Dora Studios

Accommodation in Argassi

Dave E

Enjoyed the holiday in Zante, but would NOT stay at Dora's again.
After being led into believing by Dora herself that we had a ground floor accomodation, on arrival we had been allocated a 1st floor accomodation.
Not very nice considering i am currently still recovering from a serious back operation ( which Dora knew about ), and also have been recently diagnosed as having osteoarthritis in the lower back and left hip.
Reported the incident to First Choice straight away, and they did between nothing and very little to help. As it was an official complaint and logged by First Choice, we were then snubbed by Dora, Panos and Demitri.
They are welcome to their little complex and their little groups of sheep. We will find better accomodation and a friendlier place in the future.

Dave A

Thanks for that John.  I e-mailed them as Andy suggested and you're right, seems they are tied to First Choice for next year aswell.  Oh well, Thanks again.
We'll have a look and chat with them when we're there next year.  Still making enquiries re The Apollo
Oh well, Thanks again.

John G

Sorry but you can't book direct with Dora, correctly stated they are under contract to first choice, But worth a try for start or end of season, been going to Doras for 7 years always through first choice....

Dave A

Thanks for that Andy, I'll try and get them via e-mail.  Read your comments and it certainly seems a great place to stay.  In fact there are some great comments all round about Dora.
While I'm on, can anyone give us some info about The Apollo Hotel?  ie what's it like , where it is etc?  Where is it in relation to Legends Bar?
Thanks again

Andy B


As far as I am aware Dora's is under contract with First Choice, I don't think you can book accommodation separately.
They have an e-mail address :

Kim B          9/10

We went to Argassi June 2007 for 2 weeks and stayed at the Dora Apartments. We had a one bedroomed apartment for three of us and its the first time the third person had a real bed in the living area (apartments usually have sofa beds - in my experience). AND my hubby and I had a double bed - again a new experience for us in Greece - its usually single beds! So apartments very comfortable and cleaned daily sheets and towels changed twice a week!

I've never given a holiday review before, but because we had such a fab time, I really wanted to talk about it.
Argassi is great - it has clubs if you want to stay up all night, and Tavernas/bars if you simply want to chill out (and you wouldn't realise people were out partying all night).
Dora apts, is two minutes away from the main street, but is undisturbed by the activity there.The owners are lovely. And the people in Argassi are very friendly too.
We ate like Lords and drank like fish - some fab places to eat, our favourites were 'the green frog' especially for sunday lunch! 'the big plate' for authentic greek food, 'ethnic' for the best giros! 'marios' and 'pheonix' for full english breakfast.

Dave E          10/10

Going to Dora Apartments for the 3rd time with my wife and daughter, from the 5th of August to the 12th of August. The apartment complex is such a lovely place, situated in a quiet spot of Argassi, but close enough to the shops, bars, and restaurants when you need.
Dora is a wonderful lady, well respected by everybody, and under full control of everything. Panos is a wonderful bloke, also well respected by everybody. He takes pride in having the cleanest swimming pool in Zakynthos. Dimitris is a crack pot and a great laugh, smashing bloke who knows his music ( especially classic rock ). Had many a night sat at the bar listening to some old classic tunes and getting rendered.
Can't leave out the 2 German Shepherds who are both lovely dogs, but feared by many.
Anyone going out there in August, let us know, and lets have a drink or 2.
We have 6 weeks to go and are on countdown to the holiday already.

Andy B          10/10

Well, got back yesterday after a fantastic 2 week holiday at Dora, never felt so relaxed on any holiday before. Can't praise the family who run Dora enough, nothing to much trouble and if you spend the time to get to know them they are all really lovely and make you feel really welcome (Panos looks well scary though but he is a lovely guy!  laugh). Really clean apartments and a nice freindly feel about the place, met loads of lovely people.
Dimitris is a top guy with a wicked sense of humour and loves his tunes (loves his vinyl), spent quite a few late nights shooting the breeze at the bar, gassing about this and that and having a real good laugh, his mate Jonny popped by a couple of times and he is a scream, pair of em proper wind up merchants! (Beware, Dimitris will try to kill you on JD shots if you like it!)
BBQ night was mental, loved the dancing and had a scream and got seriously wasted  Roll Eyes.
The dog (Aris???) is lovely and fed well off us with plenty left overs brought back for him from us (we missed our doggies!)
My eldest daughter Paige got to snorkel with a turtle at Kalamaki beach, highlight of the holiday.
Hello to Chris and Ange, the mental Welshies (Theresa and co), Ian and Kay and kids, Elaine and Stevie (good fun you guys), Paul and Tracey, Rob and Jaqueline (hope the foot is alright Rob), Dean and family, Russ and The Other One  Wink, and Jo and Daisy, not forgetting Flora and Mary who we had a good old singalong with.
Top holiday all round, hope to be going back next year.  Grin

Dimitris was talking about next year maybe being his last at Dora, he's maybe going to Athens to be with his wife but there is a lovely lady who works the bar a few nights a week (Helena) who I think will take over in the long run.

