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Three Lions Bar
(Bars in Laganas)
10/10 Nicole T

hey loved the banter with all use miss use loads cant wait 2 c*m bak and c use all thanks for the laughs

(blowjobs) haha love the girls from scotland xxx
1 post by Nicole T ip - GB
 Richard T

tell mamma i love her  hope to see you soon from sandra

theo i missed you this year hope to be back soon  do you see paul
1 post by Richard T ip - GB
10/10 Jade S

Heyy michael,chris and all at 3 lions..

EveryNight Was Amazing!!
The Drinks Kept Flowing ..
The Music Was Brilliant!!
Friendly Staff!!
And Deffinatly The Place To Be If You Want A Buzzing Night Out..
All Ages !! ..
My Lil Cousin Of 2 Was Dancing && Singing To The Music
&& Also My Grandma && Pat..
Caters For All!! .
Cant Get Over The Drink's Menu Though!! ..
Cheery Wimto.. Instead Of Cheeky Vimto! .. Bless Emm!! ..
Still Got Me Rather Drunk!!
My First Experiance Of Being In A Club/Pub Like That && I Really Enjoyed It!!
Especially The Hen Du! ..
Anyroad ..
Take Care .. And Hope To See You Again Very Very Soon!!
Jadee xx
View 5 posts by Jade S ip - GB
10/10 Amanda P
 hi michael,chris and all at 3 lions thankyou for some great night mum and dad thats sue and brian send there love and gemma of course take care and hopfully see ya next year amanda x
and too all reading this you have too go too the 3 lions bar if ya in laganas its wicked youll love it what ever age
View 2 posts by Amanda P ip - GB
10/10 Nikki H

What a legendary pud me and my mate went in their every night the staff are so friendly

a massive hello to Joe and we will see you all in August..
1 post by Nikki H ip - GB
10/10 Ian W
  had many good evenings in here freindly staff prices are right
View 3 posts by Ian W ip - GB
10/10 Elaine M
click to enlarge Hi Theo and Al see you in 6 weeks
View 8 posts by Elaine M ip - GB

One of the best bars on the strip! Always finished our nights here, fab staff and great atmosphere.

See you all in September!!!
View 2 posts by Lexi ip - GB
10/10 Sonja J
 Hi guys Its me From Holland
This is the place to be for years to come!!!!!!!
Great staff and you can also get really great food for a good prica as well!
Miss you all!!!
Love Sonja
View 3 posts by Sonja J ip - Netherlands
10/10 Roxanne C
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

spent most of the night here, was quality..very funny nights in here! jack n stu made it all worth while they were so lovely!

deffernetly go wen u come out loved it and miss it already :(
cant wait to come back
   roxii xxx
View 3 posts by Roxanne C ip - GB
10/10 Michelle B
click to enlarge

Absolutely loved this bar, purely because of Nicola (the waitress) and Ben (the PR guy).  They both made us feel welcome and were great to chat to.  Jack and Stu were soooo funny too... we miss them all!!!

View 2 posts by Michelle B ip - GB
10/10 Natalie B

possibly the best bar in zante... no wait it is the best bar in zante, stu, jack and claire u guys r amazin gonna miss use al!! had amazing time wiv u guys!! xxx:)

View 3 posts by Natalie B ip - GB
10/10 Joanna R
click to enlarge
Well........Three Lions Bar had da HOTTEST PR der.......Oooooooh sexy f**kka!!!! Jack u r hot babe!!! haha xx x
1 post by Joanna R ip - GB
10/10 Han H

oh my god!!!!

can u say legend bar!!!!
this was absolutely awesome!!!! girls, there wer always big groups of lads in here! and well the pr on the front was amazin! he was like our zante legend! went in everynight and he remembered us everynight! went in on our last day to get tshirts and we cud only have mens xxl each haha! so yer we all come home lookin like s**t with these huge three lions tshirts on! :d
goin back in a month! guna be the first bar i enter! go see me stevie g poster i used to worship everynight lmao!
1 post by Han H ip - GB
10/10 Elaine M
A new bar opened 2006 , Theo and his staff worked really hard to get it up and running, great music and you can also get food which was excellent, the place to be in 2007
View 8 posts by Elaine M ip - GB

Bounty bar is gone for good...

It's a new bar now called: The three lions (since 2006...)
View 2 posts by Cronic ip - Netherlands
  Carli B


what can we say but you made our holiday!!!! you and your amazing drinks!!! ill have a pink p***ycat please and one of those after eight shots!! mmmm
hope your ok
keep in touch with us
luv  louise and carli (october 05 - your last days of season!!!_)
1 post by Carli B ip - GB
  The M

this be the only place for pirate steve. garr. this is easily the best bar in lagana, even though i could only make it in there a few times. (staff aint as fit as they were last year!!) bar staff are lovely, costa got it spot on by only employing females this year (cheers pal). has anyone seen pablo?!?!?

mucho love to you all. enjoy the rest of your season.
1 post by The M ip - GB
  Nick S
Economic drink and lovely atmosphere make Bount my favourite bar! Someone remembers the name of the bar girl?
1 post by Nick S ip - Italy
  Claire A

A lovely place to go when you want to chill out and maybe play some pool.  We bought one cocktail each (I had a Bounty Dream-Ameretto flavour cream cocktail-yummy) whilst playing a few games of pool, then Costas (the lovely owner), got us 7 free drinks each, ranging from Vodka and Red Bulls to some creamy green shots!  Had a fab few nites there and it helped us to steadily launch into the party lifestyle at Lagana!  Dont leave Zante without visiting here!!!

View 4 posts by Claire A ip - GB
  Sheila B
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

photos of anna and monica the sweedish bar girls.....and louise and sheila

View 7 posts by Sheila B ip - GB
  Sheila B
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Hi guys,

sorry to leave so early just want to wish all the best enjoy the rest of the season... will see you all in september  have a good birthday Louise I will be thinking about you ... enjoy the photos  
View 7 posts by Sheila B ip - GB
  Jonny D

Bounty bar is really nice. Prices are good 2. Long live Olga (Rebecca) !!

View 4 posts by Jonny D ip - United States

just like to say hi to costa! miss you all, see u!

s**ta jiddra, börja trolla!
love / caroline
1 post by Caroline ip - OT

Hello to the bountybar!

I am one of the 4 Austrian people who enter your bar last week. I would like to say sorry to the nice blond girl ( I think his name was sheila from scottland) because  you know why.... I only say speim and some toasts what we learn to you! Sorry for that.
Special thanks to costa for the special trink what you mix for me, speim! *g*
Greetings to the other girls and specifically to sheila and if it is possible she can write back *g*
Nice to meet you
View 2 posts by Oliver ip - Austria
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