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Jana H  (October 27, 2006)         

it was the best pizza we had in greece ever and we've been a lot.cristina makes really good service although she was only by her selfe in the restaurant.we will definetely go back and see them all.

Brian E  (September 30, 2006)         

who rights this stuff !!!! can get a better pizza at asda . the greeks cant cook pizza

Eddie M  (July 23, 2006)         

great pasta and pizza highly recomended

John   (July 11, 2006)         


the best pasta tryed ever
absolutely goin' there next year

Lyndsey W  (July 09, 2006)         

Really, Really, Really nice best pasta and pizza!!!!!  The kitchen is in the restaurant so you can see the chef cooking your food, which is always a good thing!  The prices are really good considering the quality of the food! And the service is quick!  I would recommend this restaurant to anyone!  LOVLEY!

Leka A  (November 30, 2005)         

 Exellent food, very friendly staff.... 

sure i'll go back
see u !

Arch   (August 27, 2005)         

it was really nice

Joanne S  (August 04, 2005)         

mmmm was great best spag bol ive ever had the taste was unique the pizza was also very tasty too

Steven B  (November 09, 2004)         

The best pasta and pizza that i and my family ate.Friendly stuff and nice atmosphere.

Jotis G  (October 23, 2004)         


Karen .  (October 11, 2004)         

Great pasta & pizza. Serivce was a bit slow and it wasn't too busy at that time but apart from that very good!

Tom C  (August 14, 2004)         

The food was excellent,the staff were very friendly,the were excellent too. I LOVE THAT RESTAURANT,IF I'LL GET AGAIN TO ZANTE I'LL GO TO EAT TO SPAGHETTOMANIA and i liked the huge doll outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manda   (July 28, 2004)         

We ate in loads of restaurants and had many nice meals but Im a really fussy eater so im limited to choice. For nearly a fortnight I fancied a nice chicken n pasta in tomato sauce and couldnt find one (daft as it sounds!) then we found this place at the end of our hols and my meal was perfect. You got to watch it being cooked by the chef so you could see it was all freshly prepared. Only downside is that it was hot in there despite it being open air and the tables were a bit cramped.

Lyndsi   (July 15, 2004)         

i loved the food here, the best place for pasta dishes without all the cheese, very generous portions and u can actually see your food being cooked which was good. a pity we went at the end of our holiday otherwise i would have eaten here most nights. the only downside was the tables were a little cramped.

Carole H  (June 26, 2004)         

I went here in July 2003 and I wasn't impressed at all.

Kelly   (June 13, 2004)         

Considering this place only does pasta and pizza we were very dissapointed. I had the Hawaiian pizza - it wasn't cooked in the middle and so had to eat it with a knife and fork as couldn't lift it up as it fell apart, disgusting. Everyone was jammed in on ricketty old benches, no elbow room - and why is everything served up on plastic plates. Horrible.

Rachel B  (October 19, 2003)         

pizza was vey nice and so was the garlic bread and spaghetti bolognese, i didnt like the idea of everyone been so cramped together and no elbow room.

Andrew T  (August 10, 2003)         


Debby W  (August 09, 2003)         

Food here was excellent,staff very friendly.Surpricely people make bad comments for this lovely place. We ll be back again.

Gavin S  (August 09, 2003)         

Great place to eat out. it is cheap and the staff are friendly.

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