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Bar Code
(Bars in Laganas)
9/10 Sarah M
I Loved this bar, it was nice and the bartenders were really nice as well, they also sell sours and other english drinks here
View 4 posts by Sarah M ip - GB
10/10 Peter K

Best bar to start the night off in. Make the best tasting & coldest cocktails and before midnight you get 2 for 5 which is a good price considering the high quality of them. Fotis the owner was brilliant. Gave us some of the nicest slush puppy shots. If you go anyway in Laganas you have to go here

View 9 posts by Peter K ip - GB

heyyyy good to hear from you and yes still at the same place and not long been back, was out there for a week from the 25th june. if you use facebook you can find barcode on there. Fortis is fine and there have been a few changes with the staff but its always a pleasure to go out there and see friends old and new. the bar is still as great as ever with all the hard work put in by the staff and family. See you all again soon.

View 18 posts by Jason ip - GB
10/10 Peter W
 what a place still buzzing,
hope everyones good, the best bars on the strip. 
View 8 posts by Peter W ip - GB
9/10 Jodi L
click to enlarge

Nice bar...nice comfy seating. Proper bar for chilling in afternoons. usually has comedy of some sort on the massive TVs, we ended up watching Lee Evens a few times. Has good cocktail menu, and is on the main strip so can just sit and people watch. Good games pubs toom has pool and an xbox....

Usually get a free shot with your drinks ouzo n orange type thingy! Prob one of the more expensive bars on the strip but you're paying for the surroundings and facilities so only as you would expect 
View 4 posts by Jodi L ip - GB

hope you got the magic things you wanted ok and happy christmass. will be nice to see you all again soon and still waiting for our invite.

1 post by Jason ip - --
 Sarah D

This pub is really good, the atmosphere is amazing and the music is really good. It's funny when the police drive past and the bars turn their music off - gets annoying when there is a good tune on though.

The barstaff do their funky tricks with the glasses - stacking them up on their heads (bizzare) Laugh
Good place to go.
View 8 posts by Sarah D ip - GB

Why do i miss this place as soon as i get home

Fortis have some mail for you will send it out there as soon as i can.
View 18 posts by Jason ip - GB
9/10 Sandra B
Loved this place started off here every night !!!!!!
View 6 posts by Sandra B ip - GB
10/10 Denis S
Yiasou ksaderfe  Denis, Tasoula , Fotis & Yianna ,see you in August of 2008 I will come with my Family so have the food and booze ready cuz we are going to rock the house down, cuz thats what being Canadian is all about!
1 post by Denis S ip - Canada
10/10 Stretch A
 gotta be the best bar with the most amazing atmosphere fotis geordie nicole decca sarah carla paul and lydia are the best team i've seen working together outside of my own bars. without fail always a smile and a warm welcome no matter the time of day or night miss barcode already can't wait to go back!!!!!! 
the cocktails rock, as does the flair trickery from the hairy one say hi to dave for me geordie see you all soon love from stretch and jess(barcode babe 2007)
1 post by Stretch A ip - GB
click to enlarge 
View 6 posts by Inge ip - --
10/10 Lauren
click to enlarge Hey Fortis, Takis & Geordie!  
It's Lauren. Us Girls are missin u loads baby!!! We want to come back out and see you!?Hope you haven't been flirting to much with all the girlies!!!!
Hey Paul and the girls you were all wicked. Would love to come back soon and see you!
Lovin the Sex on the beach of course!! wat else xxx
Take care all of u! xxxx
1 post by Lauren ip - GB
click to enlarge

Whent to Rhodes this year and guess what we seen??

Yes you got itclick to enlarge
Not only1 but 2 of them, have you opend up a chain of them in Greece fortis?
the others where not as good but
View 18 posts by Jason ip - GB
10/10 Vicky T
only been home 3 days and so miss zante already. Bar code is ace u must try a vodka cherry slush puppy. there great!!!!!!!!!!
View 4 posts by Vicky T ip - GB

Bye bye!!

I couldn't get over sunday to say goodbye in person, so I do it this way.
Have a nice summer!
View 6 posts by Inge ip - Netherlands
10/10 Elsa D

Hey fortis hope all is going well and big hugs and kisses to Takis still miss him hope your in for a great summer maybe can talk the big guy into coming back just been to usa was fab time didnt want to come back but left big guy at home so had to, Jason hi hope you and Carol are both doing ok had great time and new house is comin on great love it honest will call round and see you No 19 think you said and car will be outside maybe in week or so take care we must swap addys some time lol bye for now

View 5 posts by Elsa D ip - GB
10/10 Elsa D

hey bar code hope all is going well jason sorry didnt get back to you so much happened with the move too month to happen have moved now but maybe can come visit you and carol going on holiday in 5 weeks to usa cant wait hope all is well for you guys maybe see ya laters take care

fortis hope the coffee is lasting havent heard you want more lol hugs and kisses to takis x
View 5 posts by Elsa D ip - GB

wishing everyone a happy christmass and merry newyear (barcode syle )

all the best for the new year and hope you have many more.
Ps carol find us at No19 you will see the car there too when in.
View 18 posts by Jason ip - GB
A merry christmas and a happy new year to all the staff and visitors of Barcode!
Still miss you all
View 6 posts by Inge ip - Netherlands
  Kim R
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Hi Fortis, Geordie, Leah & The guys,

Just got home a few days ago - it's freezing and I'm so bored! Wish I could be sat in Bar Code with a pint and a shot! Miss Zante already - don't think I'm back next year but I've said that since 2004! Leah - let us know when you're coming to Liverpool and call me ok!
Love to all,
View 5 posts by Kim R ip - GB
  Rachael O
Jus got back frm laganas 13/10/06 yet again we had another gr8 tym there!! Hey Leah hows u??!!
Cnt w8 2 go bck next year missin u all allready!!
View 3 posts by Rachael O ip - GB

ok here it is the photo me sis and her family had taken when they went to se the bar


click to enlarge

View 18 posts by Jason ip - GB
  Lindsey H

My Boyfriend Dave and I came back from Laganas on the 25th Sept.  We went to Barcode most nights as it played good music and had really nice cocktails!  It was also good for watching the football if it was on in the daytime as it had tv screens everywhere!

Would deffinatley reccomend anyone to go and check it out.
View 2 posts by Lindsey H ip - GB

Barcode was nice. Although the lights could be a little less. There's too much light in the place

I probably will be back for a 6th time to Laganas and will visit you again ofcourse.
Wanna say a special hello to Takis, loved your kisses
Miss you all
View 6 posts by Inge ip - Netherlands
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