike 2 quick. and thanx 4 tellin the loud bangin noise wasnt someone dancin on the roof, but a f**kin earth quake!!!!! nice one paul your a legend!!!!!!!!!!!

big gash, blak eye and bar dancer!!!!!!

Lisa C  (24 March 2007)        10/10


Hey, its Lisa from the Ionis, hope ur are well.
Im bk on the 3rd may this year with 2 of my friends(i shall pick my stuff up then if thats ok) was just wondering if u had a room big enough for the 3 of us? and if so how much would it be?
For the large room at Mouria its 600 which i thought was a bit much.
see u sooon xxxx
p.s my email add is if u could reply to that it would be helpful.

Kelly W (17 February 2007)

hi john & george we are back this yr cant wait 4 lots of partying 2 do see you soon love angel & mandy

John S  (22 January 2007)        10/10


Isabelle N  (31 December 2006)         

happy new yr to all my fellow workers at wackabout and sabotage, and of course the familly.  have a good one, all the best for 2007. Hope to see you all nxt yr.

Big Love, Isabella .

Vicki L  (24 December 2006)         

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just wanted to wish all you crazy guys a great xmas, and i miss you all so much, i hope everyone is ok and enjoying england, hahaha, yeah right, big shout out to my number one girls, working behind the bar, and of course george, wen he doesnt get in my way, wen im working lol, i wish u all the best and maybe il see you out there in 2007, i miss you all guys. x x x  

Sophie   (27 November 2006)         

gd thats good 2 hear lol. i see nothing has changed then u gettin off ur trolley in legends in the winter. not a lot changes really. part from less people ther this winter i guess. has sophie an all left 4 liverpool yet? how is everyone? my phone number is 07821592951 call or text me sumtime. missin ya all lots. il be back 2 c yas an proble work  knowin me. dependin on how much i like it here by april. cant wait 2 c yas anyway. john we will get smashd wen we r back!! c yas soon. sophie x x x

Amanda S  (20 November 2006)         

hi george & john,
  it's angel (kelly) and mandy from manchester here we're sat here checking the net and came across your messages, cos we are nosey and thought we would say hello.  we had a great time as usual and we are coming back next year. but not in september for a change! and without adult sup**vision.
 is it true your having cages put up in sabotage? we heard from a good source this year.
angel wants a weather report and wants to know if john missed her this year, it was certainly quiet without you.
 see you next year sometime.
angel & mandy

John S  (19 November 2006)         

sophie we love you and you no it s**t head and we are waiting 4 you and amy to be back in the team next year now about george thats just george got to love him 4 itsmile anyway am in zante now getting drunk in legends mad fun ha ha ha  anyway hi to all  the crew as well later people

Big D  (13 November 2006)         

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 big shout to george hows tricks, me mark n tony are going to austria for the winter, get ur self over for a hol,  defo back next year

George S  (10 November 2006)         

big shout out to all wackabout staff we had the biggest laugh this year.we were voted the fittest bar staff in lagana and most friendly.well done crew,lots of love..hello to all our mates along the ya.ill be in sabotage this year it will be open from out for wackabout better stairs,more lights,dancers and no more uni sex toilets..damn!!!!

George S  (10 November 2006)         

Roy B  (06 November 2006)         

maddist place to work, top owners - never find a place like  it in the world

if u want a quiet night, go to friggin butlins and play bingo
Laganas is about drink, party and sex and if u want it all hit this joint
Geogey Boy, Johnnie Boy the Legend is back

Adam -  (05 November 2006)         

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whats up george and john its adam your back door worker sorry we fell out at the end of my time there it was all a misunderstanding would like to keep intouch with you guys as i will be back next year george if you could e-mail me that would be great    ps heard you and smokey had a phat sesh in the damn nice 1

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