Nicola S          10/10

Thanks for the map John! Now I know where it is exactly! Near the ultra annoying Peter!!! Great...look forward to seeing you at the bar then! I will be the bright pink person who sits on a sun lounger from dawn to dusk (well it is my holiday!). Thanks again! Nicola

John G          10/10

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Hope this helps, you are not far from the centre, about 2 mins from the beachand just far enough away to be peaceful....enjoy, i will be there 1st 2 weeks of august..John

Dave E          10/10

Both myself and my wife have been to Argassi twice, our daughter once, and we all enjoyed the holiday. Dora Apartments is a lovely family run complex. Clean rooms, friendly staff, and an excellent place to stay. The pool is cleaned daily. The bar service is excellent. Even the food is tasty, more so when compared with some so called restaurants in the resort. We are so impresssed with Argassi that we have booked for August 07, and are due to book again for September 07. Dora has many people who return to stay there, and i know why. Do not hesitate, book Dora's.

David C

Hi,Jo you can go the Athens trip on Tue/wed. book with Peter on the TEZ tours he is next to the MEETING PLACE.

Andy B

We (wife and two daughters) are staying at the Dora apartments this June and reading the reviews, we can't wait, all sounds excellent.
Has anybody got any pics of the inside of a 1 bed apartment they can post up at all?
Really looking forward to the experience!

John G          10/10

Hi Nicola, the Doras is an excellent place, my girls now 13 &15 love the place, as do we still after 6 years, you've made the right choice....Enjoy

ps; still there31 july you can buy me a drink

Ray F

Hi nicola, there is plenty to do in Argassi. you are also  about a 5 min walk to bus stop which will take you to other places in Zante. The swimming pool at the dora is very nice. There are lots of bars  with all different kinds of entertainment for the whole family.

Nicola E

Hi everyone..can anyone help? I am going to these apartments in july 2007 with my family and another family. There are four adults that are 40+  a 17 year old 15 year old and a 9 year old. Do you think we'vre chosen the right place?  

Ray F          10/10

  Hi it's awhile since I was on. We are booked to go to Dora end of Sept 2007 again. Dimitri's wife was in hospital in Athens when we were there last year, as he was staying in Athens the bar was open  only occasionaly, but it didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves.  Anyone going to Dora will find it very clean, and friendly.

John G          10/10

Hi Clare, the Dora studios are clean and well looked after, with new air conditioning installed last year,they are smallish but comfotable i am informed(i stay in the appts). It is great place to spend your hols relaxed and very chilled out great drinks and food,


Alison W          10/10

I too am staying at the Dora Apartments for the first time in September, I am assured by several members of the message board that these apartments are excellant.  I have stayed in Argassi on numerous occasions and so I know where they are situated Argassi and have to say that they are very well appointed, close to all restaurants, bars and supermarkets.  I have been told it is a small family run establishment and that Dimitri is a great cocktail maker!  There are several photos further down this page and all in all it looks a lovely place to be.

Hope this helps

Clare B

Can anyone please help me????

Me and my boyfriend want to go to argassi in august we are both 20.  Dora is the cheapest but the pic in the brochure looks dull and dirty.  We have been to greece before so we know the studios will b basic.  Can you just tell us if it is clean and any other info about dora?  and argassi.
Thanks Clare

Alison L           

Ray - what has happened to Dimitri's wife?  We visited in July this year and absolutely loved it, had a great time.  Spent many a drunken evening with Dimitri but never got to meet his wife.  Hope nothing bad has happened...

Ray F           

We were at the dora from 1st oct 2006 for 2weeks, our studio was cleaned every day,

and the cleaner always  gave us a smile. We were disappointed the bar wasn't open but when we were told about Dimitri's wife we understood. We enjoyed the dora apartments and hope to go back soon

Debbie E           

This place was definately average for me.Ok,we went at the end of season and the bar and restaurant wasn't open anymore which is  alright because we didn't plan to eat,sleep and swim in the same place all day but the actual room was nothing to write home about.

The toilet was dirty and stunk so we kept the door closed all the time,paper holder was on floor and room above all was average.
It does look good from the outside and conveniently situated but we just saw it as somewhere to rest our heads,probably much better in peak season.

