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Frances L          2/10

Arrived at the agolous around the 20th of may and was greeted very friendly by the owners but after seeing them that once no one was ever at reception and if they needed to let you know anything such as your check out time it was communicated to you as a not left on reception so if you had a problem with anything there would be nobody to help you with your problem! Also although i realise it was early season to visit the hotel was open and advertising a pool bar and a roof top bar so i would assume them to be open however this was not the case and they were shut meaning you could't have a drink at the hotel at night you had to be in the main resort! We also experienced a problem with the fact that the showers did not have shower curtains and soaked the whole bathroom and a note on the door said not to use towels to clean it up meaning we had to leave it wet resulting in an extremly smelly bathroom which was so bad that the door had to be shut otherwise you had to smell it all the time! the kitchen was good with no appropiate cutlery and everything looked dirty! the view was good however the rooms were a considerable let down and the pool had many unfriendly greek people around and nobody ever smiled or said hello meaning we took our daytime buisness to anouther pool down the road!

Adam A          10/10

i miss you all!!!!

B52 is the best bar by a long shot in greece maybe even the world!
wendy could do with doing some work occasionally  lol
had a great time with you all i hope makis and scorpi are behaving.
i will see you soon 
adam xx

Karen V          10/10

click to enlarge what a fantastic holiday! after 4 years in Kalamaki we weren't too sure what to expect. we had just the best time at the Agoulas. Tony & Wendy make you SO welcome and never stop working! How many miles a day does tonys little jeep do?!! Vivi is the just the best bar maid on the island and as for Makis fire bar!!! what a beautiful setting too!! Opening your curtains in the morning and seeing the sea is just fantastic. worth getting up at 6am to see the sunrise[go back to bed tho]!!!!! we were seriously depressed when we got back we all had such fun .

Karen V          10/10

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Neil W          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge Had such a great time at Agoulos & Argassi. Thanks guys for making us so welcome. The opportunity to hone my Li-Lo technique, should be ready for the water soon!! Syncronised swimming at the pool parties. And the legend that is Steve Gemos (Yeh man!!). Check out the pole dancing pics on See you again soon.

Alan W

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge oh my god how embarrassing... check out my white bits!!

Just wanted to drop by and say yassoooooo to my fave island folk.
Can't wait to see you all again next june

Donna M          10/10

well just come back today  and missing the place already.....

weather has been very hot which is how i like it...
nice to catch up some old friends and meet new ones...
those who have been before tony is still the same dirty sexy old man trying to stay young, (sagapo tony)wendy is a very busy bee all the time and she still manges to make a mean english breakfast even when she isnt feeling too good....maki well he's the young zante stud, and vivi she is the most beutiful girl on zante island.
thats enough bum licking for now....
as the saying goes "i will be back" and i guess i have to bring andy too..
so hi to sprios, jill, ailleen, callam, clare and every one else which are regulares ..
if any one is intrested this place is now in the olympic get booking..

Donna M          10/10

back again on the 22nd june for two weeks   Tongue  cant wait ...

hello to all the folks that have stopped at the best place in zante..
cant beat it..Pissed  me most mornings after spiro's cocktails..

Claire B           

Hello All!
I cant believe that my last message went missing off the site that I wrote, rah rah rah Oh well, will have a 2nd attempt..!
Anyway, just a quick note to say Hello to everyone that was in Agoulos this year, just got back from my 3rd time out there and I had so much fun as usual, was really fab!! And Dylan, the Agoulos virgin also really enjoyed himself and cant wait to go back
As we tried analysing after one too many sambukas..Agoulos has just got the secret ingredient that other places have missing that we just cant put our finger on but it definately works and it is the reason that so many people go back time and time again - I get looked after so well out there as does everyone else by Wendy & Tony (and of course Maki and ViVi)
Finally if anyone had problems booking this year, I would suggest to book directly for next year and then you can get some wicked deals on flythomas cook - I got a really good price and some of the 2007 flights are on there already
Best Wishes
Claire & Dylan xxx

Ann S           

  arrived home yesterday missing all of you.another fantastic holiday. yes to aileens question!. spiros is still working in the bar . look forward to seeing you all in 2007.

ann and trevor xx


yes spiros will always be there a great place a great atmosphere, all  them of are so nice

Aileen V           

Looking forward to coming out and seeing Tony Wendy and all there.  By the way is Spiros still behind the bar?

Margaret S           

Good holiday in may, looking forward to seeing you all in september  {our 12th time at agoulas}

hope everyone is keeping ok see you all on the 11th.

Donna M           

once again another brilliant fortnight, thanks tony and wendy and all the folks who were there. 

Ann S           

can't wait to see you all  next month.know we will have another fantastic 2 weeks. 

love to you all
Ann and Hogan 

Nick B           

We've just been back here again and once again had a fabulous time.We brought two kids aged 9 and 10 and they loved it so it really is a perfect family location.So nice to see Wendy,Toni and family again and Toni doesnt change!Unfortunately,because we had the kids i couldnt hit the Metaxa but i aim to make ammends in August!We hope all visitors both old and new have as good a time as us and hopefuuly we shall see some familiar faces later this summer.Lastly,to Ian and Carole,dont forget your lovely iron!!Thanks again,Nick and Andrea x

Aileen M           

Hi Wendy,Tony and family looking forward to seeing you all again on the 18th June, never you mind stocking up that bar for Andy  as Calum will be there the night before and i am sure he will manage to drink it dry before Andy gets there, see you soon Donna, Andy and all our friends.

Aileen & Calum

Jenny P           

hey there everyone over there in greece, its jenny, how are you all? i hope that you are all well. i dont know when i am coming out to Zante, but Laura is starting work in Argassi in less than a month. i cant wait to see you all in the summer!!

love to all!! xoxoxox

Donna M           

gayle, if you look on the previous pages of the comments their is an email adress for the agoulos apts.

stopped here about 10times now absolutley fantastic see you all on the 19th june
stock the fridge up toni , andy is thirsty.

Gayle M           

Hi everyone I have tried the sky number and they can not find the agoulas inn anywhere.

Please can anyone else help?

Dave C           

what a great place !!!!!!!!

drink drink drink in the wonderful  hospitality  on offer can't wait to get back.
see you all soon i'll be there around lunchtime 12/05/06 best make sure there is a few cold glasses waiting.
dave gill & alfie

Patricia A           

Gayle.Try contacting SkyBargains on 0800 195 1300. My friend and I booked the Agoulas and our flights through them last year and got ourselves a bargain.Good Luck.

Gayle M           

Can anyone tell me were to get booked up?

I have searched everywhere I can think of.

Ange W           

hi toni wendi maki vivi and spiros hope your all well gonna try and get over in sept cant wait to see you all again take care ange xx

Ann S           

Had another fantastic holiday thanks to all of you.Can't wait until next year to see everybody. Don't forget to save my sunbed Wendy. Love to you all
 Hogan and Ann

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