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Hilary H  (26 May 2012)        10/10

 just got back agin from tsilivi ate 6 nights out of 7 at camelot, food is fresh,tasty and reasonable.   

     the service superb, the staff so friendley  i cant wait to go back in a few weeks .  love to you all xx

Hilary H  (16 October 2011)        9/10

 good food. good staff, good laugh,( excluding laughing gas) cheers will be back next year xx

you cant get friendlier or better value for money

Julie M  (18 September 2011)        9/10

Just had our 4th great visit to Tsilivi  and this year we found Camelot ! Well what can i say - great staff so helpful but not in your face, the meals yummy, they were the perfect portion size, presented well and very good value for your money. We visited several nights and the staff were lovely, the lovely free drinks after our meal were a nice little treat YAMMAS ! Go on give them a go

Emily B  (11 September 2011)        10/10

 We have just returned from Zante and we were most impressed with the Camalot. We tried several other resturants but none of them matched up to the Camalot. We had the best Moussaka and Beef Stifado we had ever had. The staff were fabulous and even gave us a bottle of wine on our last night.

These guys made our holiday more special and we will definately return again............thanks guys.

Wayne R  (19 June 2011)        1/10

omg what a craphole !!!! rude waiters ,long wait for the food ,wrong meals ,wrong starters ,sent mine back and walked out ,the waiter didnt even bother !!!!!!! expensive and just not worth a visit . i ordered potatoe skins with cheese ,they turned up with half of somebody elses starter stuck to the bottom of the plate !! the other two were just the same ,the waiter was useless as he couldnt understand english ,i even pointed it out on the menu and he still brought me totally the wrong meal ,it just goes to show it really is the people that do make a restaurant work ,stavrosses meals were not allways perfect but he would allways fix it with a smile !!!!!!

Rose L  (16 June 2011)        10/10

Hey guys!!  Had really a great time there, with Alfred, Ori and the others  Really one of the best holidays ever had.. also lamp kleftiko was really DELicious!!!  Well done to the new owner  really big difference! keep it up! looking forward for the next summer!  xxxx

Johnnie W  (14 June 2011)        10/10

hi 2 every one at camelot ori, alfred, albi and big mama. we had a realy good time there you make our holiday even better we cant wait come and see you in may. i had a lamp kleftiko and it realy was delicius. the new owner its a lovely and friendly family well done 2 all of you, you are great keep going like these love you all    yammas every one

Dale R  (11 February 2011)        10/10

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What a shame that Camelot's as we knew it is no longer there, we had many special times there with Stavros, Anna and the family over 6 years...hope that they may read this or it is passed onto them by someone.

Hope all goes well with the move to your new jobs, and may you all get together again for a new restaurant venture in the future!!
Dale & Gaynor.

Bob +  (19 September 2010)        4/10

Went back to Camelot on our return in August to see how business was going new management. Waitress in restaurant was very pleasant and doing her very best to attend to customers as efficiently as she could. Service very slow but meals presented were well cooked and presented. organisation however was a shambles, the main problem being the language barrier and the fact that one waiter could not tell the difference between a Gammon steak and a "T" bone steak. All trying their best but obviously didn't think it all though before they took on the restaurant.

Bob + (13 June 2010)

Camelot re-opened 22nd May. We flew home 20th so were unable to try. Will try out in August when we go back. Stavros now working spaghetti restaurant in Lagana, Anna in her sisters restaurant (Robin Hood) in Lagana. Mama (Elefteria) now pool bar restaurant somewhere in Lagana, Christos (Papa) busy with move to new home. Had three evening meals and a day out with the family, and have recently heard that Stelios (Landlord) wants Stavros to return to Camelot. Keep checking this space - will enter comments again after visit in August. Any regulars speak to Nicos in Obilisk restaurant opposite Red Lion. He is good friend of all their family and will contact Stavros for you. We would also say that at 5.50 Euro's full English is the best breakfast in town after Camelot. 20 of our family returning to Tsilivi in August, so will see how Camelot is doing then.

Rob R  (06 June 2010)        1/10

Yeah - such a shame that Kristos, Mamma, Stavros and "the team" have moved on. Rent too high and too many all inclusives . Hopefully the Easyjets and Ryanairs of this world will start putting more flights on to help the people of Zakynthos have a chance of survival against the "big boys"

Joy S  (25 May 2010)        1/10

 Unfortunately the Camelot is now under new management. Definitely not the same.

Will have to look elsewhere for the best food in future.

Sharon H  (06 June 2009)        10/10

Very friendly staff, nothing is to much bother and you are made to feel welcome whenever you go. Food is excellent,  would return again.  Morgan & Sharon

Joy S  (01 June 2009)        10/10

The Best Breakfast in Tsilivi, Great Value for your money.

Would recommend this restaurant anytime. Great service, friendly staff.
Always willing to give you whatever you want (even when it is not on the menu)
Will be going back for sure.
Best wishes for the season to you all

Lisa S  (30 August 2008)        10/10


just want to say how great the food is, every time we visit the island the place u will find us most at meal times is the camalot.. great service and always with a smile x  

Tracey E  (21 August 2008)        8/10

We went at lunchtimes. Very reasonable. Great location to people watch. Friendly good service. Salads great.

Alina P  (07 August 2008)        10/10

Best food and service on the whole island! Looking forward to come back and see you all again!

Joy S  (10 July 2008)        10/10

superb service and a friendly welcome at all times.

 the breakfast is the best on the island, 
 the menu is extensive with something to suit all tastes and all ages.
 i would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.
 good luck to the whole family for the rest of the season.
  cannot wait to come back and see you all.
best wishes from joy, john and tess x

Anne W  (07 July 2008)        10/10

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hi starvos its wayne and anne ,

it was lovely to see you in may ,food as usual was fab,as was the service .hope your well and having a busy season ,hopefully see you later in year ,take care xx

Steve V  (09 October 2007)        10/10

Nice to see all the family again, breakfast as ever is superb value and I would recommend this place to anyone, especially those with kids.  Also look out for the waitress Anna pushing the twins around in the buggie in the evenings...  Certainly attracts some attention!

Steve B  (27 August 2007)        10/10


This restaurant is excellent!! We had 3 great meals here and the the staff are really friendly.
Hi to Kill Bill 2!! Hope to see you all in 2008.

Strahill P  (21 July 2007)        10/10

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This place has got to be the best in all of Tsilivi, they have great food and fantastic service. friendy,friendly people! And kill bill 2, is always going to be number 1! If there is just 1 restaurant you go to while being in Tsilivi make this the 1!!!!!!!

Hope to be back again soon!!!
 Love Donna, Poppy, Rea and Alan xx

Harriet C  (09 July 2007)        10/10

Hiyyah!! Had a brill time came back to Camelot 3 times!! Bill is so totaly fab!! Hi 5 bill !!

Lots of love
Be back soon!!
(Baby Girl) Haha!
Harriet xxx  

Steve V  (01 July 2007)        10/10

Hi to Anna, Stavros and all the family.

Great to see you all again, kids had a great time on the occasions we came to Camelot and no doubt, we'll all be back soon!

Becky B  (18 December 2006)         

We visted in August but can still remeber what a great time we had in Tsilivi. The food at the Camelot was lovely and the place was very friendly, escpecially the man on the door. He was very nice and chatty, especially with the ladies! Hope to see you again next year door man

Becky, Kate, and Dave

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