Laura S           

I don't understand people posting great stuff about the bar in October when it wasn't open once!  The sign said 9 till 1am but you had to go and knock on their home front door if you wanted to order a drink, we knocked for 2 hrs and do you think we got 1?

The cleaner is extremely rude - you do not need to speak English to smile at someone!  Many people complained that their towels and sheets were not cleaned regularly enough at all.
When they call it a studio apartment they really mean it!  Our 'kitchen' was our hall way, honestly!  It consisted of 2 hob rings, 2 plates and 2 bowls (they werent even cereal bowls, 1 was a salad bowl and the other was a pasta dish!) and 1 tempremental kettal.  Quite ridiculous to cook for 2 weeks I can asure you!
It was however, a pleasent area and nice pool, well located too.
One more thing, why hasn't some whizz in Greece invented a hook that attaches the shower head to the wall so you don't have to wrestle with it and hold it up when you shower?  We are in the 21st century aren't we....

John G           

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I stayed at Dora's 6 times and it is quite simply the best place you are going to stay! Just set from the main road it is quiet, not too big, and Dora, Panos and Dimitri are very friendly and welcoming. The appartement rooms are very clean and big enough, At night take time at the bar to socialise and try a few of Dimitri's cocktails and listen to his cosmic grooves, he plays some of the coolest and best tunes you've never heard. The pool is immaculately clean, Panos takes great pride in his pool.Greek bbq night is a must... any info reqd.

see ya all soon

Karen D           

Had a brillant holiday! A big hi to Dimitri and Jo and to everyone that stayed at the Doras week of 13th August - 20th August thank you all for a great time. Accomodation was 1st class and Argassi is more than lively enough although have to admit that we spent most of our time at the Doras bar, Dimitri's cocktails are the best, im only just recovering!! I would definately reccommend the Greek night for a good laugh. Will definatey be going back, im missing the place already! Won't be drinking ouzo the next time though its lethal!!!

Charlie C           

Dora apartments is a beautiful set up that i would reccomend to anyone. The location is not too far away from the main street, but far enough away to not be disturbed by the noise. I got back this morning from my "Zante experience" and i cant believe how quickly my week has flown. Although the beach in Argassi is considerably dissapointing, Dora apartments makes up for it with a fabulous pool area for everyone to enjoy. Hi to hayley, chloe, zoe and dot; gary and family (including the sweetest little baby EVER!); laurean; lotty; sarah and roshin. Thankyou so much for a wonderful time, Dora and ta for getting us drunk on the first night Dimitri, be aware he is LETHAL with his drinks!!

PS definatly try the watersports

Danielle S           

it was excellent me and my family loved it my mum and dad are going again in  september

Samantha D           

This is our seond year running at Dora's and we love it still. At this rate i'll never get to see another part of the world as i keep getting drawn back to Zante Argasi and of course there's only one place to stay and thats "Dora's Studio and Apartments".  The Apartments are clean, the pool is clean, the complex surroundings are clean, what more do us brits want? Apart from good food, hot sun and plenty of fluids and let me tell you, there's plenty of that too. All staff are very friendly and helpful. A big Geia sas to my friend Dora, Pannos and to Dimitri and Jo (love you hunny's) and to little Katrina. Also a big hello to the fantastic people i met, Big hi to Claire, Richard, Gemma, Helen, Tony, Joy and Bri and the rest, you know who you all are. Thanks to Magic Martin who nearly made me wet myself one night, forget the magic just do comedy haha, only joking.

If you are considering to come here then stop considering and just go, you'll love it, just read the feed back.
Please go to Ilision the restaurant, leave Dora's through the gate next to the pool bar, turn right, carry on down the road for 2 mins and it's the second restaurant on the right, you'll love it, try Hawaiian Pork (Justin Special) very lush and the Hawaiian wraps yum yum. Love you Dora, Pannos, Dimitri and Jo "EFCHARISTO AND ANTIO

Joanne &           


Hi there, Martin & Joanne here. click to enlarge

Hope everyone at Dora apts that were there from 8  to 15 Aug 06 enjoyed themselves  We really had a gr8t time there. Big hi 2 Gav & Eve, beat u on the big email off to make up from the pool table. Hi also to John & Marie, Damien & Callum, Doug & Sam and Tom & Helen who will have sleepless nites over 2 hearts.  But a big big thank u  to Dimitri & Jo for making our holiday fantastic
Dimitris  cocktails r leathal  but hard to resist so be warned to those who dare.  The apts r luvly and clean and the maids service was ace.  It really is a friendly place that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Dimitri you really are a top guy and host.
I hope all that came to my Close-up Magic show on Friday nite enjoyed the evening,  I certainly enjoyed entertaining you all, (thanks for laughing at my jokes Sam, you were the only one ).  For those that didn't get my details here they are,
We recommend going to Illision resturant for a good hearty meal. The price is cheaper than most other places, the settings & service are second to none. Remezzos beach bar is another good haunt for a quiet drink, game of pool good sea views and is very romantic
Thank u again 'DJ Dimitri K' my friend and wicked mixer, c u very soon
Martin & Joanne
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David E           


