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Barbara L          10/10

We have been going to Zante for the last 12 years and allways visit the Taj Mahal and Golden Dragon several times during our holiday.  Love their Chinese and Indian food, excellent service and good value for money. Looking forward to seeing them all again in June this year.

Sam S

We had many lovely meals last year at Taj Mahal and Golden Dragon. We also arranged car hire through Dimitri. We took a contact card which we can not find - we are getting married in Keri on sept 17th and we need to arrange car hire again. Can anyone help us get in contact with Dimitri please. we fly out Sept 12th to Zante.
Thank you,
Sam and Matt
email:   sam-1969@hotmail.co.uk

David M          9/10

To Thassos and all your family, thank you for making us feel so welcome on our recent holiday to Alykanas in may/ june. Hope you enjoyed the cake, sorry we missed you on sunday .Here is our email address- david9183.mcmahon@hotmail.co.uk.Look forward to hearing from you.

Wendy, David & Jonathan Mcmahon xxx
p.s Dimitri I hope your behaving yourself  x

Sean P          8/10

dimitri marinos and family long time no speak send me your e mail adress and i will contact you love to the family all of them as always look forward to hearing from you sean x x x x x sean.70@hotmail.it

Kim R          10/10

 i can only applaud this place and its owners and all the staff who work here they are the most lovely people you could meet and their food is to die for year after year we go back to the restaraunt and are equally imrpessed , so all of you out there please give this family your support and try the wonderfull food they prepair

Jules P          9/10

If you fancy a change from the greek food, this restaurant was fantastic. The chinese food was outstanding - especially the sizzling dishes. The portion sizes are not the biggest in the world and I think the waiter was a little concerned how we would manage the amount of food we ordered (hey we are hungry English people, we can cope!!). There is also a substantial indian menu which was tasty.
We always recieved a very warm welcome and our toddler was always entertained by the trampoline or the wooden horse!
I don't make a habit of going to greece and not eating greek food, but this was well worth it and due to the high quality of the food and the good service, we went back a number of times!! Also, due to the end of the season drawing in, they took 35% of the final bill - great food and a complete bargain, not something you find easily on holiday anymore!

Elizabeth C          10/10

If you go anywhere more than once I bet it will be here  Absolutely scrumptious chinese food (didn't try the Indian menu) plenty of dishes to choose from and a trampoline in the corner to amuse the kids (as well as a kids section on the menu).

It is by far the nicest chinese we have been to abroad. Reasonable prices, but when the food tastes that good, you just can't help yourself ordering more......! Try the sizzling dishes...they are great!

Russell & Clair          10/10


A big thank you to ALL at the Taj Mahal including Dimitri for our excellent food and atmosphere during our recent stay in Alykanas.
Love and Best wishes,
Clair and Russell.

Wayne D          10/10

my wife and i along with our 2 children stayed in alykes for the past 3 weeks and we dined at the red dragon 7 times and we found the staff food and servicce second to none we were also intreagued to find tucked away at the back of the restaurant a childrens play area not large but useful to occupy the children during the short wait for our different courses.on the whole quality for money allround and we would reccomend to all to pay this little piece of heaven a visit

Dave T          7/10

No problem with this place.  My daughter wasn't feeling too well one night, so we had a take away and really enjoyed the meal we had.  The other one in Alykes(same owners) does look a bit classier, but this one was really nice.

David C           

This place is a little gem. We ate four times from the Indian menu. Their chef Mohammed Yousaf from the Punjab is superb and would be highly sought after if he was to come to Britain. Every dish was of a very high standard and delicous. My wife enjoys cooking Indian dishes and was very impressed. Service was very good provided by a delightful Chinese lady.

Dr David and Mary Crowley

Michael T           

as we did last year ,we ate hear 4/5times,if anything it was better than last year,which was a hard act to follow,food,service,wine,A1,demitri again even for a young man 20 years old ,did a good job in making you feel welcome ,as the same time last year it was my sons birthday,16 this year,as last year demitri supplied a birthday cake,no charge,very nice gesture.as i said last year on my comments,some people r not happy no matter wot you do,my advice try yourself,mick maxine megan daniel loved it booked again for next year,so see you then.

 ps: where is my meletis medium sweet red wine,lol

Brian M           

Four of us had the Indian menu - pretty mediocre -all four of us had a different 'curry' which all came with the same tamarind colouring, whilst it was edible it was nothing special, bore little resemblance to the dish we were expecting and everything to go with the meal was extra. The Raita was thin and milk like the onion bhajis were so claggy you could taste them for days. Don't be tempted, I wouldn't recommend the Indian food to anyone and the house wine is not even fit to cook with. Our meal cost just over 75 euros,  we didn't all have starters and had no poppadoms or dips and no desserts. In contrast we had a traditional Greek meal at another restaurant where we all had starters and main meals with drinks and one dessert  which cost us 48 euros, plus we were given an extra carafe of wine free.

