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Dimitra S


I'm Dimitra or Demi from escape.Whoever wants to contact Maria for any reason can send me an e-mail at and I 'll make sure she gets it.We love hearing from you and we enjoy reading your comments,thank's a lot.I'm so happy for you two,Kassandra and John,it will be great and I'd love to meet Tia,she's beautiful.See you all soon, 
  Love and kisses

Hayley M          10/10

hi maria,demi,tasos & dennis,

Can't wait to see you on the 1st of agust.We've been in contact with some friends we met last time and we will see you in the iguana at about 2o'clock then in the evening for a meal.Nana says can she have the lobster salad that she had last year which is out of this world.Nana is doing really well on her diet so hopefully she wil be nice and thin(though i'm not so

Lots of love and kisses to you all hope to hear from you soon love from hayley,liz&andy xxx

Andy M

Hi Kassandra,

We have spoken with Maria she is aware now but will access the internet when she visits her brother in Athens about 18th of January '08. We initially thought it was this year not 2009 see advice re weddings  and details required because I think you need 3 months notice etc.
Any problems email us on '',

Kassandra C

 Hi demi its kassandra and john. we are coming back on the 3rd july 08 for another two week holiday. This time we are bringing tia!

We need  your help, we want to have our wedding in june/july 09 at escape. We cant find any other way to get in contact with you. Please could you let us know if it is possible and costs etc.
Congrats on the engagement by the way. look forward to seeing you all, say hi to everyone for us.

Kassandra C          10/10

 escape defineatly gets 10/10 from me and my fiance john, we  have been to kalamaki 3 times now and we are going back again july 08. the food and how lovely demi and her family are is great. we are hoping we can have our evening wedding reception there june/july09.

Tim W          10/10

 Well, I said i'd add a message so here goes. I hadn't been to Zante for 21 years. It has changed immensely, but I was pleased to find a real piece of Zante left.

Escape offered just this an  authentic Greek restaraunt, real Greek food and superb hospitality. Trouble(Maria) welcomed everyone with a lovely smile.
There is no rushing or pulling people of the street(not attractive), loads of choice and Greek lessons. The thing is she kept trying to give me the bill, but when I took it was pleasantly surprisewd to find a very reasonable price attached to itTongue.
p.s gissa Job!!!!

Bernardine M          10/10

Thanks Maria,Demi and staff at Escape.As always good friendly,personal service.Great food.Look forward to seeing you all again next year.lots of luck for the winter.

Paul M          10/10

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hi demi, maria, and staff, hope you are still working hard and having a good season. this is the best chocolate cake ever . if you have a birthday ask demi or maria they will order 1 for you. dawn ate 1part of it and gav and i ate the rest . well nearly all the bit you see went to tasos and athina at drunk corner bar. its huge compared with uk cakes and 10 times better. YAMASS DEMI ,  see you next year.

Luci H          10/10

We only went here once, and wished we'd gone more.  Set in lovely, peceful surroundings it made a lovely change  from the strip.  Staff very friendly and helpful.  We had garlic mushrooms and tzadiki for starter, and lemon pork and lamb for main. Beautiful!

Roy B          10/10

Absalutely superb!!! The food was excellent the service just as good.   Set in nice quiet surroundings only a few minuits stroll from the main lively strip.   Well worth a visit,  try the mezzes starter but make sure your hungry.   Thanks all the staff see you in May 2008.

Victoria W          10/10

This is a lovely restaurant in really peaceful surroundings.

Food was lovely and staff were great.
Look forward to returning again soon.

Alex B          10/10

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Hi Demi, Maria and all at Escape.! We were the big family with Athina, Christina and Alexander (they miss you!) Escape is a fantastic restaurant with lovely food and a lovely welcome by all the staff! we went 3 times in a week! its just up the road from Exotica or Venus hotel. almost next next to Iguana Bar give it a try you wont be disappointed.

A8hna P          10/10

 .... Congratulations....


John S          10/10

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Hi Maria, Tassos and Demi. Just like to thank you again for all your help!  Dont know what we would have done without you Looking forward to next year already John and Kelly (the happily married couple).

Dimitra S          10/10

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Hello everyone,it's Demi (Dimitra) from Escape.These are the pictures from the John-Kelly wedding.