Sarah N           

well.... sophie and sarah had a great time when we went to zante from the 30th of july till the 14 of august and we loved every minute of it!! the weather was great and all the people were really friendly and we didnt want to go home! we stayed at dora studios which were really nice and always kept very clean. we met some great people. the cocktails at the pool bar are the best ever so try them if you go! very strong! the night life isnt dead lively but some bars are quite good liek the magic mushroom and jungle plus and the kiss bar but there are plenty of other bars around too. there is also a free bus to the beach and its really good! theres also loads of nice restraunts too. we had a really really good time and hope to go bak soon.missin everyone loads xxxx

Lisa M           

hi all

myself, kelly, stacey, jon and dan all went to doras on the 6th till the 13th of june and loved it. one of our fav holidays. we meet some great people - julie and angela, andrea and rob, sarah and lee, sarah and guy, steve and michelle, dave and family and many more.
the complex is small friendly and personal. the apartments are clean and comfortable which is a bonus for greece. dimitri, dora and panos are all great. lots of cheap if not free alcohol flowing constantly. thursday bbq night is a great laugh be prepared to get up greek dancing and have alcohol poured over you to oops up side your head!!
loved it so much that myself jon kelly her son james and ben went again 1st till the 8th of august. once again a fantastic holiday. will definately be returning year after year.
to eat out i'd definately recommend cast aways especially the flaming fajitas!!
doras apartments do a cracking breakfast and club sandwich and the best milkshakes made from haagen daz ice cream are from snack academy.
the best bars are the pool bar then magic mushrooms, avalon, red lions, legends, artemis and the orange tree, or pay ten euros for a taxi to lagana for parties parties parties parties!!
have a great time

Alex A           

hi to dora apartments alex and sandie here had a great time 11th to the 25th would recomend it to anyone

special thanks to damitre he was brill thanks for the jds and sandie says thanks for the brandy
great to meet so many nice people  like darren and j2o and john and bev we had a great time see you soon all our best to dora apartments


Had two weeks at Dora studios 6th-20thJune 2006 and the same date last year. My sister in law Julie and myself had a great time and met lots of realy lovely people: John, Lisa, Stacy, Den, Katie, Dave and his wife and daughter(from Blackpool), Steve and Michelle (good luck for wedding in Jan), Guy and Sarah, and lots of other wonderful folk from all over Britain.

Dimitris is an excellent host as are Dora and Panos. The BBQ IS GOOD FUN!!!!!!. The studios are very clean if a little small. Castaway is an excellent restaurant with friendly staff and great food. Prince of Aia is also very good. Will be returning very soon to Zante and wouldnt stay anywhere but Doras.   

Alison L           

Have just come back from two weeks (13-27 June 2006) and cannot praise Dora's Apartments enough.  Our room was clean, perfectly positioned for us and the complex is situated in just the right place.  Not far from the main road, but far enough to not be disturbed by the night life.  The impression I got was that they are very proud of their business, and have managed to keep a 'homey' atmosphere.

Dora and Panos were lovely, and Dimitris was a perfect host - there isn't much he doesn't know about Depeche Mode and JD!  Thanks Dimitris for the great time.    Thanks also to the gorgeous Katarina behind the bar who was so sweet and looked after us (and showed me how to make a proper Greek frappe!). 
The food served at Dora's is superb - the Souvlaki's are the best in Argassi.
If you are looking for a good restaurant, try Ilision Restaurant which is up the road from Dora's, carry on the road to the right and you'll see it on the right hand side.  The food is superb, it's quiet and away from all the noise of Argassi.  They are really struggling with their numbers as they are not on the main street, so we made sure we told everyone about the place and tried to get as many people to go.  The food was marginally cheaper than anywhere else, and was arguably better quality too.  Also catch the minibus up to the Target Restaurant at the top overlooking Argassi.  Don't try and walk up, it's too far.  There's a free minibus to take you.  Go up past the Dolphin Supermarket and it's just on your right.
Make sure you are well armed against mosquitoes - they arrive in their droves!
I would strongly recommend anyone looking for good quality accommodation in Argassi to go to Dora's.
See you again soon I hope!