Ian D           

Can't comment on the food or prices - we never got any - the chinese chef didn't turn up !!! We were offered a lift into Alykes to their establishment there but declined and didn't go back.

Russell & Clair           

SmileTongueSmile We would like to say a big thank you to Dimitri and staff for 5 enjoyable meals and are looking forward to next year already. Also best regards to All of the Marinios family.

 Love and best wishes Clair & Russell Vince.TongueSmileSmile

Helen & Jim           

We had 4 meals (3 indian and 1 Chinese) here and all times thought the food and service was great. We ate Madras, Jalfrezi, Passanda, Samba, Vindaloo, Dupiaza and curry - all with rice and nann. Some were vegetarian and some were with lamb or beef. It cost about 26 Euros (aprox 20) for starters, main courses and drinks for two. This isn't cheap but is more or less the same as anywhere else we ate & I found it a nice change from stuffed tomatoes and beans. Prices are more the fault of the exchange rate than the bars and resturants.  All i can say is they might have read the previous comments and done something about it. Give it a go.

Michael T

can anyone tell me is damitri still working at the taj mahal

Ian C           

What a difference a year makes! Having praised this restaurant last year, I can only say how very disappointed we were this year - and the second time downright disgusted. There were 7 of us and our friends like Chinese/Indian so after an indifferent meal we went again. Boy! what a mistake

This time the appetisers were Ok, though served very slowly. Whilst we were waiting we had time to notice the staff - 3 of them, a nice Asian lady seeming to do all the work, a drinks waiter (passable) and an extremely slow young Greek man taking the food orders. This time various of his friends came in and he spent all his time talking and laughing with them or paying far too much attention to a wee-endowed young lady on the next table.
The problems emerged with a vengeance after the main course. Slowly we became aware how long some people were waiting: the people behind us waited over an hour with their small children, asking for their food and being ignored at varying intervals. We had to stand up to get attention to order our desserts - and then waited for over an hour for them ourselves!
By this time we were getting very restive and they came over to assure us that they would be "one minute". Were they heck! After another 20 minutes we complained - and two fresh fruit dishes arrived - one of our party had observed the waiter picking out seeds in his water melon with his teeth and fingers! They then promised "one minute again". After another 15 minutes we got up to go and they came again saying "one minute" but we had given up by now. We paid for the main course and starters and left.
The staff had largely changed since last year and we were very disappointed in this meal. The place is not cheap and we can only advise people to avoid the place


Quite unsure about this one - I agree with the comment a couple below this one - it seemed to have a quite an odd atmosphere.  The food was really quite average, in fact I'd have preferred to eat at another Greek taverna (it was the smell that got me as I walked past!  The food didn't live up to its smell and was misordered so we had to wait).  We ate from the chinese menu which was ok, but seemed to taste quite 'processed'.  local wine here was bit ferral too.

The asian lady was very pleasant but several of the waiters were exceptionally slow and seemed to leave most of the work to her, whilst they chatted to their mates!
Don't think I'd recommend this one - not sure I'd say I hated it but don't honestly think I could recommend... Maybe visit and make up your own minds

Jane E           

don't normally do chinese or indian  in |Greece, but thought would try. Very good service fab. Its nice to have a change

Michael T           

just to add from my previous comment,forgot to mention on are 2nd visit it was my son,s birthday at the end of the meal,they presented him with the most outstanding birthday cake,nocharge.

Russell & Clair           

We would like to say a big thank you to Dimitri and staff for our excellent meals and hospitality during our 14 days stay in Alikanas.
This is the (I think) 5th year the Taj Mahal in Alikanas has been open and we have been at least 4 times during our stays.
Best wishes to Dimitri and staff, see you next year.
Clair and Russell Vince

Michael T           

we ate here 5 times,food outstanding,spare ribs,rogen josh,garlic nan tops,price was very cheap,meal for4 bottle of medium sweat red 2 rounds of drinks 50-60euro,no joke.it is worth going just to hear demitrios laugh ,cannot wait to go back next year,booked already

Leigh A           

We ate here just the once during our stay and it was good, as was the hospitality.  We had a choice of both Chinese and Indian food and couldn't fault any of it.  We would definitely eat here again.

Emma M           

Excellent food and great service. Parveez and the Indian woman make you feel very friendly and welcome.
Typical Indian and Chinese menu. Well worth a visit or 2!

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