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Jo S          10/10

Outstanding food. Outstanding service.. Many Thanks expecially to Artan. 'See you Jimmy' Great atmosphere.Lovely friendly staff. 10/10.

Dave T

Just returned from a late getaway to Kalamaki & once again had the great pleasure of a few memorable nights at Michaelos with Dennis, Theo, Alberto & Artan. The food as always was superb as was the company. I am amazed at the very few 'less than perfect' comments posted on here and can only guess that they are people that travel to Greece on the hunt for an Irish Bar & 'Good Old British Grub'. I first stumbled across this place 26 years ago and its appeal has not changed one bit and this is its charm! Michaelos is a proper 'old school' Greek Taverna of the highest quality. The prices are generally lower than most of the other restaurants in the area and the portions are certainly hearty. Yes you do have to wait for your food, which only gives you more time to enjoy their fabulous village wine. If this is not for you, well basically i suggest you go back to Spain!

Duncan & julie Brooke

see you all soon we will arrive on 30th august 2013 cant wait to enjoy your lovely food and hospitality

Dave T          10/10

We had the absolute pleasure of dining at Mikaelos after nearly a 20 year break.

I had fond memories of Dennis from the mid-late 80's & this restaurant & chilling in the bar next door (or sharing a beer with his father in the hut across the road).
Kalamaki was a much different place then, but I am so glad to say that Dennis & his restaurant are still capturing what Greece is (OK, maybe should be)  all about. Good wine, good food & great hospitality.
You can tell by the menu that all the traditional food is on there (sadly the menu has been boosted full of not so Greek dishes to keep 'all you fussy Foreigners happy').
Arrive, eat Greek, drink Greek & enjoy Greece. Happy days!
If thats not your thing and you only eat UK food please stay away & let the people that enjoy Greece for more than just the sun enjoy it!

Paul R          10/10

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Here we go again our annual pilgimage to Kalamaki and most importantly Mikaelos restaurant. We have to come here on our first night, this will be Tuesday 29th May 2012 and we will be there again 1st June for my birthday again and to be fair we would eat there every night!

Theo, Artan and Alberto  have been working there for as long as we have been visiting, and alongside Dennis that is why it is so successful and the best.
See you all soon

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Norma B

Hi guys not be long before we are visiting you again.  8 Weeks and counting.  Looking forward to some lovely food.  

Sue W          10/10

  This is by far the best restaurant in Kalamaki. Dennis and his team are so friendly and welcoming. The food is excellent. We go at least 4 times during our usual stay in Zante. Last year my partner proposed to me under the lovely old olive tree there.  

Tim L          6/10

I just can't get excited about this place, despite how much everyone bigs it up. We have eaten here a few times in 2008 and 2011. It is fine, nothing to complain about particularly but it doesn't justify all the hype. The staff are OK, food is OK (if a bit expensive) but it gets very hot under the canopy and its location is not the best. We just felt that there were better eating options in Kalamaki.

Wayne S          10/10

My wife and i had 3 fantastic meals here. We went for the most traditional dishes that were on offer and were never disappointed. The staff were very attentive and eager to please without being " fawning ". The cost was unbelievably cheap. Again it was fantastic.

Ted C          10/10

Perfect restaurant. Dennis the owner is magic

Ted Cadman

Louise M          9/10

We ate here several times and it was one of my favourites, well worth the walk, will be returning in August ! 

Michael R          9/10

Unlike a previous reviewee I again found Michaelos food, service and friendlyness excellant. I have been eating at Michaelos now for 18 years and where else in Kalamaki would you find people having to queue to eat - does that not say it all. Thank you Dennis and staff for making our stay in Kalamaki that much more pleasant.

Gillian D          10/10

 Just back from Kalamaki this week, after our long awaited holiday.  We were greeted like long lost friends at Mikaelos restaurant, and were delighted that the standards we experienced 13 years ago are still maintained.  Keep up the good work, Dennis, and we promise it won't be so long before we come back again!!