Lisa P           

.......... it would appear I've emigrated to the Netherlands!  Oh well it would be better if it was Zante......

Lisa (UK)

Lisa P           

We have been to Dora's for the last two years and love the place and people there so much are going back this year.  A fabulous holiday is guarunteed and Dora's is the only place to go!

Can't wait   Anyone who is there 12th to 26th September see you for a 'Dimitri Special' in the bar!
Colin, Margaret (the Bank!), Lisa, Den and Gilly  

Old M           

Great place, we booked this year on the strength of all the recommendations on here, and we weren't disappointed.

Ideal location, friendly and helpful staff, studio was everything we expected, and the pool was pleasantly warm compared to some! Will definitely be back.

Dave E           

Just got back after a wonderful week in Argassi ( June 6th - June 13th ). My wife and I 1st stayed at this lovely, warm, and friendly atmosphered complex in August 2004. Was recognised straight away and received a very warm welcome from Tassia ( the cook ), Demitri ( excellent barman and DJ ), Dora and Panos ( the owners ). Within minutes we felt like we had never been away.

The complex grounds are well kept, the swimming pool and surrounding area is spotless, and the apartment was clean, tidy, and plenty of room for the 3 of us who stayed.
The Greek night was good fun, great BBQ with good and tasty food, and Greek dancing was the entertainment for the night in which you could participate if you so wished to.
After 7 days here, we had no complaints at all. Hoping to get back to the Dora Apartments in the near future, as we all enjoyed it so much.
A big thank you to all concerned for helping make the holiday for us such a memorable occasion. But a BIG special thank you, to Demitri. A brilliant bloke with a heart of gold, friendly with everyone and also a very popular guy to say the least. Next time, the 1st drink is on me

Jakob H           

I just passed through Argassi on the 29th of May and was caught by the bar music when passing by at Dora's Apartments on my way to my room, further uphill. I stopped by and had an entertaining chat for an hour or two with Dimitris. Two Scots, a young couple, also showed up for a little while.

Dimitris seems to know all about the best music out there and isn't afraid of pumping up the volume after midnight. I really recommend visiting the man and enjoy his music. The strange vodka liquor shots of unknown brand that Dimitris served was a special bonus experience.
Although I have little experience from the rest of Argassi, I would still claim that this is the only place you need to visit if you like a good bar with a professional mix of music, from relaxing soul to vitalizing whatever-happens-to-make-u-move style music.
... Jakob

Scott G           

i kinda spelt alot of things rong

Scott G           

me and my family there a few years ago and thought it was brilliant so weve booked tickets to go to zante and were stayin doras agen denetris was a realy good barman  there was just nufin rong wi goin in 4 weeks so if yur goin c ya den  

Chloe C           

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Just got back last night and had a mental time!!

Doras apartments was the best and met sooo many people it was amazing, hello to Gina, Jenna, Pete and Jayne - we never did end up in the pool after all! Oh well there is always next time! Dimitri was quality with the best cocktails in Zante!  We had a BBQ night on the Saturday which was ace food was great and there free homemade wine got me hammered! I danced away with the greek dancers - everyone had a wicked time.
There is too much to mention but we will definatley be going back, maybe even at the end of this year!
Best bars - Red Lion, Legends, Beer Academy and Tropicana (cause of the free cinema).
DONT GO TO PETES!!!!  He drove us insane and we were glad to get away from him
Got very drunk whilst there so still recovering now!!
But we were very sad to come home
Hope to see you there sometime.
Chloe & Ryan

Gina P           

it wa an amazin holiday ppl wa amazin so wa appartments!!! met lotsa mazin ppl hu am missin lots  everi1 should enjoy it dont c how u ccant!! uv gota go to red lion n legends ther amazin, plus neil (barman in red lion) is sexi love yaz av fun xxx

Gina P           

hello its gina. me 16, my dad peter, his gf jayne and my best m8 jenna 17 went to doras appartments 2nd may till 9th may and we totally loved it. the staff r friendly, the appartments were clean and the best bit...the bars were really close so wen ya drunk at nyt ders no need to struggle up a big hill or nefing coz its only round the corner  uve gota check out red lion bcoz its so fun if u do uve gotta say hello to phil (the karaoke man) n neil (the bar man) from me hehehe, also theres legeds which is ryt next to red lion then theres beer academy round the corner from doras!!!!we realli enjoyed our stay n loved meetin alot of  nice ppl of all ages. i miss everyone spesh neil hus jus one of many friendly ppl hu we met!!! i also came bk with a mega tan which is always important!!!! ope u all enjoy ya hol as much as we did, i can onestly say ders no reason y u shudnt  

John G           

Hi Ray, Sorry, but you'll have to take your own hairdryer with you, when are you going? you will enjoy it there.........

