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Suzanne P          10/10

An absolute must!Fantastic location,good food,friendly staff,and the horse and cart journey to the restaurant was very novel.

Brian W          10/10

Just had a lovely month in Zante and ate many times at our favourite restaurant. The setting is perfect and the friendly service is second to none. We must have been right through the complete menu by now and have never had a disappointing meal yet. Love and best wishes to everyone at the Psarapoula, Hope to see Dr Socrates one day when he qualifies.
Brian & Ann

Pat A          10/10

This will be our 10th year to alikanas  as usual we cant wait to visit the psarapoula and taste those lovely delights.Thanks to zoe, soula, lisa ,jimmy,babbas, and pandalees and all the family that makes this a special place where you are always welcome.Look forward to seeing everyone in june (volcanic ash permitting)lol.
pat and keith xxx

Diane H          10/10

Hello, Zoe Soula, Pandalees, Babbas and Jimmy, As usual had a great time in the

 The food  was  excellent, and a warm welcome. What more can you ask for? Looking forward to seeing you all in may. If you go to Alykanas this is the place to go. The food is always great and more than we can normally finish.......Try the seafood. Pete and Diane. 

Janice W

nice meal here lovely atmosphere and horse and cart there and free mini bus back

Michael R          10/10

 I have to say the Lemon Tree served some of the best food we have tasted, Great surroundings Great Service Great Family what more can i say.It a must if you are in Alykanas.

Thank you Jimmy, Lisa Soula & Family You all take care see you next year  

Jules P          7/10

We went to the lemon tree 3 times during our stay at Alykanas. Lovely trip us there by horse and cart which cost only 5euros and then a mini bus back when you wanted it, or you can try and catch another horse and cart if you don't mind spending a little more. It had a lovely enclosed children's play area and some seating which overlooked it, so we were able to let our toddler go crazy without having to spend half the night stood next to her!
This restaurant had so many plus points, including  live music at least once a week by the Thomson Twins, who were fab, but the food was just so average. We tried a number of different things (all greek specialities) and were not really impressed by any. It was such a shame because if the food had matched up to everything else, we would have been there every night.
Location and ambience - 10/10 (lovely trip up there by horse!)
Entertainment for children - 10/10 (the best we found in Alykanas)
Service - 6/10
Food - 6/10

Diane H

Hello,Soula,Zoe,Lisa,Jimmy, Pandalees, Babbas. Thanks for another great time @ the Psarapoula. As usual everything was just perfect. everyone there makes our holiday something special. We always feel as if we are visiting old friends and are truly sorry when our holiday comes to an end.....Thanks again everyone and see you in May..... Love Pete and Diane ( oxford).

Elizabeth C          10/10

Had a lovely horse and carriage ride through the town to get to the restaurant which the kids loved. Food was really excellent, service also good. Clean area for kids to play and a mini-bus back to the hotel afterwards. Couldn't find a better restaurant in Alykanas than this, well worth a visit. 

Michael R          10/10

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It was our third year at Alikes but our first time at the Lemon Tree and what can we say apart from truly amazing, the food and the service is second to none.

During our 2 week stay we had our wedding reception there. Lisa, Jimmy and their family just couldn't do enough to please us and our guests from start to finish. It was well organized and ran like clock work. They catered for 36 people each having 3 courses without any hassles. We also ate at the Lemon Tree 4 other times and each time was just as good. 

If you want traditional Greek food with great service this is a perfect place it has it all. We would highly recommend a visit. You can even get a horse and carriage if you don't fancy the short walk through the old Alykanas village although it's worth the walk just for the scenery.

Thank you so much Lisa, Jimmy & Family for everything and making our wedding a special day.


Looking Forward To Seeing You All next July x

Mick & Amanda

Baz W          10/10

We have just come back from a fantastic fortnight at Alikes, whilst there we attended our daughters wedding in the grounds of St Nicholas Church,

The reception was held at the Lemon Tree Gardens restaurant (Psarapoula) in old Alykanas.