Brian L          10/10

  In zante for 18 days in sept 2010 went to mikaelos on 4 occassions never had a bad meal . I do not stick to one resturant when i visit zante which i do 3 or more times a season it is approx 5 yrs since i had been to mikaelos but it wont be as long again as it was worth the walk .i always take the owners of the accomadation i stay at plubas appts out for a meal on my last visit of the season and i choose this resturant .They are a greek family and all three said it was the best choice i had ever made.Keep up the good work see you next year.     Brian and Penny Lemmon

Lynda T          3/10

Went to Mikaelos 16yrs ago! It was fantastic then, but sorry to say it is very comercalised now! We had a meze that was good, but the main meal that was recomended, lamb in lemmon sauce none of us liked, all the waiters were recomending this dish to every one, so I think they needed to get rid of this dish! The waiters were having to run like headless chickens due to the head waiter Denis on their backs all the time! none of them had 1min to talk to us, unlike other restaurants we visited. Never saw Mikaelos that night. I was very dissapointed as I took my 2 friends here who had never been to Greece before and I had praised this restaurant so much remembering it from 16yrs ago! Sorry Mikaelos will never recomend your restaurant again!

Arthur J          10/10

  Went back to Mikaelos in Jun'10 and pleased to say nothing has changed except an addition to Dennis's family - a lovely little boy and his wife has just presented him with a beautiful daughter - hopefully the family tradition will carry on through them. I can not sing the praises of this restuarant high enough - quality of food / service/ cost/ location and their genuine fondness of families with children.  Congratulations Dennis - try buying a television !!!!

Jo J          10/10

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This place seriously rocks!!  where can I start; the service, the food and the atmosphere is all divine. We were on Zante for one week and ate at Michaelo's 3 nights. Excellent Greek food, love it love it love it!!

H B          10/10

Just back from Kalamaki. Had many nights here. Food was fantastic and service the best. We have tried many places in kalamaki having had 3holidays here and Michaelos is by far the best. Try it out with confidence!

Angela T          10/10

We went to Mikaelos (4 - 11/05/2010) as our first choice rep told us in confidance that it was much more traditional and welcoming than many of the restaurants near us in Lagagna.We were not disappointed  - ate there most nights.The chef and owner really friendly and it is really nice how the staff all fuss over children and make them mini portions of anything on the menu very cheaply.Its very clean,with candles and has a lovely conservatory.Traditional greek music plays as you relax in or outside of  the restaurant.

Beautifully laid out, off the beaten track ,we had generous meals and starters for 2 adults/2 x 8 year old children and drinks for 30 - add another 10 on for puddings.
Can reccomend the houmous and warm bread and small cheese parcels and the lamb dishes in particular are excellent.Would definately return to eat there again.House wine - white in particular about 5 a litre was really good too.

Gary M          10/10

Could quite happily eat my way through the entire menu here, too many favourites to mention, had rabbit zakintheon on my last night it was lush....cheers Dennis 

John M          10/10

Ate here twice during our one week stay (it was our restaurant of choice for our last night meal!) - the first night we took our neice who is a rep in Kalamki this season (Hi Cat!) - brilliant service, great wine list, food - what can I say - FANTASTIC!! - worth the taxi ride, but easy walk, especially back into town   Second meal every bit as good as the first... belive all the great reviews, GO THERE!

Gillian D

We went to Kalamaki for our Silver Wedding anniversary holiday, 13 years ago.  Mikaelos was recommended to us the third night we were there, and we didn't eat anywhere else after that!  We decided it was time for a return visit and have booked for this year.  So glad that Mikaelos is still going, and obviously still has the same fantastic reputation.  Looking forward to going there again in September -
wish it was sooner.
Best Wishes to all fans, Gill

Arthur J          10/10

  We have been going to Zakynthos - Kalamaki - for the last 21 years and tried virtually every restuarant in the area. We found Mikaelos and have been going there soley for the last 19 years. The food,location and service are first class. Nothing is too much  trouble for Dennis who would be devistated if he had not satisfied his customers. This is a great part of our holiday and we look forward to the next visit. Arthur & Dorothy Jones 

Rosie B          10/10

Just been on  the message board for Kalamaki and there is a poll going on about which restaurant us holiday makers would visit if we could only go to 1 . Michaelos in the lead...

Annie K          3/10

After reading many great review on this restaurant, we decided to visit there on our first night in Kalamaki.  The setting is nice and the menu varied, but unfortunately we did not have a nice meal.  Thinking we had just been unlucky, we went back on our last night.  Alas, another very disappointing meal.  Personally, we would not recommend this restaurant.

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