Ray F           

I'm going to Dora Apartments this year, can anyone tell me if there is hairdryers in rooms

ChloŽ J           

Hi! i am chloŽ! I would like to thank Dora Apartments on behalf of the Johnson and Rickards families! We had a great time there! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, especially the dancing, bbqs, and the bar! it was great for all the family! the food was great and everyone was just so friendly! we also met lots of friends like Petros and Alex ZarikosLeanne and more!

We had a fabulous time and hope to come again soon!
our stay: 1-14 aug 05!

Rebecca L           

 Hello to all at dora studios/apartments! me and my partner had a fantastic time when we were there 19 june 2005 for 2 weeks! my boyfriend loved it soo much that he snuck away to have a night out with dimitri and his friend yanis! we had the best time there and loved the bbq, even though i am a fussy eater i still loved it. It may not be that great for kids as there isnt that much to do, but for couples its fantatstic. big shout out to everybody and il defo be back!

Joanne S           

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A few pics of our great time!

Joane & Martin

Martin M           

The dora was great, me(martin) and my girlfriend joanne and her brother craig and his fiance janice and daughter cerys where there for 2 weeks from 15h of may till 30th.   i found the aparments to be very clean, the atmosphere around the town was great,  SPECIAL SHOUT OUT FOR DIMITRI the man with the excellent cocktails and his staff who were very friendly and who made everyone feel welcome.

Wanna also say hello to paul & joanne , sharon & christian , Phill and kelly too ..if i`ve missed any names i`m sorry. It was a pleasure meeting you guys. hope you enjoyed your time as much as we did.
Right now im sitting online actually considering booking the same place and date for another 2 weeks..  hope to see you guys there heehee..
merry xmas and happy new yr!
Zante, i would highly recommend, just stay away from the wee annoying guy who trys to get you into his restaraunt... you`ll find out who he is hahaha..
Cheers for the memories, Oh and the methos is sublime... !!

Marc D           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeSpent a week in the Dora from 14th - 21st September 2005. As we only booked the holiday 4 days before the trip we were open to what was left, and I can say that we really came up trumps!

The Dora is a fantastic little family run place with only around 30 rooms split between apartment and studios. It is just off the main drag of Argassi, so quiet enough to be away from the main noise (although there isn't an excessive amount).


We stayed in an apartment which consisted of a living area and separate bedroom. The first thing we both noticed on arrival was how impeccably clean the whole complex was. All of the staff were helpful, but not at all 'in your face'. If you wanted to just laze around the pool they left you to your own devices.


A special mention must go to Demitrie, the son who runs the bar. He has fantastic taste in music and can really mix the cocktails up! We had a couple of fun nights by the bar, and it really helped to get to know the other guests. He also arranged for us use one of the rooms in the familyís house as our transfer was in the early hours of the morning, and we had to be out of the room by mid day.


Our rep Rob Dunne was a lot of fun. He took the time to meet up with us even on his night off and show us around a bit. If you read this Rob then the 'Fat Frog' has definitely made its way back to England!


My only negative point would be that if you went in the peak of summer you would definitely need the air condition, which I thought was a bit pricey at 50 euros for the week.



The Dora has a bit for everyone. Kids are welcomed, but there aren't too many. You can go out every night and party away, or just quietly sip cocktails at the bar and most importantly everyone is made to feel most welcomed.


I will be going back to the Dora, and will be taking some of my friends!

Alison L           

I stayed at the Dora Aprtments from 6th - 13th September 2005. I would thouroughly recommend them to anyone wanting to stay in Argassi. I found them to be very clean and tidy and not too small, you could comfortably sleep 4 if required. There is a balcony for most rooms and the pool is of a reasonable size and kept very clean. The Bar serves breakfasts and snacks which are reasonably priced as are the drinks. My only complaint I have about the place is that the Bar is open till 1am which is great when your having a late one but when you have to get up early for excursions as we did twice it can get a bit much for light sleepers like myself. This aside it's a great place to stay with a very central locationto the town.

Sam D           

This was my first holiday since i was 15 and my daughter, Carmel's first holiday "ever", so as you can imagine i wanted this holiday to be so good!!! I got that and more, Argassi is a great place with everything to offer, and its so near other place's in Zante, and only 10 minutes away from Zante town.

