Restaurants in Alykanas

Susan J          10/10

Been on hols in Alikanas since early 90s, visited Lavente when they only had pool area & bar, bar was in place to sit & watch world go by, nico would always come round with nightcaps, there was no music but fab place to sit & watch world go by, asyears went by Dimitri & Fakia took over & the bar was made in to shop then resturant, food is always fantastic & you are always made welcome, very sad when nico passed away, on our last visit Efikia in 2010 had passed away at a very young age 15 days before we arrived as a family we were all gutted & shed many tears on that hol, we missed her so, it was heartbreaking when we went to see family, they were bravely carrying on. Sad pool closed, to expensive to run since Euro, veiws to die for & so many happy memories, hope to go back soon to see this wonderful familyxxx

Ian C          10/10

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So, so great here. Despite not going back to Zante for 3 years, we were thrilled to find the same high standards here as they always were. The family are so welcoming and smiley - but I think that one of them has departed this life since 2008 - the Mum? so sad to see her picture up on the wall like that

The food is brilliant. This is a class act for reasonable prices. There is nothing that is too much trouble - and there was no dish that we had at another restaurant that we couldnt get here. Smart service, friendly personell: what more could you need or want?
We've been coming here on and off since 2005 and are delighted to find it still in business when some of the others have gone. Keep at it - you are simply excellent! The last night we were there they insisted on giving us a 2nd litre of wine free (between four of us) so we staggered home
Can't wait to return

Janice W

didnt go here cos they hassled us everytime we walked by

Brad           10/10

The meals I had in Levante we beautiful!! I recommend you go there!


Kim S          9/10

There is always plenty of room at the Levante - you are not crammed in and always made so welcome.  The family and staff are great and we look forward to eating there again next year.

Ian C          10/10

Truly lovely restaurant as per my commenst before. But if you don't like Greek food, don't come to Greece!

Food was plentiful, beautifully and swiftly served with a chatty and helpful staff. I had the Moussaka, which was to die for.
Our only sorrow was that the family suffered a bereavement and had to close for a couple of days, therefore our second visit this year didn't come off

G C          10/10

Our favourite restaurant we ate there most nights. Excellent food and hospitality. we look forward to visiting again next year.

Gavin, Claire, Daniel xxx
Winchester Hants England

Angela S          9/10

Our fav restaurant, went about 5 times over 2 weeks this year, we stayed there 2 years ago too, very friendly, lovely pool

Even set fire to our napkins....lol, the young lad dropped the flaming cup served with the klefitiko....lol

Brad           9/10

The food here was outstanding! Went here twice it was amazing. Nice location. Friendly staff. Brilliant Food!

Mark           10/10

Levante restaurant is brilliant the people that work there are very nice and always greet you in every way possible. Dimitri is really friendly as is everyone else. the food is fantastic and me and my bro got free ice-cream after our meal.

Molly I          10/10

this resturant was actually really nice you would never get better staff they greet you in everyway and the food is great always go here carmel borey is wrong the food here is fabulous always eat here!

Carmel B          1/10

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This is the worst restaurant in Zante!

The food was absolutely disgusting
Don't eat here

Helen P          10/10

The food in the Levante is excellent & the staff are the best, you will not get a better welcome. We ate here almost every night we liked it so much. By the end of our holiday we were being treat as if we were part of the family.

The next time we go to Alykanas we hope to stay in their apartments.
Thanks for telling us about this place Allan it really helped to make our holiday. 
If we could give a higher score than 10 we would!
Jimbo, Shona & Maggie

Allan H          10/10

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Got back home on the 12th July, after spending the week in their apartments.  rooms were good, the restaurant has a new chef this year & the food was excellent.  Been to Alykanas 7 times now, spend most of the time in Levante bar, drinking Bacardi & cokes that Dimitri makes up, with all the regulars.  Going back 30th September for 2 weeks, & will be in the restaurant & bar as usual.  Thank you Dimitri, Kia, Soula & all the staff.

Allan (hazy)

Fran D          10/10



Andy S          10/10

Best restaurant in Alikanas bar none.  Forget the fact that the Posieden opposite always seems to be busier, this place beats it hands down on food and service.


Debs B           

Stayed at the Mouzakis 1/10/06 for 2 weeks so Levante was 'our local'.  We loved it here tried other places but always ended up going back in for a night cap (several) before bed.  Most evenings, out came Dimitri with brandy - luckily we did'nt have far to walk to bed.  The food was exceptional and very reasonable.  What can I say the salads are amazing as are the pizzas.  Kia, Dimitri and family are very, very friendly and would recommend it to anyone.

Sara L           

 Just got back on the 27th and we ate here several times during our two weeks.We found the food and service to be very good.I had the biggest portion of beef stroganof you have ever seen and my hubby had the chicken roasted on the spit and the meat just fell off the bone it was so tender!Another thing we liked was there was no pushy greek stood on the door ,just Dimitri smiling as usual. Try an Irish coffee after your meal,or should i say a whisky with a dash of coffee in it!!In most other tavernas you could hardly taste the whisky but Dimitri makes a good one!Prices are very reasonable too,4 of us eating for between 30 and 40 euros with drinks and dessert!!On several occasions Kia would send over a dish of fresh fruit salad or a caraffe of wine at no extra cost, would you get that anywhere in England? i think not! 

Jennifer G           

click to enlarge it was great food was lovely they even made a birthday cake for me and my son eat there quite a lot the price was good as well

Chriss & Mal           

Hi Ian - just thought I'd pop a note on to say how nice it is to read of someone who agrees with me and my family

Ian C           

Frankly this is by far the best restaurant in Alykanas. The service is not pushy like some of the others in the area and the family are fantastically welcoming - even remembered us from last year!

What we can't believe is the price - a good 20-25% lower than anyone else in the area - and the food is to die for! We had a variety of dishes over two occasions (there were 7 of us) but the quality was outstanding with each. Thoroughly recommended for all those who visit this area
Ian Cardinal

Chriss & Mal           

We've been eating here since they starting serving food and alway enjoy whatever we have to eat - the stifado especially is wonderful (best in the resort).  The family and their staff are always very friendly and the service is great and you usually do get a great discount.
Can I mention that Demitri serves a terrific ouzo and water on the 'bar side' of the taverna but for some reason they don't seem to get much custom on this side of the business - I don't know why as the drink is very competitively priced and decent quality - also it give Demitri and Kia a chance to come across and have a chat as they are usually too busy when it's earlier in the night.
Hi to Kia, Demitri, Roula, Soula and Grandad - hope you all keep well til we see you next year.
It was also nice to see Pat and Mel again this year - take care.


Although not a particularly memorable taverna, the food was good and plentiful.  I didn't 'warm' to the taverna's in the midst of the 'strip' so I'm probably a bit biased - if this taverna had been in a more quiet spot, I'd probably have really liked it.  I'd eat there again (my fella liked the huge steak he had there)

Louise F           

The levante restaurant was one of the best restaurants that me and my family ate at while we were in alikanas. The food was excellent and there was something to suit everybodys needs. We also stayed in the mouzakis apartments which are situated just behind the levante restaurant. the family that own both the restaurant and the apartments are one of the most lovely families ive ever met. They made us all feel very welcome and gave us great service in the restaurant, we even got discount of our meals!!!  

    Lovely family and great restaurant, i would highy reccomend it to anyone who will be staying in alikanas or alikes.

Dave R           

Didn't like it food wasn't nice both our meals were no where near any of the other resturants we had been to, mine was so full of raw Garlic i'm safe from vampires for life
Left most of it and went next door for a Gyros

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