Martine M          9/10

Now back home again  As usual top food and top service, and i didn't have chicken everytime   Thank you to Maria, Demi and Co. for once again looking after us so well.  Will see you next year

Paul M

hi demi , maria and staff, had a great time as normal and the meals were great again. thanks for dawns birthday cake it was a total suprise and so good I NEED MORE!!!. for those of you with birthdays etc if you call a couple of days in advance they can order a cake of your choice for you ad they are fab and cheap[ dawns was chocolate cake and it just melted in your mouth so now i am on a diet to loose the chocolate waist line it provided] SEE YOU AGAIN EVERYONE , YAMMAS!!!!!!

Angela J          10/10

Had meal  here once as only at resort for one week and food and service were excellent

Martin D          10/10

The food at escape was excellent & good value for money. The staff are very friendly & helpful, if we go back to Kalamaki we will def add this to the list when we go back


Martine M

Thank you to Maria and staff for once again, lovely food, we will see you in July for more.

Steve R          10/10

 Just wanted to say Hi and thanks again to Maria and Dimitra and everyone at Escape. Your food is excellent and you really do make your customers feel at home as soon as they walk in. We ate there most nights during our 2 weeks and had great food each time. We are trying to recreate some of the food at home but it isnt quite the same. This is without doubt in our opinion the best restaurant in Kalamki and we cant wait to get back out there. See you all soon Paula, Steve and Josh

Paul M          10/10

hi everyone, hope you are ready for 2007 season. demi we are back 28th june for 2 weeks ad its dawns birthday so be ready to party. c u then . best wishes paul marshall [ joop]

Hazel W          10/10


Helen G           

Not long returned from Kalamaki.  We visited the Escape restaurant a few times and the food was always well cooked and the service excellant.

Martine M           

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Mum & Dad with Demi and Maria

Martine M           

Thank you again for looking after us, food as usual was perfect, i had chicken in all different forms, dad had  beef or chicken, and mum was trying all different things from the menu.

Hope you have a good winter we will see you next year

Norma B           

 We had a lovely meal here.  The staff very friendly.  We will go back when we return to Kalamaki


We found this little gem the first night and spent the following 13 nights there.  We were treated like part of the family and the food was excellent.

Yannis we hope the 'ooooonion thoup' will still be on the menu next year when we arrive
Maria & Demi thank you for being 'YOU' and see you again next year.
Love Helen & Marie xx

Margaret W           

I loved eating at the Escape, the food was fantastic. The staff very friendly, its a place you really must visit.  

Val G           

Just got back today and went to this  smashing little place for the first time in five years we have been to kalamki . It was very nice and the food and staff and service was great so we shall be back .

Scott A           

hey escape squad thanks for brill food, it was absoulutley mouth waterin if i came back i would choose your restraunt i dont know if u will remember me but i got a pic of my self and i was da one that did my best on the greek on pronouncing them

Ellis M           

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hey i signed thisa once but im gna sign it gen got i got a pikta of us at my birthday in escape miss u lot big time but im hopefully c*min bak next year love you all x x x

Paul M           

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great restraunt/ taverna demi, maria and staff. hope youre still having a great season ,hope to see you again early october. gav says keep his favourite dessert for him.

Ellis M           

i miss u lot so much all ready u were my greek family and i didnt even get to say bye to  every so ill say it now bye maria demi yannis and yannis lol i was well upset the night i was leaving coz i c*m bak from fire club to say bye to you lot and u was closed so i couldnt but ill see u next year just wanna say thankz to yannis and yanni for all the laugh and clearin up and helpin u close up the hotel yannis u me lil munchkin hehe maria cnt wait to see u next year either and dont think ill fget u demi thnkz for the best birfday ever and the best birfday cake lol ill be havin by birday there next year aswell luv ya all x x x  x x

Paul M           

just to say keep up the good work demi, maria and staff, we can not wait to come back. gav says keep his favourite dessert for him. see you soon paul, dawn and gavin.

Christine R           

Really enjoyed our meanl at this little restaurant. It is tucked away from the main street and because of this, has a much more intimate feel than some of the other resort restaurants. It definately felt like a special place to eat. The staff were excellent and very helpful and the greek food was sublime.

