The Old Rescue

Bars in Laganas

Chas R  (June 06, 2001)         

I've heard this place is now a supermarket?is that true? Pity,we had a right laaugh in here

Chas R  (May 09, 2001)         

Only went in here once,but what a laugh,will definately go back in there this year.

Debbie B  (April 03, 2001)         

This bar was a bit more chillful than the others but we loved it!!!! Me and my mate vic where there for 2 weeks at the back end of July & met up with some great people.So Darren from Burnley who stayed at the Divina at the same time get in touch!!!!

Claire M  (January 24, 2001)         

This Bar is Really cool, its not as busy as Rescue, but the bar staff will certainly make you laugh, and yes Gary is a cutie!!

Rebecca L (January 23, 2001)

Ive never been to this bar,can anyone tell me if its as good as the new Rescue,and what are the bar staff like.

Sarah B  (January 18, 2001)         

Me and my best mate were at Zante last year and spent alot of time in this bar!! Such a great laugh and the free shots were unbelievable!! Bar men made us feel so welcome and my mate took a liking to one of them - Gary!!!! Anyway we are back this year!!!

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