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Dave J  (October 03, 2006)         

Top Chinese restaurant, by far the best meal we had over the two weeks.

Chris T  (August 08, 2006)         

Just got back from Laganas food and service was excellent just as it was the last time I came with my wife and children

Emma P  (July 18, 2006)         

Best chinese in Lagana.....Taste just like chinese from home! top quality food

defo recommend

Ingvild B  (January 01, 2006)         

Not bad,not bad at all!


Dunc   (October 16, 2005)         

awesome eaterie

great food - always spicy beef curry
waiters were excellent and never had to wait long

Beckie   (October 12, 2005)         

The food here was so nice, we had ribs for a starter and I could have licked that sauce off someone's naked body!!! Portions were pretty big though so didn't have much room for my main course but it was still great.  Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Brian R  (October 09, 2005)         

Great recomendation, well worth the visit. We made the mistake of having a starter and main meal each and left totally stuffed. most expensive meal we had over the two weeks but still excellent value for money. 

Roy B  (October 04, 2005)         

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Ate here twice, first time i will never forget, thanks for the free wine!!! well polished that red off on my own, great food, beware though if it rains, dont run!!!

Charlie   (September 27, 2005)         

Never smack your face on a bee garden plantpot

Clare B  (September 16, 2005)         

One of the best meals we had on our holiday! It was absolutely gorgeous! I had Chicken Curry and fried rice, and couldn't fault it at all! Reasonably priced and the staff really helpful! A must!

**jade**   (September 07, 2005)         

Food was great, had a large variety of different dishes and they were all great. Prices were very reasonable and the staff were very helpful. one of the best meals we had over there. def going back next year.

Xxx   (August 18, 2005)         

Hi does can anyone tell me a rough price guide to dine at this restaurant?

Katja   (August 14, 2005)         

Food was delicious. Service was great and staff was really friendly. I recommend.

Joanne S  (August 04, 2005)         

This Was thye Bestb Chinese ive ever tasted & believe me i am fussy it a nice clean restaurant u can actualy see yor face in the cuttlery nice staff & based nest to al the bars at near the beach. I would recomend this to anyone me & my6 boyfreind had the chicken curry mmmm.

Matthew D  (August 01, 2005)         

food was great and so was the service, we went there 5 times in our 2 week stay! id reccomend it to anyone! 

Robert T  (July 23, 2005)         

The food was excellent. Service was fantastic and all the staff were great. it was a treat and a pleasure to eat there. Thats why we went back 3 times

The Chester lads

Lynn & Ged  (July 29, 2004)         

Best Chinese in Laganas been going for 7 years now always go to the Bee Garden on our first night (and a few after)staff are very friendly

Jane N  (July 13, 2004)         

As per previous comment, we actually arrived at Laganas on 27th June 2004 and returned home on Sunday 11th July 04 and not the 27th June as i previous wrote.

Jane N  (July 13, 2004)         

Got back from Laganas on Sunday 27th June 04. I went on the internet before visiting Laganas to get an idea of where to dine and was really looking forward to trying the Bee Garden for my boyfriends birthday whilst we were there as he loves chinese more than any other food. Went there last week quite late on in the evening after a few scoops and was starving. Ordered our food which didn't take long to come out. It was the worst food i've i have had on holiday. The hot & Sour Soup was like a bowl of thick oxo and the main meal was really salty. The waiter was really sweet so can't fault him, but what really pi**ed me off was the 2 white dogs sniffing around while we were eating - really annoyed me! Was also really expensive which i wouldn't have minded paying those prices if the food was good. Maybe it was just a bad day, but it stopped us from returning again.

Stephanie M  (July 05, 2004)         

This is definitely the best Chinese Restaurant in Laganas. We had the set meal for 2 and it was lovely. I wouldnt try any of the other Chinese Restaurants cos we did and they were minging. Just stick with The Bee Garden and you will be fine.

Tony A  (June 07, 2004)         

Went here first night and i thought food was ok....deffo no better than at home and as i was about to find out from rest of holiday....the dearest meal my girlfriend and i would have.Ribs,Crispy duck,beef curry+rice were nice but not superb.
But if you have urge for a 'chinky', this is the best one laganas has got.

Michael R  (October 20, 2003)         

If you stay in Laganas and love chinese food then you have to go to the bee garden. The food is superb, better than the chinese food you get in the uk. We ate twice there in July and agin in October and will be back to enjoy there food again in May 2004!
Try it for yourself and you will see what i mean. Dont eat at the other chinese resturants in Laganas, just this one!

Amanda B  (October 02, 2003)         

We liked it so much we ate there twice.

More expensive than some of the restaurants but so worth it! The food was gorgeous!

They also had the poshest toilets we'd seen all holiday!

Emma A  (September 26, 2003)         

Ate here twice. What can we say, food excellent and well priced. Have the banana fritters with ice cream - you may well leave four stone heavier, but well worth it!!!

Lisa B  (September 08, 2003)         

My boyfiend & I ate here this year in sept and last year both times it was very nice but not as busy this year. The Chrispy Duck with pancakes wasn't like in England a bit poor but the spare Ribs, Lemon chicken, s & s chicken, beef & bamboo shoots and the chicken satay skewers were all lovely as was their medium dry house wine served in most of the restaurants in Laganas.

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