The family and staff handled the occasion magnificently; a lot of work must have gone into preparing the restaurant for the reception and coordinating all the guests' individual meals. It was the best wedding we have ever attended.

Lisa told us it was her first time as a wedding coordinator, we would have thought she had been doing it for years, everything was perfect.

The whole day was great toped off with a lovely venue, fantastic food and entertainment from Greek dancers.

We went to the restaurant several times during our holiday and each time was excellent.

We will be back. 



Baz & Jayne

Diane H          10/10

Well once again this lovely restaurant did not disappoint.... The food was the same excellent standard, and the staff....especially Sula and Zoe always make us welcome... You've been to the try the best. Thanks for making our evenings great...can't wait to see you all in September. Luv Pete and Diane...oxford. 

Chloe A          10/10

Psarapoula has to be one of the best restaurants in Alykanas. The food is always fresh and very reasonably prices..the roast chicken cost about 8 (The cost of a Burger King meal by my calculations!) and was fantastic, having not eaten meat for about 10 years I was almost converted to a fully fledged carnivore...having said that there are plenty of veggie options too! Go on a Thursday and get serenaded by bazzouki (sp?) players!

I can only assume the staff had been abducted by aliens on the night referred to in a previous post as they have been nothing but polite, professional and welcoming in my experience..
We will certainly be visiting again!

Tony E          10/10

  We come  back to alikanas because we love the village so much.  We could not rerturn to Alikanas with out going back again to the Lemon Tree.  Once again fantastic, Professional, and the food has not lost it's brilliance.  Great to see that they are still busy.. Which must say something.. We love returning to the restaurant just to see the staff, and their happy friendly faces that we miss through the year.  We returned this year with other members of the family which included 2 young children which seemed to love the childrens area, and we did not have to worry about the safety as the management clearly has put much thought into the design of it, so well done! and look foward to seeing them all again and the fantastic food that awaits us....

Diane H          10/10

This is greek dining at its best.Get away from the main drag and go to the old village where you will find a great welcome, excellent food, and lovely people. We always recommend this place.......In our view it can't be beaten. The food is first class and always piping hot.Sula, Zoe,Lisa and the rest of the team always go out of their way to make your evening enjoyable and relaxing. You've tried the rest, now try the best..........Lisa, let us know when that baby makes an appearance......See you next year...Pete and Diane ,Oxford.

Mark M          10/10

we went to the lemon tree twice on our last holiday. Loved it. we could not fault anything. The food, waiters and whole setting is supurb. We had a two year old with us and walked there and back as my son would not go on the horse and carrige. We were always asked if we would like the minibus sent to us so we did not have to walk. We loved to walk alongside the olive trees so declined, but what very friendly and helpful staff and owners they have. The pic is of me playing a bouzuka (sorry its a bit dark, flash did not go off)     click to enlarge

Shelagh L          10/10

The clear favourite for each of our party of 6 (including fussy teenagers) who voted to return 4 times (by horse and carriage of course) and sample different meals each time. Clean, friendly and gets very busy sometimes as it is so popular; so be prepared to wait occasionally (never longer than 5-10 minutes) for a table if you want to sit on the terrace. Food authentic and tasty, the greek dishes were always the best; the whole presented in a fragrant ambience created by lemon trees and bougainvillea.   Highly recommended. 

Sarah S

The lemon tree is great.

Great Staff, all lovely people.
Good luck with your pregnancy. - GREAT PINA COLARDA
We ate at the lemon tree 3 times each time was great, lovely food and friendly staff.
We are definatly coming back next year.

Ian C          1/10

 ok here we go!
After reading all of the glowing reports of this restaurant I was looking forward to going.
on ther third night of our stay our group ( a group of ten ranging in age fron 3 yrs to 79) decided to go, this evening was ok the servince was fine and the food was quite acceptable.

later in the holiday my nephew was turning 18 and he decided he would like to go back there for another meal,

We arrived at the restaurant at 9pm and were taken to our table, and told that due to there being busy it would be a short time till we got the menu's.