Paul M           

a traditional greek restraunt/ taverna  set off the main road  next to the venus and exotica hotels where you can relax and have an enjoyable evening with no pressure what so ever. demi, maria , family and staff can not do enough for you. the meals are superb and very well priced as well.try the lamb kleftico or beef ala zante for main course or if you like just try there pizza the bread is so soft and fresh it mealts in your mouth. for dessert the local greek pie dish called galactobouriko , if you can not pronounce it ask demi for gavs favourite she wiil know[ he had it 3 times in 10 days and it took him that long to pronounce it]. yammas demi look after tassos and athina, see you soon!!!. paul, dawn and gavin [joop]

Norma B           

We had a lovely meal last time we were in Kalamaki.  Cannot wait to back.  See you all soon.

Richard C           

We spent a total of 13 nights at the Escape, but never had the same meal twice! The place is excellent for an authentic greek meal and you are never rushed.

The staff are very friendly and speak very good English and even give Greek lessons!!
So a big thank you to Maria, Demi & Yannis
See you next year 

Martine M           

We are back home now, enjoyed meals here most nights and didn't just eat Chicken everynight. Food was always at top standards and staff always happy to help.

Thank you Maria and co. will see you again soon.

Graham U           

Once again all the meals were spot on - congrats to Maria and co. 

Marion R           

We visited this place twice and had a lovely meal both times.The restaurant benefits from its quiet position in pretty gardens.Nobody drags you off the street as they don't have to as the quality speaks for itself!

Frances C           

One of the better restaurants off the main road.  Beef Stifado was delicious and the service was excellent.  Was always busy when we wandered past...usually a good sign and we weren't disappointed!

Muriel W           

Still one of the best in Kalamaki, It was great to see everyone Again. Food and service was as always excellent.  Good luck for the season


One of the best restaurants in Kalimaki. Great food thats surprisingly cheap!

Bernardine M           


Margaret W           

Every meal we ate at the Escape was excellent, value for money, really hot, well cooked, well presented.  The staff spoke very good english and listened to what we ordered.

Tracy A           

great place to eat was told buy other people to visit here so we did was not dissapointed at all as food was gorgeous by far one of the best places to eat plenty to choose from.

would deff visit again. all staff very nice. 

Sharon W           

Thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant - went to it twice.  The setting is lovely and the tables are not too on top of each other.  The staff are very friendly, as is the cat!  You could spend as long as you wanted over your meal and the food was lovely.  Our friend said that it was one of the best steaks he had ever tasted - cant get better than that, can you?

Would recommend this to anyone.

Diane F           

We have just come back from holidays in Kalamaki and would definitely recommend Escape.  The food, staff and prices are excellent and we will definitely return to Kalamaki next year and look forward to nights out at Escape. 

John C           

this has got to be one of the best resturants on the island,its a must.the food ,staff were all excellent

Paula T           

We have just returned and must say I had made a list of all the 10/10 resturants serving greek food before we went.  Out of all the restuarnts on this site Escape was the only one that could claim that high honour of 10/10 (for greek you must also go to the Italian) in our opinion.  Maria and her sister and the rest of the team were more than happy for us to take our time enjoy our food and wine taking 2 or 3 hours chatting to us like old friends sitting down with us at the end of the evening to enjoy a drink. My advise would be go enjoy, don't hurry and you get the best of what they can offer. 

Morton J           

Maria and her excellent team made our stay in Kalamaki that much more special. We could not fault the service, friendliness and utter professionalism (without any form of officiousness - quite the reverse) of the restaurant. Greek music played in subtle tones was, to us, preferable to the louder, more pop orientated choices of other restaurants. We cannot but wish this restaurant continued success. Although all the food was excellent - try the vegetarian starter for a real treat.

Jackie S           

Nice setting and a lovely family restaurant. Food a bit hit and miss

Ryan H           

We were in Kalamaki from 3rd -17th June and had a brilliant time.  There are so many lovely restaurants and we went to Escape twice during our two week stay and enjoyed it on both occasions.  The first time we had the garlic swordfish steak and t bone steak in pepper sauce, both served with delicious roast potatoes and rice!  The second time we had barbecue pork and beef a la greece which were also really nice.  We really recommend the banoffee pie for desert!  This restaurant is really nice, in a lovely setting, good value for money and friendly staff.

