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Jules P          7/10

Restaurant looked nice and the owner was very welcoming when we arrived. Service then was a tad slow and lacked any real friendliness!
Food was quite nice, especially the beef stifado. Didn't quite live up to my expectations though and this restaurant didn't reduce their prices very much at the end of the season ( most others either took off up to 40% or reduced their main course prices to 5 euros).

This restaurant was nice but lacked any real personality and charm.

Rio H

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Hello. I really liked the meal. and i really miss the people in there.

i really miss him. i should be coming back soon. if anyone has got his email addy then can i have it.
might see you soon.
love you all loads.
and miss you all who work in the D.N.A bar.
loved it.
xx xxxx

Aine L          10/10

Well we passed this restaurant and straight away we went in!! The staff were lovely specially harry!! We ordered strawberrys for desert but they had none so next thing we saw harry legging it passed and he sprinted all da way to the shop to buy some just for us!!It was the nicest meal and everyone was so friendly!! Then the next night we met up wit them all again including harry in the flame bar.......great night that was too!!see ye next year cause we will be coming bakc!! Love aine!!xo

Chloe C          10/10

 i miss you soooooo much harry id love to hear from you and i wont be shy lol because my familly wont be there  misssss youuuu loadssss luv from chloe xx o and the restrant was greate bubi xx ( and im jades sister ) think you will know me better though lol xxx

Jen S          10/10

This is the best restaurant in town, not only for the delicious food but the waiters and owner make you feel so welcome. The service is excellent and the food was cooked to perfection everytime we ate there.  The staff are extremely freindly and funny. A special thank you to Harry, Jerry and Andreas for a very enjoyable and memorable time. Me and my sister Alison hope to come back again someday. 


can anyone tell me if harry has an do anything to tlk 2 him again!

from loz x

Debbie H           

who eva has a pic of harry pleaz pleaz put it on it was so great in alykanas and i would luv to go bac 1 day luv everybody so much xxxxx

Jade C           

this was the best resturant ever . i met harry and he is soooooo fit i was so upset when we had to leave. if your reading this harry plz email me or summin just so i can hear from you loads luv jadexxxxx i went hear 4 my nans b day and they were nice they made her a cake nd everything and sang happy birthday to her she had a gr8 night so thankyou and anyone who goes to alykanas i reccommend la coretta coz it is soooo nice in there!!!


Hi, just got back from a fab holiday in the resort of Alykanas. Loved the food, all very tasty, and the waiters were also very friendly. Me and my friend katie met a real cute little waiter think his name was harry who worked in there. Also met another very nice waiter and went out for drinks with him and his friend. We definately want to come back next year and would be nice to meet them again. Thanks to Harry, Anesti and Sordis ( not sure of the spelling??) we hope to see ya next year, had lots of fun!!! email - xxxLaughTongueWink

Debbie H           

la caretta is a great restaurant. i went 2 alyknas the beginning of september. the waiters r so lovley in there and i would go bac...harry is gorgeous we met 1 night and loved each other, so any body that goes to alykanas go in la caretta. after i met harry i didn't want to go home .if any body has a picture of him pleaz put it on pleaz pleaz pleaz. love to u all in alykanas espesially harry. debz xx xxxx xxx xx  


First visit food and service excellent second visit not quite so good but still good

Susan K           

Just come back from Zante and had a fab holiday the La Carretta was a late discovery but what a find the food was fab and the staff very friendly and welcoming  a must  to anyone visiting. 

Ian C           

We did enjoy this meal and found the ambience and the staff pretty good overall. The choice is excellent and we found that the service was willing and happy. Can't understand the comment about smiles - they were very pleased to see us!

Kat & Russ           

Only ate hear once. The lamb in red sauce was wonderful, but the other three meals ordered weren't very good. Nice service but didn't go back again.


An ok taverna.  I thought the doormen were probably one of the pushiest in the midst of town but still OK.  The food was fine, nothing particularly memorable.

Our problem was that we were unfortunately sat at a table that was very close to the children's play area and the bar next door and we felt like we were eating in the midst of Piccadilly Circus!  We should have asked to move in retrospect.
I prefer the more peaceful restaurants at either end of the central 'strip' but if you like loud and lively then you'll get a decent feed here and probably enjoy the ambience, as it is.

Lauren T           

We ate here the first night and were quite impressed. Probably the best food we had during the week, and the cheapest at 26 for two for 2 courses, half a litre of wine, a large bottle of water and a couple of beers. Friendly staff too.


We had a great meal and thought the service was fantastic.

Chriss & Mal           

La Caretta is another of our fav restaurants in Alikanas and we have always been treated with respect and consideration by the staff there.  Infact John (the fair haired greek) is always very attentive and very pleased to see us when we arrive with our tribe and we have promised to go and see him at his home as he told us he would not be at the La Caretta this year as he is taking a break from waitering - he will be very sorely missed!

We always enjoy our meals (though I do agree with the comment someone made about the mixed grill - I had one some 3 years ago and was a bit disappointed so have never had it again) and have never had a problem with the service - nothing to do with the tips we leave - honest!  My first meal of our hols is usually at the La Caretta and I have the Beef Stamnas which is very tasty and the rest of the family have a variety of dishes which I've never heard them complain about.
Just off now to have some of my hubbies home-made Baklava - delicious!!!

Liz T           

Ate here once and the food and service was very good.  The chicken breast with mussels and shrimps was to die for.  Would certainly go there again.

Jess B           

 great place 2 eat! friendly staff, prices are average - same as everywhere else! eat here 3 times over the holiday i think and the food was good every time!! sexy waiter Olsi also tasty 2!! love from Jess,Anita,Sam and Sandra! see you all soon xxxx

Nigel, gina, sammy & josh Y           

This place would be a gold mine, if only the service came with a smile !!

Food was good, but maybe it was just an off day for the turtles !!
Going back to Alykanas in 2006, so we'll see if anything has changed !!

Melisande P           

 We expected something more from the restaurant and were totally disappointed this time.  We had been to this restaurant before on our holidays and our friends also recommended it.  However, the service was a bit slow and the food was definitely below standard for Greek traditional food.  We wouldn't recommend it and won't be going back there again.  There are so many other restaurants with better food and more reasonable prices as well.

Rachel N           

The food is fantastic although I prefer the evening meal to the breakfast. The staff are very friendly and the service id brill

Les K           

  Keith is usually on the door & guides you to your seat & provides you with a Menu.  Our waiter was John, an attentive man.  The wife had Chicken with spicy tomato sauce of which she enjoyed very much.  I had the Mixed Grill but sad to say didn't rate it very much.  There is a new Chef here this year & he has got a thing about decorating the edge of the plates, mind you they are big & the portions are quite large !!  Well worth trying this place.

Carl W           

Unfortunately, we only had the chance to go to this restaurant on a lunch time, but we're glad we did... The lady that runs it was rushed off her feet, with no-one there to help her, but the service was prompt, she was very pleasant.... and of course the food was delicious. A lot of people spoke highly of it while we were there. One of the more expensive meals that we had.

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