I couldn't of picked a better accommodation than Dora's Apartment, it's nicely set back from the hussle and bussle of Argassi main street which is packed of great shops, bars, Taverna's and resturants. It takes 2 minutes tops to get to the main street and the beech from Dora's. We looked at every hotel, apartments in Argassi and Dora'a come up tops. It is very clean and you get a good maid service. The pool is lovely and clean, you'll see Pannos (spelling?) cleaning it every night and then again in the morning. Dimitries is lovely as his lovely wife Jo, who by the way speaks better English than i do. Dora is a lovely lady, they are all very friendly and very helpful, not sure about the rep!!!! If you want to know anything, then ask Jo or Dimitries. B.B.Q night is excellant and don't see how anyone didn't like it, that night is one of the high lights of our holiday, it was just brill. We will be back to Argassi and will stay at Dora's again.
Thank you for a great holiday, you are all great, and you Bladdy English ssshhhhhhh, you know who you are    Kisses for the doggies xx

Gina H           

Have just got back from Argassi,Dora studios were very clean. Not much for the kids to do and when they were jumping in the pool they were told off!Dimitri and Jo (mrs beckham) are great, very friendly. Barbeque is very expensive and really not worth it. If anyone passes on a fan or anything to you that has been bought in resort make sure you get a receipt or communicate with the rep as we were accused of stealing one and threatened with the police if we didn't pay 30 euros!!!Rob the first choice rep is the best we have had, he was around a lot and let the kids push him in the pool a couple of times-great fun and a nice guy.All in all would not recomend this accomodation .


Kate G           

I recently went to Dora Studios with 12 of my friends and we had the most amazing time!  The hotel is clean, with everything you could want, and in the perfect position within Argassi, a little back from the main street but within a 2 minute walk of shops and restaurants.  Thanks to the hotel staff for putting up with our drunken antics!

The resort itself is also amazing, you can choose a quiet night or clubbing and all the bar and restaurant staff are unbelievably friendly - visit 'Premier' to see Tasos and 'Castaway' to see Simon.  And I recommend the tourist tour office next to 'Premier' - go and see my baby Aurelio for a good deal

I strongly recommend going to Argassi and staying at Dora, you really will have an amazing time!

Kate, Vicky, Charlotte, Emma, Naomi, Chris, Andy, Kathryn, Steph, Gemma, Laura, Mike and Han

Martin H           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

 what can i say they have all said it for me it was the best, had a great time and best of all was damitris thank you for making us feel so relaxed cant wait to go back some day pics are the bar area ,views from apartment

Joanne R           

they were lovely,we were in a studio which were very clean with excellent maid service.

the pool area was very nice with a friendly bar staff,we met lots of friends and got very drunk on ouzo!!! well it was our honeymoon.. great BBQs on thursdays,and they get you up greek dancing too...hi to sharon and christan from
joanne&paul xxx

Pauline H           

Many thanks for that Kelly - the Dora apartments sound great and we are looking forward to a great holiday.

Kelly C           

There are no toasters in the rooms, however they do have frying pans which if you use your initiative you can make excellent cheese and ham toasties.  The bar will do toast for you as well.

Kelly C           

 The Dora Apartments were excellent, really handy for the resort centre!  Dimitri serves delicious cocktails that will knock your head off!!  We had an excellent time and are looking forward to going back sometime soon.  You will meet lots of great people out there, just watch out for the ones drinking Ouzo and trying to smoke Croissants! - they get you into trouble.....

Pauline H

Hi - we are travelling this weekend to stay at the Dora Apartments for a fortnight. We have a 17 month old son who loves his toast in the morning and we were wondering if the kitchens are equipped with a toaster. Also wondering if nearby supermarkets are well stocked - Many thanks

Catsy M           

We have just come back from an brilliant 2 weeks at the Dora Studios.  The complex is run to a very high standard by Dora and her family and staff and is by far the cleanest accomodation we have ever had in Greece with maid service 6 days a week.  The pool area is lovely and very relaxed with a great pool bar run by Dimitris serving food until 4pm and drinks all day - this is a great place to relax of an evening and to meet some of the other people staying in the complex, Dimitiris is a great host, with a good choice in music and very generous with the shots!!.  The resort of Argassi is 1 minute away and has lots of bars and restaurants as well.  We would reccomend hiring a car and seeing some of the island as it is a lovely place.  We would like to thank Dora, Dimitris and co for making this such a good holiday and to say hello to Phil and Kelly from Glasgow - we hope you enjoyed your second week as much as we enjoyed ours!

Catsy & Dougie Moffat


click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge  This is some pictures of dora's! hope this helps, its a fantasic place to visit, definatley would recommend, best holiday yet!


