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Hot Lips Cocktail Bar
(Bars in Laganas)
 Lisa F (May 19, 2012)
Hi Mondi, I doubt you look on here, its been a long time just thought I'd say hello.  Love Lisa xxx
1 post by Lisa F ip - --
 Mike L (February 04, 2011)
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hi,im actualy looking for, Sandra, son called jeff, used to have crocs bar !!! i worked for her and her husband back in 2003 had an apartment with lad called pat if your out there sandra A MASIVE HI

FROM ME MIKE,if you get this get in touch, or lightfoot, i lv ouzo
1 post by Mike L ip - GB
10/10 Hot L (February 21, 2010)

Hot Lips Bar is under new ownership for 2010-2011!
British owned, British staff!!
Many years experience in Laganas and Kalamaki
All homemade food!! All freshly cooked!! Real homemade Chips!!
Fantastic cocktails
World cup coverage!!


See you there!!!!!!!!!
1 post by Hot L ip - Greece
10/10 Sandra H (December 03, 2009)
hi i am trying to get in contact with tracy and panni in cyprus if any one out there has any way please email me tracy if you read this its sandra  from zante emmas mam i  did bingo there in 2005 heres hoping your comment here
 contact me on
1 post by Sandra H ip - Greece
 John B (October 03, 2009)
View 13 posts by John B ip - GB
1/10 John B (October 01, 2008)
View 13 posts by John B ip - GB
 Caren W (September 16, 2008)

 Very sad to see that Panni and Tracy have not returned to Zante this year. New people here. Didn't like the look of the place anymore.

View 11 posts by Caren W ip - GB
 Alison W (June 27, 2008)

Hi Ken & Jude - we will be staying in Argassi from 15th - 22nd September and will certainly come and visit you both in Lagana - all the best for a good season and see you in September!!
Jude:  Happy Birthday for tomorrow
Love to you both
Ali, Barbie, Alan, Carolyn and Peter
View 14 posts by Alison W ip - GB
10/10 Olly H (June 26, 2008)

hi have heard this bar great, anyone going in there saturday give jude a big kiss and wish her a happy birthday from olly and andy please, good luck to them for the season,miss you loads xxx

View 16 posts by Olly H ip - United States
 Jon E (June 21, 2008)

The king and queen of cocktails have now arrived in lagana direct from argassi, if real spirits in your cocktails are your thing rather than cheap spirits Ken is your man and Jude your woman and the cocktail king and queeen!! prefer my JD straight though!!, Just dont let ken make you an Long Island iced tea, his version is strong as I learnt 10 years ago!!

View 4 posts by Jon E ip - GB
 Paul K (June 04, 2008)
well never been here b4  i allways go 2 argassi  but my old m8s ken and jude are workin here this summer so gonna ave 2 pop in and see my aunty jude and uncle ken lol
View 2 posts by Paul K ip - GB
10/10 Emma B (May 29, 2008)

Just returned after a week visiting old friends called in to hot lips and it is a great bar reasonable in price and ken and jude were great as always!!

1 post by Emma B ip - GB
10/10 Chris M (February 17, 2008)
click to enlargeThe staff here were the best including Ike and Louis who did the Jeep Safari! Drinks were quite cheap and the food was pretty good. Sports channels were on all the time which is always good! We managed 2 win the quiz on our last day too! (although it might have been rigged...) Cudnt make 2007 but shall be back for 2008!
1 post by Chris M ip - GB
 Alan D (November 15, 2007)

im looking for ike's email

he gave me it before i left and unfortunately i lost it..
View 5 posts by Alan D ip - GB
10/10 Donna C (August 10, 2007)
click to enlargeclick to enlarge thank you for the excellent hospitality and the food was cheap and very very nice you made us feel very welcome we ate here every night of our holiday and we hope you have a good season all the best ian and donna from bradford west yorkshire
View 4 posts by Donna C ip - GB
10/10 Vicky T (July 09, 2007)
great place to eat, if your missing home cooked food, go here its great and cheap too. hello to all the staff, there brilliant. defo try here!!
View 4 posts by Vicky T ip - GB
  Kim (October 20, 2006)


  this is a message for mundi we had a fantastic time in zante (as always) and we have so many great photos of you and also the video of you singing to us, on our last night!lol  hope you are well and i will definatly be comming back next year to see you again !
luv kim xx
1 post by Kim ip - GB
  Laura N (October 17, 2006)

Hey Mondi babe! Its Clair. Just wanted to say i miss you so much and i can't wait to see you next year. I really enjoyed our week together and i have got some great photos of us. Keep in touch babe. Thinking bout you xxx Clair xxx BIG KISS!!!! xxx

1 post by Laura N ip - GB
  Emma (October 09, 2006)

hi been to lagana 5 times now and ate in hot lips every night the food is just top.hello to steve the pr we enjoyed ure company and we made ure night sometimes qiute a cutie too also the pr from barnsley didnt get ure name but u were both nice,it was a little quiet this september though and we had the place to ourselves some nights.looking forward to seeing u all again next yr

View 19 posts by Emma ip - GB
Can U Help?Bri (October 03, 2006)
Hi, i visited zante in September 2004 and again this year and loved it, hot lips was our starting point every night, the bar staff are great and drinks are cheap. I was wondering if there are any jobs going for next summer? Please please help me, i don't want to be stuck in miserable england for another summer!!!!! ;D (e-mail me:
View 2 posts by Bri ip - GB
  Natalie M (September 20, 2006)

Hotlips was great we loved the staff and everyone we met in it.  We got a bottle of wine for 5 euros which meant we were having about 4 or 5 of them.  The sex on the beach slush cocktails were mint too and we met really nice guys from Nottingham in there who we had heaps of fun with.  We will defo be back to Zante again next year and stay in the alexander hotel again and no doubt be back in the lush hot lips bar ha xxx

Natalie & Sarah
1 post by Natalie M ip - GB
  Lisa M (August 28, 2006)

We ate in Hot lips on numerous occasions whilst on holiday!! The food is great!! Must try the sunday roast!! Really enjoyes Karioke with Sinbad!!!

View 7 posts by Lisa M ip - GB
  Paul K (August 16, 2006)

sorry i missed u sinbad mate argassi aint the same without u apollo bar was not that packed really hope things r goin well fella talk soon on the fone email me ure mobile number ok mate c ya spot de ball

View 15 posts by Paul K ip - GB
  Graeme K (August 08, 2006)
Excellent bar went in every night and always had a good laugh, all staff very friendly especially Sharn and Nicky.....and the fat Bloke (elvis) from Oldham on the kareoke!! 
See you next year...Graeme and Karen
View 2 posts by Graeme K ip - GB
  Emma G (August 01, 2006)
click to enlarge click to enlargehey all just thought i would add some pics of our nights in hotlips! .. love em xx
View 2 posts by Emma G ip - GB
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