Restaurants in Kalamaki

Ian W          10/10

Visited July 2013 and had a lovely family meal here. Very friendly staff.  Would visit again.

Ken S          9/10

Have just returned from Kalamaki and enjoyed our 3 visits to the Pandesia. We were very impressed with the food and the atmosphere in the restaurant but this place stood above the others because of the friendly helpful staff in particular Lola who serves the best Baileys coffee in Kalamaki. We will certainly revisit on our return next year.

Tammy G          10/10

Pandesia was our fav restaurant in kalamaki. Great food, beef stamnas a must. Also keftiko. Children's menu was great and so cheap also including free ice cream. Over our 4 visits we got more and more free stuff from the restaurant, afters, sangria and discount. The atmosphere is relaxed and the waiters are brilliant especially with kids, they make you feel very welcome. Live singers on Saturday and Tuesday if you like Greek authentic music. Wish this place was more local to my home town would be there all the time :)

Linda N          2/10

We decided to try the pandesia one night, i ordered a crispy chicken salad , when it arrived it was alot of lettuce, cucumber tomatoes and onion and cold cooked chicken, certainly not crispy chicken, my husband, meal was not good either , the waiters did,nt smile and when it came to paying the bill,we had a 15% card they only gave us 10% off.

Will be going back to kalamaki next year , but not to the pandesia.

Tim L          9/10

We had 2 good nights here, 5 of us eating some very different dishes. The Lamb Stamnas is quite superb, Staff are helpful without being in your face and the setting is very nice. Pretty quiet being set back from the road, just the occasional aeroplane landing. Excellent and keenly priced too.

Karen H          2/10

Went to Pandesia because guy outside works hard but then it went downhill from then. Meal was mediocre but service was appalling. My husband and I both had one of the set menus and after we had eaten our starter, one of the waiters came and presented us with our bill, not the best impressions of a restaurant. Never went back.

Jon A          10/10

We went to Kalimaki on 4th oct 2010 for a week and tried many different restaurants and without doubt this is the best restaurant there, I highly reccomend the Pandesia as i am very very fussy about what i will eat. I had orderded the pork chops in brandy and orange sauce and this was deffinatly the tastiest meal i had in my week there. I just wish now i had asked for a recipie for this meal.
dont listen to the bad reviews they are most likley from the other restaurants in the area. THIS PLACE IS WELL WORTH EVERY is slightly more expensive than other restaurants in area but worth it. 10/10 all the way


Absolutley disgusting  i found a maggot in my meal!! I had the beef goulash and started to tuck in and after four fork fulls there was a dead maggot looking up at me! i called the waiter over who took the plate from me and he headed out to the kitchen, came back after two mins and told me it was the heart of the onion!! I know what i saw as i have a bearded dragon who eats wax worms which are very similar in appearance!! i asked him to bring it back out and if it was i would let it rest! he refused and said it was in the bin and they wouldnt be able to find it!! What a load of rubbish! I was also made to pay for this horrific experience! I told him i wasnt willing to pay and it said i had to! We only had two 20 euro notes on us so had to hand it over. when i left i told him i would be writing this review and he just waved his hands and said he didnt care as they had plenty of custom. Their attitude stank. All it would have taken was an apology and not having to pay for 4 fork fulls of food and a maggot and i wouldnmt have written this review for all to see! DONT GO THERE!!

Colin R          6/10

Went to Pandesia because the guy out front works very hard and we felt he deserved our custom, unfortunately the food wasn't deserving of his efforts, garlic bread was a burger bun toasted to within an inch of its life, a real tooth breaker, rest of the meal was average although the service OK, don't think we'll go back.

Liz W

Food was 7/10... Service well... the man on the street who got us in was really nice, had a chat with him even after the meal itself, such a nice man we personally tipped him for his hospitality ! However we recieved a cold, rather rude service from one on the waiters, I even think he was the man in charge.We felt rushed ordering, and felt an overall feeling of plain rudeness from him, - no smiles, no talk - nudda! Once the meal was finished we were straight out of there because of that we just didnt want to stay! 

However all other service, food, and location was good.
Hopefully if anyone comes across him on their visit the waiter in question is in a better mood!
Have a great stay for anyone who's going.... we've just come home to thunder and a lot of rain :( Wish we were there!