About twenty minutes later they arrived and we duly orderd our meals.

 Three or four of our party ordered starters and they arrived after about 60 mins later.
Eventualy the mains started to arrive  over 2 hours after sitting down!

But here's the best bit...........

Here is a list of some of the meals we had and what was right or wrong with them
1/ chicken salad ( My wife and Mother in law)..... these were fine.
2/ pasta bake ,vegetatian with no mushrooms(My eldest son)..... had the mushrooms on it so was it the vegitarian one or not?, he was not convinced.
3/Mixed grill, very well done (lil ol' me)......delivered in what I can only consider to be "Blue" ,sent back after complaining only for it to be returned as the most grease laden disgusting "meal" it has ever been my misfortune to meet!
4/Steak in pepper sauce ( sister in law and nephew).....sauce was disgusting (made my nephew vomit, and he will eat anything including raw lemoms!)
I could go on about the meals of the rest of the party but I have even more to tell...

upon complaining to one member of staff my sister in law was told simply "you will pay for the meal"

After complaining to another (English) member of staff, the staff member became rather unpleasent to another of my sister in laws.

This restaurant new it was a special occasion for my family as my sister in law had booked the table in advance and had paid 25 euro's for a special cake.

It ended up that after by now three hours and with most of the groupe still not having eaten anything we had to pay for this poor excuse for a meal, the total cost was about 150 euros plus the cost of the cake which we took away with us.

It is only my opinion but I consider this to be nothing short of theft!!!

Den B          10/10

still the best on the island i eat at the lemon tree every night when in zante never had a bad meal staff are very friendly we even get letters from them in the winter  they have a free mini bus running this year but i always enjoy the walk 

Helen P          9/10

We visited the Lemon Tree on our last night & were not dissapointed (apart from the 10 euro charge for the carriage one way) the food was very good & I was at last able to get some  houmous. It was well worth going that little bit further out. 

Dawn C           

Lovely place to eat... walked up and got the horse and cart back.. very busy though, so somepeople had booked.. good food, and service

Diane H           

What a lovely place to visit. The food was delicious and the staff and family are so welcoming, we feel like old friends. We have been toall the restaurants in Alykanas and you won't top this one.    Though a little way out of the village we found it only a five to ten minute walk and for those of you who are not feeling so energetic there is a brilliant horse and carriage service from the village.  These lovely people give a warm welcome to everyone. So all our best wishes to Sula, Zoey, Lisa , Pandalees, ( I doubt I've  spelt it properly) and all the rest of the staff, a big thankyou for making our holiday that little bit more special, and we'll see you next see you all next September.Oh'  Slim. Pete sends a big hug. Regards, Diane and Pete from sunny Oxford.

Audrey J           

When in Alykines you cannot go home without visiting the Psarapoula (Lemon Tree), situated on the Old Alykines road, away from the bustle of Alykines itself, if you are staying in Alykines there are horse and carriages which will take you to the Lemon Tree and return for free.  We were staying in Old Alykines, so for us it was a pleasant stroll every evening.  The staff are excellent, Lisa, you were a huge influence on our visits to your taverna, keep up the good work girl and don't let the bu**ers get to you, we had a lovely last evening chatting away and I will be trying some of the methods of cooking.  Sokrotes - 'you are trouble', but you made us laugh so much (you fat sumo wrestler......), as for Dennis the Menace, we are still chuckling at our mistake of thinking you owned Psarapoula.  I cannot believe I only put on two pounds, the amount of food I ate was unreal, and each dish seemed better than the last.  For families with children there is an amazing safe play area at the back at which children seemed to have the loveliest time whilst happily and safely running back and forward to their table, this allowed parents to enjoy a relaxed meal.  Prices, well you tell me, where will you eat a two course meal for two with wine for approximately 18........................  Go there folks, or you will miss something big.  

  Audrey & John, Edinburgh

Jess B           

hello sokrates my email address is i miss u xxxx

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