Restaurants in Laganas

Kevin B  (04 August 2005)         

jimmy n chris, u have got an excellent restaurant. 9 out of 14 nights we ate there, food is excellent  , cnt wait to be back there next year.

 from the blue bell apartment lads
u no who we r!

Jean C  (30 July 2005)         

   The Food here is excellent: Breakfast - Lunch - Evening Meal -  The service is ALWAYS 1ST CLASS . We have eaten here ever since it opened.  The setting for whatever time of day is perfect, right on the beach with lovely sunshine and sunsets.  Food:  Try the whole memu we can not pick out any one dish better than another it all depends on your taste. A MUST TO VISIT.  We got back yesterday 29/7 and are counting the days off of the eight weeksuntil back again.  It will be our first port of call for a lovely meal served by friends with a talent to run this great restaurant,. In 12 yrs of coming to Laganas and the 4 yrs that Pando & Valentina have had the restaurant it is now on our top 3 places to eat.

Tim W  (15 July 2005)         

  2 weeks to go and we will be in sirocco

having breakfast,cant wait to see all the old faces and some new ones
see you in 2 weeks

Tim W  (15 July 2005)         

Slovenija P  (12 July 2005)         

 We had a very good  in Sirocco. We drink good PIVO  in ice glases. Valentina and his brother were really very friendly.

We will return . Be nice!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha S  (12 June 2005)         

Everyone loooked after us so well. The food is superb and the staff are really warm and friendly.

Its my sixth year visiting Laganas and the Sirrocco is my first port of call when i get to the beach.

Lynne K  (23 May 2005)         

When I spoke to Freddie he said he was setting up his own bar in Albania called 'Medousa's' after where he worked in Laganas.  That was Oct 2003 so that might be what he's doing?

Tim W  (23 May 2005)         

 does anybody know if freddie is back working?

 we met him in 2003 he was not there last year.
see you all soon. from jack jack

Ian S  (17 March 2005)         

Add your comment here... Food and service excellent and always made welcome by the family and staff.

Jean C  (19 December 2004)         

to: vali, pando & kostas - kristo - harry

you probably won't look on the site at this time of year but couldn't
let this time pass with saying we will be thinking of you. vali, will be using my tablecloth on 25th. have a lovely christmas all of you. see you in 2005 as usual.
love jean & david

Sun L  (19 October 2004)         

yes, sea view is closed, doesnt exist anymore....why do u wanna know?

Natalie R (13 October 2004)

can anyone please tell me if the seav view resturant next door to the sirocco has closed down?

Michelle O  (07 July 2004)         

I went to Laganas August 2003 and May 2004. I was with 9 friends in August, we ate here every morning for breakfast, the service is quick and friendly, quality food, and a great view looking out to sea. I would recommend this resturant. It is family run, and for those who have been here "TO SERVE YOU IS OUR PLEASURE, TO SEE YOU BACK IS OUR HOPE"

Maria   (25 May 2004)         

hey christos baby! can't wait to come see you in august!

Jean C  (14 September 2003)         

Sirocco, when it arrived 2-3 yrs ago after being 'Holiday Inn or (yiannis) for years was a big shock. But Valadina & Pando, Kristo, Harry, are great people and mores to the point they run a good restaurant whether its breakfast,lunch or dinner. July 2wks went to quick. Hope to see you all late sept/early oct. Kostas lollies supplier on way. Jean & David

Sander &  (18 August 2003)         

Sirocco is just a very nice place to be! The food en service were outstanding. Valentina, Cristos, Costas and Alfredo were more than kind and gave us an unforgetable holiday. Sirocco and Tasos are excellent places to have een great diner or a relaxing drink. We can recommend Sirocco to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kate, A  (06 August 2003)         

Hi to all at Sirocco, especially Christos!!!! We had an excellent time in Zante, in June, and are really looking forward to seeing you all again in October. X

Natalie C  (19 July 2003)         

This place was fantastic, staff ar really friendly n rembered us from last yr! Didnt like Medusa guy who was the PR guy outside for many reasons which i dont wanna get into!!! But Renos brother is lovely n can b found dancing the night away in Recues... bless!

Vasco & Wietske  (08 July 2003)         

We are just back from our holiday. We've eaten every night at Sirocco restaurant and it was very, very, good. Alfredo, Christof, Valentina and of course Costas, thanks for everything. We are sure comming back next year.

Mel C  (06 July 2003)         

Rachel, Sarah, Caz, Sarah and I have just got back from Zante. We really enjoyed ourselves and especially liked Sirocco. Hi to Alfredo and Chris!!

Kate, N  (04 July 2003)         

Excellent place for food, (especially BBQ chicken) and your free coclktail! Staff very friendly including Alfredo and Christo, do ya know what ah mean sweedie, innit! Perfect place for hairclip hunting, eh girls xx

Sarah L  (16 June 2002)         

we loved this place.. esp. all the very nice staff, renalto eri manoli and yannis and of course smiler smith!! love amy and sarah x

Rusell   (04 August 2001)         

The Holiday Inn is a superb little Snack Bar located on the Beach near the Hotel Australia/Sirene. Yannis the owner is the Main Man! He makes you feel very welcome. If you want a fantastic breakfast for 1200drchs (£2) Yanns your man!! He also has sunloungers for hire on the beach in front of the Snackbar so you don’t have to walk far to get a good snack or an Ice Cold BEER at anytime through the day. If you’re a temperature freak there’s a thermometer on a pole so you can update your friends back home on how hot it is.

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