Charlotte and Ryan

Lance S           

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Mary-lance-Mike-Vi etc all made welcome again,food good booze good,Maria,Tom&maria,s sister all good fun&some good card tricks into the bargain,we were at Kalimaki for 2 weeks from the 10th of May 2005,weather was brilliant.  Lance.

John F           

I left the choice to the two girls, Maria and Daniella(I think that`s her name)The meals were excellent.I stayed on the island for a week,(I wished I could have stayed longer)and I ate there every night.When I return in the not too distant future, Escape will be top of the list.

Lewis R           

good luck with the baby too maria

Lewis R           

i really really enjoyed my meals there and on the last day of my holiday i spoke to the waitress there. She is really pretty and really nice.I just thought id say that and i would like to know her name to but oh well. if ur in zante go there u will regret it if you don't!

Bernardine M           

always get good food and service here.Go to Zakynthos 3 times a year.feels like home when i go back.Escape is one of our favourites.Hope your little boy is still being good for you.(and the big boy)!see you in May.cant wait.

John A           

ate here first night, lovely stmosphere and food but there were scabby cats everywhere

Norma B           

We eat here on our first night although me husbands meal was nice my meal was very dry.

Paul T           

Had high hopes for the food in Kalamaki after the reviews mainly on this site.

Another good but not amazing meal, 7 or 8 certainly not a 10

reasonably priced,

Roger & Gabby           

Missed out on Kalamaki this year - but will be back. Just wanted to say congrats & best wishes to Maria. Hope to be back before long and look forward to it! Shame that some peeps haven't enjoyed Escape but we've always found it really good. Judging by the way everyone has treated our little girl Maria's addition will be spoilt rotten :-)

Libby C           

excellent food,great service,need i say more.

Stella P           

The food was ok, but there were only 2 other tables, yet we couldn't get the waiters attention as they were too busy talking amongst themselves, while another was having a good dig around in his nose- nice!

Jessica C           

On our first night out in Kalamaki we chose Escape so as we could sample some typlical greek food. My partner had stuffed vine leaves to start, and Lamb kleftiko for main. I had prawns in garlic sauce, and Beef Stifaldo. Both the starters and the main meal were very tasty and the service was very good too. It had a nice romantic setting so perfect for couples.

Jo T           

We have been going to Kalamaki since 2000 and Escapeis always our first stop for a meal. The table inside are so spacious and comfortable, The food is and has always been excellent and service we have never had a problem with. (People tend to moan about how much time things take in restaurants, people don't want to rush around in temperatures in the 30 -40's so chill out your on holiday) I think that Escape is the best value for money in Kalamaki and we shall return in '05. By the way the mythos beer here is the best. Hope all goes well with Maria and the baby.


I have been visiting escape for many years now and we've only ever had a waiter forget to bring our drinks once and that was because it was extremely busy but other than that everything was great, especially the chicken souvlaki, and the rice is so tasty i could eat a whole plate of it!!
Good luck with the baby Maria!


[july 25th-1st aug] Me and my Bf went here on our first proper night in kalamaki we chose to eat here because all the ratings on this site were so good and it seemed like it would be a winner...unfortunately our hopes were obvioulsy set too high by the ratings as i didnt really enjoy the evening.the service we endured was terrible-after being sat down and ordering our drinks-we didnt c them until after someone took our food order, then gave us our starters-and that was only because i complained about the whereabouts of them, we didnt have 2wait long for the food and you may argue that they were only drinks but in a hot country there important and i have principals, the food was good though ill give them that!

Sandra P           

Good service, really cheap prices and the foods not bad either. We had sirloin steak not very thick, but very tasty. We had a bottle of red wine which was disgusting, decided to tell the waiter and he changed it for a different wine, with no hesitation. He was very apologetic, I felt a bit guilty as the price of the meal was so cheap. Worth a visit, a few Greeks were eating here which speaks volumes.

Giles M           

We visited this restaurant on our first night in kalamaki and it was superb, excellent food & value 4 money, so we decided 2 visit again on our last night and our main meals were both awfull but the service and everything else were still excellent.

Matthew B           

After visiting this restaurant early in our holiday, we made sure we didn't return. There was not much at all that impressed us. I had the oven roasted Greek style lamb and it was not tasty and was dry as a bone. The best thing about our visit was the bottle of Amstel I had with my meal! Enough said.

Steven G           


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