Edward D          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge My girlfriend and I stayed in Kalamaki for one week. We ate at the Pandesia on the night we arrived and had an excellent three course meal.  We then decided to eat there for the remainder of the week and found the food to be exceptional on every visit. Our particular favourites was the four seasons salad and the Pork Zakynthian, Chefs Spit Roasted lamb, Fillet steak, Salmon steak and lamb souvlaki to name but a few!! Everyone has to try the Baklava dessert with ice cream.  Heaven! The customer service was particularly good on every visit and the waiters/owner were friendly, welcoming and very attentive.  A true professionally run business.  We shall definitely go back repeatedly. Price is reasonable for quality, service is excellent and general ambience astounding.  A definite recommendation for all ages.

Jade T          8/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Just got back from a week in Kalamaki and we went to this restuarant on the last night. My friend and I had a good time and the food was nice. I could not complain. The service was a bit slow but the staff are very friendly. It was greek night when we went and they had a band playing and greek dancers. They make an effort to get the guests involved and greek dancing is fun. I would go back to the restuarant again and I would recommend it to friends.

Sally S

What has happened to this place it used to be so good, really disappointed with meal, service in fact everything!!

Beth A          1/10

 we went there in our 2nd week of our hols as it looked really nice and staff all seemed friendly. we were really disappointed with our meal had no taste at all and were both still hungry when we left we just had main meals as it was so horrible. when we go back to zante definately wont be going to eat there again!!! 

Norma B          1/10

We have just returned from Kalamaki had some fabulous meals there BUT not at this restaurant worst meal of the holiday.  The food was terrible and the waiters were very rude, trying to clear away the table before we had finished eating.  It always looks very busy but be it at your own risk if you eat here.

Natalie V          1/10

 We just returned from staying in Kalamaki on Friday 28th September 2007. We went to Pandesia as it looked really nice from the outside and inviting. It's true that you are almost dragged in off the street to eat here. We had spagetti bolognaise that tasted O.K on our first vsit but on our second trip my chicken breast was really a battered processed chicken fillet that you could buy in any supermarket, the potatoes were also hard. My partners pizza was awfull and the smell of it made us both feel sick.

As for the greek entertainment the men working there seemed more interested in getting young blonde haired girls up to join in with the entertainment so that they could pick them up and throw them around in the air. I would say that they were definately trying to cop off with the younger holiday makers. Although the resturant is in beautifull surroundings the service was poor, food was bad and I didnt travel to Zante to watch waiters cavort with young alcohol infused bimbos. 

Vicky S          9/10

Sadly I only had one meal at Pandesia this year, however I recommend the swordfish souvlaki. The waiters were friendly, very chatty and where telling me about the fresh fish supply they now recieve which is shown at front of house, so if you would rather see what your eating first, try the fish.

This is not just aimed at Pandesia and I know it is more difficult for people with children but for possible better service if you seemed to feel alittle neglected by staff, try going to most places later in the evening. In general most places, like Pandesia will fall over backwards to keep you entertained and happy throughout your stay.  

Sandra P          8/10

Nice place and atmosphere.  Starters saganaki and baked feta were very good, chicken souvlaki was tasteless and dry, potatoes and veg were good and hot. Well worth a visit, maybe should have given it another go! 

Mike F           

Our walk into town became a bit of a pain everytime we walked past here. The chap on the door would want to know why we were not eating in his restaurant, he was never nasty but he was never friendly either.

We ate there once and had to wait 30 mins for our meal, that with a 2 year old needing entertaining meant we never went back. Food was OK.

Lianne L           

I had chicken souvlaki and it tasted like the chicken had been boiled, you know that kind of  "off" taste and my Fiance's chicken came with Brussel sprouts!

Beverley C           

MMMMMMMMMMM How many tasty meals did we have here??

The staff where fantastic, the food was amazing, i just recommend the Pandesia install beds in the corner because you need a lie down after all the food they keep coming out with!! never ending plates of special greek bread (you know what i mean)
Yamas to all of our friends at the Pandesia, see you next year xxx

Vicki L           

this is without a doubt the best restauarant in the area.  Just been back for the 3rd time now and still get treated like family!! The food is fab with portions so big you just can't go dancing afterwards!  The staff are very friendly and the service is great, I will of course be back next year for more of this fab food!! 

Paul F           

click to enlarge I would like to add something that only Jackie will understand regarding the Pandesia. 

  ERRRR Chicken Souvlaki,  ERRRR Greek Salad, ERRRR Good Appetite.

Rachel L           

Really enjoyed our meal here. both myself and my boyfriend had fish dishes for starter and main.  neither of us could ault the food or service.  The waiters were very friendly and welcoming.


Paul F           

We ate here on severall occasions during our two week stay in Kalamaki.The staff were friendly and polite, and the food was excellent.There was live entertainment every night, watching the chap at the entrance trying to coax new customers inside. If you were there, then you know what I mean.
I would definately eat there again.

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