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Karen C

Hi i am due to go to argassi and will be staying at the dora apartments next month. Has anyone got an pictures of the apartments or the surroundings. Im really looking forward to my holiday as it has been 14 years since i went away. Thanks

James A           

We had a wonderful holiday here. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The pool is clean and well maintained, the rooms are basic yet extremely functional, cleaned daily.
The location is an ideal base for Argassi and the whole complex comes highly recommended.

Jacqueline N           

we went to the dora studios 4 2weeks n loved every minute of i specially the shots at the bar(by the way dimitri we took a bottle home n it jst disny taste the same) the food was great n the staff were great we had a 1yr old baby with us and the staff were so kind to her. we met great ppl there like helen, larnie, ade, sarah, luke n dan n especially dimitri(GREEK SEX GOD) we bet u all miss mya. the bar was great at nite n it has a great feel about it. we hope we c u all nxt year wen we go bac.

Lorraine B           

My daughter got married in Zante in September and we stayed at the Dora Apartments. We cannot give them anything but praise for their friendliness and helpfullness whilst we stayed there. Dora, her family and employees were fantastic. Although the studio apartments were on the small side and pretty basic, they where very clean and adequate for our needs. My family would thoroughly recommend a stay there and one day we will hopefully return. There was nothing about our fortnights holiday that we could fault. And Dimitri is every woman's fantasy greek god, handsome, friendly and a credit to his parent's!

Laura C           

Hi everyone, we were in Argassi from 6-21 September and we had a brilliant time. We met loads of nice people, there weren't many children there but the ones that were, were really sweet (hi Mitch and Connor!)
One piece of advice to those of you who go to the bars: stay away from the Albanians! Most were fine and didn't give us any trouble but a couple were not so nice!!!
The Dora Studios were extremely clean and Dora, her husband and Dimitri were so nice to us we definitely will be going back, hopefully next year.
P.S Dimitri, we've tried to text you but can't seem to get through, Lee is really missing his Jack Daniels partner!
Love Laura and Lee x

Sharon C           

We had a wonderful time at Dora Apartments. Dora herself was there to meet us and show us our room. It was the cleanest place we've ever been and the pool and surrounding area were perfect. It,s a really small and friendly place where you get to know most of the people staying. Argassi itself if very nice with plenty of shops and places to eat. The cooked breakfasts at Doras were very good as were the pool side snacks. We took our two children aged 5 & 8 and they really enjoyed it there, although there were a few rules for the pool like no ball games or diving and the children wern't allowed in the deep end without a parent in the water with them, even though they are both strong swimmers. Saying that it didn't make any difference to the boys. We met some lovely people, especially the girls from Fulham(I think) who were lovely. The boys thought the world of them and hope that Maria is keeping up with her swimming!!! They send their love to them both and sorry we didn't get to say 'Goodbye' at the airport. Moosah the cat was a big hit, we've never seen a talking cat before! All in all we had a great holiday and would definately go back again to the same place, the weather was in the 30's most days, so a good time of year to go. Sharon, Clive, Mitch & Connor.

Sandra P           

The Tour operator is First Choice you can go through Unijet we found it easier to go through Unijet

Lisa N           

We stayed at the Dora Apartments from 31/08/04 till 14/09/04. We were placed in a studio apartment when we had paid for an apartment, but couldn't be moved as the complex was full ! So therefore the accomodation we were put in was very expensive for what we got. (This was probably the fault of the travel coimpany rather than the accomodation owners though ) The studio's were tiny and not 100% clean ( came back with bruises galore from walking into the furniture as there wasn't enough room )
The complex itself was quiet and well maintained, but we felt that security levels left alot to be desired - anyone could walk in to the complex off the street as there was no reception / security at night.
The pool was exceptionally clean with enough sunbeds.
Argassi itself was nice, with a decent selection of bars and restaurants.

Sandra P           

We have just returned from the Dora's Apts and we had a lovely time we had 2 teenagers with us and they had a good time too.The rooms are basic but kept clean by a very hard working lady who's
name i cannot pronounce,the pool is spotless and well maintained.We found this an ideal location as it is only 100 mtrs to the main street,if you want a good night Avalon is a great place the DJ is very good and its friendly we liked Zorba's resturant food is fab but also just at the back of Dora's we found a super place called Edem's very friendly and very cheap almost halve the price of main street resturants.I think Dora's is a good place to stay as a base for exploring Zante but if you want to be entertained night and day then its not for you.We loved aou stay and met some nice people who all wanted a little bit of peace and quiet and thats what we had.Thank you Dimitri for the shots of what ever it was and thank you to Pas and Dora give Fedra and Harris and cuddle from us and Michaella already misses Moosah.

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